RVD gonna RVD

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Working too stiff per usual. Busted up WB's mouth.


    I'm sure WWE doesn't give a fuck since they have no plans for WB.

    I say we put RVD in a shoot fight with Ryback, loser hangs up their tie dye singlet for good. Let those two careless fucks go to town on one another. inb4someonemakesthatlastsentenceseemgay
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  2. That last sentence can be used in a yaoi manga.
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  3. RVD has been known to be a stiff worker but WWE wont punish him for making Wade bleed
  4. Noticed it too. Was way too stiff. Maybe he's just excited to be in WWE again, or maybe he's so lazy that he can't be assed to pull out of stuff, but WWE should give Barrett the chance to work stiff back. He'd kick RVD's ass. Fuck RVD.
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  5. Weren't there many wrestlers who refused to work with Kaval for similar reasons, and that played a big part in why he was released?
  6. Unfortunately, RVD has more name recognition in the mainstream US than Kaval, so he gets more of a pass.
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  7. Of course Barret would beat RVD without a doubt, but I think WWE will try to push RVD. Since he came back to WWE he hasn't lost a match (well, he lost the all-star match but that isn't a big deal). I think WWE will give him a title shot before this year ends.
  8. I read this earlier, but nonetheless Wade Barrett is still a boss.
  9. No surprise. Hopefully they'll have the old man put some people over, because if they don't I really don't see why they brought him back.
  10. Barrett takes the beating now, he'll get his push later for this

  12. Zerostrodamus :yay:
  13. what?
  14. Haven't you heard of Nostradamus?
  15. Wade would give a stiff shot right back. Down right atrocious what happened there

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  18. wanna bet?

  19. RVD has always been too stiff and he's consistently gotten complaints from other wrestlers (and Kurt Angle's ex-wife...) over the years about how careless he is with his kicks. Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Triple H, Chris Jericho and others all used to complain about him back in the day. He even injured Triple H's throat at Survivor Series 2002 when he did the leap off the chamber door and landed knee-to-throat.
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