Rusev a lock for the main roster

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Nov 14, 2013.

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    Rusev on the main roster sometime next year would be fun. He's really entertaining. Take the Umaga character and make him from eastern Europe and add in a guy who's big but surprisingly fast and agile and you have a very fun guy to watch.
  2. Fat guy? :yes:
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  3. Bork could pass the torch to this dude anytime.
  4. But we need to see Bork v Bulgaria
  5. Only Steiner wrestles countries.
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  6. I really like Rusev. Just a monster from Eastern Europe, moves well, a good worker. Regal I think even said on some recent NXT that he was going to be World champ within a year. I doubt it, but man, he really seems like he'll get a pretty good push when he debuts.
  7. Good to hear. I knew it would happen eventually. The guys is a beast! They keep saying this guys wants streets and cities named after him. Cool gimmick. Glad he dropped the board breaking thing though. That was kind of lame.
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  8. Forget about him get Paige on the main roster
  9. Rusev is Brilliant. He's just built up to be a monster and I hope he's a hit on the Main Roster.
    Why do you even bother commenting here if it is nothing remotely connected to Paige.....You sir are an Idiot.
  10. Actually I believe BLFFL is a ma'am
  11. I'm not going to correct it.....

    Anyway, Lets get back to talking about Rusev.....I think he'd be a nice fit as a Unofficial Wyatt Family Member....Maybe a Family friend or long lost cousin....I Don't know but he's going to be a big force when he debuts on Raw/Smackdown.
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  12. Rusev needs an Umaga push, we need a new monster.
  13. He fits the role so hopefully it'll be a Umaga Push......I'd love to see Him Squash jobbers for the first few weeks before moving onto lower card stars.
  14. Poor Zack Ryder
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  15. Not only Ryder but other guys whom are forgettable.....Oh and Ryback....
  16. I don't like him, he's going to be in the main roster just beause of his well-built...
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    WWE couldn't have chosen a crappier guy IMO. He sucks regardless of how fast he moves in-ring. Just one of these guys where I don't see their character progressing AT ALL.
    I would have rather had Alex Koslov work as the East-European beast but they released him and signed Rusev instead. Weird if you ask me.
  19. Wasn't Koslov a small guy? I think he was a good worker but I'm sure he wouldn't be able to work the same gimmick as Rusev.
  20. We need a monster now Kane is corporate.
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