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    The video opens up with a wide-shot of the fans, the RWK Crowd, who are cheering their favourite wrestlers from the sidelines while a very loud voice female narrates

    "Every choice we make in life has a consequence. Some consequences are good. Some consequences are bad."

    It then changes to shots of the Ricoh Coliseum as the person continues

    "Tonight, the consequences of the choices, YOU made will take place in this very stadium."
    Suddenly small clips of the Lion's Crown Qualifying Matches’ competitors appear on the screen.El Pecador with Deacon McFarlane, Al Blizzard, Slate Bass, Ryder Parks, Azrael, Aleks Grayson, Chris Young & Alex Valander all show up.

    "These consequences will decide potential allies, potential enemies and more importantly of all, who will get a shot at greatness".

    This is then followed by shots of Nick and Spawn’s rivalry starting from pictures from IWT Summit 2015 where it shows Nick and Spawn’s first collision where Nick defeated Spawn to win the Golden Ticket then it transitions into Spawn’s “leaving” speech from IWT where he praises Nick then straight into Nick vs Spawn at IWTMania V.

    "They will decide which path these competitors will take, the dark side or the light."

    Again the shot changes to Aaron Harrows and Vitor Mata where the images show the Mata intimidating Millie Harrows then the trilogy of Harrows vs Mata matches which results in Mata breaking Harrows’ leg and finally Harrows coming back and costing Vitor the EU Championship

    "They will decide who will get revenge and who will lie in the middle of the ring, broken."

    Suddenly more images show of Michael Kelly relinquishing the championship after being injured at the hands of El Pecador and Christopher Jordan pinning Chris Young in middle of the ring to becoming champ to the stare down between Kelly & Jordan.

    "And most importantly the consequences of your votes will decide the future of the RWK European Championship and who takes it home."

    Then the shot goes back to the parking lot of Ricoh Coliseum as the camera slowly reverses to reveal Kristina Oliver as the narrator as she stands there with a grin on her face

    "And like my father once told me there is no good or bad in this universe, only action and consequence…"

    Royal Wrestling Kingdom is proud to present: from Toronto, Canada - Democracy Rules!

    Democracy Rules opens up with a pyro exploding the stage and a brief pan around the arena - we can see a great deal of signs in support for Nick, Azrael, Christopher Jordan, Aaron Harrows, Chris Young, Michael Kelly, Kameron Kalmar and Will Neilson. Some also are supportive of Red King and KJ Kidd whilst some show signs supporting their home country wrestler who was left off this show, the suspended Ryan Vendetta with an entire section of the crowd having signs reading "#FreeVendetta" - there are a big group of soccer moms hold up signs asking Tyler Keenan to phone them. The stage is decked out with a massive maple leaf behind a metal arch with lights for the curtains, fitting for the location, with the show's logo above it. On both sides of the Leaf are "X's" as if the fans are checking off their votes. The Canadian crowd in full voice to kick off the special event and we are welcomed by Vincent Baker and James O’Connell.

    O’Connell: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the iPPV voted for by you, the public! Democracy Rules! Here from Toronto, Ontario, Canada! What a night we have planned for you tonight and we will be right here to lead you through it all as I’m James O'Connell and beside me as always is Vincent Baker.

    Baker: I’m excited, James! Tonight I hope the public has made the right decisions and I hope those decisions equate to Kelly finally getting what is his from the person who got a fluke win last month, Christopher Jordan...

    O'Connell: Well, with the ever increasing presence of social media giving the fans a voice, it's about time that we do something like this. Tonight, Democracy Rules in the kingdom, and expect a chaotic night.

    Baker: Chaos..yeah...that's all the fans are...cha...

    Interrupting James and Vince’s rundown of the show is the theme music of the injured Nova Taylor, and the Canadian crowd, originally thinking that they won’t have her on the show, cheer for one of their own as the theme music of the spunky punk-rocker begins to build as pink lights flash. Eventually, the guitar kicks in and Taylor makes her way out on crutches, still sporting the effects of her injury. She has a black top on with a pink maple leaf, denim shorts, and a walking boot on her injured ankle as she heads down the ramp-way slowly.

    Baker: Nova?! I thought she was injured!

    O’Connell: Well, those paying attention to social media would have seen that she has talked to RWK owner Josh Reed recently and there has been speculation about what is next for her in RWK, and I guess she’s here to address it.

    Baker: Well, I guess it’s nice to have her here, but clearly she isn’t here to compete tonight. To think, if she would have accepted the date offer in the first place...she wouldn’t be…

    O’Connell: Will you let that go already!?

    The Punk-Rock Princess of the Kingdom high-fives a couple of the fans at ringside before a ring attendee helps her into the ring, making sure she doesn’t have too much weight on her injured ankle. She finally hops on one of her crutches and is handed a microphone. “Black Sheep” by Metric finally cuts away as Nova stands in the middle of the ring, on one good foot, and soaks in the packed crowd at the Ricoh Coliseum.

    “Oh, you know I couldn’t stay away.”

    The fans do a small pop as she giggles a bit, before she gets down to business.

    “Anyways, as you’re all aware, this past month has been an emotional whirlwind for me. First, someone was hitting on me to the point of it being harassment, then Ryan and I had a rough loss against rEvolution, I found out that Brien was invading my privacy...and just as I was going to get my hands on him...Well…this happened”

    She points down at her walking boot, which is secured around her ankle and shakes her head.

    “And add the fact that my cousin is suspended and is missing our first show in Toronto and was unable to get a chance to perform in front of what is basically a hometown crowd for us, it’s already rough.”

    With the suspension brought up, the fans boo even louder, showing a united displeasure of the actions taken by Executive Assistant, Kristina Oliver.

    Baker: He deserved it…

    “I’ve been at a crossroads with my life and my career. I’ve had my ups and downs already in such a short time here. I’m going to be on the shelf for a while, and this has affected me on multiple levels in both spheres of my life. To a point where I didn't know what will happen....If this won’t be such a big deal, or possibly going to ruin my life. It’s been a long road to get here and with it, I have some good news...bad news...and some more good news to share with y’all.”

    Nova looks at her boot again and gets on with her news.

    “First of all, as we all know…”

    She lightly taps a crutch on her boot.

    “I have this eyesore on my foot. Yes, it isn’t a bold fashion statement, this is to protect the ankle I broke at Peace of Mind, and as well as a rupture to my Achilles tendon. I went to the doctor’s last week and I have a timetable for when it will be healed. After rehab, I should be cleared to compete by the doctors in about two months. I may need to take it slow, but it could have been far worse. So the doctor’s gave me the green light when the time comes... But that’s just by the doctors...which leads me to some bad news…”

    Her face looks to be uncomfortable and she stops for a second before giving great sigh and talks.

    “Before I started wrestling, something I’ve done is modelling. I enjoy it...No, I love it. Starting it after a dark time in my life helped me build something that I didn’t have for a long time, confidence. Before, I looked in the mirror and saw someone who was pathetic, worthless, a failure, a junkie who has nothing for her. But, after a while, my perception changed. I saw a girl who was unique, special, beautiful, and someone who could be a star and make a difference in someone else’s life. Without modelling, I wouldn’t have dreamed of having the courage to step foot in a wrestling and fall in love with this too. I’ve juggled the two over the past year or so, but this injury has sidelined both...and my agent, well, to be blunt…”

    Taylor puts her tongue in her cheek for a second and just outright says.

    “He’s pissed! When I was at the hospital after Peace of Mind, he visited and instead of giving me flowers...then again Brien Storm gave me, like, ten dozen roses...he doesn’t learn... and instead of wishing me to ‘get well soon’ or asking if I was okay, he gave me an earful, and then some. He called me reckless, stupid, and foolish for getting hurt and no matter how much I tried to talk to him, he had zero-chill. After I got out of the hospital, he said that as long as I’m under my contract with my modelling company, I’m not allowed to compete in another match...”

    The Punk-Rocker is notably not as cheerful as she always is, and the fans, feeling upset for her, boo. She is about speak again but the fans start to voice their opinion like any Canadian crowd would… “Fuck your agent” and five claps. The fans keep this going and Nova can’t help but get a kick out of this, but she is forced to calm the rowdy crowd.

    “Okay, okay, I think if you keep that up, he definitely won’t want me to wrestle again!”

    There are a couple laughs from the crowd as they finally calm themselves down from their chanting.

    “Back on track now, when I was told that, I was unsure what I’d do. I mean, I have so much more to do in wrestling, I’ve only just started and I don’t want this to end on anyone’s terms but my own. I love this, and I want to be in wrestling. So I sat..and sat...and maybe went a little crazy being at home all hours of the day until I finally got an idea. So, I called Josh and got him to set up a meeting with him and my agent...Kristina had to drag herself to that too...and eventually, after some back and forth, a few blow ups from my agent and Kristina, we finally settled on something.”

    Nova Taylor looks around and points down towards the mat.

    “While as of right now, I’m not able to return to the ring, I’ve found a new role in RWK. Since I can’t compete and tear the house down, I might as well use my voice to build hype for the show. Until I am able to compete again, I’m the new ring announcer for Royal Wrestling Kingdom!

    Baker: She’s taking my job!

    O’Connell: She’s not joining us on commentary, Vince! She’s doing the ring introductions! But what big news from Nova Taylor and we welcome her to the Royal Wrestling Kingdom family as our new ring announcer!

    Baker: Whatever, I didn’t even remember the old guy’s name anyway. But looks like we have someone to counteract your ugly face, James.

    The Canadian crowd cheer and this lifts Nova’s spirits as she limps over towards the apron and speaks into the microphone.

    “Now, let’s get this show on the road!”

    Her theme music begins to play again as James and Vincent, after Nova cut their introduction short, continue with the matches. James rolls his eyes from the comment his colleague made about him and acts as if nothing happened.

    O'Connell: What big news to start the show tonight, but, even with the voice of Nova rocking the show with us, we need to break down what we have tonight. As mentioned before, for the first time ever, in our main event, the European Championship is on the line. The new champion, Extremely Lethal member Christopher Jordan, defends the championship against the man who never lost the belt, the Chosen One, Michael Kelly.

    Baker: Despite being injured, and stripped of the belt, Michael Kelly took it very little time to recover, and while it may have affected his healing time, he's a changed man, and I'm sure Jordan won't know what to expect.

    O'Connell: It can be the same for Jordan, winning gold can change a man and with how much he starved for it, perhaps he'll bring a little bit extra to the table in tonight. Also on the show, we will have long-running rivalries finally coming to a breaking point as Vitor Mata faces “The Top Star” Aaron Harrows in Harrows’ first match in two months! And with that, the Brawler from Detriot, Kameron Kalmar faces the sadistic Arno Fyre which is guaranteed to be a brutal match depending on which match the viewers chose.

    Baker: You’re forgetting two of the most important matches tonight, James! We have 8 men wanting that shot at gold but only four of those men will advance to next month’s fatal 4 way and the team captains of each team were again decided by the public and I can’t wait to find out who they chose. But furthermore, we have a feud going back years as Nick and Spawn clash in either a Street Fight, A lumberjack match or a match that Spawn created himself, A best!of five Tables match. That’s gonna be pure destruction and I love it.

    O'Connell: Well I say let’s get straight into this thing as we have Red King facing Brad Adams in either an Into the Wild match, a Lion's Den match or a Dog collar match! Lets find out which match it is, right now! Nova, take it away!

    Nova Taylor: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is a Lion’s Den match!

    O’Connell: Lion’s Den – we’re about to get extreme!

    Baker: Surely this stipulation favours Red King, since it revolves around an animalistic idea?

    O’Connell: Perhaps, but there’s no lion here - it’s a steel cage match with no escape and weapons tied to the walls! Brad Adams has shown a viciousness that may lend itself to a no-holds-barred environment and we have seen in the build-up to this match that Red King has a fear of being locked up. We will have to see whether Gaia’s preparation has done enough about that to see Red King to victory over Brad Adams for the second event in a row.

    The ringside area is suddenly swarmed by the ring crew, carrying the four sides of the cage separately between them. The weapons can already be seen dangling by string from the metal links, they include a table, a pair of handcuffs, a 2x4 plank of wood, a light-tube, a metal bin, a steel chair and a pair of brass knuckles. The sides of the cage are placed on the apron against the ropes, then tied to each other at the corners with long lengths of what appears to be very strong cord. The side nearest the ramp has a door for entry, where one referee is stationed, the other waiting in the ring.

    Nova Taylor: Introducing first, weighing in at 332lbs, he is the Crimson Ape… Red King!

    The first pre-match entrance music to ring out on Democracy Rules is that of the Red King, which sends cheers up from the audience for the beast that gained popularity after an impressive triple threat win at Peace of Mind. The six-foot-four beast emerges from the back onto the stage, walking on all fours. The Toronto crowd are audibly pleased that Red King’s body paint is Canadian flag themed, with the red maple leaf featuring on his face, and also that Gaia is sporting a Toronto Raptors jersey. As the Red King begins his slow, deliberate, all-fours crawl to the ring, Gaia holds the Tome of the Red aloft. The Beast pauses halfway down the ramp to down a soda offered to him by a front-row fan, to Gaia’s disappointment. Suddenly, the camera cuts to the other side of the ring where a woman in plain, dark clothing is helping another woman over a crowd barrier. The second woman appears to be the White Queen that the Red King seeks, she is six-foot-five and wearing a long, white dress, her hair and eyebrows are dyed white and she is wearing white contact lenses. They both sit on steel chairs next to the announce table, and watch as Red King makes his entrance.

    Baker: I believe this is the famed White Queen… wow… I wonder why she’s out here.

    O’Connell: Who knows? All we know about her is that the Red King has been looking for her and that she features in the Tome of the Red that Gaia carries, a volume itself shrouded in mystery. I wonder whether we’ll learn anything new tonight.

    When Red King and Gaia reach the bottom of the ramp, Gaia removes the Crimson Ape’s moose skull crown. Red King walks up the ring steps but stops at the door of the Lion’s Den. He looks back at Gaia, who has an expression of threat and fury that forces The Beast to enter the cage, a little nervously. On entering he catches sight of the White Queen and bounds to the far side of the cage staring at her intently. She gazes back, impassive, then moves her sights to Gaia, who is scowling furiously at her from a few feet away. The woman who helped her over the barricade, who seems to be some kind of assistant or subordinate, also her eyes on the White Queen, as if waiting for orders. She receives none though, and everyone’s attention is turned to the ramp when Brad Adams’ music breaks up the bizarre showcase of stares at ringside.

    M.A.A.D City by Kendrick Lamar plays around the arena, as the lights faintly dim down, and at 14 seconds into the song, Brad Adams emerges from behind the curtain. He walks down to the ring with a smirk on his face, and looks around at the RWK audience, booing him unanimously. Adams slides into the ring and stands in the middle of it, arms in the air, eyeing down Red King. The Crimson Ape had been on all fours as he studied his opponent but as Adams adopts his signature stance, stood up straight with arms raised, King mirrors him, towering four inches above him and making very plain his weight and strength advantage too.

    O’Connell: It’s not too hard to see why Adams was so easily dispatched by Red King last month; this almost doesn’t look like a fair fight.

    Baker: If there’s one thing that’s sure tonight, James, it’s that Brad Adams has a plan. He remembers Peace of Mind and will do whatever he has to in order to avoid a repeat of history.

    Both men back up at the request of the referee, Adams with a cocky grin and Red King dropping back to all fours. The official calls for the bell and the Crimson Ape charges, lunging for Adams. The Englishman ducks then twists Red King into a back suplex position, perhaps looking for a Fatebuster early on in the match. As he tries to power his opponent into position, however, Adams seems to lack the strength to get King off the ground. While Brad struggles with his weight, Red King regains control and rotates his opponent, throws his arm over his shoulder and powers him across the ring with an exploder suplex, causing Adams to land hard on his spine.

    Now in the ascendancy, King gazes around him at the weapons suspended on the cage. He seems to focus on a 2x4 and edges towards it, as if apprehensive about getting too close to the cage wall. With a quick grab he pulls it from its knot then turns his back to the cage wall as Adams gets to his feet. King charges again and this time he is successful, cracking the wooden plank over the skull of his opponent who crumples to the mat. Red King, holding the wood in two hands and crouched low, begins slamming the plank down on the back of the neck of Adams to cheers from the crowd. Gaia seems very pleased but, as the camera cuts to her again, the White Queen is stoic and regal, seemingly not yet impressed by Red King’s dominance. After five strikes the 2x4 snaps clean in half, so Red King discards the two halves and searches for a new weapon.

    The next weapon that the 332lb-er takes a fancy to is a metal trash can, which he yanks off the cage with two hands to cheer from the crowd. King holds the bin the right way up as he crouches low in his animalistic fashion, stalking his prey. Adams was stunned by the 2x4 assault but eventually gets to his feet, only to have the base of the bin driven onto the top of his head. It dents but doesn’t break, so Red King does it again, this time able to put the can around the torso of Adams by pushing him through the bottom. The head of Michelangelo on a Microphone pokes out of the open top of the trash can as he tries frantically to escape his vulnerable position, giving a comedic visual as he waddles and wiggles in an effort to shake his metal prison. The Beast, meanwhile, drops to all fours, then springs up quickly, spins and strikes Adams hard through the metal with a discus clothesline! The impact knocks the trash can off Adams’ head and Red King quickly hooks the leg for a cover…


    Two – no! Kick out by Adams just after two! The Crimson Ape gets up quickly, never letting frustration reign, and backs up on all fours. He seems to want to stalk his prey from medium distance but then feels the ropes behind him, and hears the cage rattle. The Beast turns around and darts away from the cage walls, staring fearfully at them all around him.

    O’Connell: Red King still seems very uncomfortable at being locked up like this, despite all Gaia’s efforts.

    Baker: And Gaia doesn’t seem too happy about that- but, wait! I think she has a plan B…

    On seeing Red King so unsettled, Gaia looks underneath the ring and pulls out something she apparently stationed there before the match: a huge pair of bolt cutting scissors. She begins to go to work on the cage wall, cutting the links, shouting something to the Red King about setting him free. Before she can make more than a small hole, though, senior referee Rupert Ross starts reprimanding her and threatening to stop the match, even though he can’t disqualify anybody. Gaia reluctantly holds up her hands and steps backwards but Ross’ hard work isn’t over yet as Red King starts to get in his face, seeming to teeter on the edge of violence towards the referee as a result of a perceived attack on Gaia. Before he can do something he’d regret, though, Red King collapses in agony to the mat as Brad Adams sprints in with a chop block to the back of Red King’s left knee, the same knee he injured at Peace of Mind.

    Realising the calibre of opportunity this is, Brad Adams capitalises immediately, delivering multiple stomps then a huge leaping leg drop to the back of the knee. Instead of then getting back to his feet, Adams grapevines his legs around Red King and grabs his foot, twisting and locking in the ankle lock. Even the feral Crimson Ape grunts in pain as his knee and lower leg are slowly torn apart. Feeling the urgency, Red King uses his strength to turn over onto his back to try and kick off Adams, but the Preston native uses his technical expertise to transition easily into a single leg Boston Crab, wrenching hard on the left kneecap and quadriceps. King finds himself back at square one, anguished once again in a debilitating submission hold from the technical expert. The Beast never looks like tapping, though, as with great effort and evident pain he kicks out his left leg to throw Adams off. But Red King, clutching at his left knee, can’t get back to his feet quickly enough and Brad gets back on the attack. He grabs King by the jaw with two hands and presses his face between the top two ropes and into the metal of the cage, rubbing him along the cage wall and cutting his white painted skin. As Red King collapses to the mat, the blood from the single gash on his cheek is visible, staining the white side of the flag on King’s face, to boos from the crowd.

    Baker: Wow, Brad Adams has really taken control here and, within minutes of doing so, the Red King is bleeding.

    O’Connell: Adams is proving that his viciousness is what gives him his edge and using Red King’s fears against him as well. At this stage, it looks like it might be enough for Adams to pull off an unpopular upset.

    After finishing with scraping Red King’s face on the cage, Brad Adams returns to his submission strategy, locking in perhaps his most effective hold – State of Mind! Adams throws King’s arm around his back and wrenches on the already stretched neck, while also pulling against the nose of the Crimson Ape. Red King howls in pain like a wounded dog and lifts his hand off the mat…

    …then puts it down and uses it to push himself and Brad off the canvas, in an effort to escape the hold! But Adams uses his leg to sweep the pushing arm out, dropping Red King back to the mat hard! He keeps pulling back on the submission hold, even bridging up onto his toes to increase the pressure on King’s neck. After a few more seconds in Adams’ strangling grip, The Beast appears to be fading, his general squirming slowly dying out…

    …but when the referee lifts his arm to see whether he’s out, King proves his consciousness by shaking his hand “no”, to the delight of the audience! The Toronto crowd rally loudly to bring Red King back into the match and Brad Adams, realising that it may be impossible to tap out Red King, decides to cut his losses and attempt a different angle of attack. Adams releases the hold and backs up across the ring, lining up his opponent with the set of turnbuckles behind him. Brad makes a throat-cutting gesture then sprints towards Red King, looking to drive him into the corner with his Devastation Kick. He jumps up to hit the running dropkick but just as he does, the fan-favourite Beast spears him out of mid-air! Driving the air out of Adams’ lungs and spiking his ribs into the canvas, Red King has, at one fell swoop, mauled and perhaps defeated Adams. Suddenly, though, before he can go for a pin, his eyes lock with the White Queen’s. She has a small smile on her face, the first emotion she has conveyed. Red King seems overjoyed at this as well as infatuated with her, as he gazes into her eyes and crawls towards her, simultaneously covering Adams with a lateral press.



    Thr- no! Red King’s cover was delayed and lax and it allowed Adams the chance to gently roll up one shoulder before three! Gaia is furious on the outside at her charge allowing the White Queen to keep him from victory but Red King doesn’t seem concerned, as he slowly bows his head in worship of the Queen before returning to his fighting position on all fours and waiting a good ten seconds for Adams to stand, coughing loudly and cradling his ribs. King springs up and lifts Brad’s arms into a full nelson.

    O’Connell: Red King’s going for Nature’s Madness, he’s gonna put him away!

