Rustboro City Rayquazas

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  1. [​IMG]

    Rustboro City Rayquazas
    Showdown Username:

    Mega Gyarados (Liquid)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Gliscor (Venom) Heatran (Solid)

    Cobalion (Raiden)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Roserade (The Boss) Heliolisk (Ocelot)

    Gastrodon (Naked)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Aromatisse (Lovestrange) Magneton (Huey)

    Barbaracle (Geralt of Rustboro)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Scyther(Chico) Vanilluxe(Paz)



    vs. Rune
    vs. Zach
    vs. Shaddix
    vs. Nick
    vs. Vape
    vs. Solidus
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  2. Lovestrange? lolol

    Reminded me of this thing..

  3. When u ready to battle?
  4. Only one non-MGS reference and that's because I had to have my boy in it.
    Ready now if you're on
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  5. Sure im on now
  6. You want to send the challenge, or want me to?
  7. Idk ur user so u can send it to me mine is runebane33
  8. Damn, I did better against Solidus than this. Good one Rune, replay is up.
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  9. Just keep battling bro. It gets easier.
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  10. Only my 3rd battle, I was hoping to get some more practice in beforehand. I'm going to keep making a couple of builds and then focus more on battles. I'll be down to battle once I get a team against Zach made.
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  11. If you or anyone else is down, forgot to add that. Probably sometime tomorrow.
  12. I'm down for later
  13. Get redy to be rekt im pullign out all the big guns
  14. Better, but still no cigar. Replay is up. Fucking Gliscor couldn't use Defog, it didn't mess me up that much though.
    I seen a couple of the mistakes that I made, I'll learn.
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  15. Did you battle this week yet?
  16. Going to today, Skype me.
  17. Lost 4-0, definitely could've done better. Should've kept Slowking on my team & swapped out Aromatisse with Heatran against Cacturn. Forgot to get the replay so I'll nab it when Forrest puts it up.
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  18. On, send the challonge.
  19. Lost 0-3 to Vermilion City Pikachus, adding the replay now. I should've mega'd Gyarados the first time, among other things. Slowly but surely though, I'll be a force come season 2.:emoji_wink:
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