Russo Says Sami Zayn Is Not A Star, That Fans Only Enjoyed Raw Because They Marked Out

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, May 6, 2015.

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  2. Vintage Russo. He really doesn't have a point though, people can call a show great for whatever reason they like lol. If he wants to talk about how Sami's a geek, well, he's made ONE appearance, lol. Not sure what the hell else could the case be. It was an amazing debut to create a future star and a very entertaining segment for the IWC, which, yes, does give them the right of calling it great.
  3. Russo isn't wrong, but lol.
    Just because someone likes a show, doesn't mean everyone has to. Let them enjoy whatever they liked, it's none of your concern to tell people what they have to like.
    Also, of course he isn't a TV Star. It was his fucking debut!
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  4. Hey Vince, know who else had the exact same debut? The guy he faced for the US title.
  5. He's right... damn... no arguement here
  6. Russo is a bigger attention whore than a chick doing shoots for pop-up ads.

    Anyway, Dear Vince Russo: You almost killed a wrestling promotion just by being involved with them after it was leaked that the owner desparately clinged to any amount of secrecy to keep your sorry ass employed, which you then ruined by accidentally forwarding an email to the wrong person. Your opinions on business or professional wrestling are completely invalid, and may we never hear from your irrelevant ass again.
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  7. Two words: David Arquette.
  8. The illegal streams are killing the ratings and the idiots doing it are the reason no one cares what the fans think
  9. Reading this blog lol, this should be fun

    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler


    Please allow me to introduce myself—I’m Vince Russo.

    ‘”If the show is good . . . they will watch it.”

    – Vince McMahon, sometime during the Attitude Era[/quote]

    Five lines in and I'm not sure if I can go on. The stupid is too strong.

    In FIVE lines, he wound up doing the ultimate douchey move of introducing himself TWICE before making a quote of Vince that completely contradicts his point. AND he hasn't even written anything yet!

    But of course it's about the Attitude Era since that's the only thing you ever did, Vincente. First of all, this has nothing to do with Sami. Second: Random people don't watch wrestling. Third... I may tag D'Z but surely he'll see this: Raw isn't DVR-proof. If there's a basketball game you want to see going up against Raw, you watch the basketball game that's only good live and save Raw, or just go on the internet or (preferably) Hulu whenever you have the time. Fourth: So why doesn't Vince still have that philosophy as they give in to MNF every year?


    Who was turning on that segment? Seriously, name the people you are talking about, dude. If they did exist, they would know it's their FIRST APPEARANCE (besides that tag match on Raw). Feel free to say fans need to warm up to him. Go ahead, but most people who care about wrestling would have seen Zayn's name trending on Twitter many times by now anyway. Vince Russo, you, yourself did a bunch of worked-shoot bullshit back in 1998, when there was some semblance of kayfabe left, claiming "The Internet exposed the business anyway so this is how you get viewers, yeah!" And even though that was incredibly stupid then and a problem now, you can't talk about how everyone knows the insides of the business in 1998 and appealing to casuals in 201... oh, right, you're Vince Russo. Carry on.

    Also, I still fail to see how this proves Sami can't draw

    Oy, I'll need a whole bottle of asprin to get through this... WOW THIS IS SO DUMB IT'S UNREAL. Anyone think Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens was a technical masterpiece? Fuck no. That match got over because of the story as with SO MANY OF SAMI'S MATCHES. He's over because he's an incredibly likable guy, something you'd know nothing about, you jackass. He got over through his character and promo segments that you keep raving is the most important thing in wrestling. But yeah, keep ignoring that.

    You mean the "corporate champion" character that's been done to death ever since I believe YOU wrote the Rock being in that same spot?

    First of all, we called it a good show because it entertained us. Entertaining your fans is a GOOD IDEA. Due to this show being entertaining and not watching it, that makes me want to watch next week. But as much as you've obsessed over ratings since 1997, you still don't get that. Fuck your numbers.

    Second: So the fact that nobody turned on a show that had a guy nobody knew would be on it didn't have anyone turn it on? SHOCKER. But of course Russo, mister "Lets make everything unpredictable!" wouldn't get that

    Third: It's not just Sami you jackhole.

    Fourth: Were you not watching in 2013? When they took the fans' rabid complaining and turned it into a massive storyline that's still (sadly) going on, based off the shit that you wrote?

    So they don't cater to a fanbase that doesn't watch their show?

    So you're trying to judge something you haven't watched... probably par for the course

    As much as we mock Vince for saying it, wrestling really is a dirty word. Go ask 100 random non-fans if they'll tune into Raw this Monday. Most of them will probably smack your hobo-looking ass in the face while the rest laugh in it.

    So, in conclusion: Apparently Sami Zayn doesn't draw ratings because people decided to not watch a show that they didn't know he'd be on and put on a good match. Man, I weep for whatever wrestling company you're writing fo... oh, wait

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  10. So according to him, it's wrong of fans to mark out over something (or someone) that legitimately gets them excited? News to me.

    This might be a shock to Russo, but not everything is about "da ratingz." They're very instrumental and important to the people who work within the company, but a fan's personal enjoyment of someone or something shouldn't be affected by how much they draw. (In truth, ratings can be a very tricky metric to judge someone's worth by since they tend to fluctuate quite a bit if you observe their patterns over a long period of time. Plus, as weird as it sounds, it's very often the case that ratings and buyrates don't perfectly correlate with one another. Television ratings are only one measurement of drawing.)

    Everyone has to start somewhere, and Zayn getting his start by wrestling the biggest star the company has to offer (even though he isn't actually an official member of the full-time roster just yet) is a damn good start.
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  11. Fans seem to take the ratings, especially the RAW ones like they are indicators of life or death. Which we honestly shouldn't. Like Lock pointed out they are there for the guys in the office to handle. We as fans should care about quality and being entertained.
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  12. Oh Russo, don't you know you shouldn't try so hard to be relevant :bischoff:
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