    But when he tries to lift Brad Adams up for the Full Nelson Driver, he falls backwards to the canvas as his left knee buckles totally underneath him. Adams takes three more seconds to recuperate then realises what his earlier assault has caused and takes advantage. He drops Red King onto his back with a hard dropkick to the jaw of the seated Beast. Seeing that none of his attempts to neutralise the strength of his opponent have fully succeeded so far, the gears visibly turn in the mind of Michelangelo on a Microphone as he searches mentally for the idea that will bring him victory. He sees Red King, lying prone near the ring ropes, and inspiration appears to strike him. He sits Red King up against the ropes and so huge is he that his arms fall between the top two ropes. Adams then moves to the King’s side, and twists the top rope around the middle, trapping Red King’s right arm between them. Before the Crimson Ape can do anything, Adams does the same on the other side, leaving his opponent utterly defenceless!

    Baker: Red King is absolutely at the mercy of Brad Adams, what an unbelievable strategic move!

    O’Connell: This is a man who wants to maim everyone he faces and now, Brad Adams could do anything he liked to Red King and face no repercussions, there are no disqualifications in the Lion’s Den!

    Adams starts to scan the cage walls with a vengeful eye, looking for a weapon with which to destroy the vulnerable Beast. He walks over to the far wall of the cage, seeming to go for a table but stops short, looks to his right and smiles. There, tied very high up the wall, is a pair of brass knuckles. Adams climbs onto the top rope, reaches up and pulls them from their position, then walks slowly towards Red King as he places the knuckledusters on his right fist. Antler Man is now very aware of his predicament and howls in desperation like a wolf as Brad Adams sprints in and hits a brass-aided punch to the unprotected jaw! Red King is semi-conscious if that but Adams, knowing that knocking out Red King would award him the victory by referee stoppage, isn’t done yet. He steps back but, instead of delivering a similar blow to the face, Adams drops down and starts punching Red King with the brass knuckles in his injured left kneecap. Agonised, Red King switches from the keening cry of a dog, to a roar like an injured lion, to the scream of a chimpanzee with each blow that his opponent delivers. Then, once again declining to deliver a killer blow, Adams drops the brass knuckles out of Red King’s reach and starts looking for another weapon.

    O’Connell: Oh, c’mon, Adams could have this match well over already, what else could he possibly be… oh my god…

    Baker: If there exists a weapon in pro wrestling that is more brutal and feared than brass knuckles then Brad has found it…

    The crowd can’t decide between stunned silence and panicked boos as the Englishman holds a glass lighttube aloft with what can only be described as an evil, sadistic grin. He begins whirling it like a baseball bat, then suddenly runs at Red King, swings and shatters the lighttube on Red King’s face! Blood starts pouring down from all over The Beast’s face, the shattered glass adding to the lacerations already caused by the steel cage. Even Gaia, who was stood behind her charge, seems to have had her clothing torn by the tiny glass pieces and is checking her body to see if she could be bleeding without realising. The referee steps forward to check on Red King but the Crimson Ape shakes his head slightly, conveying that Adams hasn’t knocked him out yet, even though he could very likely pin him any time he chose. Brad is irate that the referee hasn’t yet called the match and tries to get in his face and intimidate him. After Rupert Ross makes clear that he is having none of it, Adams strides back over to Red King only to be enveloped in a yellow cloud!

    O'Connell: Cobra Spit! Adams is blind!

    Baker: But what can Red King do? He’s still restrained and unable to move!

    But Gaia sees her opportunity and squeezes a hand between the links of the cage, managing to push upwards on the top rope and give Red King enough room to get his left arm free! He reaches over and swiftly untangles his right arm while Adams tries to rub the painful, blinding mist out of his eyes. Red King takes a few seconds of shaking his head to recover enough to get back to all fours and spring at Adams, throwing him to the canvas with a rear waistlock takedown! Aware of the limited adrenaline that is giving him his second wind, the Crimson Ape grabs a rear wristlock and prepares to deliver his final blow.

    O’Connell: Red King is going for the Iron Branch – Adams doesn’t know what’s coming!

    Red King pushes Adams away then starts to pull him in for his finishing short-arm lariat…

    …but is blinded before he can deliver it! Brad pulled a small, seemingly very powerful torch out, maybe from his boot or kneepad, and shone it into Red King’s eyes! The Beast covers his eyes and wails at the top of his voice, seemingly terrified of bright light, and Adams immediately takes advantage! He squats down low and, with the Red King still recovering from the effect of the torch, Brad is just about able to power his opponent up into the torture rack. Wasting no time, he throws the left leg of Red King over and plants him face first with a cutter!

    Baker: Please Stand By! Adams has surely won it!

    Adams crawls into the cover and, with difficulty, hooks a leg…




    Nova Taylor: Here is your winner: Brad Adams!

    O’Connell: He had to attack an injured body part, tie up Red King in the ropes, use brass knuckles, the steel cage and a lighttube, but Adams gets the win.

    Baker: And that’s the part that matters, James. I said Adams would have a plan tonight and I was right, and he did everything he had to to keep down The Beast.

    Adams takes several seconds to get up, holding his ribs and his neck which were both targeted during the match. He moves the hand off his neck to shoot a finger gun into the hard camera as the audience boo, before he leaves the Lion’s Den cage and strides up the ramp, presumably bent on getting seen by a trainer as soon as possible. Red King is just coming to after Please Stand By with Gaia at his side, attempting to will him awake. When the camera pans for the reaction of the White Queen, she and her subordinate have already left, seemingly back into the crowd that they entered through. Gaia, with one hand on Red King and the other on the Tome of the Red, seems deeply frustrated. The ring crew begin to untie the cage and sweep up the glass of the lighttube shot as we cut to various shots of the enthusiastic crowd in Toronto.

    Following the chaos and craziness of the Lion’s Den match, the four sides of the cage have been detached from the ring apron and a thin metal pole is tied to the top of one ring-post, with a kendo stick suspended from the top of it. The lights then dim and the start of Diamonds from Sierra Leone causes boos to ring through the arena for a man the RWK faithful have learned to hate very quickly.

    A spotlight shines in the ring, as a melodic voice plays throughout the arena. THEN, BOOM, HORNS ON HORNS. HORNS ON TOP OF HORNS.

    Nova Taylor: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is a kendo stick on a pole match! Introducing first: from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, weighing in at 257lbs, he is the Unbreakable Sensation… the New King, Joseph Diamond!

    After twenty seconds of the build, in which Nova Taylor did her thing, Joseph Diamond arrives on the scene. He struts in backwards, arms spread outward. As he turns around forwards, his arms drop and he begins to strut with pantomime arrogance towards the ring. As he walks to the ring he makes a couple of shouted remarks about Vancouver’s superiority to Toronto, emphasising his own position as the “best thing ever to leave Vancouver”. Nobody is impressed, except for maybe Vince Baker.

    Baker: JOSEPH DIAMOND! HE’S HERE! The New King of RWK – feast your eyes, James!

    O’Connell: You seem to have a unique opinion among the entire population of Toronto tonight, Vince. Your… perhaps new favourite RWK competitor has an equally unique stipulation tonight for his match with Frankie Highwood, it’s a kendo stick on a pole match!

    Baker: Frankie Highwood? Oh God, I’m so conflicted on this one…

    He makes his way to the steps and he walks up them, walks across the apron and stands on the middle rope, taking in the audience's reaction and taking the time to stare, disapprovingly, up at the kendo stick on its pole. Joseph then hops the top rope, his scarf bouncing on the take-off and landing. Diamond walks to the corner, rips off his scarf and drapes it over the top rope. He calls over Nova and hands her his sunglasses. He tells her to defend them with her life but she doesn’t seem too committed to that cause as she drops them into her pocket.

    The crowd only have a moment to breathe before they start booing again for the arrival of the equally egotistical, party-loving “Rude Boy”, Frankie Highwood.

    Nova Taylor: And his opponent: from New York City, New York, USA, weighing in at 196lbs… “Rude Boy” Frankie Highwood!

    As his theme fills the arena, Frankie bursts onto the stage with a rush of energy. He loosely dances his way down to the ring, swinging his arms side to side. Close behind him is Maria Stafford, who follows her boyfriend closely. Frankie slides under the bottom rope, and Maria follows him in close after. Frankie taunts the crowd as Maria keeps her arm on Frankie's hip. Neither Diamond nor Highwood acknowledge each other particularly, but Frankie also takes a moment to express displeasure with the stipulation chosen by the RWK fans, shaking his head at the pole. As his music fades out, Highwood lifts the middle rope so Maria can leave the ring, then turns to face Diamond. Both men suddenly have expressions etched with determination.

    Baker: The two greatest warriors in RWK history! Set to collide in a battle for the ages!

    O’Connell: Both these men are relatively new to RWK, but we’ll see whether this battle of egos lives up to the hype these two both build around themselves…

    The official calls for the bell and Joseph Diamond makes an immediate leaping grab for Highwood, which is dodged easily. Both men then pause for a moment, making eye contact. Suddenly, the “Unbreakable Sensation” turns and sprints to the corner where the kendo stick is suspended, nimbly climbing the turnbuckles and pulling it out of its knot. Diamond turns around and seems shocked to realise that Highwood didn’t chase after him, instead just looking after him with a small smile, as if conceding that moment to his opponent. Joseph jumps down and holds the kendo stick in front of him with two hands, swinging it around like a lightsabre. Frankie begins to dance around in an effort to dodge the swipes and jabs of Diamond, looking to avoid any contact with the sharp wooden edges of the stick.

    In an apparent effort to disarm the “New King”, Highwood steps into range but then Joseph thrusts the kendo stick downwards, as if stabbing Frankie. The cane very obviously lodges underneath the arm of Highwood but he acts as if he has just been skewered by a sword, a shocked expression passing across his face before he closes his eyes and lets his body go limp, collapsing forwards to the mat. Diamond suddenly appears to be exhausted, as if he had gone through an epic battle of the kind Baker anticipated, and collapses to his knees next to Frankie. Toronto wakes from its confused stupor and begins to boo, as the realisation of what they are witnessing dawns on the crowd. As if lifting dead weight, Diamond shoots the half and flops dramatically down, draping only a single arm over his opponent. The referee is as bewildered as anyone else, but he counts the pin anyway. One! Two! Three!

    Nova Taylor: Here is your winner... Joseph Diamond!

    Baker: Oh, my! What a war we just saw these gladiators go through. Truly, no-one will ever again question the might and strength of these two gentlemen, for they just put themselves through hell. But in the end, though he battled valiantly, the Rude Boy was slain by the New King.

    O’Connell: Well… not all of us are under some sort of spell, ladies and gentlemen. I can see as well as you can that Frankie Highwood and Joseph Diamond just made a farce of the stipulation chosen by all of you, in a huge display of disrespect to RWK.

    Baker: Disrespect?! RWK was just catapulted into the stratosphere by the undisputed Match of the Year, James!

    As boos of disgust and disappointment rain down on them, Diamond and Highwood take a minute or more to heave themselves to their feet, as if they had wrestled each other for an hour rather than a minute. They come face-to-face in the centre of the ring, panting profusely, then leap for each other simultaneously, embracing in the ring. Diamond, kendo stick still in hand, drapes one arm of Highwood over his shoulder and Maria Stafford, also apparently in on the whole act, grabs the other. Between them, they help Frankie, acting like a wounded soldier, out of the ring and up the ramp. At the top of the ramp, still being drowned in boos, they turn around and look back out at the crowd. Highwood slowly drops the arms of Stafford and Diamond then lifts Joseph’s hand with a bowed head as the “New King” holds the kendo stick high in the air. Stafford, Highwood and Diamond bask in the boos for a moment, before they head, together, Frankie still being “helped” to walk, backstage.

    We cut suddenly to a very dark video, the crowd noise from Toronto vanishing.

    "All my friends are heathens take it slow..."

    It's a dark room, barely visible, but a path of light is seen and a figure stands at what is presumably the start of the path. "Heathens" plays in the background, as the figure takes slow, but meaningful steps, hands in what looks like a jacket pocket.

    "Wait for them to ask you who you know..."

    The figure reaches what looks to be the middle of the path, they turn to their right, something in front of them. A box is revealed, and with it the figure is more clearer. Their lower body is not seen, but their upper clothing consists of simply a black jacket. Their face is seen, but not clearly, and the box is opened. Light emits from the box, and it makes the face clearer, however a hood is raised over their head and not much is seen of their face. Words are engraved into the bottom of the box, the camera zooms in.

    "Please don't make any sudden moves..."


    They smirk, and close the box, putting back where it was.

    "You don't know the half of the abused..."

    They look in front of them, and appear to be taking another step, but static covers the screen before they can. Democracy Rules resumes, but who was that? Will they appear at Last Rites?

    The broadcast team don't seem to be aware of the interruption, as we cut straight back to show the arena and the lasting boos of the frustrated, cheated audience turning quickly to cheers as a graphic appears on screen, and presumably on the titantron. It shows the results of the poll for the match stipulation of Kameron Kalmar vs Arno Frye, with Fans Bring the Weapons winning out narrowly.

    O’Connell: Fans bring the weapons is the stipulation and, as we can see here at ringside, they sure have!

    Baker: I can’t believe Kalmar suggested that stipulation. Who knows what sort of weapon any of these idiots could bring? This stipulation could pose a danger to me, here at ringside!

    O’Connell: I’m sure we’ll be fine, these two will be much too busy destroying each other to attack us, I should think!

    Baker: Who said I was worried about you?

    The cheers escalate further as the music of fan favourite Kameron Kalmar rings out.

    The Detroit native slowly makes his way through the curtain and onto the stage, his hands firmly tucked in his pockets. Without a single flicker of a doubt in his eyes and a smile on his face as he appreciates the support of the Toronto crowd, then makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring. Halfway down, he turns around and stops momentarily, using the titantron to adjust the collar of his coat, giving Nova Taylor her cue.

    Nova Taylor: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is a Fans Bring the Weapons match! Introducing first: from the Sunshine Motors Hotel of Detroit, Michigan, USA, weighing in at 205lbs… Kameron Kalmar!

    Kameron turns back around on the completion of his name and an even louder pop goes up for him. Reaching the end of the ramp whilst untying the knot keeping his hoodie around his waist, Kalmar walks draping his hoodie on the right corner steel ring steps. Kalmar continues walking around the ring, surveying the weapons being thrust towards him from fans in the front row and considering his options. He stops at the steps, walking up them and stopping on the top step to take off his coat and drape it over the ring post.

    Taking a few steps forwards on the ring apron, he moves across and into the ring through the middle rope, raising both hands into the air with a cocky smile on his face, posing for and walking towards the crowd on the other side of the ring, then the next to his right, then the next. With that, he takes his position in a corner and leans upon it.

    The cheers for Kameron fade slowly with his music, and the crowd’s earlier boos return for the arrival of his bitter foe.

    “And his opponent: being accompanied to the ring by Elise and Judas Frye, from Los Angeles, California, USA, weighing in at 156lbs… Arno Frye!”

    The lights dim as Studio 72, led by the psychotic artist Arno Frye, emerge onto the stage. The six-footer is flanked by his 266lb “son” Judas, and his wife Elise. They aren’t his focus, though, as the deranged culprit of multiple kidnappings of RWK staff has his eyes fixed firmly on the man who eliminated him from European Championship contention at Kings of the Empire, Kameron Kalmar. He walks down the ramp, ignoring the booing fans, then removes his purple entrance jacket and hands it to Elise. He breaks his stare at Kalmar to look up, authoritatively at Judas. He points, emphatically, to backstage and, for a moment, the powerhouse of Studio 72 seems to rebel. It is momentary though, as he breaks eye contact and turns to walk back up the ramp, after his “mother”. Arno immediately refocuses on his rival, slides into the ring and makes a beeline for Kalmar to cheers from the crowd. The referee stands between the two and frantically tries to keep them separated. After Frye’s music cuts out Kalmar complies for the referee, backing up to his corner, but Arno just smiles and ignores the official.

    The ref steps out of the way and calls for the bell and, even before it actually rings, Frye and Kalmar sprint at each other. Kameron swings big with a right-armed lariat that Arno catches it, pulling his heavier opponent to the mat by the arm and wrapping his legs around. He then reaches around the jaw of the fan favourite and sinches in a crossface submission hold, wrenching viciously backwards and putting tremendous pressure on the neck and shoulder of Kalmar. Realising the gravity of the situation, Kameron begins throwing equally destructive elbow strikes into the protruding spine of the slender Frye until his grip loosens sufficiently for Kalmar to twist his body and throw Arno off him. Kameron then pops up and runs at Frye again, this time successfully, crushing Arno with a Thesz press and raining down a trifecta of left-hand punches to the chin. Kalmar gets back up, rubbing his upper right shoulder, to seek different offence. But, before he can reassert dominance, Frye has rolled out of the ring under the bottom rope and is scanning the front row of the crowd for a weapon. Not to be at a disadvantage, Kameron exits the ring on the other side to do the same, to the audience’s excitement.

    O’Connell: And now the stipulation comes into play, both men looking for weapons from the fans. Do you think Kalmar’s greater popularity will come into play?

    Baker: Somehow, I don’t think any of these fatsos are going to try and keep a weapon away from Arno Frye, so I don’t think it’ll make a difference.

    Kalmar peruses the weapons with a smile, as if choosing a Christmas present from a shop window, while Frye scans frantically with wide eyes, as if staring around a stocked pantry after a week on bread and water. One offering appears to amuse Kameron in particular and he eventually decides on it, accepting two cans of spray paint from an ecstatic fan with a nod and a smile. Arno, meanwhile, takes a different approach and re-enters the ring with a steel chair in his left hand and a small, opaque plastic bag, perhaps containing nails, glass or thumbtacks, in his right, which he leaves under the turnbuckles in one corner, presumably for later use. Both men then get back into the ring and Frye seeks to assault Kalmar with the chair but is stopped dead in his tracks by Kameron’s longer range weapon choice, blinded by spray paint squirted into his face. The crowd are vocally delighted to notice that the paint cans are red and white, the colours of the Canadian flag, and so Kalmar sprays the Californian with the colours all over his clothes and torso too.

    O’Connell: Well, the Artist just got painted!

    Arno turns his back to try and rub the paint out of his eyes and Kameron takes advantage. He hooks both of Frye's arms and throws him up and backwards, dropping him hard on the back of his neck with a Tiger Suplex! Kameron bridges up onto his toes and the referee starts the count quickly, but Frye kicks out just after two.

    Kalmar, now confident and in charge, wraps his arms around Arno’s midsection and lifts him up into a belly-to-back position. He lifts Frye off his feet, seeming to go for the gutbuster he calls the B2B Breathtaker, but Frye shifts his weight and grabs around Kameron’s head with one arm, falling forward and planting Kalmar with a bulldog! Arno gets back to his feet with a sadomasochistic grin and picks up the steel chair he dropped earlier. To horrified boos from the crowd, Frye opens the chair up slightly, then closes it tightly around the right bicep of Kalmar, the same arm he targeted at the start of the match. Instead of stomping on the chair to fracture the arm, though, Arno turns away and starts to climb the turnbuckles. He stands on the top rope, staring at Kameron’s vulnerable arm, then leaps, keeping his eyes fixed on his target, then flipping forwards…

    …and landing hard on the mat! Kalmar, at the last second, took the chair off and got out of the way! The fan favourite stares at Frye, who is writhing in agony after the hard landing on his back, with utter shock and disgust.

    O’Connell: Oh my god, Kameron Kalmar just avoided complete disaster! Arno Frye nearly crushed his arm completely, and Kalmar has every right to be furious!

    Baker: There are no lines in a match like this one, James. You do whatever you have to, to win, and Frye nearly sealed his victory with that. But as Miss Oliver has made clear, the last thing RWK needs right now is more injuries, so I’m glad Kalmar avoided that Swanton.

    Kalmar was taken aback by Frye’s willingness to end his career but his face is now etched with irate resolve, as he picks the chair back up and snaps it shut. He swings it straight down onto the spine of Arno, causing a bone-chilling smack of metal on flesh, but doesn’t appear satisfied. Looking to maim the LA artist like Frye tried to do to him; Kameron forces the chair edge-first into the back of Arno’s left knee, causing even the psychotic brawler to cry out in pain. Kalmar lifts the chair up and turns Frye over, then wraps it around the left calf and knee of his nemesis much as Arno wrapped it around his arm. Instead of heading for the top rope, though, where Kameron would be further from his comfort zone than Frye, Kalmar slowly twists the left leg of Arno through 180°. This causes the Artist to scream in anguish again as he can already feel the steel digging into the side of his kneecap, but Kameron isn’t done as he jumps and drives his own knee onto the steel, crushing Arno’s leg!

    O’Connell: Motor City Sunset, with the aid of the steel chair! Frye may have a fractured kneecap but Kalmar thinks turnabout is fair play!

    Baker: Well I was just saying that the last thing RWK needs is injured competitors – I wonder if Kalmar will pay for that as Ryan Vendetta did for his actions?

    Frye wails at the top of his voice, overcome with agony, and rolls towards the ropes. Charged by injury-induced adrenaline and his own sadism, Arno tries to pull himself to a vertical base with the help of the ropes. Kalmar, thinking of how to put away his wounded opponent, advances on Frye slowly. From nowhere, Arno pushes himself off the ropes and, with his right leg, hits his signature Final Draft bicycle kick to the chin of Kameron!

    Baker: Aha! Frye suckered him in, playing possum! Perhaps the damage isn’t as bad as we thought?

    O’Connell: I wouldn’t be so sure, that left leg collapsed as soon as Arno tried to put his weight on it. He hit the Final Draft flush, but will it buy Frye enough time to salvage this grudge match?

    Sure enough, Arno went down hard as his standing leg buckled beneath him, even as he knocked Kalmar to the edge of consciousness. Pain is etched on his face and so, instead of trying to push himself onto his feet, Frye rolls under the bottom rope and tries to test his leg by standing on the ring floor. His test doesn’t seem to go to well but, he decides, he may as well grab a weapon while he’s in reach of the crowd. He scans rabidly once again and decides on a tall, flat, black object. When he lifts it over the barricade, it becomes clear that it’s a table, the surface of which is covered by dozens of strips of black duct tape. It isn’t until the table is brought closer to the camera as Arno, limping, places it on the apron to push it into the ring, that light can be seen glinting off the shards of glass, fastened down by and poking through the tape. The slow realisation of the true danger of the weapon sweeps around the arena as a wave of fearful, shocked silence.

