Ruthless Aggression 2.0

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  1. While many of the IWC claim the Attitude Era is the best and WWE should "revert back to that", there's also many who know that's highly unlikely and that the Ruthless Aggression era was actually the best, which I agree with. I don't think a return to a Ruthless Aggression type era is impossible, or as unlikely as a return to the AE is anyway. Do you think it can be done? Obviously things would be different, but who on the current roster do you think would thrive?
  2. Simply: no.
  3. Point of the thread was to discuss. If it's not possible in your opinion, then why?
  4. I'd rather avoid going back, R.A and AE were great for one reason and one reason only they were a fresh concept.
  5. It'd be easier to do then a modern AE so to speak, but would still be difficult.
  6. I would love either or and while we disagree on which was better, either would be great to have back. Did a lot of the IWC stop watching at one point so they changed direction? I've never fully understood this whole PG thing. Maybe it's because we grew up with ruthless aggression and attitude era that leaves us nostalgic for glimpses of the past.
  7. I refuse to discuss.:bury:

    Why? This new society is doomed to succeed in ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Nothing. All around pussies, marks and similar.
    Nothing can be good as before my dude.
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  8. PG isn't the issue though, that's why I think the RA COULD be possible.

    This isn't a "I want it back" thread, it's a discussion on whether it would be possible. I agree that a new fresh concept is needed, I was excited at the rumoured "reality era" WWE were "planning" (thanks Meltzer), but yeah.
  9. Well yes it's possible but I don't see why they would want to go back to their old ways.
  10. What would that Reality Era be like, :russo:?
  11. Probably CM Punk feuding with John Laurinaitus for firing Luke Gallows for not being marketable enough and not following the script... :russo:
  12. Wasn't it supposed to be very realistic and down to earth whilst still exciting storylines?
  13. I don't know. I guess that'd be alright though.
  14. I Would like it to return but taking in mind the current roster it wouldn't be that good
  15. The next era is the Porn Era.
  16. I personally hate it when people talk about 'going back' to a previous era. The reason being that the only thing that usually separates different eras in wrestling is the specific people and storylines that are happening at the time, so 'going back' would almost mean to me just hiring all the same people back and doing it all over again. Otherwise, it's a new era.

    The Attitude Era might be the only exception to this, as it can at least be defined as the time when the tone of things were a lot more mature and 'real' and edgy in terms of gimmicks and storylines and such (and it annoys me when people constantly talk about going back to this era as well), but the Ruthless Aggression Era is only called that because they needed a name for this specific time period and Vince said the name in July 2002 on Raw so they used it.
  17. Not the point of the thread. I don't think anyone is suggesting to do it, it's just an "is it possible?" thread. I see constant references in the IWC to going back to eras more entertaining, and I was seeing if this was more realistic and was wondering how this roster would compete. One of the special components of the RA era was the incredible roster.
  18. Is it possible? Yes.
    Would it be called Ruthless Aggression 2.0? No!
  19. The point is one needs to clarify exactly what makes the Ruthless Aggression Era unique if they're gonna talk about going back to it. As I said, it's usually the people and angles happening at the time that makes an era unique, so what would going back to the RA Era mean exactly? At least when people say they want to go back to the AE - annoying as those people can be - you can know they want to go back to a time when WWE was pushing the limits and having crash TV all over the place.
  20. Tbh the RA was a much more edgy product than the current product. You could argue that returning to an era where a midcard is still booked as an important piece of the show and the storylines were much more unique/edgy is still an era WWE can go back to.
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