RVP To United

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. And now it's official. Oh hell yes.

  2. Glad we didn't get him from a Man City fan, Yes he's a good player. But I think Aguero & Tevez upfront will be good enough. Good Signing for you lot.
  3. City fan :annoyed:

    Out of curiosity, what do you think of your transfer market? Mancini wanted 4 new players and you only got Rodwell? Happy? Sad? Don't care?
  4. I'm a bit disappointed if I'm honest, I like the whole buzz about your team signing a new player, so only recruiting Rodwell yeah I'm a little bummed. I don't think we need to improve the team that much. I think we needed someone to replace Barry in the long term which is Rodwell, We could do with a decent Centre-half. (Which was supposed to be Daniel Agger, but he doesn't want to leave Liverpool) and he wanted Daniel De Rossi. I blame Brian Marwood as he's the football director and he's the one who sells and buys the players. Until Mancini is given control who he can buy and who he can sell. I don't see many transfers coming in.
  5. RVP has been on fire this past year or so however his injury history is horrible although he looks like he could be over that now, keep him fit and build the team around him and he'll improve you, not sure how likely that is but still. The fee is a bit steep for a 29y/o with 1 year left on his contract but I can understand why it's been paid as he's an incredible player. Overall a very good signing IMO, however won't it limit Welbeck or Henrnadez's playing time significantly, surely RVP will expect to start most games.
  6. Yeah it will limit them. They'll have to be impact players now, but both are like 20 and 21 or something. Very very young so have plenty of time and the two best forwards to learn from. He was hardly injured at all last year which was great, and the fee is high but it was necessary. Fergie actually had to ring Wenger up personally to intervene as the deal was close from shutting down. Ironically, one of the deal seals were Arsenal fans booing RVP in his pre-season game lmao.

    @Lacky: Yeah, though it's quite wise from City. Uefa fair play rules etc and you don't make near enough money to warrant spending so much, perhaps the owners are looking to the future. I didn't think City needed 4 new signings though, I think Mancini might have been abusing his position there lol. A new CB and a replacement for De Jong were the only positions I thought needed filling.
  7. RVP's legs are nowhere near that hairy. :pity:

    Anyway good signing, should heat up the title race next year if nothing else.
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