    Arno Frye, however, seems energised rather than appalled by the unbelievable weapon. He seats himself on the apron and awkwardly shuffles himself under the bottom rope. Still hugely favouring his compromised leg, Frye uses the ropes to pull himself up, so he’s standing on his right leg and holding the top rope, using it like a crutch. Then, unable to use two arms to set the table up properly as one is supporting him on the top rope, Arno lifts one end of the table and puts it on the middle rope, a couple of feet along from the corner. He then limps over to the other end, and does the same, leaving the glass-covered table lying across the second rope in front of the corner nearest the ramp, opposite the hard camera.

    His handiwork prepared, Frye turns around to see Kameron Kalmar just getting back to his feet, still dazed from the huge connection of the Final Draft. Needing to get the jump on him, Arno leaps and hops frantically over to headbutt Kalmar in the back of the neck, sending him down to boos from the crowd. Kameron starts getting up again quickly though, so Frye backs up and leans against the table he has prepared, massaging his injured knee. Kalmar sees Arno, seemingly vulnerable, and runs towards him. Frye ducks to his right as Kameron, swinging with a European Uppercut, careers through the space where Arno was and onto the table, sending glass shards stabbing into his back! Frye initially appears frustrated that the table didn’t break, sparing Kalmar a second fall onto the glass, but an idea suddenly appears to dawn in the mind of the Artist. While Kameron cries out from the pain of the sharp, stabbing points in his back, Frye ducks under the bottom rope and begins hopping up the turnbuckles.

    O’Connell: This is insane – Arno Frye is climbing the turnbuckles on one leg and this time I’m pretty sure he has intentions just as evil as before! But Frye could hurt himself so much here, all self-preservation seems to have vanished in this rivalry.

    Baker: Remember, Frye is likely going to jail for a good long time after this match for what he did to RWK employees. He has nothing to lose!

    Arno now stands on the top rope, back to the ring, left foot hovering gingerly above the rope as he balances on his right. He bends his right leg slowly and leaps, corkscrewing through the air then flipping forwards, crashing down and sending Kameron Kalmar though the glass-covered table with a Phoenix Splash! Both men wail in anguish, Kameron after being driven with huge force down onto dagger-like shards of glass, cutting into his flesh, and Arno after landing hard on his already mangled left leg. It takes Frye a few seconds to even remember what he’s doing, but he eventually shuffles over and gets a lateral press on Kameron Kalmar!



    Thre- No! Kalmar, at the last second, rolled his right shoulder just slightly off the table, staying alive!

    O’Connell: What?! How?!

    Baker: Arno didn’t exactly get the world’s tightest cover and it took him a few seconds – but that is astounding resilience from Kalmar! I am learning a lot about this kid tonight.

    O’Connell: And for all his callousness and insanity, Arno Frye has just proved with that one-legged Phoenix Splash that he is one of RWK’s toughest men, and a stellar athlete to boot!

    The crowd come to their feet for the displays of ability, inner strength and mutual hatred by both competitors, unable to see how a contest like this could finish. The kick-out gives the first preview of the damage to Kalmar as, just on the visible back of his shoulder, there are two tiny cuts from the glass, each with their own stream of blood dripping back onto the broken black table. Frye is the first up, again using the ropes to aid him, and seems more infuriated at Kalmar’s resilience than he is happy to continue the punishment. He grabs the bag he placed under the corner earlier and empties its contents onto the ring canvas.

    Baker: Oh my! The most awful weapon of all!

    O’Connell: Um… well, I was expecting to see nails or thumbtacks in that bag but… is this really much better for Frye and Kalmar?

    A mix of slightly ironic screams of terror and relieved laughter ripple through the Toronto crowd, as a mass of tiny, colourful LEGO bricks pour onto the canvas. Frye seems bemused but he then he picks one up and presses it gently into his palm, then smiles, seeming satisfied with what he got. He kicks the pile of LEGO, spreading them more thinly to stop any cushioning effect of a large stack, then turns towards Kalmar. He starts limping over to his opponent, when something in the crowd catches his eye and causes him to stare, as if infatuated. Frye, in a trance, rolls back out of the ring again and grabs an easel, a wooden stand used for painting, from the second row. He puts it back in the ring and follows it, then stands it up in the centre of the ring, above the carpet of LEGO. Then, still favouring the leg Kameron damaged with the Motor City Sunset, Arno drags Kalmar off the table, leaving him on his front, in front of the easel, as he slowly begins to get to his feet, his back covered in blood. Frye backs up and stares, grinning as if admiring an artwork.

    Baker: James… I think Arno Frye is framing his Magnum Opus!

    Arno repositions, standing next to the easel and behind his opponent. When Kalmar gets to his feet he strides forward, in spite of the pain in his leg, leaps onto Kameron’s back and rotates, looking for the Asai DDT that he calls the Magnum Opus, through the easel and onto the LEGO…

    …but Kalmar blocks, using his core strength to resist the backwards momentum of Arno! After a moment stationary, Kameron powers Frye up and down off his shoulder with a Michinoku Driver! Catching a second wind to the crowd’s delight, Kalmar pulls up Frye, lifts him into the Electric Chair despite the damage to his back, and drops him through the easel onto the LEGO with the Ride to Hell facebuster!

    O’Connell: Ride to Hell, and I think it’s safe to say Arno Frye will not be resurrected!

    Baker: But wait… what’s Kameron doing?! This is a mistake!

    Shaking his head, the fan favourite pulls Arno out of the wreckage of wood, metal hinges and plastic bricks and back to his feet once more.

    O’Connell: Don’t you remember, Vincent? Kameron Kalmar made a promise before this match, to hit the Ride to Hell and the Cranium Killer to beat Arno Frye! I think he intends to come good on that!

    Baker: If you go to the well once too often, you will live to regret it…

    Kalmar throws a hard kick to the gut of Frye, puts his opponent’s head between his legs…

    …lifts him into the piledriver position…

    …completes the cradle grip and spikes him onto his head with the Cranium Killer, straight onto the LEGO! Making sure, Kalmar pulls both legs of the unconscious Arno Frye up with a back press, Kameron bleeding onto his nemesis.




    Nova Taylor: Here is your winner… Kameron Kalmar!

    O’Connell: Wow… what a match. What punishment these two put each other through in this epic contest!

    Baker: That… was war. Unbelievable. Congratulations to Kameron Kalmar. For once, I am next to speechless.

    EMTs rush to the ring to tend to Kalmar’s multiple lacerations on his back and Arno Frye’s pulverised knee, but the crowd cheer big as the referee lifts a hand up and points to the still-down Michigander. The ring crew try, perhaps futilely, to pick up all the pieces of glass and LEGO in the ring, as the camera focuses on the two ruined competitors. Kalmar is visibly relieved but exhausted, and a little pained with each tiny movement, his back dyed crimson. Arno Frye, defeated, is an unconscious mess of paint-stained clothing, with a large smear of Kalmar's blood across his chest where he was pinned.

    Before the massive eight-man tag team match to determine the men who will compete to be the holder of the Lion’s Crown, Nova Taylor stands at ringside (as she obviously shouldn’t be walking towards the ring any time soon) and next to her, creating very awkward tension, is Kristina Oliver, the woman who suspended his cousin just last month. Next to them is a table where the item they are fighting for, the Lion’s Crown, is placed. A golden crown with red gems around it, and it barring a Lion’s face on the front, this isn’t just for decoration, but symbolizes someone who may be destined to be King in the world of professional wrestling. A title opportunity of their choosing, whenever they want it with prior notification, it is up to its holder on how they will use its power.

    Nova Taylor: And now, it is time for the Lion’s Crown Tag Team Match! In this match, the teams are randomly determined, with the captains being chosen by you, the fans. This is scheduled for one fall and will determine who will compete for the Lion’s Crown next month at Last Rites! No…

    Cutting off the spunky rocker and taking her spotlight is the Executive Assistant of RWK. Kristina talks into her mic.

    Oliver: Ladies and gentlemen. First of all, I would like to thank every single one of you that voted for your selected participant in this match to be captain of a team, it’s truly amazing to see so many of you getting involved and supporting the RWK.

    Baker: What caringness from Kristina! Our great Queen of RWK!

    O’Connell: I don’t know..I thought Nova was the one that was supposed to be announcing...But indeed, this night is all about the fans, and what’s at stake is something which can make a new star in Royal Wrestling Kingdom.

    Baker: As a former champion, I know what a big chance this is.

    Oliver: Now, however, we know that there can only be two men here tonight that will end up as team captains. Therefore, without further ado, your team captains are...

    To the decree of Miss Oliver, the captains are revealed as the screen on the stage shows the faces of the eight men who are competing, Slate Bass, Alex Valander, Aleks Grayson, Azrael, El Pecador, Al Blizzard, Chris Young, and Ryder Parks. The screen switches rapidly between their faces until, finally, it shows two men, who are quite familiar with each other, as the captains. The Angel of Death, Azrael, and Lucha Libre’s Darkest Child, El Pecador. The Canadian crowd cheer, despite both men perhaps being despicable, showing excitement for them facing again.

    Nova: And your captains are…

    But, as Nova is talking, she is cut off again from Kristina Oliver, who takes the spotlight from her.

    Oliver: Azrael and El Pecador! Well done to both of them! Congratulations! Now, what good are team captains without their teams? Bring out the tumbler!

    To Kristina’s request, two ring hands roll out a golden coloured tumbler next to her. You can see in the background Nova utter the word “Bitch…” without Kristina knowing and Nova gives it a quick spin before Kristina opens it up and pulls out the first participant.

    Oliver: Okay, the first participant on Team El Pecador is...Al Blizzard!

    Some of the Toronto crowd cheer as the returning wrestler is the first drawn. The tumbler is given another turn and Kristina draws the second.

    Oliver: Ladies and gentlemen, the first participant on Team Azrael is...The Crazed Prince, Aleks Grayson!

    There is another positive reaction from the crowd, and the process is again repeated for the next participant for Pecador’s team.

    Oliver: The second participant for Team El Pecador will be…The Amazing One, Chris Young!

    Surprisingly, there is a far more mixed reaction for Chris Young, perhaps it is his experience, or his recent travels around Ontario in various local promotions to prepare for this match, but some of the crowd is behind the veteran as the next participant is drawn for the Blackheart’s team.

    Oliver: The second participant for Team Azrael is Slate Bass!

    Another mixed reaction comes from the once Head Pimp in charge as the third person for the Angel of Deaths team is revealed.

    Oliver: The final member for Team El Pecador is...Seattle’s Favourite Son, Ryder Parks!

    Despite Ryder not being in Seattle, the Toronto crowd is surprisingly treating him like their own with a loud reaction, especially considering that Ryder has only just broken out on the scene. Which only means one last person remains.

    Oliver: Which means...the last member for Team Azrael...Alex Valan…

    As Miss Oliver is about to say Valander’s name, she stops herself and puts her hand on her ear, as she gets a message from the back. She tries to keep her voice down, but you can hear what she is saying on her microphone.

    Oliver: What do you mean he’s...He’s what!?

    Almost on cue, the big screen shows footage of the backstage area of Alex Valander, the self-proclaimed “Maestro of Malign” is seen in the halls of the backstage area, laid out. He appears to be groggy as he lies against a black crate holding his head with a metal pole, which was presumably used to beat him up, lies on top of his legs. There is a person in a black hoodie, with the hood covering his face, standing above him. He backs up, before ramming his knee into the head of Alex, creating a loud thud. The mysterious man runs away and after a few moments, various backstage attendees rush to tend to the fallen Valander as Kristina Oliver, who already complained about “injuries” last month, is fuming. Seeing her boss like this, Nova can’t help but to have a struggle containing her laughter as Kristina yells into the microphone.

    Oliver: WHO DID THIS!?!?

    Looking up at the titantron, Kristina’s hand slowly curls into a fist as she slams it down onto the tumbler beside her, furious at what she has just seen. She looks around at the crowd, who are enjoying her anger, and she looks as if she can barely contain her anger...but manages to calm herself down just enough so that she doesn’t fully explode.

    Oliver: Ladies and gentlemen...I do not know what to say to this. I assure you that whoever did this foul act will be punished accordingly, but I’m afraid that this match will have to continue on bar one team member for Team Azrael. Apologies once again. If Valander is able to compete, he will make his way down and join his team. But for now, I have some matters to deal with…

    Kristina Oliver rushes to the back, heading up the ramp as Nova Taylor breathes a sigh of relief as she can continue without her interrupting again. As Kristina heads backstage to solve the newly-arisen problem, the entrances begin.

    Nova Taylor: Introducing Team El Pecador first, from Seattle Washington, weighing in at weighing in at 220 pounds, he’s Seattle’s Favourite Son, Ryder Parks!

    As “Critical” by State Champs begins to play, the lights flash green as Ryder Parks makes his way out to a positive reaction as he pumps up the crowd with his green track jacket on and he holds his arm up, before giving a massive fist bump and he heads down the rampway.

    O’Connell: Debuting last month against injured Alex Valander, if there is anyone who has been able to win the hearts over of the fans in such a short time, you’d have to bring Ryder’s name to the table and to secure the Lion’s Crown would be a great step for him in his career.

    Baker: Something I think that’s missing from him is a killer instinct. He’s talented, but that’s what gets you to the top, just look at his team captain. Besides, how can the fans cheer for a man who injured Alex Valander moments a…

    O’Connell: It wasn’t him!

    Parks sings his theme song on the way down the ramp, bopping his head to his theme as he gives fist bumps to any fan taking it. He is at ringside and he gestures for the fans to get louder as he climbs onto the apron and the top rope where he unzips his jacket and jumps down into the ring as his first teammate’s theme replaces his.

    Nova Taylor: Next, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at 218lbs, he would like to be announced as “The King that Rules the Ring,” The Amazing One, Chris Young!

    Drawing a similar reaction to where his name was drawn, Chris Young slowly makes his way out in his usual attire as the lights are a dark blue. When the lyrics kick in, he pulls his hood off and spreads his arms out wide and looks out towards the Toronto crowd with a bit of a smirk on his face. While his methods to get there was questionable, he put in what he’d probably describe as a “Five-Star Performance” and only came up just short of being an Amazing RWK European Champion. He makes his way down the ramp slowly as James and Vincent bring him up.

    Baker: Speaking of a killer instinct, this man right here has one. Chris Young, the Amazing One.

    O’Connell: Well, that “killer instinct” only got him so far last month and I think he kind of realized it, giving some praise to the new champion.

    Baker: Eh, can we not talk about that?

    O’Connell: Well, if there is anyone who could benefit from the Crown, it’s him.

    Chris Young looks at the first of his teammates and it appears that Ryder is a bit uneasy, with Chris having a history of taking shortcuts. Young makes his way onto the apron of the ring as his theme music cuts away and the two are in the ring as the third man is set to make his way out.

    Nova Taylor: Third on Team El Pecador, from London, England, weighing in at 254 pounds, Al Blizzard!

    The returning wrestler’s theme plays as “Remedy” blasts through the arena with the lights flashing red. And Al Blizzard, wearing new longer black and red rights, and a personalized t-shirt to signal his new return to the ring, makes his way out with his back turned around to the ring with his arms out wide. He spins around and looks around at the Democracy Rules crowd. Despite being one of the bigger men in the match, he is an underdog, not always reaching the success he felt he could have. But with Al a bit humbled, maybe he can finally rise up?

    O’Connell: Not being seen since Carnival Games, Al Blizzard after months off from an injury, is back in an RWK ring and what a way to return?

    Baker: Honestly, this kid has a lot to prove to me. With his loss in a handicap match, while his partner was dead weight, I’m not sure if he can recover. Now, with Valander out, this is basically a handicap match, one not as bad as a two on one, but if he can’t take advantage here, this may the death of him in RWK.

    O’Connell: Sadly, with that last point, you may have some truth to it.

    Knowing the importance of this match Al looks dead ahead, knowing he has to be on the same page as his teammates. He high fives a few of the fans and he walks around the ring, sliding on the apron. He takes his shirt off and tosses it to a lucky fan before he enters the ring as his theme music cuts away.

    Nova: And finally, from Puebla, Mexico, weighing in at 195lbs, he is The Sinner… El Pecador!

    Pecador walks slowly out from the curtains to an always mixed reaction and stands in the centre of the stage. As the camera zooms in on Pecador, we see his manager, Deacon MacFarlane walk quickly out from gorilla behind him in jeans and a plain tee, pointing to Pecador and shouting into the crowd to hype him up. Pecador walks purposefully down the ramp, ignoring proffered high-fives, with MacFarlane, still behind him, grinning and looking supremely confident, pointing to Pecador periodically and applauding.

    O’Connell: We know exactly what this man - our longest reigning champion ever in RWK - can do, but he has definitely been… angrier, in recent weeks.

    Baker: That might be putting it lightly, he made some very pointed and graphic threats to journalists in a video that went up online recently. Whether his aggression will aid him tonight or not remains to be seen...and how his team deals with it is another question.

    Pecador jumps onto the apron and steps swiftly up the turnbuckles, standing with one foot on the top rope to look out across the gathered audience and his team, as MacFarlane walks up the ring steps and into the ring through the ropes. Pecador then jumps into the ring, lands and falls into a forward roll, before hopping up again to go and stand in front of his team. MacFarlane speaks to him briefly, his hands together as if begging him to do or not do something, before exiting the ring. Lucha Libre’s Darkest child regards his team, Ryder Parks leaning confidently against the turnbuckles, Al Blizzard warming himself up in a different corner and Chris Young meeting his gaze with a cold determination behind his eyes. Pecador nods, barely perceptibly, at Young, then turns his back to his team and watches the ramp from the centre of the ring.

    Nova: And their opponents, first: from Little Rock, Arkansas, weighing in at 210lbs, he is The Crazed Prince… Aleks Grayson!

    As soon as Grayson’s theme hits the lights go out and The Butcher of Black Haven makes his way onto the stage. Aleks then cups his hands and yells, the lights then come on and flash red.

    He then makes his way down to the ring, walking loosely as he warms up and surveying his opponents in the ring. When he gets to the bottom of the ramp he runs towards the ring, sliding in between the apron and the bottom rope.

    O’Connell: A familiar face to some of you, making his debut in RWK tonight. Aleks Grayson is a bit of an oddity, but with a technical and hardcore style, he can be an asset to his team.

    Baker: He has the experience but man… He weirds me out… How he gets a woman like the one he has, I have no clue.

    He gets to his feet, stops still to stare at each of his opponents in turn, none of them giving anything away, before launching himself out the hard cam ropes, landing on his feet in front of the crowd. He holds up four fingers with his left hand, referring to the four careers he has ended outside RWK and yells at the front-row fans, who seem to enjoy the attention. He retracts his hand and turns around before turning back to yell again, holding up the four digits after. He then goes back into the ring by sliding in the same fashion as earlier and takes up residence in one of the corners nearest the ramp, the referee trying to ensure that no pre-bell violence takes place.

    Nova: Next, from California, USA, weighing in at 250 pounds, Slate Bass!

    With lights dimmed, and the only thing providing light is the entrance video, Slate enters into a spotlight on the stage the second time his name appears on the titantron. In his right hand he holds a Martini glass containing a red cocktail, a Caesar, a popular drink in Canada, while his left hand lounges in the left pocket of his slacks. He stands for a few seconds as everyone in the ring stands perplexed before and calmly walks down the ramp.

    O’Connell: Here is a question, Vince, what is the state of mind of Slate Bass? Over the past while we’ve seen this woman with him and it’s hard to really understand what is going on…

    Baker: My guess: guidance. She may well guide him to the crown.

    Once he reaches ringside, Slate downs his cocktail, and places it on the apron for the camera to focus on as he enters the ring. Once in the ring, he takes his suit jacket, tie and button down shirt off before standing in the corner with his teammates, not looking at them and keeping to himself.

    Nova: And finally, the team captain, from Cape Town, South Africa, weighing in at 214 pounds, he is the Angel of Death, the Black Heart, Azrael!

    From one twisted person to another in a completely different way, the epic and sinister theme of Azrael blares through the speakers as the Toronto crowd passionately boo the Angel of Death as smoke builds on the stage. Azrael eventually makes his way out and stands in the middle with a sick grin on his face. Eventually, in tune with the music, makes various freeze frame movements. From his “A” symbol, to pointing his fingers in the sky, to holding his arms out wide, then finally he makes his way down the ramp.

    O’Connell: If there is someone who may just take out everyone in the match for pure enjoyment, it may be Azrael. Despite being captain, we all know that he is far from someone you’d like to trust. Cold, calculated, he himself may make up for the fact his team is short.

    Baker: He feeds off destruction, and with six other souls in this match, it’s an all you can eat buffet to him...and I don’t think anyone can stand in his way.

    Azrael is focused as he heads down the ramp with smoke around him. The young-veteran, under the influence of Odin, has turned into perhaps the most destructive wrestler on the roster. He climbs the apron and looks at everyone in the ring. He holds his signature “A” up in the air high as the lights go back on and he enters the ring. The seven men in the match eye each other up as the the official, Ted Kennedy, nervously stands between them all, eventually, everyone goes to their proper corners as the bell is rung, with the two captains starting the match.

    Staring one another down, both Pecador and Azrael make their way into the centre of the ring and begin to circle one another, the bad blood between the two evident. It’s obvious that Azrael has not forgotten the man who got in his way of challenging for the RWK Imperial title as a crowd clap starts all around the arena, helped on by Ryder Parks and Al Blizzard as they try to egg on the two legal members who continue to circle, hands reaching out as they begin to feel one another out and get a grip on the match. It is Pecador who makes the first move, surging forwards and catching Azrael’s arm, before wringing it in a way that causes Azrael to grimace in pain. Holding it at an awkward angle, Pecador leaves Azrael’s chest completely open to attack as he lays a kick down straight across the Blackheart’s chest, hitting his literal black heart. Releasing him, Pecador pushes Azrael forwards into a stumble, before rushing forwards to take him down with a running bulldog that flattens him down to the mat.

