Ruthless Aggression- perfect balance?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by #Heel, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. What do you guys think in terms of how RA was set up? I was thinking, and it felt like the ideal combination of advancement and entertainment. Not that attitude wasn't either of those, but it seemed more sloppy than the eras afterward. It seemed like Vince was finally getting his sh*t together around 2002 after the WCW wars and all, forming WWE's own unique persona.

    It was an age of new ideas, new faces (that actually possessed some potential *cough*NXT*cough*), blood, and risk. IMO it was the perfect balance between serious wrestling, uncut promos, hardcore matches, and future change. Agree/Disagree? Discuss.
  2. It was a success, it's an era that can easily be replicated now but he's turned into a moron (Vince).
  3. RA > Attitude Era, by far.
  4. I think the Ruthless Aggression made the best of everything, it's not like they had crazy good promo guys, they had a sick midcard and made these crazy wildcard decisions that nobody expected.
  5. Towards the start of RA yes. During the Here Comes The Pain era. But after Brock left, RA just got awful. Thats when the ratings started dropping, that was the time when wwe was getting awful. Cena and Batista in the main event made things more awful.


    Say that in a popular wrestling forum and people will question ur sanity.
    Not even close. If anything was close to being as good as AE it was the Here Comes the Pain Era, basically the time when AE ended to the time when Brock left the business and wrestlers like Angle and Taker were pushed down to shove untalented Batista and Cena down our throats.
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