RVD takes shot at TNA

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Jun 20, 2013.

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  2. Casual fans are his best friend. He's going to philly to get ECDubb chants and hasnt done shit relevant in 5 years. Fuck RVD, and thank god he's gone from TNA, i dont give a fuck about him in WWE outside of the fact he will probably shit on young talent like the piece of shit he is. He fucked over Kenny King, Sanjay Dutt, Xema Ion, and so many other decent talents time and time again with his shitty spot set matches, where it looks more like a bullshit dance than anything worthwhile.

    Dude is gone, and the X-division is better for it. Good luck with WWE in your future endeavors, Bob. 42.
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  3. So what now? TNA can't promote themselves properly, and they should now promote RVD instead? Legit.:robbie:

    Rob isn't wrong, TNA marketing does suck and we all know it, but c'mon. Don't be a douchebag son, you've already got low score amongst the TNA lockerroom.
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  4. lol the difference between a billion dollar company and one still trying to put the missing pieces together. The main issue? You dont up the ratings RVD, the people who know you're there dont give a fuck, and the rest watch old ECW tapes to get their fill. Dude is garbage, and he is one of the reasons they didnt draw so wel, id rather build around a kenny king or a xema ion than "deal with" rvd.

    Another old, pathetic part timer stretching out his career to the limit, while fucking over so many young talents who are in the same position he once was. Fuck. R.V.D.
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  5. His TNA World Title win on Monday Night Impact 4/19/2010 scored 0.5 rating, the worst ever in TNA history. ENOUGH SAID
  6. He won the TNA World Title back in 2010... I'd say that's a pretty good push. Maybe he felt he should have kept it 18 months or so, ala his ECW Television Title run. The reason people likely wasn't aware where he was in TNA is because they aren't the multi-media, publicly traded corporate empire that WWE is.
  7. Yeah, that is a pretty good push. Also if you consider that he only lost CLEAN 5 times in his 3 year run: Sting (Sacrifice 2011), Bobby Roode (Sacrifice 2012), James Storm (BFGS), Jeff Hardy (BFGS) and again James Storm (UK tour 2013).

    Maybe having uninspired performances for 2+ years can also have that impact on people. When you have 2-3 hours of programming on TV each week, you need to be special EVERY TIME you get on TV. RVD was not special in TNA.

    RVD was the one who demanded a light schedule with huge bonuses if TNA went beyond the number of appearances he specified.
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  8. Not to mention the essentially turned AJ heel to drop the belt to him, their franchise player turned to drop the strap to him on Impact when he picked the title up in a great feel good moment after an apparent passing of the torch from Sting.
  9. >RVD
    >Taking a shot at TNA
    Coming into this thread I expected something stupid, and I got it :pity:
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  10. Yeah, I wonder how AJ felt back then? Beats freaking Icon in Sting @ BFG, becomes the first ever to beat Sting @ BFG, and then, 211 days later, he drops the title to a jerkoff later named Bob.

  11. Was it's Sting's first loss at BFG? Pretty wasteful in a fatal fourway if so, although the way he nodded at AJ before taking out Morgan could have been such a great symbol for them to use. Ah well beats Tomko attacking him I suppose.
  12. Yeah, AJ won the title at No Surrender in a 4 Way, and then went on to beat Sting (Sting first ever BFG loss) @ BFG.

    Lmao @ AJ and Tomko.

  13. For some reason I thought the 4 way was at BFG, sorry I'm just going crazy. I remember people thinking it was gonna be Brock attacking AJ too lol.

    Edit - It was a 5 way? Hernandez must have had Feast or Fired or something.
  14. Oh yeah, 5 Way it was. Hernandez had a title shot (lmao), but EY took him out with a piledriver on the ramp right before the match could even start.
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  15. I knew I liked EY for a reason.
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  16. Haha. [​IMG]
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