Ruthless Aggression or Attitude?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. Attitude

  2. Ruthless Aggression

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  1. Probably the two most revered eras in WWF/E history, which do you prefer? I notice a lot of backlash comes against the AE, mostly because people probably get tired of it being talked about like it was the end all be all, but it was still great. You can go back and watch the shows from that period and it just feels unique and WWF perfectly captured the feeling of society in the 90s

    Ruthless Aggression undoubtedly had the better roster top to bottom and better matches.

    So which do you prefer?
  2. Attitude, but I didn't watch really during Ruthless Aggression. I loved the tag divisions, multiple main events, and the fact anyone could win on any given day in AE WWE(F)

    Ruthless aggression doesnt look appealing to me, with its 10k title changes, split brands, and all that nonsense.
  3. Better Roster? Ruthless aggression didn't make many future HoF'ers compared to the AE.
  4. Deeper roster maybe would be a better way to say it. AE, especially early on, had a bunch of terrible shit in the mid card. Ruthless Aggression had shit like Benoit/Angle in the mid card
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  5. I can completely agree, it had awesome new talent alongside some serious upper card talent on their way down/out.
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