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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Will, Apr 11, 2018.

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  1. So on Rusev is wrestling the Undertaker in a Casket match at the Greatest Royal Rumble. It's Zack Ryder all over again. I understand he doesn't have to be a main eventer but seriously he could be good to the mid card. Look at Cesaro at least he's in a solid tag team now
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  2. Yes I feel the proper time for him to win the US title was at mania, but I feel WWE had Jinder win because of the greatest royal rumble coming up.

    He may the US not too long after the greatest rumble.
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  3. Sorry but working with one of the greatest of all time at a glorified house show is not getting buried.

    People are overreacting
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  4. I like how Rusev is so over we're focused on him as opposed to the fact that Taker is randomly returning for a casket match
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  5. "Bury me softly, Brother" -Rusev
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  6. Someone needs to remix this to "bury me softly"

  7. But he likely will be getting buried. :y2j:
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    Oh wait Jericho is getting buried instead
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  9. Yep, looks like Rusev pissed off WWE with his tweet, so he got kicked out of the match and replaced with Jericho. That's too bad, if it wasn't a squash that could of been a great moment for Ruru, even if he lost
  10. Did they make him delete the tweet?
  11. Rusev not being in the match is a bigger burial then him being in it.

    As a fan Y2J v Taker is better Imo. So thanks Rusev, for that tweet!
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  12. Jericho is my favorite active wrassler so no complaints from me either. lol
  13. No, but they made Lana post a tweet about how SHE pulled Rusev out. After that, Rusev then tweeted some stuff about being sad
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  14. So he got in trouble because of the bury me softy comment? Seriously?
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    If he got in trouble for that: dumb. I like Jericho but I’ve seen taker and him battle. rusev deserves his opportunity.
  16. I assume a combination of the comment and the TMZ click bait making him seem like an asshole, yes
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  17. TMZ can make bread seem like a jerk. That is no reason to punish someone. This "special" is losing more and more cred.
  18. I do think the match would’ve been more beneficial to a degree for Rusev to have been in it as it just seems odd to randomly bring back Taker for a casket match then pluck out Y2J and stick him in for a replacement when he’s been in and out of action for so long because of touring... I’m a big fan of both so should be a good match but clearly just shows as a wrestler don’t bother airing anything even as a joke or you’re out!
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  19. Yeah.. It seems like the only kind of humor they enjoy is their own. Wrestlers can't be funny unless they say so.