Rumours on Wrestlemania 30 location

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  2. MSG ffs. Keep up with the tradition.
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  3. Gotta be Wembley, the crowd would be absolutely insane.
  4. They wouldn't do a ten anniversary at Wembley, lol.
  5. 31st in MOA Arena? Please? I hate traveling just to go to shows.
  6. MSG makes sense, Wembley would be nice though.
  7. I know, but they should :sad:
  8. As long as it aint an outdoor venue I aint bothered dunno why I jus feel outdoor venues miss a little something regards the crowd.
  9. You don't go to shows? :pity1:
  10. Because the sound escapes through the roof and the place isn't mic'd well enough
    In a closed building, the sound echoes around.

    Also, "both sides are in the final stages in regards to signing a deal."

    The deal for Mania isn't finalised until just before/after the upcoming Mania. So this story is BS.
  11. Make it in the garden FFS, you've pissed over your history enough with the blatant rewriting of history for your disputes Vince keep the legacy of the garden.
  12. Philippines, bro. We don't get much stuff here. All we always get are the washed-up bands (I'm sorry to insert this but Blue's coming back here next year on my Birthday! YAY!) and the K-Pop groups that suck terribly.
  13. Yeah, this is about wrestling?

    You said you wish they'd go to the 'MOA Arena' on 31st as you hate travelling for shows, but you have never gone to a show in USA/UK...

  14. I have, but my last one was way back 2009 when my parents were lenient about it.


    I have been to two house shows. One in UK, and one on France.
  15. Ah really? I'm 99% positive in the thread about have you been to a live event you said you hadn't :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Which one was it in UK?
  16. Wembley, April 18, 2008. Sorry Jonathan 'ol boy.
  17. Random thought: Just looked at your avvy, Brad Maddox looks like he would have a really small cock.
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  18. *Sniff*

    Nobody respects my favorite Superstars... ;( :sad:
  19. "The Co-operative International Netball Test series starts at the Sheffield Hallam Arena on Monday evening (14 April 2008) before moving to the Coventry Sky Dome (16 April 2008) and ending at Wembley Arena in London on Friday, 18 April 2008."

    Don't turn this into another drunk thing. :maybe:
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