News Rumor Rusev Released [FAKE NEWS]

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WholeFN'Moe, Apr 13, 2018.

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  1. sooo.... I just seen this

    Wonder if it's true.... I mean I could pretty much see it coming anyways. I don't understand why they would release somebody so over or not throw him a bone
  2. I would wait till a credible source reports it, YouTubers tend to wanna click bait on anything (didn't watch the video.) As soon as I realized it wasn't a credible source I closed it.

    Not saying this is fake news or anything but definitely not trusting a video that has 'comments disabled' from a random guy.
  3. Not released yet.


    Still on Smackdown, no news yet.
  4. The title of this thread clickbaited me hard
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  5. Everyone is referring to this tweet and the fact that he deleted everything from his bio about WWE.
    Could be a work or maybe he is pissed but he is still under WWE's belt as of now.

    EDIT: Pretty sure he walks soon though.
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  6. Its clear Rusev wants out. Either push him or push him out the door.
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    I wouldn't blame him for doing so, if he does eventually walk out on the E, I hope he's able to transition well into another wrestling company and Lana could maybe keep chasing that acting career she was aiming for before joining WWE. I highly doubt they'll let him keep the name "Rusev" so either his whole gimmick is gonna need a re-do or he's just gonna reinvent himself like Jericho did for New Japan.. or basically every other time in his career
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  8. :nelson:
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  9. I would really like to see someone push him out the door. He is a burly lad.
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  10. WWE haven't released Neville yet, so if Rusev walks WWE may make it difficult for him to move on. Considering Rusev has generated alot more money then Neville.
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  11. I added the "rumor" tag since this isn't a fact, just what people are speculating.
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  12. Don't work yourself into a shoot, brother. Much love. - BB
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  13. I think this whole thing is a work.
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  14. I dont know why it would be a work tho.

    No clear motive for WWE to do a work like this. If this is a work, then I am being worked big time
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  15. If he was released it's because he asked for his release... The rumor is he was put into the US Title match at WrestleMania because he wanted out of his contract.
  16. Yeah that's why I thought this wasn't made up... it was pretty obvious he was leaving soon anyway I thought
  17. I would like to see him stay and be in the main event picture for a little while and then be mid card. The issue is that this seemingly wont happen in WWE, so if he leaves, I don’t blame him. He’s talented, entertaining, and a good wrestler. He would do well anywhere.
  18. He was put in a title match at mania because he wants out of his contract? You mean to eat the pin or what? Otherwise that doesn’t make sense. They wouldn’t put a guy in a big US title match because he wants to leave?

    Or did you mean they tried to throw him a bone and put him in a title picture?
  19. He was on the WM card rather than the kickoff show battle royal.. He gets paid a lot more money .
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