    Quickly clambering up to his feet, Azrael leaps into the air and pushes Pecador back with a dropkick, knocking him into one of the free corners back-first. He then goes to run at him, looking for a leaping clothesline, but Pecador drops down onto his chest and rolls out, causing Azrael’s face to land straight on the top turnbuckle. Immediately afterwards, Pecador bounces off of the far ropes and comes running back towards the corner, but is stunned by a raised elbow from the Angel of Death, who then pushes Pecador a few feet away. Looking back to see where exactly his opponent is, Azrael smiles and jumps up onto the second turnbuckle, before pushing off and turning in mid-air to land directly on him with a flying crossbody!

    Looking up to his corner, Azrael stumbles up to his feet and claps one of his team members’ hand...namely Slate Bass. The former Head Pimp in Charge climbs through the ropes and immediately takes it to Pecador, hammering down a stiff forearm onto the Sinner’s back as he gets to his feet. The cold Bass looks at the Luchador and stares a hole through his mask as he drags the first European Champion away from his team’s corner and stomps at him. He is keeping the pace slow and pulls Pecador up and drives his knee to the gut, knocking the air from him. Slate backs up and runs off the far ropes and boots him in the head! Slate Bass is taking it to Lucha Libre’s Darkest Child and is keeping his team strong despite the number’s disadvantage. He presses Pecador’s shoulders to the mat for the pinfall as Deacon looks on. However, it doesn’t take much for Pecador to kick out, ending the count at one as the match rolls on.

    The blank Slate Bass pulls the smaller Pecador off the mat and pushes him towards the ropes. He face...mask-washes him in the ropes as Kennedy gives him a brief warning, before he Irish whips him off the far ropes and picks him up, then drives him into the mat with a thrusting single-arm spinebuster! The normally dominant luchador is tossed and slammed with ease. El Pecador rolls to his back in a daze as Slate wrenches him in the gut, maybe ending the match early with his Bassline Powerbomb. He picks El Pecador off the ground, but the Sinner comes to his senses and slips out of it. He jumps and hits a front dropkick, driving his boots to the chest of the larger Bass and taking him down for a moment.

    Pecador backs to his corner and Deacon, leaning on the ring apron, persuades him to tag out for the sake of his stamina. Reluctantly, he tags in Chris Young and the Amazing One jumps over the top rope, entering the fray. Feeling energy, Chris starts his time in the match with firing one of his famous kicks to the chest of Bass, knocking him down right away with the shoot-style kick. Bass springs back up only for Young to do that again, creating great Impact (see what I did there?) to the chest again, then once more as the chest of Bass is turning red. Who needs knife-edge chops when these kicks to the chest can light up the chest like this? Young, trying not to go to the well one too many times, applies a side headlock and takes Bass with a headlock takeover, going into an area where Bass is not as comfortable as him in. Young keeps pressure to the chin, but Bass has the overall size advantage and manages stand, bringing both men to their feet. Bass pushes Young in the back and steps forward, sending him towards the ropes...but Chris Young takes advantage, using it as momentum to springboard off the middle rope and drops Bass with a springboard cutter, hitting its mark with deadly effect like he is an aerial assassin! He rolls Bass for his first pin attempt, but just as the count reaches two, Bass powers out.

    Showing his expansive knowledge, Chris looks to keep Bass grounded and take away his power, grabbing the leg of Bass and wrapping it and twisting his knee in a figure four leglock! Targeting the knee, he is removing a bit of the base for Slate’s offense. The official keeps a close eye on Bass to see if he taps, but somehow Bass stays in it. He isn’t enjoying it, though, as he is finally showing some sort of emotion - it is pain! Slate slowly shifts his weight around, trying to get Chris on his stomach as he gets close to the ropes, where he grabs the bottom, forcing the hold to break. The Amazing Classic untangles his legs and just as he goes in for more damage, Bass sucker punches him, knocking him down. Slate slowly gets up and is near his corner as the debuting “Crazed Prince” tags himself in, meaning Aleks Grayson is the legal man for Team Azrael.

    Entering in, the crazed style of the Butcher of Black Haven is soon realized by everyone in the match as he rushes towards Young and takes him down with a running crossbody block, before stumbling back and attacking with a range of fast and furious boots that collide harshly with the chest and inner thighs of Chris Young. Lasting for a few seconds, Young is eventually able to overcome the force of the Crazed Prince and twists his ankle, rolling away just enough to be able to kip up and stagger Grayson with a quick enzuigiri. Pulling back, Young then attacks his new opponent with the Blades of Mercy, a flurry of attacks, finishing the sequence a swift lariat the sends both men down to the floor. Rushing back up, his adrenaline flowing, Young looks down at Grayson and grins, before running to the ropes. Jumping onto the second rope, Young looks to go for his Amazing Uppercut but is denied when Azrael gets in the way! Slamming his fist directly into the Amazing One’s face, Young drops onto his back and hits the mat hard, before immediately being picked up and dropped back down with a backstabber from Aleks Grayson! After slamming Young onto his spine, Grayson takes a moment to shake his head at his team captain Azrael, not appreciative of his illegal methods.

    Yelling and raising his hand in the air, Grayson plays to the crowd as he begins to hype the fans up, beckoning for Young to get up to his feet. Once he does, Grayson slams a few punches into his forehead before connecting with a chop across Young’s throat. However, the Amazing One doesn’t let up as he smashes his forearm across the side of Grayson’s head, stunning him enough for Young to drop him back down with a quick snap DDT. Laying Grayson out, Young looks to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle, looking to dive onto Grayson with all of his might. Preparing for takeoff, Young launches himself...directly into Grayson! A possum move! Catching Young’s crossbody-like move, Grayson pushes him up onto his shoulder and runs at the corner that Young has just come from, releasing him in just enough time to slam his face down in the top turnbuckle, taking him down with the Vintage Violence!

    Chuckling, Grayson pulls himself away as Young rolls out of the corner, stunned by the quick and unpredictable nature of the Crazed Prince. Preparing himself to attack Young once again, Grayson leaves himself completely open for attack. Seeing a chance, Al Blizzard drops off from the apron and runs around the ring behind Grayson as the Crazed Prince begins to set up Chris Young for the AK-00, rolling into the ring…to hit one himself! Al Blizzard just took out Aleks Grayson with the AK-00! What a move by Blizzard!

    Smiling at Young, who looks as shocked as the rest of Team Azrael, and rolling out of the ring, Blizzard takes his place in the corner. Young breathes out heavily and stumbles to his feet, looking around to contemplate his next move. Luckily, the veteran Young is also keen on rotating the team and tags out to Ryder Parks, which the audience are very happy about. Parks jumps in quickly and falls into a lateral press on the still-prone Grayson, who kicks out on two to keep the match alive for his team. Parks then waits as Grayson gets back to his feet and when he does, Parks leaps up and spins into a rolling savate, connecting clean with Grayson’s jaw! The toughness of the hardcore veteran is evident, though, as Aleks doesn’t fall. He may wish he had, though, as Seattle’s Favourite Son lifts his stunned opponent into a fireman’s carry and drops him abdomen-first onto his knees with a gutbuster, leaving Grayson spluttering and gasping for air!

    Ryder backs up into his team’s corner and begins playing to the crowd and calling for Grayson to get back to his feet, perhaps looking to put him away. However, before he can capitalise on the momentum he has built, he is slapped on the shoulder by his team captain, El Pecador, who walks a little way down the apron past Parks to re-enter the match as the crowd boo The Sinner’s buzzkill move. Ryder is not happy and faces off with Pecador who, to Deacon MacFarlane’s dismay, isn’t slow to get in his face. Neither man breaks eye contact with the other (presumably, but Pecador could easily be blinking under his mask) until Aleks Grayson gets back to his feet, at which point Parks delivers a basement dropkick that drops Grayson to one knee, which Pecador follows with a roundhouse knee strike to the temple! The Sinner covers Grayson, wraps the arm and hooks the leg, but Grayson kicks out just after two, showing his resilience in the face of the double team. Ryder Parks is still frustrated at being blind tagged, but reluctantly steps onto the apron to let El Pecador take control.

    Moving inwards towards Grayson, the anger of El Pecador seems to be bubbling to the surface once again. Laying some stiff kicks into Aleks’ abdomen, Pecador looks to target the chest of the Crazed Prince with a systematic form of abuse. Hammering down blows, it isn’t until Pecador becomes too focused does he leave himself open, with Grayson laying an elbow into the back of his knee to drop him to his knees, but jumping up and planting him with a quick DDT that spikes the luchador’s head into the mat some force, laying him out. Pushing himself away, Grayson sits and smiles as Pecador does not move, obviously completely stunned and shaken by the quick implant DDT that he had just suffered.

    With the opposing captain down, Grayson seems torn between ending a fifth career and looking for the win. He stands Pecador up and looks for his next maneuver, wrapping up Pecador’s arms and lifting the sub-200lb-er with ease into a Northern Lights suplex! Not finished, though, Grayson floats over and deadlifts The Sinner into position for a brainbuster but before he can connect with it, the luchador drives two knees, one after another, down onto the top of Grayson’s skull. This causes him to drop Pecador without care for how he lands but Lucha Libre’s Darkest Child rotates himself to land on his feet and springboards off the nearby ropes into a moonsault that crushes his opponent! He hooks the leg with a quick pin, but Grayson twists his shoulder off the mat at two.

    Deacon is once again calling for his client to preserve his health and stamina, so El Pecador slowly pulls Aleks Grayson to his feet, grabs a side headlock and pulls him towards his corner. Three hands are offered but Pecador, perhaps in the interests of fairness, tags Al Blizzard, who is yet to enter the match. Not satisfied to take his leave yet, though, the former European Champion orders Blizzard to hold Grayson in place. Al is sceptical but happy to go along with his captain, and hooks Grayson’s arms behind his back. Pecador hops onto the apron, springboards off the top rope while gesturing for Blizzard to move, and flips forwards into a blockbuster! The luchador rolls onto the apron under the bottom rope while the new legal man gets a cover, but Grayson proves his toughness once again by kicking out at two.

    O’Connell: We’re learning a lot about Aleks Grayson tonight, he has been isolated but he is showing that he is incredibly resilient!

    Now face-to-face with the man he has been arguing with back-and-forth for days with on Twitter, Al Blizzard smiles evilly. Picking him up, Blizzard lays a stiff European uppercut into Grayson, but the Crazed Prince quickly replies with a stiff headbutt of his own. The two then begin to trade blow after blow, increasing in speed until they are literally smashing each other with punches so quickly it looks like the show has been sped up. Eventually, Grayson recoils back and bounces off of the ropes, taking Blizzard down with a short-arm clothesline that throws Blizzard into basically a flip. Following it up, Grayson boots Blizzard in the gut with a soccer kick and walks around him, grabbing him by his long hair and lifting him up with just enough force. He then slams Blizzard’s face back down into the mat and sets up for the Vintage Violence once again, picking Blizzard up onto his shoulder.

    Breaking into a run, Grayson looks set to complete his trademark move until Blizzard comes back to his senses and elbows Grayson. He then jumps off Grayson’s shoulder from behind and pushes him full-force towards the corner, with Grayson’s head hitting hard against the second turnbuckle with some force. However, Grayson simply grins and turns around, his bottom lip split open and his chin becoming more and more redder with blood. Still smiling, Grayson stumbles out of the corner and tags in the team captain, Azrael, before dropping to the mat and rolling to the outside to recover.

    Leaping over the top rope, Azrael connects with a kick to the side of Blizzard’s face that stuns him, before he follows it up with a standing shiranui that plants them both! Hyping himself up, Azrael does not waste any more time than necessary and immediately picks Blizzard back up, hammering more and more forearms and punches into his face until it has become something akin to a beatdown from the team captain. Eventually, Azrael has enough and charges at Blizzard, literally screaming as he clotheslines him over the top rope and down to the floor with some force! Stumbling back, Azrael rushes back and bounces off of the far ropes, looking for a plancha of some kind, but is stopped by Chris Young as he throws his leg up into the air and connects with a roundhouse directly to Azrael’s head! Seeing a chance, Young goes to jump after Azrael, but is caught with a swift dropkick from the Angel of Death that sends him tumbling down to the outside just like Al Blizzard, who is crawling on the floor and trying to recuperate from the beatdown he just received.

    Trying to shake off the cobwebs inflicted by the roundhouse kick, Azrael stumbles back and shakes his head. Seeing that they are slowly recuperating and that they could lose their chance to press the assault, Azrael stares at Young and Blizzard like fresh meat ready to be devoured, and so is not entirely pleased when Aleks Grayson sees an opportunity and runs around the side of the ring to rush towards the pair. Running up the steel steps to use them as a catapult, Grayson sends himself flying through the air and takes both men down with a split-leg missile dropkick, using each leg to take each man down! Stumbling up to his feet, Aleks looks at the last second to see Ryder Parks running along the apron, having left Pecador alone with Deacon for the time being, and leaves himself completely open as Parks launches into a cannonball and takes him down as well!

    Stumbling back up himself, Ryder moves to help his teammates to their feet as Grayson motions to move himself, climbing up and up onto his feet to take the fight to the rest of them. However, all four men are too focused on themselves to see Azrael running towards them once again, launching himself onto the top rope and then bouncing off of that in style as he flips into a swanton bomb to take the entire group down! Slate Bass, not one for dives, walks over to the wreckage to try to get Azrael and Aleks Grayson back to their feet and on top in the match, but he forgets one key player, who now steps into the ring as Ted Kennedy despairs about having utterly lost control of the bout. El Pecador seeks to outdo his bitter foe from Kings of the Empire as he too runs off the ropes and leaps over the top rope, taking out everyone with a Tope Con Hilo!

    The referee can feel himself running out of options and so begins to count, in the hope that this will inspire the match getting back into the ring. Everyone looks completely battered and out of it, but eventually it is the two legal men that are able to beat the count and keep going. Blizzard looks completely shellshocked by the continuous aerial moves, but is able to get up to his feet...straight into a springboard clothesline from Azrael! Rolling forwards out of it, The Angel of Death seems securely in control despite the numbers disadvantage as the other men in the match make their respective ways back to their corners. Looking to put it away and take his team to fight for the Lion’s Crown at Last Rites, Azrael stumbles towards Blizzard and shoves his shoulders into his opponent’s gut. Surprisingly, Azrael uses what little strength he has left to lift Blizzard over his head, hanging him over the shoulder with some strength. Despite Blizzard’s multiple shots to the back, Azrael is able to fight through the pain and swing Blizzard around, before dropping him straight down with Angel’s Misfortune!

    The signature move of the Blackheart lays Blizzard out flat, looking up at the lights as Azrael prepares him for the end. Eventually stumbling to his feet, Blizzard looks at Azrael and tries for a clothesline, but is caught with the hook and spun down into the Final Termination! Azrael hits his finisher out of nowhere and rolls Blizzard over!



    Thr-NO! Chris Young is there! Diving in, the Amazing One breaks the count and saves the match for Team Pecador!

    With both men down, Chris Young takes it upon himself to end this. Dragging a down and dazed Al Blizzard over to their corner, Young exits the ring and literally tags himself in, before pushing Blizzard to the outside and running towards Azrael. Dropkicking the kneeling Angel of Death, Young rubs his hands together and runs towards the ropes, springboarding at just the right time to take him down once more with the Amazing Uppercut! Taken by surprise and stumbling around, Azrael walks straight into Young once more and is caught in the gut, before Young shoves him into the starting position for the Amazing Breaker! Flailing his arms around, Azrael is able to sneakily tag in Aleks Grayson, who jumps down and runs around the other side of the ring as Young plants Azrael with the Amazing Breaker!

    Baker: Jeez! The Angel of Death got planted!

    O’Connell: I think the way to describe that would be… amazing!

    Entering inside, Young spots Grayson at the last minute and rolls to the side to dodge his incoming running dropkick, before ducking underneath the return clothesline that comes afterwards. Bouncing off of the ropes himself, Young uses his momentum to run at Grayson, but is caught immediately off guard due to his own cockiness as the Crazed Prince jumps up and catches Young with the AK-00! Curb Stomp from Grayson! Taking it and rolling away, Young reaches his hand out just in time to tag in Parks, who dives over the top rope and rolls towards Grayson, taking him down with a spinning wheel kick!

    Al Blizzard, who has had major problems with Aleks Grayson on social media, runs back in to help out too, and picks up The Butcher of Black Maven and throws him towards Ryder Parks. Parks nails Grayson with a forearm, then a gut punch, then a leg kick, then a spinning backfist and a jumping knee to the chin! Aleks seems to be out, but Blizzard decides to finish the job as he climbs to the top rope and nails a Swanton Bomb to his chest!

    Grayson rolls to his corner where, utterly out of it, Slate Bass tags in. Aleks then falls out of the ring as Parks reluctantly tags in El Pecador. Al Blizzard then leaves the ring to try and stop Ted Kennedy throwing out the match and looking to keep down Aleks Grayson, but he is blindsided by Grayson’s second wind, as he catches Blizzard with a gut kick and a return AK-00 to the concrete floor! Aleks tries to stand up to play to the crowd but collapses, clutching at the ribs and head targeted by Parks, Blizzard and others as his adrenaline fades. Bass drops Ryder Parks momentarily with a clothesline but Pecador nails him with a roundhouse kick that turns Slate around but doesn’t drop him.

    Seizing the opportunity, Pecador hooks the arms, pulls Bass down with the backslide and cleans his clock with a superkick! Azrael returns from the outside after recovering from the Amazing Breaker and turns Pecador inside out with a clothesline. Parks is on top of him immediately though and wraps him up into a straightjacket position, hoists him into the air and drops him on the back of his neck with a brainbuster! Pecador climbs the turnbuckles and beckons frantically towards Ryder who thinks for a second before pulling The Black Heart up and throwing him towards The Sinner, before leaving the ring as the official orders him. While Azrael stumbles towards him Pecador leaps, tucking in his legs and driving them through the opposing captain’s chest!

    O’Connell: Sinstomp! Azrael is done!

    Baker: But Slate Bass is the legal man!

    After taking a backslide superkick earlier, Slate has just got to his feet, boots Ryder Parks off the apron and begins to pound on Pecador with huge clubbing blows to the back of the neck, then, realising how little time he has to secure the win before Young, Parks or Blizzard come to, he decides to take a risk. He throws the luchador’s arm around his neck, lifts him up for the Blank Slate omega driver…

    ... but Pecador flips out of it, lands on his feet and grabs Bass in a rear headlock! The crowd know what is coming next and, from boos and cheers, the volume in the arena reaches deafening levels. Spinning at lightning speed, The Sinner drives his elbow into the throat of Slate and whiplashes him to the canvas!

    O’Connell: Sinner’s Whirlwind!

    The captain pulls up the left leg of Bass and hooks the right one with his own legs as the referee counts…




    Nova Taylor: Here are your winners, advancing to the fatal four-way for the Lion’s Crown at Last Rites, the team of Chris Young, Al Blizzard, Ryder Parks and El Pecador!

    Baker: They had to make serious use of their numbers advantage but in the end, this team gelled when it counted and one of them will become the inaugural Lion’s Crown holder.

    O’Connell: You don’t choose the circumstances you’re given, Vincent, and serious credit has to go to Aleks Grayson, Slate Bass and Azrael for fighting the odds tonight, but in the end these four stand tall!

    Ryder Parks is ecstatic and hypes up the crowd about the win as Al Blizzard rolls back in to celebrate the victory. Parks smiles and shakes his hand and the two share some words about the next month’s context. Even Chris Young has a nod of respect for the two fan favourites as he celebrates on the middle rope. El Pecador, meanwhile, simply stares into the hard camera. Parks walks up behind him and puts an arm around him, as if to inspire him to lighten up, but Pecador quickly throws the arm off him. Ryder looks offended initially then holds his hands up in apology, but The Sinner isn’t satisfied as he nails Parks on the temple with a roundhouse kick!

    The crowd boo much more emphatically for the assault on Pecador’s teammate, who collapses while the luchador storms off. Deacon MacFarlane rolls into the ring in an effort to stop his client doing any more damage but The Sinner appears to be finished as he storms out of the ring up the ramp. MacFarlane stays behind for a moment, puts his hands on his head, then runs to the back after his client as we cut to the commentary team.

    O’Connell: Well… that certainly wasn’t necessary. It seems that Last Rites just got a lot more interesting, as El Pecador and Ryder Parks seem to have begun some animosity here tonight!

    Baker: Parks should have known that trying to be all buddy-buddy with El Pecador wasn’t going to end well, but after what we saw from him tonight, I don’t think he’ll take it lying down.

    O’Connell: We will find out a month from tonight, when El Pecador, Al Blizzard, Chris Young and Ryder Parks will have a fatal four-way match for the Lion’s Crown!
    As Vincent is about to give his always unique opinion on the discussion at hand, James cuts him off as someone talks to him on his headset.

    O’Connell: Hold that thought, Vince. I’m receiving word of a...

    He stops for a second and repeats what is being said to him.

    O’Connell: ..a security breach in the arena. We’re being told that the suspect at hand is being handled by our chief security team and that they are going to be apprehended at once. All fans in attendance are to remain seated while they are as they are deemed a safety hazard and…

    As James is talking, the fans stand up and look towards an exit of the arena near the entrance-way as doors fly open and a man in a black security shirt falls to the ground as a man in a hoodie begins to rush through as he is being chased through the crowd. The fans back off as the chase cuts through and heads towards the ring. The hooded man jumps the barricade and heads around ringside where he grabs a steel chair from ringside and folds it up. The security team, which is about three guards right now, not counting the one which was thrown through the doors, start to catch up to him, heading towards ringside as well, but are unable to see that he has a weapon.

    O’Connell: Wait, what’s going on?!

    Baker: Is that a fan entering the ringside area? That fool needs to stay in his seat!

    As the security guards catch up, the man spikes the chair into the abdomen of the first guard, knocking the wind out of him and taking him down momentarily. Two follow as the person who is being chased rolls into the ring before they can catch him and the chase continues.

