Rumours of Vince McMahon...

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Samalan, Feb 17, 2014.

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  1. Mike Ashley and Vince McMahon having a conversation....thats a sight!
  2. Wtf is a Newcastle United?
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  3. A sports team that don't glorify themselves. :emoji_wink:

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  4. English footbal (soccer) club
  5. Ohh shit ok I was thinking something of importance. Lol soccer.
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  6. :shock::sad::((:upset::tough::mad1-61::aries::bury::christian::bully::mog::idk::facepalm::gtfo:
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  7. Simpleton
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  8. Sry bro I dnt get the faces, dont understand em dont know where u got em from
  9. When replying, just click on the smiley face as shown here:
    They were thoughts of every football/soccer fan.
  10. Don't shit on football with a bunch of Englishmen around bro... it's in the rulebook.
  11. I never shit on football!!! Just soccer
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  12. Dude, I'm American and I know not to upset the Englishmen when it comes to football (soccer)... just slowly back away and exit the thread before they attack.
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  13. I'm not really bothered about football, I will support the Villa and say how great they are but I am not that crazy about it. I just wanted to put smileys in order because it looked cool.
  14. Lol naw its cool ill chill here
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  15. Their tv airings will be labeled correctly. Newcastle SOCCER games.
  16. Get 'em Wayne! Fuck 'em up!!
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  17. it's not good enough he ruined american football, now he wants to ruin association football too?
  18. to everyone trashing football, USA is the ONLY country that doesnt like it. i guess the rest of the world just have bad taste right?
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