News Russia Invades Ukraine

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by CM Punk, Mar 1, 2014.

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    (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin secured his parliament's authority on Saturday to invade Ukraine after troops seized control of the Crimea peninsula and pro-Moscow demonstrators hoisted flags above government buildings in two eastern cities.

    Putin's open assertion of the right to deploy troops in a country of 46 million people on the ramparts of central Europe creates the biggest direct confrontation between Russia and the West since the Cold War.

    It followed days of warnings from U.S. President Barack Obama and other Western leaders that Russia must not intervene, and assurances from Moscow that it would not do so.

    Putin swiftly secured unanimous approval from Russia's senate for the use of armed force on the territory of his neighbour, citing the need to protect Russian citizens, the same reason he gave for invading tiny Georgia in 2008.

    Britain summoned the Russian ambassador. EU ministers were due to hold emergency talks. Czech President Milos Zeman recalled the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.

    Troops widely believed to belong to Moscow have already seized Crimea, an isolated peninsula in the Black Sea where Moscow has a large military presence in the headquarters of its Black Sea Fleet. The campaign there has been bloodless so far, with Kiev's new authorities powerless to intervene.

    Scores were also hurt on Saturday in clashes between pro-Russian demonstrators and supporters of Kiev's new authorities in eastern cities - areas near the Russian frontier, where Moscow is staging war games on high alert.

    Putin asked parliament to approve force "in connection with the extraordinary situation in Ukraine, the threat to the lives of citizens of the Russian Federation, our compatriots" and to protect the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea. The authorisation to use force in Ukraine would last "until the normalisation of the socio-political situation in that country".
  2. So Russia invades itself? :dawg:
  4. Here's to Nato and EU taking it easy and solving this without us going into WW3
  5. Military uniforms with no identification is a blatant violation of the Geneva treaties and the rules and customs of warfare. In other words, what is happening in Ukraine is a large scale Russian terrorist action.
  6. How long until WWIII?

    Is that North Korea I hear knocking on South Korea's Door?
  7. or Iran about to unveil its nuclear program?
  8. If the US just stays out of this situation, that'd be great.
  9. Russia: " Yeah, Obama about your red line, we already crossed it while you were playing hold, we just followed Syria's example and know that nothing will become of this. Okay? Thanks so much."
    Obama: " But that's not fair, I made a huge speech, but ok you win, I'll back down."
  10. Hopeful for total annihilation, and interference by aliens.
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  11. Russia isn't what they used to be, Ukraine has and is gaining a lot of support in Europe and with Russia strongest in Europe it's bound to be a death trip for Russia, US ain't doing anything and Russia knows it. WW3 ain't happening either people thought the same thing in the Gulf war and the arab spring. Russia will try to push it's weight around and most likley European countries could retaliate driving Russia out and the US will send troops 2 years before the end and their you go back to normal.
  12. [​IMG] One trigger happy soldier = Civil War
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  13. Oh shit! Someone call Zangeif, the USSR is coming back baybay! :smug:
  14. talk about David and Goliath. [​IMG]
  15. Anyone remember how Hitler claimed that he was "forced" to invade Austria, Czechoslovakia etc. in order to "protect" German-speaking citizens who were being "threatened" by nationalistic forces in those countries? You could take Hitler's speeches of that time and translate them into Russian and they are nearly word-for-word Putin's speeches today. Meanwhile in the West, instead of offering military assistance to Ukraine and stopping all this early on, we'll dither, talk about diplomacy and unspecified "costs" (does Obama plan to send Putin a bill?) and do nothing except allow the situation to deteriorate until Ukraine is wrecked by civil war. I am embarrassed to be a citizen of the West as we appear once again to be stumbling towards a really bad situation when it could be averted by decisive early action. As is too often the case, we remain in denial until it's too late, and then the costs are paid by everyone but most especially the people of Ukraine who really deserve so much better than this.

    Let's be clear: Putin wants Ukraine unstable because if it became prosperous with the help of the West it would throw Russia's failure into stark relief. Putin is turning Russia into North Korea and he desperately wants to ensure that Ukraine doesn't play the role of South Korea across the border. Too many Ukrainians and Russians have family and friends in each other's countries for him to censor the flows of information. Putin's total failure as a dictator would become so apparent that even Russians would eventually rise up against his regime. By ensuring that Ukraine is a basket-case Putin can make Russia seem vaguely tolerable (at least for the well-connected).

    If Ukraine requests military assistance the West should instantly provide it. Putin would back down - he knows his forces are toy soldiers in comparison to the combat-ready troops of the West. His troops retreated when Ukrainian soldiers offered the appearance of resistance; his troops would make a very hasty retreat indeed when confronted by 2 Para or the 101st Airborne and then Ukraine would have breathing room to sort out its own internal affairs. But we've become so afraid, so timorous, that instead we'll let Putin take eastern Ukraine and then... the Baltic states, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania... who knows where this will end? Weakness on one side always results in over-reach by the other. Always.
  16. Basic version, everyone kills everyone.
  17. Meh, it's fucking Putin. He could stare at you and kill you. He almost did it to me before I pulled my Saxo on his asso.
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  18. You were cheating on Hillary while you were at it lmao
  19. this will be a squash match
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