Rumours, Gossip and Reality

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  1. Ok we all know WWE is fake and storylines are created to suit characters and the needs of the WWE. The problem with this being many of the watchers of WWE and with the internet at our hands can track down the truth and often this leads to spoilers etc.

    However in recent times some of the best storylines have revolved round reality in a way, Lita and Edge, Punk and his contract and the belt. No doubt you guys can think of more.

    What I'm saying is would the best way for WWE to keep the product going forward be to keep blurring these lines and taking the reality and turning it into a story based on the truth?
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  2. No, IMO you can blur the lines too much losing the shock value as it becomes saturated. Seeing Punk shoot was special as it rarely happened. When he did it every week it pissed me off.
  3. Fair enuf but I feel they should base more storylines on reality as since most of us in the know are aware of whats going on behind the scenes when ppl fall out etc they should incorporate it into the WWE.
  4. Yes and no. I think with the amount of main stream media WWE receives, they should take advantage of it. Punk's shoot was awesome because we all wanted to hear it said, but when it was said every week it's boring. But there needs to be more of these storylines - not identical storylines - but real original edgy storylines.

    I think more backstage issues should be spoken on screen though.
  5. no way man just send out Cena to make silly jokes and the kids will come watch in flocks.
  6. :trolldance:
  7. Bring Cena's wife on the show and make a storyline out of his divorce :kiss:
  8. I think they should be sporadic to feel as something special, not the way Russo wanted WCW to be. I mean, shooting is cool once in a while, but if overdone, it gets saturated, not special and leads nowhere.
  9. I agree with what u all say but the real storylines they pull are few and far between and I feel in the age of internet nerds knowing all they should play on it a bit.
  10. you make a really good point about russo and wcw
    he blurred the lines way to much and in the end alot of the wrestlers didnt know what was a work and what wasnt
    if there is one thing wwe should know by now is to not take anything out of the post bischoff wcw
  11. It all depends on the specific situation. Sometimes, a situation happens in real life that wasn't planned and it's cool when they make a storyline out of it. The Montreal Screwjob being used to turn Vince into a heel and lead into the Austin/Vince feud, being the prime example. But it's not something they should intentionally try to craft and do all the time, or even a lot. Also, the vast majority of viewers are casual fans, not the kind of people who go on the internet and look up dirt sheets or whatnot. So, it's not really true that most of us are 'in the know.'
  12. well noone is really sure if the screwjob was a work or not


    and im not sure if punks shoot was a work or not... either way it was epic
  13. It's cool to see real life storylines carry out on tv but what makes it special and cool is it rarely happens so keep it the way it's supposed to be with a real storyline every now and then
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