WrestleMania Rumoured Result To The Shield Match - Heel Turns

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Mar 19, 2013.

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  2. Speculation to the max brother, what can Orton do to get booed?
  3. Crap in a woman's purse?
  4. I'd cheer him for that, seriously he's gone on to be a douche we replicate 09 and people cheer him he carrys on as he is people cheer him. Psycho Orton is loved and he can't do much else at this point.
  5. Both can do really well as heels. Hoping for a Kofi heel turn more than Orton actually.
  6. Walk out on his team mates, probably after laying out Sheamus on the outside. I still like the image of Big Show being left all on his own to fight off all three guys and ultimately failing and eating the pinfall.

    For those who say no one will boo Orton for turning on Sheamus, of course they would. The focus wouldn't even completely be on him attacking Sheamus, just that he's leaving his team mates behind. That's enough for the crowds (who usually go along with whatever WWE wants them to as far as face/heel turns go) to boo him from there on out. If they can turn Big Show back face by opposing the Shield, they can turn Orton heel by having him aid The Shield in some way.
  7. Called the Orton hell turn awhile ago back when it was reported that the Ryback/Henry match was designed to give Ryback a big PPV win. I definitely however, don't want to see it happen. Based off his last heel run, heel Orton is just face Orton with a slowed down in-ring style. I stopped tuning into Raw at that time mainly because of how boring Orton was during that period. Methodical wrestling is fine, but Orton was just so boring back then. He certainly wouldn't have had bouts like his one against Christian at Over The Limit. I suppose another difference is that as a heel he generally had more mic time and more prominence but I don't really consider more monotone promos a plus nor do I care to see Orton hog the spotlight again. And no, I'm not an Orton hater.

    As for Kofi Kingston, I'm down with a heel turn. Anything to give that guy another chance to raise above his low position in the company (when was the last time he did anything besides a random match?).
  8. Glad to see Three Talented wrestlers may be getting the streak they deserve. Also Orton going heel, isn't bad either, I hope he can pull it off.
  9. I'd like the changes, Orton's much better as heel and Kofi has to be heel cause he has to win some title and heels are winning the "small titles like the IC or US title
  10. You can't compare a Big Show face turn to an Orton heel turn imo. Big Show turns every damn year, but Orton has been consistently over as a face for a while now (and really over). It's mostly the women and kids, and I'm not sure how easy it is to shake them off. He still gets pop of the night in lots of house shows and he's doing nothing... He's either jobbing, squashing someone irrelevant, or losing dirty to someone relevant, and he still gets pop of the night. Those two scenarios are incomparable.

    Turning on Sheamus won't do much, but costing his team (not just walking out) the match against an over heel group could.
  11. Well, it kinda begs the question, then - if he's so over as a face, then why turn him at all?
  12. Far more entertaining, could help more faces, better for Orton himself, could return to being a draw.
  13. Well, if you find it so difficult to turn him because of so being beloved, then I see no reason to turn him yet. I don't mind him as a face, he doesn't have to be a massive bore just because people are cheering him. I'd rather turn Sheamus than him, because the crowd cares a lot less (including the TV audience, who usually turn out in droves when Sheamus appears on screen) about him than they do Orton.
  14. Sheamus wasn't exactly a draw when he was a heel beforehand, and he wasn't as entertaining as Orton either imo. Both of them need a heel turn soon, but it's subjective, and I'd much rather Orton turn than Sheamus. Orton has been stale for a while now, and Orton himself is practically begging for one also.
  15. Orton doesn't need to be heel he just need to be Orton, the reason he's madly over was being a horrible person. If you do that again he'll get pop of the night.
  16. Is there any numbers to show that Orton was that bigger of a draw as a heel? I don't say this in a rhetorical way, I don't know and I'm too lazy to look.
  17. I'm a rko fan so I'm glad this is happening.
    How I would book this: Since Orton is not longer allow to use the kick, I can see show going trough a barricade at the middle of the match .(Spear by Reigns) then Orton~Sheamus have a small confrontation like someone botching a move and hitting the other one . Then only Ambrose is left in the ring , show is recovering from the barricade ,Rollins is recovering from a [Insert signature move here] and Reigns is on the corner . Sheamus calls the brodgue kick , Orton come from the back and rko sheamus . Ambrose tags Reigns and spears sheamus
  18. I'm happy that Kofi Kingston is going to turn heel because he's completely bland and so green at the moment.

    Kofi Kingston vs R Truth after WM, book it.
  19. Kofi is green?
  20. Good. Both Orton and Kofi could benefit greatly from that, and I think Randy can turn by walking out on his team, yes.
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