Rusev Injured Prior to EC

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    If Rusev is Injured who could replace him?
  2. They can bring in Samoa Joe to beat them, then take half of the belts while Cena takes the other half. Then they can battle to have every single title in WWE. Lol jk what kind of stupid idea is that. No company would ever do that... Right?
  3. Well, Bray Wyatt comes to mind as a replacement.
  4. Sting...:woo1:
  5. That's wishful thinking, m8... :zayn:
  6. :christian:I should be in charge of creative.:christian:
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  7. So, besides Bray Wyatt as a possible replacement for Rusev, I could see Stardust or The Miz entering the Chamber.

    Or perhaps, Christian! But that's just wishful thinking.
  8. Mark Henry could make a ground shattering return :booker2::henry:
  9. Yes, Mark Henry! Thank you.

    Damn, I miss that dude.
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  10. If you were you'd be using the faces correctly..

    Christian for IC off a comeback >>> alll other options, even Samoa Joe.. or Neville (although I'd accept Neville)

    I'd mark because I'm his peep..

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  11. Yh thats basically what I said.
  12. You wanted Sting :emoji_slight_smile:

    no Im just messing, we all want Christian back.. him in the IC scene is money for his last year in the business..

    Oh and if you don't want Christian back.. then..

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    Christian's a former multi-time Intercontinental Champion so he'd be a decent choice for a replacement, provided he's kept himself in good shape and whatnot. But I doubt his concussion issues which have rendered him all but completely retired will allow WWE to put him inside a dangerous environment like the chamber.

    If Rusev finds himself unable to compete on Sunday, they'll probably just throw someone like Stardust in there instead. Which I wouldn't have an issue with since I like Stardust. Could be really fun to see his weird, eccentric ass start climbing the chain links of the chamber like a spider monkey for no reason at some point.
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  14. Reportedly Wyatt will be his replacement in EC. From what I've heard anyway. Works since ryback is in it too
  15. Seeing as how Neville and Bo Dallas are in a match maybe they could announce a stipulation in the pre-show where the winner gets added to the EC match.