News RVD nearly Seriously Hurt

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Jun 30, 2013.

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  2. Dat was a mad WWE fan who missed
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  3. And then the driver got out of the car and said....
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  4. Was VKM for sure.
  6. It was a chronie hired by Hogan to kill RVD for leaving TNA.
  7. probably Testify or anyone else who watches TNA
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  8. I know who it was...[​IMG]
  9. I love his Twitter name though, not sure if that's the real RVD or the fake RVD.
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  10. It was Kevin Nash, he was supposed to stick the dinner.
  11. RVD was so high he forgot that he was the one who parked there.
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  12. Damn, almost there man.
  13. Obviously a work. Where's Rikishi at?
  14. D'Z had the best one so far. i lol'd
  15. I knew I couldn't both drive drunk and kill a dude.

    Sent from Tenessesse State Prison using pre-paid cellphone that cost 10$ and a piece of my ass.
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