    O’Connell: That man with the chair to a security guard! The chase continues! Chaos is ensuing at Democracy Rules!

    Baker: How in the world did this guy get in here?

    One of the guards slides into the ring to follow the man with the chair, but as he is pulling himself up, the chair is swung with great force and crashes against the back of the guard, creating a loud crack heard through the Ricoh Coliseum. The last security guard slides behind, avoiding a chair, and takes the trespasser down with a double-leg takedown, causing the chair to fall out of his hands. As the guard is trying to apprehend the individual, he is pushed off with two boots to the chest as the scene becomes the more chaotic. The hooded individual grabs the chair and tosses it towards the guard, who catches it in his hands. Before he can remove the chair, the individual spins, hitting a back heel kick, sending the chair into the face of the security guard! The chair flies out of his hands and out of the ring as the fans are unsure what to think of it, enjoying the chaos of the scene in front of them, but at the same time are not sure why the individual is here or why he is being chased. The man in the hood pulls it down to reveal who he is as the Toronto crowd are on their feet in an electric reaction.

    O’Connell: Ryan Vendetta! The suspended superstar has taken over Democracy Rules!

    Baker: He can’t be here! He’s trespassing! He should be locked up by the RCMP right now!

    Vendetta, with an almost crazed look in his eyes as his red and black hair, is messed up and hangs over his face, looks at the guard who is groggily trying to get back to his feet. He does a swift throat cutting gesture, before grabbing his wrist and holding it across his stomach. Spinning him around, Vendetta jumps and hits a hard knee to the face, Haligonian Welcome!

    The guard is taken down as the knee to the head sends him to the mat as the fans, despite the fact a security guard got beaten up, are on their feet as one of their countrymen, despite being denied a chance to compete here tonight, has appeared. One person who looks especially shocked is his cousin, Nova Taylor, at ringside who sits there, unsure of how to react. Vendetta rolls out of the ring and stands face to face with her. “What are you doing here?” Nova says, obviously confused over the actions of her cousin. “You’re suspended, you’re going to get in worse shit than you already are.” Nova stands up, although a bit slowly with her walking boot weighing her down as Ryan says, trying to keep calm. “You know why I need to do this...You know better than anyone else.” He points towards the microphone in her hand and puts his hand on it.“Now, if you’ll excuse me…”

    He pulls the microphone out of her hand and Nova somehow lets him, but sits down, looking to be concerned for what will happen next. Vendetta rolls into the ring and gets down on his knees and looks towards the entrance-way and towards the back. Before speaking into the microphone, breathing a bit heavily.

    “I’m going to get right to the point...Kristina...You know what you did to me, and you should’ve known that I don’t lie down for anyone and I have no problem standing up for myself, even in the face of my own boss, and that's why I took out Alex Valander earlier on. So, here is what I’m going to do. I’m going to be right here in this ring, and this sham of a show…’Democracy Rules’ won’t happen until the tyrannical Queen of RWK herself comes back to this ring and reinstates me. I already took one person down, I made your security team into the most insecure team possible, you know what damage I can do. Take all the time you want...I’m not going anywhere…”

    As if on cue, the Executive Consultant of the Royal Wrestling Kingdom makes her presence known, as if summoned by the call of her name. With her eyes burning like a lit fire, she makes her way out from behind the curtain, microphone already in-hand. Staring down at the commotion in the ring with a disgusted expression, she shakes her head as Vendetta looks up with a smirk.

    “You don’t know when to quit, do you?” Kristina growls. “Even in a different country, you still know when it’s a bad time to poke your damned head. I gave you specific instructions to follow and you broke them like the ‘company man’ that you are. I mean, you’ve already caused considerable damage to the security team here tonight, all of which is on your head. Possible head injuries, broken noses, all because you decided you’d come here and hijack the show for your own selfish ends. Pathetic is the only word I have to describe this little scene.”

    Shaking her head and chuckling, Kristina’s gaze turns to Nova.
    “I’m sure you had a hand in this, too. You’re lucky that you’re even here tonight. We’ve done all that we can to help you as repayment for your unfortunate accident and this is how you treat us? I bet you even gave him keys to the front door, didn’t you? Did you sneak him in the boot of your car, Alexis?”

    At the mention of her real name, Nova glares towards Kristina, feeling more than pissed that she is being dragged into this mess. She mouths. “I didn’t even fucking know he was here tonight! I thought he was in Hamilton!” and the Executive consultant rolls her eyes as Ryan decides to speak.

    “She didn’t have a damn thing to do with this tonight. I found my own way in, thank you very much...Leave her out of this, Kristina. This is between you and me.”

    Nova looks at Ryan a bit crossed but keeps quiet as she lets him and Kristina settle their dispute as she tries to keep herself calm. Ryan slowly stands up, his hair in his face, and continues to talk.

    “And you know what, Kristina? It’s true, I have been a bit more aggressive as of late, I won’t lie. With my mental state, in fact, a little time away wouldn’t hurt. But I am not going to stand for yet another person calling me things I’m not and punishing me for something everyone else gets away with.”

    He points down at the ring mat.

    “This...This is a dangerous sport. It’s tough, mentally and physically. I've felt that danger. It drains you. But to me, I don’t care about stocks and ‘company image’ I’m here because this is my livelihood and I couldn’t count how many people questioned my decision to go to Royal Wrestling Kingdom in the first place, but until now, I stood up for this place. I gave this company a shot and it’s caused me hell, but I’m not leaving this damn place until I do what I set out to do since I stepped foot in this company, or else this place will sufffer and there isn’t a thing you can do to stop me!”

    “Stop you?” Kristina chuckles. “You’re a funny man. But, to be honest, it is good of family to stick up for you, isn’t it? I mean, poor ‘Nova’ wants nothing more than to keep her job and is completely willing to throw you under the bus than take the fall with you. I have to give her credit, she’s turning into a true company woman. Unlike you.”

    At the mention of her being a company woman, Nova scolds Kristina, obviously not being too fond of her boss. However, Kristina ignores it.

    “So here you are, doing whatever you want to do.” Kristina takes a step forwards. “There’s a fine line that you’ve crossed multiple times. You’ve injured superstars and refused to comply with the wishes of the authority who pays your bills. Now, you’ve attacked backroom staff and willingly trespassed into an arena with intent to disrupt the show. I’m afraid there’s nothing left to say.”

    Narrowing her eyebrows, Kristina stares dead into the eyes of Ryan Vendetta. “As of this moment, Ryan Doucette, you are FIRED! Security! Get this lowlife trash out of myring!”

    As soon as she announces the fate of Vendetta, Ryan, Nova, and the entirety of the Toronto crowd are outraged as the fans join in booing the Executive Assistant as a group of security guards start to walk out from the curtains and head down the ramp. The now ex-RWK star stands up and looks towards Nova as he mutters. “Don’t get involved…” Appearing to leave Nova out of it. It’s his mess, he got himself involved in it, he is taking the flack for it. The guards enter the ring and two of them grab Ryan from behind, putting both his hands behind his back and lead him out of the ring.

    The guards begin to head up the ramp with Vendetta as, curiously, RWK owner, Josh Reed, heads out onto the stage, appearing to actually be mad. He stands in front of Kristina, obviously confused as Oliver rolls her eyes at Josh. When Ryan gets to the stage, he looks Kristina dead in the eyes as the guards stop for a second and he gives Kristina a warning.

    “You better have eyes in the back of your head, Kristina...Because you don’t know what’s coming your way…”

    The guards push Vendetta through the curtains as Kristina stands there with a smirk as Josh looks to be genuinely upset as Kristina heads back and Josh follows.

    Baker: Ryan deserved that! Way to go for Kristina, doing what Josh should have done a long time ago!

    O’Connell: I don’t agree with Ryan putting his hands on security...but I think Kristina Oliver may have made a mistake...and how do you think this will affect Nova?

    Baker: I don’t know Connell, but Kristina has something that Josh doesn’t have to be in charge, guts.

    O’Connell: But I don’t think even Josh Reed, the owner of this company, was okay with that decision.

    Nova: Ladies and Gentleman, the following is a number 1 contenders match for the European Championship so coming out first, from Gold Coast in Australia, weighing in at 218 pounds, he is the Top Star. Aaron Harrows!

    As “Phenomenal” by Eminem begins to play, the fans are cheering as for the first time in a while, the limo shows up as the top window opens up and out of it Harrows pops out with his arms up in the air, Aaron climbs out of the limo to reveal a suit themed off the venue as his suit is red but filled to the brim with white maple leafs. Harrows spreads his arms out wide to the audience before jumping off the limousine and beginning his walk to the ring

    Suddenly the top window of the limousine opens and Aaron Harrows is seen climbing out of the limo with a big smile on his face and he stretches his arms above as he stands on the limousine before jumping off and walking down the red carpet, cocky as ever. Aaron signs a couple of autographs before climbing onto the ramp and walking down the ramp and slides into the ring.

    Baker: Just look at the focus, the concentration. Aaron Harrows has been waiting on this match for over two months. This is massive for The Top Star - make no mistake.

    O'Connell: Without a doubt. Aaron has said how much this means to him - to get his revenge and go on to finally get the European Champion - and he needs to beat him in order to do what he promised he would...

    Harrows makes it the ring as he jumps onto the apron and enters the ring and points to a few people in the crowd, before jumping on the turnbuckle, awaiting his opponent.

    The recognizable theme music of Vitor Mata begins to rip through the air of Toronto and the fans are ready to jeer and tear apart the competitor as he makes his entrance to the stadium. Vitor Mata is predictably wearing his “R.I.P Aaron Harrows” T-shirt and he points it out to Harrows who just cracks his neck in preparation. Mata mocks Harrows some more and he takes some of the books that Harrows completely missed on his way to the ring and Mata signs the books.

    Vincent Baker: Vitor Mata, expertly using this entrance to get into Harrows’ head.

    James O’Connell: But like Harrows said in his promo, the mental pain that Mata is enforcing onto Harrows is only gonna make Aaron Harrows more aggressive against his opponent which might be very bad for the Pride of Portugal.

    Vincent Baker: And you know as well as I do, James. His aggression could cost him tho like it has done in the past.

    Mata looks at Harrows and smirks before sliding into the ring and throwing the t-shirt straight at Harrows! Aaron just smirks as he doesn’t break eye contact. Harrows jumps off the turnbuckle to rip off his Canada suit and throws it out of the ring, as Nova once again starts to speak

    Nova: Ladies and Gentleman, Per the Audience’s votes, they have decided that this match will be a….I Quit match!

    Harrows smirks at the concept as Mata looks a tiny bit more scared by it as Nova passes the mic to the ref and the match is on. It’s blow for blow right from the opening bell, with Mata and Harrows hammering away at one another, as Aaron pushes Vitor back in the process, working the body, and winning the duel, pummelling the Pride Of Portugal into the canvas with rights and lefts, and boots too!!! Aaron - pumped up - stomps around the ring, yelling indistinctively, and rushes back into the corner, but Vitor Mata catches him with a boot and runs out of the corner, looking to rush at The Top Star with a clothesline, but Aaron sidesteps, and sends the loud mouth over the top rope, and out of the ring

    Harrows eyes Vitor Mata at ringside before exiting the ring and walking towards Mata.The Top Star grabs Vitor suddenly and tosses him over the steel steps with authority to a massive amount of cheers! Mata tries to crawl but Aaron brings Vitor to his feet before ramming the Portuguese wrestler’s head into the announce table numerous times! Wasting no time, The Top Star turns, motioning to the timekeepers position, shoving Nova and The ringside medic team out of the way, picking up a steel chair, and folding it up, immediately jabbing it into the gut of his opponent - targeting the ribs- then smashes the chair across Matas back, with Vitor dropping to his knees.

    Harrows looks like a light bulb has gone off inside his head as he opens the chair before placing Mata’s head between the seat and the back of the chair and CHOKES the Pride Of Portugal against the back!! Vitor Mata tries to grab the chair, clenching his eyes to show the force being used, whilst The Man who Mata injured months ago, pushes his knee into the back of his opponent to add further torque to the choke, as the referee asks Mata whether he wants to quit but Mata screams no! As Harrows to choke the life out of Vitor Mata before finally relinquishing the chair. Vitor drops to the floor, coughing wildly to sell the choke, gasping for air, whilst The Top Star picks the chair up again, sizing his shot up, waiting for Vitor Mata to get back up and runs in with a chair shot straight to the face! And Mata is busted open as he lies on the ground!

    Harrows screams out a woo as Mata is clearly dazed from the first part of this matchup. Harrows goes back to Mata and brings him up, only to try and bring him more pain as Aaron Irish whips Mata into the ring post but Mata stops millimetres from the post which infuriates Aaron as he rushes over only to get tripped into the ring post! The brutal face against steel collision is almost sickening as Harrows falls to his knees.

    Harrows barely manages to get up from that crash as he turns only for Vitor Mata lands a big kick into the ribcage, knocking some air out of the sails of his nemesis. The Pride Of Portugal shoves Aaron’s arms back, opening his mid section. Vitor backs up, loading up something for a big strike! He lunges forward… Then stops. Vitor Mata calmly walks up to Aaron Harrows and slaps the taste out of his mouth! Massive disrespect is shown as The fan favourite Top Star slumps down, clutching his face.

    Mata turns over to look to the crowd and gathering their reaction to the sign of disrespect as he soaks in all of the boos and hatred. Mata then goes under the ring to grab a kendo stick and walks over before hitting Harrows over the back with it twice! Harrows clutches his back in pain as he staggers towards the stage. Mata walks over to Harrows, with the kendo stick in hand, who turns around and spits right into Mata’s face! Vitor Mata steps back, shocked at the actions of Harrows!

    The Top Star’s face is getting red with adrenaline, as The Pride Of Portugal’s grows red with rage! Mata suddenly lands a stiff shot to the exposed leg of Aaron Harrows! Harrows screams in pain as he goes to one leg! Mata uses the advantage to lock in a dragon sleeper on the Top Star as he tells the referee to ask Harrows but The Top Star yells out to the man who has made his life a living hell over the last 6 months. “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT MOTHER FUCKER?! BRING IT ON!” The unexpectant swearing from Aaron Harrows causes a massive pop from the crowd but it makes Mata even angrier as he holds up the kendo stick, he has in his hand and he crashes it against the torso of Harrows!

    Harrows yells out in pain, but Vitor Mata refuses to stop the assault. He lets out a massive onslaught of attacks to the torso of Harrows while he is still stuck in the dragon sleeper hold, sending an uncomfortable hush over the audience as he ends up breaking the stick over Harrows’ torso in the frenzy. Harrows is let go and slumps over, exhausted from the beating, but Vitor Mata insists they aren’t done. Mata grabs the chair from before and as Aaron looks up, the former “EU Champion” throws the chair right into his face! Harrows is now also very heavily bleeding as he holds his face in pain.

    Mata shows no remorse as he goes back under the ring to find a piece of wood from the easel that was used earlier in the night in the Kameron Kalmar vs Arno Fyre match but looks like Mata have very evil intentions in mind as he walks over to Harrows and turns him over before holding up in the air before bringing it down onto the cut on Harrows’ forehead, trying to open it even more! Mata wipes the blood out of his own eyes before forcing the wooden stick into Aaron’s forehead!

    Aaron squirms in agony as the referee asks again if Harrows quits only be to responded with “HE WILL NEVER TAKE MY FREEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!” And with that quote from Braveheart, Harrows pushes the wooden stick away and elbows the leg of Vitor Mata! Mata staggers back towards the ramp, exactly where Harrows wants him to go as he gets up and chases Mata up the ramp to the stage! Mata hasn’t actually seen Harrows yet! But he sees him as Harrows runs up and crashes Mata against the steel! Aaron’s not done though as he grabs Vitor’s head and scrapes it against the metal arc!

    Mata’s face is covered in blood at this point as his face is being grinded up like cheese to a cheese grater as the referee goes to ask and Mata replies “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YOU HARROWS! NO!” With that, Aaron lets go as he runs his hand through his hair, taking some deep breaths as it’s clear both men are very exhausted as the blood drops onto the ground below both guys. Harrows then looks around for something else to do before like before that dangerous light bulb comes on once again as he's….telling the nearby fans to move?

    Harrows has truly evil intentions as he goes back to Mata and drags him by the hair over to the edge of the stage where Aaron gets Vitor up to his feet and prepares for, Half hatch Suplex off the stage? Harrows lifts Mata up but Mata doesn’t want to go! He motions for the referee to come over and shouts “HARROWS YOU’RE CRAZY! YOU’LL KILL BOTH OF US IF YOU DO THIS! DON’T YOU DARE! Y’KNOW WHAT? THIS AIN’T WORTH IT! I QUIT! YOU HEARD ME, I FREAKING QUIT! IM DONE! LET ME GO!” The ring bell sounds signalling Harrows as the winner but Aaron isn’t letting go! He ain’t letting go of Vitor Mata! The referee is trying to tell Harrows it’s over but Harrows brings the microphone closer to his face.

    “You shouldn’t have messed with my sister, you piece of shit.”

    And with that Harrows lifts up Mata and jumps off the stage, hitting the half hatch suplex off the stage through multiple chairs where the crowd once sat! Harrows and Mata hit the floor with a loud thud noise as the crowd and even the commentary team goes quiet at the act of Aaron Harrows as he doesn’t move for the first five seconds until he slowly and surely crawls over on his stomach and sees Mata on the floor, hardly able to move as he feels the cold floor below and all you can see on Harrows’ face is an evil smile.

    Medics rush to both men, checking both men as Harrows somehow, someway gets to his knees as he grabs the barricade next to him and somehow gets to his feet before almost falling again but two refs stop him and wrap Aaron’s arms around both of them as the new number one contender to the European Championship slowly makes his way to the back as Vitor is being checked by the doctors as he also starts to move around as we go to a commercial break.


    As the music of the former RWK Crown Jewel Champion begins to play, the crowd begins to buzz in anticipation, wondering whether this will be another trick like at Peace of Mind or the real KJ Kidd. When the man himself steps out from behind the curtain, the crowd erupts with cheers. Dressed in blue jeans and a simple white button-up shirt, and sporting a sling on his right arm, KJ looks around and can't help but make a bittersweet smile at the reaction he is receiving. With a deep breath of preparation, he begins to make his way down to the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring with a microphone in his hand, but patiently waits for the crowd to end their "KJ Kidd" chant before speaking.

    KJ: Well it's certainly a pleasant surprise to see I haven't been forgotten.

    This warrants another long cheer and chant from the crowd.

    KJ: I promise I won't take up much of your time, I know you're all ready for the rest of the show. As many of you have probably read on the internet by now, I have an important announcement to make tonight.

    The fans begin a "NO!" chant, followed by a round of "Please Don't Go".

    KJ: Before I make my announcement, though, I feel like I need to address what happened last month at Peace of Mind. I had nothing to do with that video, as you probably realized. I have no idea who made the video, though I can take a pretty good guess.

    Nick, you've beaten me three times already. You took my title. You humiliated both myself and my family. You destroyed my shoulder. I get it, you wanted to conquer RWK. But you already succeeded, already proved yourself. Why kick a man while he's down? What more could you possibly want from me? I can't even be mad, though. Because the truth is, even though I didn't make that video; it spoke from my heart, from my feelings. Every single word was the truth in my eyes, and that's the part that hurts the most. I DO feel like a failure. I DO feel all alone, even when I'm around the two most important people in this world to me. My life really has become a nightmare.

    And there was one more thing that was said that is also true, which kinda leads into my announcement.

    A single tear slowly runs down KJ's left cheek, as the fans are completely silent, dreading the next words to come from his mouth.

    KJ: I left Kings of the Empire a defeated man. Defeated in the ring; broken in my body; and defeated in spirit. I gave my best, and it still wasn't good enough. I failed myself, I failed all of you fans who believed in me, and I failed my family. This sport has changed a lot in the 17 years I've been a part of it. I thought for the longest time that I was changing with it, and in many ways, I have. But that night, as I laid in my hospital bed, I realized that this old dog just can't learn new tricks fast enough to survive in this world any longer. So I decided, with the support of my loving wife, that Kings of the Empire was the last time KJ Kidd would ever wrestle. As of tonight, I am officially retired.

    The crowd is a mix of respectful clapping, a couple people crying, and an overwhelming "Thank You KJ" chant. In the ring, KJ sheds a few more tears himself, as he soaks in the adoration for what could be the last time. A short burst of "One More Match" rings through the arena before KJ continues to speak.

    KJ: Thank you. Thank you all. Your support over the past 17 years is what has kept me going, and I appreciate every bit of it. If I could keep doing this at the level you've all come to expect from me AND continue to support my family, I would. But I can't anymore. My family comes first, and once my daughter is old enough to retain memories, I don't want her remembering her father always being in pain. I can't bring myself to miss a birthday, or Thanksgiving, because I'm out here wrestling. I love wrestling, and I love you all, but at the end of the day, I love my precious wife and daughter the most.

    I know I promised to keep it short, so I'll leave you all to enjoy the rest of the show. I also don't want the last time you all see KJ Kidd to be me bawling my eyes out. So once again, thank you all. I love each and every one of you. Farewell, and God bless you all.

    KJ Kidd waves to the fans and blows a kiss to all of them with his left arm. Before he can get to the ropes to exit, however, the lights in the arena all go out. On the big screen, an almost expired hourglass appears. As each grain of sand falls from the top to the bottom, it turns into a drop of what appears to be blood, causing a ripple in the almost full bottom chamber. After the last grain turns to blood, the screen goes black once again, and immediately the following is played over the speakers in the arena:

    After the beat picks up, the lights come back on to show KJ looking confusedly up toward the entrance, awaiting the apparent arrival of someone who he seems to neither be familiar with nor expecting.

    Finally, a man walks out from behind the curtain. KJ shakes his head in disbelief at the sight of the long haired man making his way to the ring wearing black jeans and a shirt with blood, barbed wire, and broken lighttubes that says "Deathmatch Is Not Dead". The fans who recognize this man instantly boo him, and a lot of the fans who don't recognize him begin booing as well at the man who is disrupting KJ Kidd's final moments. Without paying the fans any attention, this man rolls into the ring with a microphone in his hand and stands facing KJ, who is now in the corner with his head hung down to avoid making eye contact. At last the music cuts off so he can speak.

