News RVD break coming up

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. I'm fine with that.
  2. I won't notice.
  3. Meh, not like he was doing much anyway.
  4. Find no problem, at least he's not running off to be a rock star. :mad1-61:
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  5. Any idea how long he'll be sipping martinis in the Bahamas?
  6. Oh well, he isn't a big deal to lose.. his match with Sheamus vs. Rybaxel vs. Usos on Main Event I believe was pretty solid though.
  7. Wasn't he gone like 3-4 months last time? I think he runs on a schedule like that. Works 3 months, 3 month vacay
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  8. Meh, whatevs. Ain't like he's a major star... WWE haven't been doing much with him, anyways.
  9. I feel so dumb for thinking he'd return and be in WWE title contention.
  10. Nope, he won't. It's not 2005/06 anymore, thankfully.
  11. No biggie. I enjoy RVD and his matches, but it's not like he does anything special nowadays. We know he isn't winning any championships or being booked in anything too important or major, so it's hard to get invested in him anymore. He's just another body on the card now.
  12. It's about time, can't stand his old, running at quarter speed ass... all his matches seem like they are in slow motion now. He needs to stay gone.

    Please retire RVD.. PLEASE!
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  13. Why do they bother signing and paying him? What revenue is he bringing in to justify his cache?
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  14. Probably merchandise. No clue how well he does in selling merch, though.
  15. They don't really place him in storylines, so i won't notice.
  16. Meh, now they need to fill up more midcard spots on RAW without Del Rio and RVD.

    .... BAD NEWS! BAD NEWS! BAD NEWS! :woohoo:Please tell me BNB is coming back soon! :bully2:
  17. RVD's last run was more successful. They may call him back for less money.
  18. Well, all he is here for is to put over talent. It really won't matter if he comes back again to wrestle a good match and then lose.
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