Russo Chimes In On The Current Product...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Jul 15, 2014.

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    He isn't saying anything that we all don't already realize, but regardless of what you think of him, he's still completely right. About the only thing I disagree with him on is that each show always has to be better than the last - I know I'm gonna sound somewhat complacent myself, but you can honestly only top yourselves so many times before you peak, and once you peak, the only place to go is down. Raw can't be the same action-packed show each and every week like it was during the Attitude Era, or else you'll burn yourselves out rather quickly just as they did back then. Ironically, it's why so many people see today's show as an inferior product and feel the need to constantly reference how it was so much better back then, because the AE spoiled them by booking a wild, crazy, over-the-top show every single week. Other than that, I agree.
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  2. Russo was exposed by the great Jim Cornette
  3. Stopped reading after "KISS" :pity1:
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  4. Kiss is one of the most overrated rock bands in history. #Truth
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    I almost hate agreeing with you at this point, but everything you said is spot on.
    Vince doesn't have to over do anything, because there is no competition. WWE is in cruise control, so they churn out what will keep the boat steady and not get them into trouble.
    It is complacency. HHH didn't just suddenly become the pillar of stability, he was once just as underhanded and politically motivated as his predecessor, HBK. He was for the a wrestler's union and now he is against a wrestler's union.
    It's reason #1 why I, quite frankly, would rather work elsewhere (even though I adore professional wrestling).

    It's the investors, the TV deals and the sponsors Vince is seeking to please the most. It's the one point in the article Russo missed. I'm not sure Russo's method works anymore. WWE is far too deep in being politically sterile to back out just because of Linda McMahon. Creative could be a whole lot better regardless, but without competition, why stress yourself out?
  6. What's the acronym stand for?
  7. Tomorrows Lockard Defection's Rehersed.
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  8. O-kay:notsure:
  9. Traitor Lays Down Rapist.
  10. TLDR means "too long, didn't read".

    If you're easily offended, don't read the rest.

    It's what someone of less than average intelligence puts when they're trying to minimize an opinion they don't care about. Basically, it's them trying to be hip, edgy, or otherwise cool because they don't understand how to string together that many thoughts in a row.


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  11. Someone needs a little more Sharon, Lois, and Bram in their lives.

    Poo poo pee doo.
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  12. I call this a burn because I hate acronyms. I hate acronyms for the reason Waco just said.
    You 'cool, young people' think its funny to use an acronym to identify a term or terms to make a description of something that isn't hard to analyze.
    I said something derogatory to this one chick and she replied, 'TMI". I later found out it meant 'too much information'.
    She could have just said 'too much information'. So yes, each and every acronym you people write, there is a 99% chance I have no idea what it means. It's not my fault, by the way, it yours.
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  13. Still a great post. Every time you post that video I'm still going to like it.
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  14. Yeah, he's mostly right there. But I think he's booking TNA again, so :dawg:
  15. It's easy for all of us to complain about their complacency. It's as easy for us on here as easy as it is for guys like Russo, but it's surely a lot harder to find the answers. While there's a few obvious issues with the show we've discussed ad nauseum, it's not like you can just say "Make the show better" and do it just like that. What direction should they go in to give the fans what they want? (Besides more effort, that's a given.) And if they do that, will they really be happier with the show?
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  16. Surely you're capable of using better wit than this?

    (OK, maybe you're not.)
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  17. Nah I have my moments but the majority of the time it's about that level of lq.
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  18. I slightly agree. I just don't find much wrong with the current product.
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  19. This.
    There are so many types of people, creeds, ethnicities, genders, orientations and so many more that you cannot please all.
    WWE has found a demographic and they are sticking with that demographic. I dislike the demographic for the same reason as CM Punk mentions here:

    Not offending the wrong people is the main issue here. Creative is the problem, but being creative will offend certain people, initially.
    Even in the 80's Ted DiBiase did many things in poor taste (taking a ball away from a child, for example), that WWE would never think of doing today. The 80's weren't risque in the least, but WWE is far too sterile these days.
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