    ???: Well fuck, KJ. What's the matter? You look like you just saw...a ghost. HAHAHAHAHA. I'm disappointed in you, KJ. All that hard work I put into making that video for you last month, and you come out here and give credit to some no-name loser? And now, you can't even look me in the eye like a man and say thanks, or give me an apology? LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU, MOTHERFUCKER.

    KJ pops his head up and stands forehead to forehead with the man, the somber KJ of only minutes prior gone, and instantly replaced with a very angry KJ.

    KJ: Happy now? What the hell are you even out here for, Jeff?

    Jeff now has a big grin on his face, and begins to slowly walk around in the ring while he talks.

    JEFF: Looks like you still have some fight in you after all, don't ya, champ? You see, Kev, I'm out here for one main reason. I came all the way to this shitty little company when I read the rumors of you retiring, simply to tell you that you're not retiring. Not yet at least. After all the dedication and sacrifice you've put into this business, you deserve to have one last match. One final match, with an opponent actually worthy of being remembered as the guy who put you down for good. And don't worry, I'll give your shoulder time to heal, too. Half the fun of the kill is the hunt, after all, wouldn't you agree?

    KJ: You just don't get it, do you? You never have. I come out here and bare my soul to the world, and I try to spend one final moment saying goodbye to these fans, and you come out here to yet again steal the spotlight. This isn't about me. This is your convenient excuse to come back and try to make yourself seem relevant again. To try to bring back deathmatch wrestling to the mainstream, or whatever it is you usually ramble on and on about in your stupid little videos. Well guess what Jeffry. Deathmatch wrestling IS dead, and it's not coming back. Just like my career. So here, I'll leave the ring and go home to my family. You can have the ring all to yourself to pretend that these fans give half a shit about a washed up backyard wrestler. Go ahead and have whatever match you want, but it's not gonna be with me. Good luck trying to steal the glory from someone else, Jeff.

    Clearly not getting the answer he wanted, Jeffry is visibly irritated, but still maintains a smile.

    JEFF: Come on, man. Don't be like that. Hey, I know you're upset. I get it. But look, it goes like this. Do you want to be remembered as the guy who got his ass beaten so bad that he took his ball and went home? Or do you want to be remembered as the guy who put on an absolute classic showcase of a match with one of the top guys in the world? You wouldn't want to end up like Dean Parker, now would you?

    KJ: Very funny. But I'm not dumb enough to fall for the bait. Now get out of my way so I can leave here and get the hell away from whatever misery you plan on causing here.

    KJ goes to exit the ring, but again has his path blocked by Jeffry Mason, who is now no longer forcing a fake smile.

    JEFF: So in other words, you're just a pussy, then? How are you ever going to defend your wife's honor if all you can do is run away?

    Jeffry looks into the camera and shouts.

    JEFF: Hey Rin, how about ditching this loser of a husband and I show you what a real man is like. I'm sure a slut like you could really use a guy with a pair of balls to satisfy you!

    KJ slaps the microphone out of Mason's hand. He clenches his left fist tight as Mason dares him to hit him, but he releases it without hitting him. Mason picks the mic off the ground.

    JEFF: So, you won't fight me to defend your wife's honor, huh? Well how about your daughter's?

    Mason once again turns to the camera.

    JEFF: Hey Peyton, I know you're not watching live, but someday when you see this go viral on YouTube, you get to find out that your daddy is a no good lying chickenshit.

    Even more frustrated now, KJ speaks to Jeffry without the microphone, the fans and cameras barely able to make out what he says.

    KJ: Leave my family out of this, just because I won't fight you in this ring doesn't mean I won't kill you outside of it.

    Mason now raises his mic to speak.

    JEFF: So you won't fight me in this ring, you say? But then you'll be robbing all of your fans of getting to enjoy seeing you beaten to a bloody pulp one last time. Face it, KJ, if it wasn't for every single one of those fans paying to see you, to buy your shirts, you wouldn't be shit. You never did a goddamn thing for your family. All these people did. If these idiotic fans weren't so easily brainwashed into thinking you're actually a good wrestler, your family would have starved to death by now. You owe it to ALL of them to give them a proper chance to see you do what you do and say goodbye to you. You heard them earlier chanting one more match. Are you really going to deny them that final request?

    Despite not wanting to agree with the dastardly Mason, the fans can't help but chant their request to see KJ Kidd in one last match.

    KJ: If I give the people what they want, that means giving you what you want. So for their own good, I'm not giving in. I give you what you want, and next thing you know, you start showing up trying to kill this company like you did with NGW. So no. We're done here, Jeff. These people have real wrestlers to watch instead of listening to you. You're not going to change my mind.

    Mason scratches his head, apparently out of tricks.

    JEFF: Well that's that, then, I guess. You win. I'll leave you to say your goodbyes to these fans. Good luck supporting your family in retirement.

    Mason exits the ring and walks up the ramp, KJ staring intently to make sure he's not ambushed. Mason makes it past the curtain, and KJ begins waving to the fans again, though clearly in a much poorer mood than the first time.

    JEFF: Oh, KJ, that reminds me.

    Jeffry steps back through the curtain into the entranceway again, and stops, this time with a large black duffel bag.

    JEFF: You're not gonna be making any money now, so I figure I'll help you out a little bit, since we've all seen how much you struggled even when you were still wrestling. In this bag is one million dollars. Guess I've done alright for a "talentless backyarder", huh? Anyway, a million bucks would go a long way to support your family, and you wouldn't even need to work, so you could spend all your precious time with your wife and kid. This money is all yours. All you have to do is have one last match, the match all these fans want, and the match even you yourself said you wanted in our interview. Hell, you don't even need to win. You just have to show up and survive. Think you can manage that?

    Morally torn between the money and his pride, KJ Kidd contemplates the decision. Taking a deep breath, KJ begrudgingly gives his answer.

    KJ: Family comes first. November, at The Grand Coronation. Bring the money. Bring whatever weapons you want. You and me in KJ Kidd's final match. Just know, Mason, that I plan on making it your final match as well, whether you want it to be or not.

    JEFF: I'm glad you could finally see things my way. I'll see you in a couple months, Kidd.

    Mason drops the mic and exits with the bag through the curtain. KJ Kidd hangs his head, still wondering if he made the right decision, and exits the ring to a chorus of "KJ Kidd" chants.


    As we return from our commercial break, the fans begin to settle down from the last match-up they have seen. Moving to their seats, armed with refills of food and drink that they went to grab during the small break, everyone in the audience seating around the ring is ready and prepared for what is about to come. Once everyone is in their seats and the ringside staff is prepared, the fans stand and cheer as “His World” kicks in on the arena’s PA system.

    On cue, the lights cut out in the arena and begin to hype the fans up for what is to come. The spotlight shines down at the top of the ramp, the audience becoming more and more hyped and anxious. They then let out a massive roar of cheers as “The British Supernova” Will Neilson rushes out from behind the curtain, dressed in his hooded jacket and black beanie. Entering the spotlight and preparing himself, he jogs on the spot he is standing, looking down at the ground. Ready and willing, he then jumps into the air and switches the lights back on, smirking as he looks around.

    Nova Taylor: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is for the number one contendership to the RWK Imperial Championship! Introducing first, from Shropshire, England and weighing in at 240 pounds he is “The British Supernova” Will Neilson!

    The instrumental in full gear, Neilson walks down the ramp with a smirk on his face and fire in his eyes. High fiving fans and swinging his arms around in a fluid motion, Neilson does all he can to prepare himself for the match.

    O’Connell: With an exciting debut victory last month against Azrael, Will Neilson has found himself thrust into a situation where he is fighting for the chance to face the Imperial Champion. The stakes have never been higher for this man here tonight.

    Baker: Let’s not forget who he has to go through if he wants to succeed, though. He’s entering that ring with the First-Rate Manipulator. Neilson’s going to have to be on top form if he wants to succeed tonight.

    Climbing up onto the ring apron, Neilson stares at the ring for a few seconds, taking it all in. He knows what he has to do, what he needs to accomplish, in order to truly prove himself here tonight. He then scales the turnbuckle and holds both arms out to his sides. Cockily, Neilson then turns around and sits on the turnbuckle, waiting for his daring opponent to make his entrance.

    Neilson doesn’t have to wait long, though, as the audience immediately kicks into another set of cheers as It Remembers" by Every Time I Die booms out of the arena's built-in sound system, the opening chords of the theme killing the lights and activating them with every strum from the guitar, off and on in a hard, repeating cycle. The hard chord then strikes out, shooting a spotlight down into centre stage for all to see it. The song itself then kicks in, pumping the crowd up for Tyler's arrival.

    Tyler Keenan then emerges from behind the curtain, dressed in his ring gear and black t-shirt, branded with #GlobalBrand on the front. A pair of aviator sunglasses rest on the top of his head, waiting to be dropped down in front of his eyes. Walking out onto the stage itself, looking around the arena seats with focus and pure determination on his face, the emotions of a man who wants to win, Tyler nods and makes his way down the ramp.

    Nova Taylor: And his opponent, from Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 180 pounds he is “The First-Rate Manipulator” and “The Modern-Day Wordsmith”, he is Tyler Keenan!

    Still glancing all around the arena as he walks, Tyler runs the back of his hand across his mouth and then grins, his top set of gleaming white teeth visible to the camera in front of him. Within seconds, he then begins to walk to the ring at a brisk pace, switching from walking normally forwards and backwards as he follows the rhythm of his theme with his footsteps, pumping himself up for the match.

    O’Connell: Months of hardship, injury and defeat have finally brought him to this point. Tyler Keenan is here, tonight, to show the entirety of the RWK that he deserves to challenge for the Imperial Championship.

    Baker: Neilson’s in for a tough time tonight! Tyler Keenan is going to show him why you don’t step into the ring with the First-Rate Manipulator!

    O’Connell: But will that be enough to bring him down?

    Reaching the end of the ramp, Tyler, time and time again without fail, walks up to a female fan on the front row near him and pulls the sunglasses from the top of his head. He folds in the temples, or arms, of the sunglasses and hands them to her, before walking off towards the ring. However, he does not enter straight away.

    Instead, Keenan’s eyes lock onto Neilson as he perches on the turnbuckle, walking around the side of the ring towards his own corner. Staring through the ropes, their eye contact doesn’t break until Keenan enters the ring, rushing up the set of steel steps, Keenan briskly moves across the ring apron and puts one leg through the middle rope, before stepping through fully himself. He stands in the centre of the ring and smiles at Neilson, holding his hands outstretched.

    Jumping down from the turnbuckle as Keenan retreats into his own corner, both men stand across from one another and restart their stare, both men trying to unnerve each other and get into the opponent’s head. The referee enters the ring and stands between the two of them, before proceeding to check both men for anything illegal. When he is sure that neither man has anything that they could use to get an unfair advantage, he nods to Nova and steps to the side.

    Nova Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen, per your votes on our website, I have just been informed that this match is a two-out-of-three falls match!

    The crowd reacts with cheers at this stipulation as Keenan and Neilson both nod and smile, prepping themselves for what is to come as they stretch and look around the ring. They both look to the referee as he converses with the outside staff, before nodding his head and calling for the bell.

    Immediately after the bell is rung, both Keenan and Neilson emerge from their corners and begin to circle one another in the centre of the ring, eyes locked onto one another. Dancing around each other, both men reach out with their hands and grasp one another’s, trying to gain the advantage and move into a lock as soon as the match begins. However, Keenan is able to rip his hand away from Neilson’s and move backwards, standing tall and strutting as he smirks to his opponent.

    The two then continue to circle one another, throwing fake punches and kicks as they try once again to take control of the match. Becoming more and more cocky, Keenan smiles and starts a clapping chant with the audience as he continues to circle Neilson, who in turn begins to skip around in their circle in a dancing fashion. Eventually, both decide that they have waited enough and rush forward towards one another, locking up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up hold quickly and ruthlessly.

    Wrestling for control as they move around the ring, it is Keenan who first takes control of the match as he transitions into a back waistlock on Neilson, wrenching his locked hands into the stomach of his opponent to try and wind him. Moving forwards the best he can, Neilson takes deep breaths as he tries to overpower Keenan’s hold. After a few seconds, Neilson is able to throw Keenan over his shoulder and move back towards the ropes, rushing at his opponent full-throttle with his arm extended. However, Keenan sees this at the last second and rolls sideways to avoid it, staring up at Neilson from a kneeling position with a smirk after the fact.

    Shaking his head, Neilson moves forwards as Keenan rises to his feet, before the two lock up into their second tie-up of the match. Once again wrestling for control, Neilson is able to drop down to one knee and lift Keenan’s arm up enough for him to transition into a side headlock, wrenching the neck of Tyler Keenan as he looks to cut off the oxygen supply to his opponent’s brain. Continually wrenching the hold, Neilson does not give Keenan much time to think about his escape. However, this does not stop the First-Rate Manipulator as he rises to his feet and is able to overpower Neilson after a few seconds, pushing both men back towards the ropes. Using both the leverage of their body weight on the ropes and the momentum, Keenan is able to break free of the hold as he runs towards the opposite ropes.

    Seeing a chance, Neilson rushes after his opponent and looks to hit him from behind with a huge elbow to the back of the head. However, Keenan spots him out of the corner of his eye and leaps into the air, bouncing off of the second rope and over Neilson with a beautiful moonsault. Landing cleanly on his feet, Keenan smirks and outstretches his hand, telling Neilson to ‘bring it’ in a display of experience and arrogance. Like he has said in his pre-match trash talking, he has been to the mountaintop before and wants to show that to Neilson tonight.

    Shaking his head, Neilson chuckles to himself, before he moves fluidly in a backwards fashion to bounce off of the ropes behind him, looking to take Keenan’s head off with yet another clothesline attempt. Yet again, however, Keenan is able to avoid the attempt by ducking under it and sends Neilson running the length of the ring, this time bouncing off the ropes himself again as he tries for a clothesline of his own. Neilson turns the momentum into his own as he too rushes at Keenan once more, causing the two of them to collide with dual clotheslines that take one another down hard in the centre of the ring!

    Shocked and stunned by the attacks, Keenan and Neilson look at each other in their downed states and roll to their feet, before Neilson catches Keenan with a stiff fist to the face as he gains his balance. This causes Keenan to retaliate with a stiff fist of his own, before the two then devolve into a slog of stiff fists and uppercuts in the centre of the ring. They stare at one another as they take them, never backing down as they try to outlast their opponent. It is Keenan who cracks first, grabbing Neilson into a quick headlock that he wrenches a few times, before he expertly sweeps Neilson’s leg and drops him onto his back. Within seconds, Keenan leaps into the air and brings down his elbow directly onto Neilson’s ribs, which still seem to be not 100% percent after Neilson’s gruelling duel with Azrael the month before.

    Rolling to his feet once more and taking a few steps back, Keenan waits for Neilson to slowly raise himself into a seated position as he takes aim, before rushing forwards to connect with a brutal soccer kick straight to Neilson’s chest, the sound of boot on flesh rippling around the arena to the gasps of the crowd. Keenan does not let up, however, as he continues to attack Neilson. Laying down an elbow to the back of his head and a knee to his forehead, Keenan does not let Neilson breathe for a single second while he is down. It is only when Neilson instinctively rolls to the side and causes Keenan to miss a stomp does he take the advantage to level the playing field once again, connecting with a stiff kick to Keenan’s kneecap that seems to shock the First-Rate Manipulator.

    Stumbling back, Keenan’s face carries an evident look of shock as Neilson rises to his feet and continues to stomp down on his kneecap to the point where Keenan is taken down to one knee, at which point Neilson sees a chance and takes him down with a huge impromptu shining wizard that sends Keenan sprawling onto his chest! Not letting up himself, Neilson moves forwards and grasps Keenan by the neck, raising him onto both knees before he plants his head down into the mat with a snap DDT, the thud of the top of Keenan’s head hitting the mat echoing around the arena as Neilson looks to take advantage. Clubbing down on the back of Keenan and stamping down on the back of his knee, Neilson looks to aggravate the injury that Keenan suffered months back against Ryan Vendetta, showing off the evident research that he has done on his opponent before the match.

    Dazed and confused, Keenan does not react when Neilson rolls him onto his back and lifts the leg, looking for a pin…



    Keenan kicks out! He’s not down and out just yet!

    Neilson rises to his feet and connects with a sharp boot to the side of Keenan’s face, mocking the First-Rate Manipulator as he dusts his hands off. Keenan does let this stand for long, however, as he uses his experience to rise up and connect his shoulder with Neilson’s gut. Using his power, Keenan drives Neilson into the corner, hammering fists into his opponent’s chest, and moves back as he connects with an enzuigiri that stuns Neilson and sends him stumbling out of the corner. Keenan, nodding to himself, bounces off of the ropes to the side and grabs Neilson by the back of his head, before lifting himself into the air and planting his opponent’s head into the mat with a huge running bulldog!

    Rolling him over onto his back, Keenan sees his chance and lifts Neilson’s leg, hooking it for the pinfall attempt of his own…



    No! Neilson kicks out to continue this match! He’s far from going down!

    Shocked, Keenan looks behind him and stares at Neilson. He can’t believe it, he was sure that was what was going to put him away and send him on as the contender. His shocked then turns into a frown as Keenan rises and grabs Neilson, shoving him into a powerbomb position and lifting him up high into the sky. His destination being the corner, Keenan grins and rushes forwards, looking for the Déjà Vu turnbuckle powerbomb that he has patented since 2015. However, Neilson is able to land an open palm to Keenan’s head just in time and hop off from behind, sending Keenan stumbling into the corner with just enough time to stop himself from smashing his heads into the top turnbuckle.

    Turning around, Keenan rushes out once more but is caught by Neilson with a stiff boot to the gut. Shoving him into the powerbomb position himself, Neilson nods and goes to lift Keenan up, but instead converts it into an alley-oop facebuster that sends Keenan spinning across the ring! Landing heavily on his chest, Keenan holds his ribs close as he winces from the sudden impact of the move. Seeing his chance to stalk, Neilson watches as Keenan slowly rises to his feet and grabs him from behind, spinning him around and hooking his arms in a front full-nelson. Within seconds, Neilson drops Keenan straight down with the Down to Earth and rolls to the side, moving far enough away for Neilson to begin calling for the end.

    Clapping with the fans, Neilson smirks as Keenan stumbles to his feet after a few seconds, leaving himself completely open to Neilson’s rush. Moving forwards at speed, Neilson lifts himself into the air and goes to connect with the Perfected Bullet running knee, but is shocked when Keenan drops to one knee and sends him flying over him like he did beforehand. Seeing his own chance, Keenan does not waste time and rushes at Neilson, hooking his arm and wrapping his legs around in a bodyscissors as he cleanly locks in the Hollywood Vice.

    Wrenching the arm with an audible yell, Keenan continually to viciously wrench the hold as Neilson drops down to the mat, looking around in pain and shock as he tries to think of a way to escape this hold. Patented by Tyler Keenan and used many time throughout his career, Keenan has the Hollywood Vice locked in well as he tries to almost rip Neilson’s arm clean out of its socket, willing to do whatever it takes to win here tonight. With the referee beside them, asking if Neilson wants to submit, Keenan looks like he has everything exactly under control and that he is ready to win this match once and for all. However, Will Neilson isn’t going down that easy.

    Using all the available strength that he has left in this match, Neilson is able to rise from his knees and onto his feet as he stumbles forward, trying to overpower the pain he has rushing through his arm. When he is fully outstretched, Neilson begins running at the corner in front of him and smashes Keenan’s back into all of the turnbuckles! But no! Keenan’s still on! Still wrenching the arm with all of his might, Keenan still isn’t letting Neilson go that easily! He wants this, he wants this more than anyone else has wanted it before. Not giving up either, Neilson walks back a few steps and charges again at the corner, once again slamming Keenan’s back into the turnbuckles to this time send him groggy just a little.

    Neilson moves back once again, releasing his arm from Keenan’s grasp. However, Keenan still has his legs wrapped around Neilson’s chest. Running at the corner for the third time, Neilson doesn’t expect Keenan to release his grasp and sit on the top turnbuckle, forcefully pushing Neilson back with just enough force to send him staggering back. Keenan then nods to himself and dives forwards, taking Neilson down with a huge diving neckbreaker that lands both men on their backs. Desperately crawling to his feet, Keenan rushes off of the ropes and runs back at Neilson, who in turn rolls to the side as Keenan raises his knee.

    Turning around, Keenan is finally caught off-guard as Neilson flies through the air and catches him in the face with the Perfected Bullet! Keenan slams down hard on the mat and looks totally dazed as Neilson dives onto him for the pin…



    Thre-NO! Keenan’s up! He’s alive! This match continues!

    Now, with it being his turn to be shocked, Neilson shakes his head and rushes towards the corner. Exiting onto the apron and climbing the top turnbuckle, Neilson looks down at the ground below him and dives off, connecting with a Great British Elbow straight down onto the chest of Tyler Keenan. Not seeing it as enough, Neilson shows his anger towards being unable to put away Keenan as he runs to the corner again and climbs up, diving off once again to land a second Great British Elbow onto the chest of Keenan, who takes the hit and grits his teeth. Looking down at his opponent, Neilson goes to hook the leg but then shakes his head, instead rushing to the turnbuckle for the third time. Climbing up to the second rope, Neilson stops for a moment and grabs his ribs and arm collectively, having been significantly worn down by the onslaught of Tyler Keenan throughout the match.

    Pushing through it, Neilson reaches the top rope and dives off once more. Seeing his chance, Keenan raises his knees and sends Neilson’s ribs directly into them with a thud. Rising up, clutching his ribs, Neilson is too in pain to realize what is about to come as Keenan rushes forwards and brutally connects with the Streets of Gold. However, Neilson remains standing long enough for Keenan to grab him once more and swing him around for the Mulholland Driver, which he slams him down with at such high speed he nearly breaks the ring mat!

    Immediately hooking the leg, Keenan grins as the referee counts…



    Three! The first falls goes to Tyler Keenan!

