Rumours on who will induct the HOFers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. Our heroes unite again @"Leo C"
  2. Hart? Sounds good. Just hope he doesn't mention how much he sucks as a heel or how great he made Backlund look when he lost to him. :dawg:

    JR inducting Foley? Was expecting Funk.
  3. I'm with you, I don't wanna watch and listen Hart talking about how much he sucks as heel...
  4. Can't handle the truth eh? :lol1:
  5. Can someone tell me what the article is about, I get a freaking error everytime I click that link.
  6. The link is just the source page, you won't get any other info.
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  7. Gracias, brother.
  8. De nada :sandow:
  9. LIES :upset:
  10. It should be Funk, JR is too oddball for Foley, just doesn't match.
  11. Rock should have inducted Foley.
  12. We'll get to see Lita and Trish? It sounds like a really good idea to me.
  13. AW: Rumours on who will induct the HOFers

    Foley mentions in his book(s), that JR was the driving force behind him getting hired not only in WWE, but also in WCW earlier, if I recall correctly.

    So it does make sense, I guess.
  14. hhh should induct bruno
  15. If Al Snow wasnt TNA id say him, but ill accept Rocky because of their sick era. Id honestly want someone really high up. Either JR or Vince himself.
  16. Wrong thread broski
  17. Yeah noticed, not editing/deleting.
  19. Triple H should induct Sammartino. He'd be right to give the speech about how it's important that the grandfather of what we now know as WWE should go into the Hall Of Fame, being the one to get him on board and all.

    I can see JR inducting Foley.

    Lita inducting Trish makes sense.

    Bret Hart showing up to the HOF to induct Backlund would be interesting considering his recent comments on Triple H lol.
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