Rumoured SummerSlam main event + Bella Info

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    I'll sit here and wait for Dolph's to rage.
  2. Well it's probably not true but if it is it's a shocking decision, wasting Brock / Cena for this at one of the biggest PPVs.
  3. The match itself could be good, and Brock being a face would make it better, but at Summerslam? Really?

    Brock vs Dolph, not fucking Orton :emoji_slight_frown:

  5. I remember a thread awhile back where I said a Brock/Orton feud wouldn't be the worst thing. Sure Blandy makes the build up to any match unbearable, but he is watchable in the ring at least.

    Seeing Brock beat on Boreton could be somewhat fun to watch.
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    I actually said this would be a great match and got mocked it for it. So it seems you're talking sense for a change.
  7. As I said before, Orton in my opinion has to be heel, I don't see how that can happen for Summerslam. Face Orton doesn't have the mic skills to portray the innocent vulnerable star that Brock is after.
  8. Heel Orton doesn't either imo. His mannerisms could be on the mic he's unbearable either way for me.
  9. Why would anyone honestly think Brock and Dolph would ever fight? They're both heels, not to mention I don't think people would buy Ziggler as much of a threat to Lesnar anyway.

    Brock/Orton was definitely gonna happen at some point, so I'm not surprised it's happening (most likely) at Summerslam.
  10. Brock can turn face whenever he wants, lol.
  11. Brock vs Orton... Yeah, seems like something they'd do. But Lesnar should be used to put new stars over or something.

    About the Divas thing, I was convinced the Bellas were not leaving when one of them won the title, but if she's a transitional champ for Kharma's return it's ok.
  12. You deleted Hoss' thread and made me lose a big post in the process :emoji_slight_frown:
  13. Like I've said before, f*ck Orton. I think he's a tool.

    I don't know why they would waste Brock's talent on him. :sigh:
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  14. Brock/Orton WTF. Theres no way Brock is losing to Orton

    As for the Bellas I still believe there leaving and Kharma will take the title off Nikki at Extreme Rules
  15. Bella's out?


    I will be :cry:'ing..
  16. You think his current character would work as a face? He's here to destroy people, as he says. His current persona (where he's about the money and proving he is better than everyone and could care less if people hate him) works better for a heel. The plan is likely to build him up over the next year (likely being undefeated the entire time) and pay it off at Wrestlemania either against The Rock or Undertaker finally beating him. A Brock/Orton match is to expected at some point. This shouldn't come as any surprise.
  17. At Extreme Rules WWE have announced Nikki vs Beth for the divas title which gets me thinking Kharma is gonna return like she did last year and will interfer in the match and beat up the bellas
  18. Kharma could be another part of the Ace team, getting her shot straight after Bella wins.
  19. It would need to be a handicap match with both Bellas to be fair. Seriously, I couldn't even beat Kharma.
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