RVP not signing a new contract.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. So he's leaving Arsenal, where's he going?
  2. Any of the top clubs in the EPL would most likely want him. Wasn't he top scorer in the EPL last season? He'd most likely go to the club that could pay him best and allow him a lot of play time. But who knows he might go to Spain as well.
  3. I fucking love RVP in Fifa. Thats all.
  4. The GOAT Arsenal fan reacts:

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  5. ^Such a goat
  6. What is Arsenal, and why is RVD in it? I though he was in TNA?
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  7. Read title. Unless you're trolling :okay:
  8. :win:
  9. :haha: seriously Crayo, "RVP"? :isee:
  11. He'll go where ever the money is, I'm guessing City tbh.
  12. Well, Crayo, RVD > RVP :isee:
  13. Not sure how he'll fit but probably. Fuck City.
  14. Dzeko, Ade, RSC and Tevez could go this summer from what's rumoured. Leaving them with Balloteli and Kun as the only 1st team strikers, plus they'll want a CL run this year so the squad will be stretched.
  15. Who's RSC? Dzeko apparently is staying (I stress apparently) and same goes for Carlos. Those two + Aguero+RVP+Balotelli in the shape they use (which is 1 striker up front) just doesn't work imo.
  16. Roque Santa Cruz, I checked wiki and he's still a City player. Unless you play Aguero behind RVP, with Mario playing wide. Meh it's City they're collecting like Chavski did a few years ago.
  17. The two wide they have come inside to play creatively, Nasri and Silva are used for that. Balo plays ST when he plays. I swear they're just buying to reduce the competition lmao. Despise them. Not even Chelsea were that bad. When they play it's El Cashico :boss1:
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