    Pulling himself away from Neilson and into the corner, Keenan gives himself time to breathe. He was ahead, he had the advantage in this match. All he had to do was get a second pinfall on the already hurting Neilson to end this match and send himself into the main event next month. Keenan, shaking his head, grabs Neilson by his chair and lifts him up onto his feet. He then grabs him once again and throws him into a nearby corner, bracing himself for a second before running after him and diving in with a huge jumping clothesline that connects perfectly with Neilson’s throat.

    Still standing, Neilson tries to move forwards but is stopped by Keenan, who grabs him once more into a front headlock. He then tries to lift Neilson up into the air, looking for a suplex, but is stopped when Neilson is able to keep his feet firmly down upon the ground. Trying once more, Keenan finds the same result as Neilson keeps himself from going up, but this time managing to land continuous blows into Keenan’s own ribs. After a few seconds, Neilson is able to land a good punch on Keenan that stuns him enough for Neilson to throw him into the corner himself, before laying him in with multiple short-arm clothesline that brutally smash into Keenan’s upper chest.

    Moving backwards, Neilson looks to go for a running clothesline, but it is dodged by Keenan upon impact as he rolls out of the way. Stumbling to his feet, Keenan looks up at the last second as he sees Neilson running towards him, narrowly dodging the possible inch-perfect Perfected Bullet that was coming his way! Flying through the air, Neilson isn’t able to control his landing as he lands sideways on, his ribs connecting harshly with the mat. Rushing to secure his chance, Keenan runs forwards and connects with a huge boot to the side of Neilson’s face which sends Neilson through the second rope and down to the floor!

    The light of an idea flashes on Keenan’s eyes as he watches Neilson on the outside. When he is sure that Neilson is getting to his feet, Keenan rushes back to the opposites ropes, gaining momentum, before he throws himself through the second rope in a huge suicide dive! Keenan’s shoulder connects hard with Neilson’s throat as it sends both men sprawling to the ground, leaving Neilson coughing and spluttering as he tries to catch his breath. Keenan sees this and smirks at the pain he has caused to his opponent, catching his own breath as he stays on all fours an waits for the perfect moment to strike.

    Seeing it, Keenan rushes forwards to capitalize on Neilson’s state. However, Neilson sees a chance himself and stretches out his legs to catch Keenan with a drop toe hold that sends the First-Rate Manipulator’s face straight down onto the steel steps, crashing down hard enough to leave him limp on the metal. This allows Neilson the time he needs to recover as he rises to his feet, still breathing heavily. He then walks towards the steel steps and shakes his head at the dazed Keenan, before slamming his foot down hard on the back of his head to send his face further into the metal.

    Now cockier than ever before in this match, Neilson enters the ring and jumps up onto the turnbuckle like he did at the start of the match. Watching Keenan as he slowly begins to stir, Neilson begins to mock his opponent by dusting his shoulders off and telling Keenan to ‘bring it’ like he had done to him earlier on in the match. However, the cameras catch a sly smirk on the face of Tyler Keenan as he rises up like a man possessed, rushing up the apron to catch Neilson in the face with a huge European uppercut that sends him stumbling down to the mat. Not letting up, Keenan rushes across the ring apron and jumps onto the top rope, springboard next to Neilson with enough air time to bring him down with a huge springboard cutter!

    Rolling over onto his back, Neilson is too dazed as Keenan hooks the leg for the pin…



    Thr-NO! He’s still alive! Neilson raises his arm! He’s still in this!

    Knowing now that Neilson isn’t as fatigued and injured as he first seemed, Keenan pulls himself away and reassesses the situation of the match. This is where experience and fatigue came into the play. Both men had battered one another throughout the match and had done all that they could possibly do to try and put each other away. Keenan had the advantage, but he would not let himself get carried away by that said advantage. Stumbling to his feet, Keenan goes to grab Neilson by his hair once again and lift him to his feet. However, Neilson slams his elbow into Keenan’s gut as he tries to do just that and rises to his own feet.

    Locking up into the third collar-and-elbow tie-up of the match, both Keenan and Neilson look too battered to carry it on for long. Grasping him by the wrist, Keenan outstretches Neilson’s arm and begins to twist in different manners, technically hyperextending the arm to the point where significant damage could be done if Keenan wishes to do such. However, Neilson manages to escape said danger as he slams his boot into the back of Keenan’s knee, dropping him down to a kneel and transitioning into a headlock. Wrenching the hold once again, Neilson tries to cut off the oxygen supply like he had done earlier on in the match, but Keenan knows exactly how to counter it. In his fatigued state, Keenan is able to lift Neilson’s arms from around his head and swing under said arms, grasping his arms around Neilson’s waist into a back waistlock.

    Pressing down hard into his ribs, Keenan wrenches the hold to try and further the pain that Neilson was already feeling in the area. However, Neilson simply dropped down onto his front and flipped Keenan over him, before rising to his feet to ambush Keenan before he could get to his. Swiftly kicking Keenan in the gut, Neilson hooked both arms and dropped down hard, smashing Keenan’s head into the mat with his signature DDT that he calls The Tribute. Following this, Neilson rises from the mat and begins to hype himself up, clenching his fists and shaking until he reaches the point where he exploded, transforming into Super Saiyan mode as he charges at the now-standing Keenan and moves to hit the SSJ, sending Keenan stumbling backwards, holding his jaw.

    Standing up, Neilson rushes forwards and runs at Keenan, rolling him up into a schoolboy maneuever



    NO! Keenan’s up! Neilson hasn’t gotten him yet!

    Neilson, now drained from his Super Saiyan rage, looks shocked and confused about what exactly he has to do to put Keenan away. He was inching further and further away from the mountain summit he wished to get to, he was slowly losing his grasp on the chance to challenge Nick for the title. Grabbing Keenan once again, Neilson slams him into a powerbomb position and lifts him up into the air, before performing a fatigued, but cocky, dance as he spins Keenan 360 degrees, slamming him down with the Greatest Powerbomb.

    Rolling backwards, Neilson breathes out heavily and begins to prepare himself for what he needed to do. Grabbing the battered Keenan but his own hair, Neilson stumbles up to a standing, but groggy, position and hooks the left arm of Tyler Keenan. Looking to lift him into the air for The Lag Spike, Neilson tries to grab Keenan into a headlock, but finds the Modern-Day Wordsmith slamming his hand into Neilson’s side. Attacking his already injured ribs, Keenan looks desperate to try and win this match as much as Neilson. Finally hitting Neilson enough to stun him, Keenan grabs Neilson’s arm and twists it like he had done before, before falling back and hitting him with the signature arm-trap pele kick!

    Breathing out heavily, his head staring up at the lights, Keenan looks just as damaged as Neilson after that pele kick. Turning over onto his chest, Keenan looks to his side as he sees Neilson slowly clambering towards the ropes, looking to use them as a way of getting up to his feet. Seeing a chance to end this match once and for all, Keenan stumbles to his feet and groggily runs forwards, looking to crack Neilson’s skull with another stiff Streets of Gold. However, Neilson sees it at the last second and drops down onto his chest, sending Keenan’s knee through the ropes. Rolling away, Neilson lies in wait as Keenan pulls his leg out and turns around, hooking the arm and the head before slamming Keenan down onto his head! The Lag Spike! He hit it!

    Slowly, but surely, rolling Keenan over, Neilson hooks the leg…




    This match is equal once more! The final fall begins now!

    Rolling away onto his chest, Neilson lay face-down on the ground. Punished and pummelled, battered and bruised and so much more, neither man looks able to continue onwards. The referee runs over and checks on both men, but both Keenan and Neilson are unable to let this match go. Shaking their heads, the referee has no choice but to step back and watch as these barely-conscious fools desperately claw at the mat to try and gain their footing and get to their feet. When they are finally able to, after what seems like an age, they get up together and stand across the ring from one another, breathing heavily with red faces and skinned chests. Together. Whether or not respect has been gained in this match no longer matters, whether or not they put on an amazing match no longer matters. Greed has taken over the feelings of these men, the greed of wanting to go to the top of the mountain.

    Stumbling forwards into the centre of the ring, both Keenan and Neilson stare at one another and begin to slam sluggish blows into one another. Elbow after elbow, punch after punch, forearm after forearm. No matter what one is hit with, the other replies with the same exact attack. Every time one of them looks like they are faltering, they simply reply back with an even stronger attack from before. Neither man looks to go down, to drop and let the other take this win. Standing tall, Keenan stares at Neilson and does not let up, mocking and berating him for being able to last this long. Neilson replies the same, mocking Keenan with anything he can drag up at that particular moment in time.

    Now riled and angrier than ever before, both men grasp one another by the back of their heads and begins to slam blows into one another at increased speed with their free hand, doing whatever they can to succeed. Seeing that he has no other choice, Keenan looks around for a second before he connects with a brutal knee to Neilson’s groin and then following it up with a rake to the eyes. Given a chance to pull back, Keenan bounces off of the ropes and runs at Neilson for what seems like the millionth time in the match, this time connecting with a Streets of Gold that stuns Will Neilson. Given another moment, Keenan grabs Neilson into a powerbomb position and runs at a nearby corner, hitting him with the Déjà Vu turnbuckle powerbomb that he has hit so many times before.

    Watching as Neilson stumbles out of the corner, dazed and barely there, Keenan sees his chance once more. Bouncing off of the ropes, he charges and connects with yet another Streets of Gold that slumps Neilson down where he was standing, his knees still bent and his arms outstretched. His adrenaline gone and his body fatigued, Keenan walks a few steps before collapsing down himself. Looking across the mat at his handiwork, at the pain and misery he has caused this man…Tyler Keenan smiles, the only thing he can do. There is no feeling of remorse for his blatant cheating, for his low blow and his eye rake that no doubt changed the course of this match, in his face. He is proud of what he has done.

    Clawing across the ring, Keenan pushes the slumped Neilson down onto his back and throws his arms across him, chuckling at his handiwork as the referee begins his count.




    His theme kicking in once more, Keenan rolls out of the ring and down to the ground outside. Sitting up tall, his back against the ring apron, all he seems to do is smile. His first win in the Royal Wrestling Kingdom and what a win it was.

    Baker: He did it! I told you, O’Connell! I told you he would be too much! What a match! Amazing stuff!

    O’Connell: I don’t see how you can stomach this, Vince! He blatantly cheated!

    Baker: That doesn’t matter now! Tyler Keenan is the winner of this match! He's the number one contender!

    With the referee helping Neilson back up to his feet, Keenan has already made his way around the ring and back up the apron. With a smile, he points at the dazed Neilson and motions for a title around his waist, mouthing ‘I am a legit global brand!’ and that ‘there is no one like Tyler Keenan!’ as he walks backwards up the ramp.

    An expensive-looking limo pulls into the parking lot behind Ricoh Coliseum, and none other than the RWK Imperial Champion steps out, dressed in a gray button-down and jeans, wearing a pair of sunglasses. He reaches into the backseat and pull out his prized championship. Nick throws it over his shoulder and heads towards the arena, walking confidently. He waves and nods to a few people as he passes through and into the entrance, smiling as he goes. From out of the frame, scuffling can be heard, and in the very distance, shouts. As Nick takes his first few steps into the backstage area, Spawn appears and connects with a big boot to the side of Nick's head, knocking his sunglasses off and sending him into the wall. The Demon lunges towards the champion and begins throwing a series of punches. Nick manages to protect himself briefly and the two are now bashing the hell out of each other with lefts and rights, some connecting and others missing wildly. The shouts grow louder as about a dozen security guards rush in to separate the two rivals. Spawn begins getting pushed away from Nick, and the fighting seems to have calmed down. However, the two start dropping security guards left and right. Nick connects with a back elbow to the one at his right, punches down a guard to his left, and low blows the two in front of him. Spawn uppercuts about 4 out of his way before double choke slamming two more.

    Once again, Nick and Spawn charge towards each other and go back to viciously attacking their opponent. With most security down, they're now at free reign. Spawn tries to throw Nick into the wall, but Nick goes behind and leaps onto him, applying a sleeper. Spawn resourcefully runs backwards and rams Nick into the wall, crushing his back! About 20 security guards, as well as the ones who have managed to get up from before now go to separate the two once more. Nick slumps down, still trying to shove security guards away from him with his feet. The Demon manages to drop a few before their sheer numbers overpower him and he is taken away. The rest of the security team remains to keep Nick against the wall as he tries to break free. Nick: "You're dead tonight!" The security team struggles in pushing Spawn back. The monster triumphantly sends them back, but rather than attack Nick again, he simply makes a cutthroat motion and walks away.


    The entrance music of The Demon signals the beginning of the match that has been hyped up since IWTMania V and beyond as Spawn slowly rises up through the stage, making his presence known. The crowd are unsure what to do, considering Spawn’s recent actions where he literally tortured a guy….

    James O’Connell: I’ll never get over the sight of this beast. The size advantage he nearly always has over his many victims is astonishing.

    Vincent Baker: Meh, still not impressive enough for him to get a random shot at OUR champion.

    O’Connell: Well, Vincent, this match isn’t for the gold. This is about a lot more than that and I, for one, can’t wait.

    Nova: Ladies and Gentleman, this is a match set to be determined so coming out first, from hell, weighing in at 240 pounds, he is the Godkiller. SPAWN!

    Spawn makes the rest of the walk down to the ring and quickly walks up the steps and enters the ring with purpose as he waits for his opponent, the RWK Imperial Champion.

    As the lights simmer down, the music of Denzel Curry’s Equalizer is replaced by the deathly choir as the theme of Sasuke’s Revolution otherwise known as Junkyousha begins to play as exactly at the 0:46 point, Nick appears as he looks directly at Spawn as the crowd give their reactions to the former IWT World Heavyweight Champion but Nick doesn’t look like he gives a damn as he walks down the ramp, never breaking away from his opponent’s glare.

    Nova: And his opponent, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 225 pounds, he is the current RWK Imperial Champion, Nick!

    With one deep breath, the man ascends the stairs, taking his place upon the apron. There is another pause, one moment outside of the battleground before he slips into the ring just above the second rope. He makes his way towards the centre of the ring, but The Demon doesn't budge, just standing there. While the crowd roars out, there is a sense of dread, those in the front row finally seeing just how big the size difference is. Soon, the two wrestlers are face to face, the smaller walking right on up to the giant, as if he is demanding his spot.

    However, The Godkiller is refusing to move, looking down at his opponent. All two hundred forty pounds look ready to crush the Brooklyn wrestler in front of him, just waiting for the starting bell to begin their rampage. The referee, Rupert Ross tries to get the big man out of the way, but he is old and even smaller than Nick. His voice is powerful though, and after failing to physically move the man-beast, he shouts that the match won't begin until the two break apart.

    After a few minutes, Spawn and Nick finally break up and go to each corner as Nova looks at both men before at her own leg, wishing she could compete with these two great men before once again, speak into the microphone

    Nova: Okay, per the audience’s votes, I have been informed that this match will be a….Lumberjack match!

    And with that announcement, suddenly the show theme of Green Day’s Revolution Radio starts again as a couple of the RWK roster walk down the ramp including Ryder Parks, Slate Bass, the new superstar Chase Mills, The Reagmaster and there’s also a few people there that we haven’t seen in a while including Prince X, Ricky Daniels, Ashley and Lilith Young and hell, even Dick Faggot is randomly there! But Spawn and Nick pay no attention to any of those people as they continue to stare a hole through each other until all of the lumberjacks are positioned correctly because that’s when the bell rings and it’s underway.

    The fans pop as the bell rings, with both competitors standing across the ring, both calm, before beginning to circle the ring. Tentatively, they both reach in, collar and elbow lock up, struggling for supremacy, but it’s Spawn that overpowers the champion, and The monster backs Nick into the corner with Rupert Ross again, stepping in for the br k, and gets a clean one.

    There’s a momentary stand off, but Spawn steps back, and Nick takes his time to exit the corner, before they begin to circle once again. Meeting, the pair lock up once again, but this time Nick uses all of his strength to back up Spawn, pressing him into the corner, forcing Ross to force a break again. Nick slowly withdraws … then scores with a cheap shot on break!

    Spawn staggers back before looking at Nick with fire in his eyes as Ross backs off before Spawn runs in and shoulder tackles Nick into the corner! Spawn repeats it again and again for around 5 times before pulling Nick out of the corner straight into a snapmare. Nick flips over into a seated stance as Spawn bounces off the ropes to deliver a big boot straight to the face! Spawn goes for a quick pin but Nick kicks out with ease.

    Spawn picks up Nick quickly as he irish whips Nick off the ropes but Nick ducks the clothesline from Spawn only to not capitalise as Spawn catches Nick in his tracks with a kick to the gut followed by a massive Suplex! Spawn looks to the lumberjacks surrounding the ring as Spawn continues the assault on Nick with punches and kicks. Spawn backs off suddenly as he lets Nick get back to his feet. Spawn stands there, preying his next victim as Nick slowly gets to his feet using the ropes.

    The lumberjacks on the outside, clearly wanting a piece of the RWK Imperial Champion as Spawn goes over to Nick but suddenly Nick punches Spawn straight to the mask! Nick hits another punch! And another! Before Nick surprisingly grabs the back of Spawns mask and somehow manages to throw Spawn through the middle ropes of the ring to the outside where the lumberjacks pounce.

    A sudden gasp is heard around Ricoh Coliseum with the lumberjacks start attacking Spawn with punches and kicks. Connell and Baker on commentary both sell the spot, and say that this could be the opening Nick needs right now. In the ring, Nick holds the back of his head momentarily, before looking to the outside, where Spawn is being beat down by Brien Storm and Buster Gates before being hoisted up and then thrown inside of the ring. Nick quickly covers Spawn but sees that the Godkiller has too much fight in him to lay down this early, and the kick out frustrates Nick.

    Nick tries a different approach as he waits for Spawn to get to his knees as Nick waits as he aims the gun directly at Spawn before running across the ring to hit a massive running knee strike into the head of the monster! Nick goes for the cover but gets two! Nick goes back to the corner, going for the maneuver but as he runs, Spawn bursts up! Shoulder charge into the sternum of Nick! The former IWT Champion flops around on the ground, shocked at the outburst of energy from the man who defeated Aids Johnson at IWTMania IV.

    Spawn calls for the end, lifting him up to his feet once again. Spawn grabs Nick by the throat, looking for the end , as he lifts Nick above his head, but Nick is able to block it by poking the eyes! Spawn let's go momentarily but Nick uses this as a advantage as he, for the second time, throws Spawn out of the ring where he’s rampaged by many people like before. Nick looks on as he proves his point that he will do anything to win.

    Again, the lumberjacks beat the monster down before throwing him back into the ring. Nick just stares down at the beast with a smirk on his face but before bouncing off the ropes and delivering another knee drop to the face! Nick goes for another cover but again only gets two! Nick is now getting frustrated with Spawn kicking out of every trick Nick tries. Nick again brings Spawn to his feet using the back of the mask before throwing Spawn headfirst into the turnbuckle!

    Nick keeps slamming Spawn’s head into the turnbuckle like Spawn is the hammer and the turnbuckle is the mole as he keeps colliding into it! Nick brings Spawn back to deliver one more shot but Spawn elbows Nick in the gut! Spawn looks up and stares directly at Nick with a evil smile on his face which Nick is obviously intimidated by but he has no chance to stop anything as Spawn drives the head of Nick directly into the turnbuckle multiple times! Spawn ain’t looking like he’s gonna stop anytime soon as he keeps on bashing Nick against the top turnbuckle!

    Nick rebounds off the turnbuckle to the other side of the ring as a small cut is seen on the nose of the former IWT Champ. But it ain’t gonna help matters that as Nick turns around, Spawn runs into him with a massive running headbutt! Nick topples back, crashing onto the mat, as Spawn covers with the lateral press for a close 2 count! Spawn pulls Nick to his feet, putting him right back down with the throat thrust, then drops down for another 2 count.

    Spawn clutches Nick’s neck again looking like he’s going for a chokeslam but this time it looks like it’s just supposed wear The RWK Imperial Champion down, before slamming him into the corner, where Nick opens up once again, which allows Spawn to hammer the battered champion with vicious blows and more throat thrusts, before lashing out with punishing elbows, taking the breath away from the champion. He biels Nick back out of the corner, drops down, covers, for a close two count!

    Nick tries to roll away for a moment of respite, but Nick remembers the lumberjacks so he moves away straight back into Spawn! Spawn goes back choking Nick again. He drags the champion back up, and holds him high in the sky, looking to hit his finisher of the chokeslam, but again, the former IWT Champ lands on his feet…And hits Spawn with a reverse ddt!
    Nick quickly covers but Spawn kicks out! Nick gets up and his eyes expand at Spawn getting up as Nick wonders what will make this man, I mean this monster stay down!? Spawn gets up and it’s almost like a hulk situation, the angrier he becomes, the more powerful he gets as he charges against Nick only to drop toe hold Spawn against the second turnbuckle!

    Seeing this advantage, Nick goes for something different as he climbs the turnbuckles looking for something from various range of moves that he can use against the beast to take him down but suddenly a couple of the lumberjacks go past their mark as they start shouting stuff at Nick, daring at him come outside for the first time in the match but Nick refuses saying they’re not on their level as Spawn is back to his feet and is in front of Nick!

    Spawn tilts his head before grasping Nick's throat once more as Spawn looks to go for a chokeslam off the top rope! Spawn lifts Nick off the turnbuckle but Nick grabs Spawns head and reverses the chokeslam into a snapmare driver! The crowd start chanting holy shit as Nick doesn’t waste anytime and pins the Godkiller for the three count! Nick quickly gets off Spawn and demands his belt which he is given and Nick starts shouting at the lumberjacks “That’s why I’m better! That’s why you people don’t deserve to face me!” As Spawn rolls to the outside, shaking his head as he looks back at Nick with a cold stare which the RWK Imperial Champion doesn’t notice as he’s too busy bragging to the rest as we go to the next segment.

    As we approach our main event of the evening, a video package is shown upon the screen that details the past few months and tells us all about the events that have led up to the marquee match-up that we are about to see. We see Michael Kelly’s dethroning of El Pecador and his subsequent injury, before we cut to the highlights of Christopher Jordan vs. Vitor Mata vs. Chris Young, where Jordan overcame the odds and became the European Champion. We then hear the trash talking that the two men have been saying over the past month and see the tweets that have been tweeted out about the match. Finally, we see the two men staring each other down in the centre of the ring at Peace of Mind, with Jordan holding the European title high into the air as we fade to black.

