Rusev Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. I really thought I would see a thread on this and when I didn't, I wondered why. Rusev is great. His style, his offence, his selling, this guy has been getting comparisons to Umaga (RIP) and rightfully so. I imagine many of us, myself included, dismissed Rusev very early on as generic anti-America foreign gimmick for a big guy that can't wrestle. This guy has impressed me A LOT in all of his non-squash matches.

    Plus Lana is great.

    Share your Rusev love (if you have any to) here.
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  2. Honestly I loved him before this pro-russian gimmick. His debut at Rumble was great, his work was a bit sketchy back then, but he had sculpted his character perfectly. Then they decided that a russian announcer meant he had to be russian, and the logic killed my interest in him
  3. I don't think threads like this are allowed.
  4. I've liked him since NXT, and yeah, I think it's been great. The feud with Swagger was fun, and the Summerslam match was ace. Not only did it put Rusev over as a monster (which they hopefully follow up on with another good program), but this "down on his luck" Jack Swagger is also fun to watch.
  5. Meh, still not impressed as I've said before. Not fat enough to be a fat guy wrestler. Not muscular enough to be a muscular wrestler. Not tall enough to be a tall wrestler. No charisma as far as I'm concerned and nothing that really stands out. Instant FF or channel change when he comes on my TV. The only good thing to come out of it is that the underrated Swagger gets some decent TV time.
  6. If the Swagger feud is done for the moment, I think that they should have him get the US title off of Sheamus.

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  7. I like Rusev, but I'm more of a fan of Lana's than I am of Rusev's. This whole anti-American shtick (which has succeeded in earning both of them the scorn of the audience, don't get me wrong) will run it's course eventually and when that happens, I think Lana will end up getting the bigger push out of it than Rusev will. She can go on to other great things as a manager and/or authority figure, whereas Rusev will likely just end up being another Umaga (except for the part where he dies young, hopefully.) I could be wrong and wouldn't mind being proven wrong, as I find Rusev quite talented in the ring.
  8. Rusev vs Mark Henry is next... should be another good feud as they have the same build type, they are both strong and agile.. Henry being a little less agile because of his age.

    and in response to the OP... I enjoy Rusev as well.. I like that he uses Krav Maga and Muy Thai incorporated with his wrestling skills.
  9. Rusev is a good worker. I don't need anything more from him than that.
  10. Rusev appreciation thread? Nah, fuck that. We should have Lana appreciation thread! I'd bang that ass 24/7
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  11. I've been a Rusev fan since his NXT days before Lana even came into the picture. Just glad he changed his in ring attire and drop that stupid gimmick where he would come out with a board that had his opponents name on it and break it over his knee when he got to the ring. That was just dumb.

    My opinion on Lana is that I wish they would dress her in something other than those business suits, but I get that it goes with her current mouth-piece gimmick.
  12. I don't mind the suits, I just wish she'd wear her hair down a little more on occasion. She looks hotter with it down than she does when it's in a ponytail.
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  13. Leaving to the imagination is a powerful thing, brother.
  14. I feel Rusev is a great performer....he's good at selling and delivering....plays his character well for what it is. I'm interested to see him leave the whole Russian gimmick and break off in a different direction.
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  15. How exactly do you break away from your nationality or ethnic group?
  16. It's not like every single non-american wrestlers have to be constantly regarded as non-american, that just ends up burying them
  17. There's no denying his in-ring talent, but the guy lacks in every other category as far as I know. The reason I don't bother to close the tab is because of Lana, but even then I still need to mute it. He's pretty much like Umaga, and Kozlov; the second he loses his first match clean is the second he starts his descent.
  18. Umaga was actually a beast.
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