RVD Teases Return to National Television

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  1. In an interview with VOC Nation, Rob Van Dam confirmed that he is planning to return to wrestling soon on national television. However, he remained mum on whether his future will be with TNA or WWE.

    "I do have plans to return very soon to wrestle on TV, and that does mean one of the two big companies. I don’t have any plans whatsoever of wrestling for Jimmy Bob’s Southeast, North Coast wrestling (promotion) or any minors."

    :bury::finger::bury::finger: if it's TNA return.

    Please Vince, hire him. Please.
  2. Imagine he starts competing in NXT and gets defeated by Bray Wyatt for example
  3. Imagine he wrestles an excellent match for a change. He hasn't in 13 years.
  4. Imagine RVD isn't high when he gets on TV
  5. Impossible.
  6. [​IMG]

    is Bob's moto.
  7. :no:

    The dude needs to quit.
  8. Imagine if Bob was Jean-Claude's brother.
  9. The most innovative character in professional wrestling when he debuted 13 years ago. And hasn't done a damn thing different since except buying better weed.
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  10. Newest update on this one:

    Please stay there Rob, please. @Genesis :haha:
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