    “Warrior Inside” by Leader kicks in on the PA system and sends the fans into an uproar of cheers as we beckon to the arrival, and the proper return, of “The Chosen One” that is Michael Kelly. As the theme continues to roar out, the fans are shocked to see that it is not Michael Kelly, in fact, that has come out from behind the curtain, but instead Adeline la Roux, Kelly’s girlfriend and manager.

    She walks into the centre of the stage and smiles at the camera in front of her, before immediately the lights go out and plunge the arena into darkness. After a few seconds, the lights come back on and shoot the crowds into cheers once more as we see that la Roux has been replaced by “The Chosen One” himself. A grin slides across the face of Kelly as he looks around the arena and takes in the reactions of the RWK crowd, hyping himself up for the match that is to come.

    Nova Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the RWK European Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Mt. Sinai, New York, weighing in at 232 pounds he is “The Maestro of Strong Style” and “The Chosen One” …Michael Kelly!

    Flanked by la Roux, Kelly smiles and begins to make his way down the ramp, ready and willing to get this match underway. The cameras soon cut to the front row, where Kelly’s stablemates in Bad Moon Rising, Wulf Erikson and Angelica Vaughn, are both sitting and waiting for the match to begin. When we cut back to Kelly himself, he has just reached the end of the ramp and is heading for the steel steps.

    O’Connell: Here we are, ladies and gentlemen. The main event of the evening. Michael Kelly looks to reclaim his European Championship from the new man on the mountain, Christopher Jordan.

    Baker: Tough match, good opponents, O’Connell! What a main event!

    O’Connell: Well, we’ve heard from Kelly and his stablemates over the past month and what they believe about this match, but tonight we’ll see if Kelly can back up his words and reclaim the title once and for all!

    Entering the ring, Kelly looks around and begins to prepare himself for what is to come, taking his position in the corner to await his opponent. Luckily, he does not have to wait long as “Blitzkreig” kicks in on the PA System and shoots the crowd into a reaction for the RWK European Champion himself, Christopher Jordan.

    The heavy guitar strumming out across the arena, the hype builds and builds as the crowd begins to anticipate the arrival of the new RWK European Champion for his first ever title defence. Eventually, the crowd bursts into cheers as Jordan himself steps through the curtain and onto the stage, the European title belt slung over his shoulder as he looks around all areas of the crowd.

    Nova Taylor: And his opponent, from San Francisco, California, weighing in at 210 pounds he is the reigning and defending RWK European Champion, “The Runaway” Christopher Jordan!

    Jordan wastes no time walking down the ramp and sliding into the ring and fixing his gaze on his challenger. Once both men have been checked by the main event referee, RWK official Rupert Ross and have been cleared to compete, he steps aside and lets Nova Taylor back into the centre of the ring once again.

    Nova Taylor: Ladies and Gentlemen, per your votes on, this match will now be a ladder match!

    The crowd cheers as Christopher Jordan hands over the RWK European Championship to Ross, who in turn takes it into the centre of the ring and clasps it onto the wire that had been lowered from the rafters. Within seconds, the rope is then raised high into the air, as per the stipulation of the match. Stepping into the centre of the ring, Ross confirms with the outside officials once more, before he decides that it is time and calls for the bell to begin the match.

    Immediately out of the starting gates, these men don’t waste any time with feeling one another out. There’s no time for that, not with the stakes that they have in front of them here tonight. Instead, the two rush into the centre of the ring and start to hammer down blows on one another, clobbering closed fists into each other’s faces and connecting with hard boots that push one another back. Eventually, Kelly gains the upper hand as he uses his reworked fighting style to get the upper hand on Jordan, grabbing him by his long hair and pulling his head back. He then starts to lay knee after knee into the abdomen of Jordan, doing his best to crack his ribs with his kneecap as he brutally and remorselessly continues to hammer in stiff knees, the grunts of Jordan being enough to show the damage being caused.

    It doesn’t take long for Jordan to counter, however, as he slams his elbow into Kelly’s face and pulls back to escape, before quickly coming back to take the Chosen One down with a quick short-arm clothesline. Rising to his feet once again with speed, Kelly tries to go for another attack but is run-down by another short-arm clothesline, before Jordan grabs him by the arm and irish whips Kelly into the corner. Running up afterwards, Jordan is taken by surprise by a quick raise of the elbow by Kelly that leaves him stunned by standing, who in turn follows it up with a huge European uppercut onto Jordan’s chin that floors him down onto his back.

    Not wanting to waste any time, Kelly immediately grabs Jordan around the waist and lifts him to his feet, before unceremoniously lifting him once more to plant his head right onto the second turnbuckle with a huge German suplex! Clutching his head, Jordan slumps down into the corner and looks dazed beyond belief, looking up at the wrong time as Kelly rushes in and connects with a brutal running boot that scratches from cheek to cheek. Dropping down onto his chest now, Jordan sees only one option and rolls out onto the apron as he tries to get some distance between him and the Maestro of Strong Style.

    Seeing this, Kelly tries to reach between the ropes and grab Jordan by his matted mess of black hair once again but is stopped by a sudden uppercut that catches him in the chin, ricocheting the back of his head up into the second rope. Stumbling back, Kelly is ultimately stunned by the manoeuvre and shakes his head to remove the cobwebs forming in his mind. Given the chance he needed, Jordan rolls off of the apron and lands on his hands and knees on the outside, panting for breath and shaking his head as he too tries to shake off the onslaught Kelly had wrought onto him from the sound of the bell.

    Reaching underneath the ring, Jordan grins as he wraps his hand around some form of weapon. Kelly, on the other hand, has not seen this grin as he exits the ring from around the side and begins to walk around, hoping to catch Jordan by surprise. Breaking into a sprint, Kelly is completely surprised when Jordan swings around to meet him and catches him in the chest with a wicked smack from a kendo stick! Kelly cries out in pain as he stumbles forwards, his momentum completely dead, and allows Jordan to stumble up onto his feet, wielding the kendo stick with devious intention to use it.

    Moving forwards towards his opponent, Jordan readies the cane once again as Kelly tries to find someplace safe away from him, stumbling and grimacing from the surprise cane smack. Eventually, Jordan is able to crack the cane against Kelly’s back once again and send the former European champion down to his knees. But this time, Jordan looks down at the cane and shakes his head, throwing it down to the ground before he grabs Kelly and drags him towards the nearby steel steps. Within seconds, Jordan smiles and slams Kelly face-first into the top of the steel steps, before landing the sole of his boot down on the back of Kelly’s head to further slam the Chosen One’s head down into the steps once more.

    Kneeling beside him as he tries to breathe and recuperate, Jordan grins and folds his arms at Michael Kelly, shaking his head and pulling injured-like faces to try and get under the champion’s skin. Instead of reacting to them, however, Kelly chuckles himself and makes a gun with the fingers of his right hand and shoots at Jordan, before booting the champion in the gut and throwing him head-first into the ringside guard rail next to them. Using that advantage to finally shake off the cobwebs, Kelly grabs Jordan’s head and begins to continually smash it sideways into the metal guard rail, the fans behind it cheering at the sound of skull against metal everytime it echoed around the arena.

    Eventually, with Jordan dazed and slumped down into a heap, Kelly looks up and sets his sights on the championship dangling above the ring. Walking over to the apron, Kelly reaches under the ring and eventually pulls out the metal ladder that he needed, before lifting it up and sliding it underneath the bottom rope and into the ring. Rolling in behind it, Kelly drags the ladder into the centre of the ring and begins to set it up, stretching it out and locking it in. Once he’s done with that, Kelly begins the first climb of the match. With the fans cheering him on, Kelly climbs up rung-by-rung until he is mid-way…but there’s Christopher Jordan!

    Slamming his elbow into the challenger’s mid-back, Jordan is able to stun Kelly enough to be able to push him off of the ladder and down to the mat, shoving the ladder out of his way and down to the mat as he looks to get revenge on Kelly for the damage he has just caused him. Booting him in the side of the head, Jordan lays out Kelly enough to be able to groggily pick him up, before hooking his challenger’s leg and flying back to drop him with a huge Fisherman’s suplex that sends Kelly flying across the length of the ring! Not comfortable with the damage he will be able to do in the ring, Jordan shakes his head and rolls out underneath the bottom rope. Throwing the apron up and reaching underneath, he pulls out a full-length table and immediately kicks the legs out, setting it up on the outside as he smiles wickedly.

    Peering back into the ring, Jordan sighs audibly as he watches Kelly getting back to his feet. He then rolls back into the ring and stalks the challenger as he uses the ropes to get to his feet, swinging his arm around as he looks for the discus clothesline that he has used so many times. Still stalking a dazed Kelly, Jordan spins him around and pushes his head down into his knee, before straightening up and dropping Kelly down to the mat with an emphatic discus clothesline that levels the Chosen One and leaves him limp on the mat!

    Now satisfied, Jordan walks over to the ladder he pushed over minutes before and sets it up himself, before beginning the climb towards the title. When he reaches the top, Jordan forgets the opponent getting to his feet below him and instead focuses on grabbing the title belt. Reaching his hands on the clasp, Jordan is instead brought back to reality as Kelly begins to shake the ladder, doing his best to knock Jordan off-balance. Seeing that it isn’t having its intended effect, however, Kelly swings himself onto the ladder and climbs up with rapid speed, nailing Jordan in the bridge of his nose with a stiff headbutt that dazes him. However, Jordan swings back wildly with a closed fist that catches Kelly before he can do anything else, knocking the Chosen One off-balance on the ladder as well.

    With both men teetering on the top of the ladder, neither man looks willing to fall. Both men then begin to throw wild shots that crack across the face of the other, closed fists that look so dangerous that they could knock the other off. After a few seconds of this, the two seem to shake off their daze and begin to hammer down blows once again. Eventually, Kelly is able to gain the upper hand and continually hammer down crushing fists onto Jordan’s face. Moving down a step, Jordan breathes in heavily and tries to move away from Kelly, forcing the Maestro of Strong Style to lean over to try and further attack him. Seeing a chance at this, Jordan connects with a high kick to the side of Kelly’s head that sends him groggy, before ultimately loses his balance and falls from the ladder!

    Smiling at what he has just seen, Jordan begins to climb the remaining rungs until he quite literally has one leg on the top of the ladder, reaching up to grab his title. However, as he tries to unhook it once again he feels the ladder move, knocking him unsteady as he lets go of the title. Looking down, he seems none other than Adeline la Roux stood in the ring, shaking the bottom of the ladder as she tries desperately to buy Michael Kelly valuable recovery time. Frustrated, Jordan stares down and begins shouting insults down at la Roux, telling her to stop playing around and let him win his title, among things. Still shaking the ladder, la Roux ultimately moves out of the way as Kelly stumbles up to his feet and rushes up the ladder, uppercutting Jordan to send him wobbling. With Jordan’s foot still rested on the top of the ladder, Kelly mutters something to himself and stands up tall, before using all of his strength to climb up onto the top of the ladder with Jordan…and spear him off the ladder!

    Ultimately, the pushing and shaking of the ladder by la Roux moved the ladder forwards and, combined with the momentum of the spear, sends both men flying over the ropes and through the table that Jordan had set up earlier! Jordan immediately crashes out into a starfish position, his back going through one side of the table, while Kelly was able to move himself enough so that his shoulder was the one taking most of the impact. An arena-wise gasp echoes out as both men lie comatose from what they have just put themselves through, Rupert Ross exiting the ring and rushing over to the scene to check on both men. The scene is carnage, with the ladder leaning on the top rope and shards of wood all over the ringside area as the broken and battered bodies of two men lie within the carcass of the object they have just thrown themselves through with some force. Despite this, Ross sees that both men are conscious and moving, therefore forcing him to continue the match and allow them both to continue battling on.

    Before long, it is Kelly that is able to start crawling to his feet first, using his hands and elbows to move out from the carcass. Splinters and shards of wood dot his arm and chest as he stumbles to his feet and throws his arms onto the steel steps, breathing heavily as he tries to recover from the ordeal. Looking into the ring, he sees the leaning ladder and the hanging title above it all, gleaming in the lights. Then looking back, he sees Jordan getting to his feet himself, stumbling in a different direction to him as he looks to move into the timekeeper’s area. Looking towards the ring and then looking towards Jordan as he considers what to do next, Kelly ultimately looks to the ring and rolls in once again, trying his luck with the ladder once again.

    Rolling inside, he lifts the ladder up and positions it right in the middle of the ring. However, as he goes to climb once more he is ambushed by the current champion, who saw exactly what was going on and made his own decision. Laying elbows and forearms into Kelly’s back, Jordan looks like a rabid animal with his matted hair and bruised and battered body. Screaming insults into the ear of his opponent, Jordan drags Kelly to his feet and onto his shoulders, looking for the Golden Guillotine. As he moves to do it, Jordan sees Kelly is actually holding the top rope and preventing him from continuing with the move. Cursing, Jordan pulls Kelly multiple times as he tries to remove his hands from the ropes, but ultimately cannot. Jordan’s fears are heightened when Kelly does indeed let go, easily hopping off of Jordan’s shoulders and kicking him in the gut, before lifting him up into the air and dropping him down with a brutal Gourdbuster GTS!

    Distancing himself across the ring, Kelly stalks Jordan as he stumbles to his feet, before rushing forwards and connecting with the Date with Desti-Knee! The knee connects with Jordan’s face and immediately knocks him through the second rope, leaving Kelly alone in the ring with nothing but him and the ladder. Broken and battered, Kelly smiles as he clutches his arm and steps onto the first two rungs of the ladder, edging his way up the rung as he tries to reach the title. His arm filled with wood, Kelly fights through the pain as he pulls himself up onto the top of the ladder and sits down, reaching up to grab the title.

    Out of the corner of his eye, however, he sees Christopher Jordan once again fighting to get back into the ring. Cursing at the unbelievable determination of the current champion, Kelly stands up on the ladder and reaches for the title. Seeing this himself, Jordan picks up the pace as he rushes into the ring and slams his elbow down onto the spreader of the ladder, breaking the lock and making the ladder unsteady. Seeing no choice but to jump down, Kelly avoids damage by rolling his fall and allowing Jordan to push the ladder into the corner. Seeing no other option, Kelly sets up for the Date with Desti-knee again as he rushes towards Jordan, but the European Champion instead rolls out of the way and grabs Kelly upon his bumpy landing, lifting him up onto his shoulders and dropping him into a kick to complete the Paranoia finisher he holds so dear!

    Collapsing from the toil of the match, both men stare at each other as they lie inches apart, but neither man is ready to give up. Grabbing Jordan by the wrist, Kelly uses the strength of his opponent to bring himself to his feet…before twisting Jordan around and connecting with the Beheading! Stumbling back, Kelly looks down at Jordan as he lies there, eyes wide open with blood gushing from his forehead. Dabbing his own forehead to reveal blood himself, Kelly shakes his head and drops down into a seated position, before dragging himself under the bottom rope to grab yet another ladder for him to climb.

    Pulling it from underneath the ring, Kelly is so concentrated on the ladder that he does not see Jordan rising once again, bleeding heavily. Stumbling around, Jordan spots the raised apron and bounces back on the ropes, before diving through the ropes with a suicide dive…right as Kelly raises the ladder! The impact immediately drops Jordan onto the apron, but his own momentum sends the ladder into Kelly’s face and sends him flying back, the carnage of this main event now spilling to the other side of the ring. Rolling onto his chest, Kelly widens his eyes as he tries to comprehend how he missed that little trick from Jordan. Eventually, he breathes out heavily and drops his head to the mat, trying his best to conserve what little energy he has left after this gruelling battle.

    Jordan, on the other hand, grabs the ladder he had literally just flung himself into and pushes it into the ring, rolling in on the other side of the ring. Gassed and incredibly fatigued, Jordan sets up the ladder in the centre of the ring and goes to climb once more. Reaching mid-way, Jordan looks to be able to go but is caught with a hammering blow directly to the spine from the returning Michael Kelly, who slides underneath Jordan and grabs him immediately into a powerbomb position. Using his height and strength, Kelly is able to lift Jordan from the ladder and run towards the corner where Jordan had pushed the previous ladder…before buckle bombing him into it with ferocity!

    Landing in the crumpled mess, Jordan looks comatose as he lies within the broken pieces of ladder. Kelly, himself, looks completely drained as he drops to the mat and looks around. Locking eyes with his stablemates, he grins weakly as they begin to slam their hands on the guard rail and try to shout for him to get up the ladder, but it looks as if he cannot hear them. Looking back towards Jordan, Kelly watches as Jordan drags himself under the bottom rope and drops to the ringside mats outside like a corpse, before dragging himself towards the ladder to once again climb for his life.

    Rung by rung, step by step, Kelly manages to get up on top of the ladder and reaches for the title, his hands literally resting on the wire above the hook as he goes to unclasp the title. Placing his hands upon the buttons of the belt, he goes to unhook them…but feels the ladder move beneath him. Looking down, he sees the demented eyes of Christopher Jordan staring up at him as he holds both sides of the ladder in his hands. Their staredown seems to last forever, but ends when Jordan remorselessly pushes the ladder with all his remaining strength and sends Kelly crashing down with it, the face of the Chosen One hitting against top rope of the nearby ring ropes as he falls backwards onto the mat.

    Looking to salvage the remains, Jordan rolls out of the ring and grabs the kendo stick he had used earlier on in the match, throwing it into the ring before reaching underneath the ring apron…and pulling out a pair of handcuffs. Rolling into the ring with them, Jordan boots Kelly in the face and fastens one of the handcuffs around his wrist, before completing his intended design by hooking the former champion to the bottom ring rope. Seeing what has happened, Kelly begins to try and pull himself out of the handcuffs but finds it too tight, the skin of his wrist turning red under the pressure that Jordan had clasped him into. With literally no remorse, Jordan picks up the kendo stick and begins to slam it down and crack it against the back and chest of Michael Kelly, yelling insults at the Chosen One as he repeatedly hits the champion on the back and across the chest with it to cause considerable pain.

    After around twenty seconds, red lines of the kendo stick appear across the back and chest of Michael Kelly as he lies beaten and battered on the ground, looking up at Christopher Jordan as he sets the ladder up once more and climbs the rungs step by step, placing one foot on the top of the ladder as he unhooks his belt and holds it high for Rupert Ross to call for the bell.

    Holding the title once again as the reigning, defending European Champion, Jordan smiles down at the handiwork he achieved. The broken table, the smashed ladder, handcuffed Michael Kelly, all of it shows the carnage that both men wrought throughout the entire match-up. Slowly pushing his other foot onto the top of the ladder, Jordan stands tall on top as he holds the RWK European Championship high as the show fades to black.

    OOC: It's still the 16th somewhere in the world! Thanks to Reag, Zap for no-selling surgery, and Beav for reneging on his break to help with that tag match. Thank most of you for your patience! :emoji_slight_smile:
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  2. What a show.

    I may have lost, but well done on getting this out guys.

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  3. Someone forgot roster tags...

    Aaron Harrows @Green Power Ranger
    Al Blizzard @DemonHunter1257
    Aleks Grayson @Finniis
    Alex Valander @Omega Maniax
    Azrael @El Curry
    Brad Adams @BradAdams
    Chase Mills @DiggleGick
    Christopher Jordan @Electro
    Chris Young @impactking
    El Pecador @Geek773
    Frankie Highwood @DJ Pauly G
    Joseph Diamond @CiV
    JUDAS @Botchie
    Kameron Kalmar @Psycho Rangers
    Michael Kelly @M Kells
    Nick @Nickelodeon
    Red King @Grievous
    Ryan Vendetta??? @Beavs
    Ryder Parks @TheShadowSoulja
    Slate Bass @Project Jonny
    Spawn @SIN
    Tyler Keenan @Zap Kenobi
    Vítor Mata @CBK_15
    Will Neilson @TheKingSonic

    Read, and enjoy!

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  4. .... *Points at Geek*
  5. ...die
  6. That was the hardest fought victory I've had since I started in RWK

    @Gino you gave me a real fight, pal
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  7. Joseph Diamond: Forever Undefeated.
  8. tl;dr :emoji_wink:
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  9. This worth the wait, literally not a single boring or bad match. A good read throughout so I give this a LEGO/10, better than battleground.
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  10. damn, i lost
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  11. Thank Hoov for the Lego idea xD
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  12. [​IMG]

    How Y'all gonna give me a loss because ANOTHER person no showed? I didn't no show smh.
  13. I'm sure you know exactly how much pleasure I got from formatting your segment

    Also I wrote a glass table spot and even a Lego spot, the ToD research is paying off...
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  14. Blame everyone but me for the weird stipulation and Valander for the no-show...
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  15. @Psycho Rangers The Lego Idea was genius. Added a nice bit of levity to a pretty brutal match. Our feud was awesome.
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  16. I wrote 2 promos for what? @Project Jonny wrote a promo for what? @Finniis wrote a promo for what? NONE of them meant shit because we got put with the guy that no showed so we automatically lose. I thought about this scenario leading up to the match. I thought damn Vander didn't promo could you imagine if they have the team he's on lose because HE NO SHOWED. I thought nah that's moronic... BUT DAMN WE ALL LOSE BECAUSE OF A FAULT IN THE MATCH AND ANOTHER PERSONS FAULT. I usually don't care too much about this stuff and I'm a calm nice dude, but this shit is bullshit.
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  17. I wouldn't know, actually. My segment was too long, I didn't read it. Hence my original post :emoji_grin:

    Good for you, dude. I'm glad you finally decided to watch real wrestling and quit being like that cretin Reag
  18. Sarcasm is fun
  19. Still waiting for my Welcome Back and You've Still Got It chants...
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    6 out of 5 stars...I loved it...

    Great matches...good story progression...a Dick Faggot cameo...
    Nova getting to play JoJo...a light tube spot...and blood...

    Crimson...Iron tasting...eye blinding blood...

    I'm already looking forward to...

    No rush...No rush...