RVD will help the X-Division you say?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. Well, do you still think this? Honestly, the division has been tore apart recently and TNA seem to be really struggling to revive it. What would want to see happen to help what was an absolutely stunning division and a big part of TNA?

    Is it just a coincidence that it sort of went down hill when Aries left?
  2. Zema Ion coming off a win over a big name opponent facing the story of Jesse Sorenson would have done more for the X-Division than RVD ever could. Fuck BVD. Put Zema on TV and the division would still be fine.

    But it seems like whenever they need to overpush something, the X-Division is the first thing to go. When they can scale back Aces and Eights, hopefully the spare TV time can go to the X-Division. And that can't happen soon enough.
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  3. BVD?
  4. Bob Van Dam
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  5. Who said this, Crayo?

    I don't see why Ion didn't go over. Ion is fucking awesome IMO. He cuts entertaining promos, has a decent character, and is entertaining to watch in the ring. A win over RVD before leading into a feud over the X Division Title with Sorenstein would have been money. Now we have...

    ...I don't even know. No telling what they will do with RVD as champ. Probably nothing good
  6. Saw it in this section, I think Testify might have said it along with a couple others. At the time I understood the logic as RVD is an established name and it brings spotlight on the division but then yeah, he didn't even show up.

    I too desperately wanted Ion to go over, big fan of the guy. Keeps growing on me.
  7. Important word I said about Bob is: might. Might.

    We'll see if anything develops this Thursday:


    Keeping my mind open with Bob and X Division at least until Thursday.
  8. Old guys should be banned from the X-division, it is for the energetic, younger generation.
  9. To continue a point I made in another post about RVD here, dropping the weight limit in the X-Division just makes it an every day midcard title now though doesn't it?
  10. Yep. X-div should be strict, under 200lbs and ladders in every match for maximum high-flying awesomeness.
  11. No. That's spot-monkeying cruiserweight shitfest. Sometimes yes, constantly and revolving the X Title around that, no.

    Even if it is dropped, it's not JUST a midcard title. Random midcarders never (or ever) wored it, or neither will they (example Gunner).

    Running through the list of talents that were holding the title through history, it's never been a usual midcarder. X Division talent crew holds or some up-card dude bcuz of some story. Abyss held it, Angle held it, now RVD holds it, but it's always for some purposes. Abyss put over Kendrick big, Angle put over Lethal big back in 2007 and hopefully BVD puts someone over. Do you get what I'm saying?:vince:
  12. Still (imo) completely unneeded. The X-Division was absolutely thriving when Aries had it, not just because he was the champion but because of the competition, matches, and actual ATTENTION put on the division. Now it just seems irrelevant, or something TNA is accidentally making irrelevant, it's just not there yet. Without a weight limit it's no longer a division at all. I don't think I'll ever be on board with the decision to make BVD champion, but I guess if he does put someone over big then the decision I'm so against could be slightly beneficial.
  13. Zema is gone. It is great. RVD wasnt in storyline a lot in 2012 so its good to him to have X Division title. I think both title and RVD help each other. RVD will be in storylines and when RVD has the title, X Division title is worthy.
  14. RVD is ruining the X division title. The title for smaller high flyers. RVD being there is stopping younger talent. How is that helping?
  15. RVD is a big star. Agree that he is not young and not athletic like former X Division title holders but for now, he is a good pick to be the champion. And maybe TNA is trying to make him Triple Crown Champion. Only TTC needed for him now.
  16. Bob is leaving in March 2013, I hope. His conract expires than, I hope leaves and never comes back.
  17. If he was to put someone over he should've jobbed at BFG. I'll keep optimistic and hope he's there to either get some spotlight on the X-Division, put a young guy over or both.
  18. RVD is going to get Joey Ryan over BIG TIME.

    Ryan X Division Champ early 2013.

    Testify was right afterall.
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  19. Let's base this in reality.

    RVD is and was a wrestling god. ECW 2005 anyone?

    So if RVD isn't there for the cash cow and there for his love of wrestling which we know he has he is putting someone over.

    However it's a dark dark day if it's money.

    RVD RVD RVD someone is going over and they will be huge it's RVD Mr Monday Night!
  20. RVD hasn't been interesting in 7 years sadly (at least in my opinion)
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