RVD Interview About ECW, WWE, Marijuana and the X Division

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  1. While speaking to Extreme Pro Wrestling, Rob Van Dam spoke about staying in ECW in its final years, how he hasn't changed physically, changing the X division and if marijuana kept him from being the top guy in different organizations.

    On how staying in ECW helped develop him: "WWE didn't want RVD to get over when I was there. They tried so much to... to... not get me... to...to... keep me from that. They didn't understand why the fans liked me because I don't fit the cookie cutter formula because I am a non-conformist. I'm so confusing to wrestling promoters, and I'm used to that, but because I stayed in ECW and learned how to express myself the way, ah, that I could connect with my fans, it made my strong Rob Van Dam character uncompromising... and I owe that to ECW. If I would have left and went to WCW way back then, they were gonna make me... they were gonna put a mask on me and make me one of those Glacier characters... "

    On if age has affected his physical condition and if he has to stop doing some movies because of it: "Not even in the slightest... not even a little bit. ... as a matter of fact, every once in a while, I'll pull out a move because I haven't done it in awhile. I was wrestling Jeff Hardy, I think this was, like, two months ago, I went up to the top rope and I went, 'you know what, I don't think I've done a 450 splash in like 10 years'. Boom... I just bust it out. I haven't cut anything out, and if it was up to me, ah, I would change that X-Division title into hardcore rules and I would have 20 minute matches every night, bouncing off the guardrail, bring in a chair... and hell yeah, that's what I got to show still!"

    On if marijuana kept him from being the top wrestler in a promotion: "I would think, ah, with TNA, probably not so, because they, they usually like to make those references, ah, whenever they can. and I think they appreciate the extra, ah, the extra cool attention that it gets them. Obviously, my... high profile bust, when I got pulled over in Ohio with possession of 18 grams, uh, and..and... resulted in suspension and loss of the titles... I mean, there is no way in denying that that definitely knocked me off from the track that I was on. Ah, at the same time, I don't mind going down in history for that or drawing attention to, ah, a cause that I believe is worthy..."

    He also talks about the political climate in WWE vs. TNA, his current relationship with Paul Heyman, and more.

    Read more at http://www.411mania.com/wrestling/news/261450/RVD-Reveals-If-Marijuana-Kept-Him-From-Being-A-Top-Guy.htm#hg7gaBorg8H4Zp01.99
  2. I like all the "ah", "uh" and "...", definitely RVD.
  3. RVD is the typical 'never was' in this business. For a guy that's stayed relatively healthy, its quite an accomplishment.

    I can't say there's anything cool about an immature, green-chomping 40-year old who still doesn't get it
  4. Can't have an interview with RVD without discussions of Marijuana. :pity1:
  5. RVD is one of the few guys in TNA history that never turned heel during their run with TNA. Kudos for that at least lol.
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