Russo's open letter to WWE

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  2. Yes, Mr. Russo, Yes.

    Step #1.. fire Kevin Dunn.
  3. Does he really think anyone in the WWE actually keeps up with what he's saying about the product? I'm pretty sure Vince, Triple H and Stephanie all have better things to do than to read what Russo (someone who hasn't been relevant to them since 1999) has to say about the show unless one of their yes-men reads what he says and then tells them about it.
  4. Probably only if Russo talks smack about them does it make it back to them
  5. and thus the reason the product is shit... they could care less what the fans think unless forced to care. Russo was right in all aspects of this letter.
  6. He's right but he couldn't fix it. I don't know what the answer is at this point. Athletically they have the best roster of all time. However, despite Cena being over with kids there's no one mega star like hogan or Austin to bring in the masses. They also have no real competition to push them like WCW did in the nineties. Finally, they're a public company now. The want for another attitude era will not happen when there are stockholders to answer to. The only way we will see an upswing in the overall product is for one of those first two things to happen again. Until then, they're still making a lot of money so they don't really need to take risks. The status quo lines their pockets and there's no reason for them to put that on the line.
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  7. Regardless of how anyone feels about Russo, I agree with everything he wrote.
  8. He's right but if this is his way of weaseling a way back into WWE in any shape or form he can fuck off. This just seems like a "you know, maybe you should hire me back and see what we can do" letter.
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  9. lol i sincerely hope he's not trying to get hired back....because that's something you say after you get the job
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  10. Fire Kevin Dunn and bring Russo back, and if the product's still the same... Then fuck you, I'd give up on WWE.
  11. Kevin Dunn is the producer. He does the cameras and what-not. Nothing to do with Russo's role.
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  12. I wouldn't be surprised if Russo was secretly campaigning for his old job back by trying to get the 'E's attention through these reviews and rants. Seems he has the itch to want to write for a wrestling show again but TNA doesn't want him, ROH is probably too small-time and vanilla-midgetedly for his taste, and that only leaves WWE. If Russo's off-the-wall thinking is what it took to help improve the product, I'd be all for it, but I doubt they'd ever accept him back.
  13. Oh, I see... Well, apologies, that was a mistake on my part... Mistaken Dunn with David Kapoor...
  14. It would be super hard to do, but if the WWE opened up a forum like this and asked for people's ideas they could at least see what the fans would like to see on the shows. I know they would likely get MILLIONS of responses, but imagine if they did it and picked YOUR idea for a story line? How much would you guys mark out for that? I for one would absolutely love to write for WWE, but that's a pipe dream if I ever heard one.
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  15. I'd be horrified of WWE seeing what the fans thought of their product. If those dipshits in Youtube comment sections have ANY kind of say-so the wrestling business would be in much worse shape than it is right now.
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    Well, they could always just conduct surveys with as many fans as possible and ask them what they would love to see the most out of a WWE show. That could include reaching out to people who don't watch anymore and asking them why they stopped watching, etc. WCW ran a survey like this in the late 90's when ratings and business seriously declined, and it told 'em a lot about what was wrong with the show. In their infinite wisdom, they of course ignored all of it and continued to book the show the same as they were doing already, which is why no one ever really wonders why WCW went out of business. WWE would hopefully be wiser than that.
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  17. Wow I didn't know WCW had done that type of a survey
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