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  1. It seems as if RVD will be returning on the Apr. 7th RAW show, the night after Wrestlemania 30.
    The company has officially booked travel for him which brings to light that he will be there for one but people are not thinking it's for the Andre the Giant BR, so it's most likely going to be on the RAW show after it.

    What do you think he will be upto when he returns? Also how do you feel about him returning, you hyped or meh on it?

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  2. Not a surprise. It was made clear as water when he re-signed with them at MITB 2013 that he'd be working a limited dates deal ala Jericho. It was never a question of if he would come back, but when.
  3. True, tbh I thought it would be back at the Rumble but I guess after WM isn't bad, I wonder what he's even going to be doing.
    I'm thinking some mid card work this time around, not sure if there's room for him up in the Main Event scene currently.
  4. The one guy who follows me on twitter is returning. :woo1:
  5. I forgot he was still with wwe.
  6. I thought RVD died vis overdose if Mary Jane injection
  7. wut
  8. My phone sucks
  9. Lol
  10. What is the point of him coming back after WM30? he should of returned before it and will he be able to keep away from the pot for the next few months?
  11. It's usually hard for me to get excited over these part-time deals (mega stars like Brock Lesnar and The Rock being excluded) since you assume it means they won't be around long enough to do anything of great importance, but I've always been a fan of RVD and judging by his work last year, I find that he's still capable of putting on some of the most exciting matches in the company, even at his age. I always find it amusing when some marks knock him for doing the same exact spots and putting on the same exact kind of matches that he was 10-15 years ago... as if that very same thing doesn't apply to most every other in-ring performer (who's been around as long as he has) as well.
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  12. I could hate on it, but I'd rather just sit back and enjoy Bob being back on WWE television.

  13. Welp my expectations for the Raw after mania got real high.:happy:
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  14. I still find it hilarious that RVD in WWE = everyone happy and marking
    RVD in TNA = TNA is a joke somehow

    Personally I don't have any desire to see RVD do anything in 2014. I'd smoke a blunt with the guy, but he falls into the same category to me as performers like Big Show, Christian, ect of guys who I have been seeing since the 90s and they haven't really evolved all that much, leaving me sick of seeing them after all these years.
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  15. I think the difference is in how he was booked. In TNA, you knew RVD was going over and had a legit chance (i.e., was a feasible option) to become TNA Champion. In WWE, even when he got the WHC match a while back, there wasn't much of a chance he was winning the title...and all the booking around him told you that.

    Basically, that's the difference in people's perceptions of the two promotions: TNA legitimately thinks (or thought at that time) that giving 40-something has-been RVD the title was a good business decision. WWE realizes it has younger, sturdier, more over options to give the belt to and, if they give it to an older performer, it's not a "money title run", it's either to cement their legacy (Kane's last title reign, for example) or as a purely transitional reign (Christian's two title reigns...actually, Christian's two reigns probably did both).

    And I say this as a person who never thought TNA was a joke of a promotion......even when it's done it's best to prove me wrong.

  16. Unless I'm mistaken RVD had one TNA title reign in 2010, but people were still completely shitting on him until he left in 2013. But when he showed up in 2013 in WWE, it was all puppies and rainbows because it is great to have RVD around.
  17. And I think that's just because most people (present company not included in the phrase "most people") just enjoy watching the guy perform. He is one of the all-time great high flyers in pro wrestling and his style was groundbreaking when he first entered the business. From that perspective, there's something of a nostalgia rub people get watching him.

    And I can even enjoy a well-worked RVD match, so long as he's kept completely away from the main event/world title picture.

  18. I haven't seen any of his work in TNA, but I've heard people claim (even on this forum) that RVD was rather lazy and unmotivated during his tenure there, and so people assumed he'd just be more of the same when he returned to WWE last year (even though he wasn't.)
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  19. It sure seemed like more of the same to me. Same spots he always does in pretty much the same order. Nothing major changed from his TNA match style to his WWE 2013 match style.
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  20. In all fairness, nothing's really changed from his ECW days so far as his match style, pacing, etc.

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