Show RWK: Peace of Mind

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    The event begins with footage from the screen where it shows what appears to be a sunset on a clear evening on the coast with very few clouds. The sky is a bright orange with the sun clearing over the horizon and the water is calm, casting a reflection from the sun with the sand of the beach being soft. A voice carries over as we see this.

    "Peace: being in order, harmony, a state of tranquility or quiet...To have Peace of Mind there mustn't be a disturbance. To achieve it will create total bliss...But while there may be a calm before the storm..."

    Just as that is said, the skies turn overcast, with thick gray clouds forming, along with raindrops falling at first slowly, but builds in intensity.

    "But tonight, to have Peace of Mind, you must face the storm head on..."

    Lightning strikes and thunder booms as it begins to show footage of some of the competitors from the matches tonight. From Slate Bass spitting whiskey in the face of Lilith Young to Prince X dodging an incoming Red King, Brad Adams hitting a Fireman's Carry Jawbreaker on Nova, Red King's rampages from backstage, Arno costing Kameron his shot to be European Champion, Azrael hitting "Final Termination" on Tyler Keenan, Will Nielson standing in the ring in his debut appearance, Ryan Vendetta hitting a Minefield Driver on Brad Adams along with Victor Sokolova kneeing his rival in the head last month along with the cage they are about to fight in.

    We then the championship matches, Mata keeping his Mata lock in on Aaron Harrows, Christopher Jordan hitting a hard Discus lariat on Azrael, and Chris Young laying both men out with a steel chair last month. Lastly, we see footage of both men hitting their signature moves on opponents, from Nick nailing Spawn with his Snapmare Driver and forcing a bloodied KJ to tap to the Brooklyn Bridge, and El Pecador dropping Harrows with the Sinner's Whirlwind and hitting his new Sin Stomp on Azrael to become number one contender.

    "Tonight, you will witness unmatches aggression, hunger, chaos, danger, and destruction all to achieve afterward..."

    The storm stops and it shows a sudden surge of pictures of the people competing tonight before everything turns to black and the voice over says..."

    "Peace of Mind..."

    Royal Wrestling Kingdom is Proud to Present: From Glasgow, Scotland, Peace of Mind!

    As the official theme for Peace of Mind begins to play, the lights of the arena are turned on as the fans are ready for another night of RWK wrestling. The arena is decked out with blue ropes on the ring along with the Royal Wrestling Kingdom logo branded in the middle of the ring, and the steel cage for the match later tonight hangs above the ring.

    The camera goes towards some of the crowd members who brought their signs supporting their favorites or dissing some of their most disliked. Signs showing "The Runaway!" "Congrats, Ryan!" along with a heart, "rEvolution dies," a Portuguese Flag, "Amazing One," a picture of El Pecador, a sign reading "Bass" with a Martini glass, an 8-bit Prince X, to "Fake King, Nick" and more appear on the pan around the crowd as the vocal Scotland crowd are hyped. The stage sports various steel structures with lights going vertically, along with a larger screen above it, and even Scottish flags on top of them. The ramp leads down to the ring, and thus, ringside, where RWK commentary, Vincent Baker and James O'Connell are set to call the action.

    O'Connell: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to what is perhaps the largest RWK show so far as we present Peace of Mind, from Glasgow! Coming off the heels of a brutal Kings of the Empire event, we have a card with perhaps the most deadliest competitors potentially in professional wrestling today.

    Baker: I mean, when we have the new and more aggressive Slate Bass, Azrael, the Angel of Death himself, Arno Frye and a very crossed Kameron Kalmar, a steel cage match featuring two men who have been pushed to their mental breaking points over the past several months, and three men who are hungry to win the vacated RWK European Championship, wouldn't surprise me if people are going to be sore after tonight.

    O'Connell: And to top it off, our main event, where a confident, yet at the same time, more focused Nick, defends his RWK Imperial Championship against the longest reigning RWK European Champion and the lost child of Lucha-Libre, El Pecador. Also, after his injury last month, we have word that former champion, KJ Kidd, will appear on our broadcast to address what had happened. Whether he shows up will be determined.

    Baker: If these men wish to achieve Peace, they will need to put everything on the line to get there. Buckle up, folks, expect tonight to be long and hard-hitting.


    Announcer: The following contest is a singles match and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing the participants first, from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 230 pounds... he is the "Maestro of Malign", Alex Valander!

    As "Superhero" hits the arena and the lights flicker around, Alex Valander walks out onto the stage, waving his arms into the air. He shouts "Damn right!" before walking to the ring, checking himself out and smirking at the many fans booing him. Valander climbs into the ring and scales the turnbuckle, he waves his arms into the air again and shouts "The best!". Alex jumps down and goes to the bottom left corner of the ring, leaning against the ropes and waiting for his opponent.

    O'Connell: And here we go with the first match of the night! Starting us off and making his debut is none other than Alex Valander and he'll be hoping to come away with a win tonight.

    Baker: Valander's coming away with the win, I can feel it. He's got that special something about him, I like that about him.

    O'Connell: Special something?

    Baker: Yes, that special something. How many times?

    Announcer: Introducing his opponent... from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 220 pounds... he is "Seattle's Favourite Son", Ryder Parks!

    "Critical" sounds around the arena, and Ryder Parks hits the stage. Ryder pumps up the crowd until around 13 seconds, where he throws his arm down. Parker trots down the ramp, singing in sync with his theme whilst fist bumping fans.

    O'Connell: A good showing here from Ryder Parks, he looks like he can make an impact here tonight, but can he beat Alex Valander?

    Baker: Seattle's Favourite Son? What kind of name is that? Can cities have sons?

    O'Connell: None of that matters, Vincent. The only thing that matters is the wrestling in the ring.

    Ryder then heads up the steps and jumps up onto the top rope. After having a look around the arena and taking a deep breath, Ryder jumps down into the ring, turns his back to the hard camera, unzips his track jacket and takes it off, and throws his arm down again with jacket in hand, dropping it to the floor below, as he looks across the ring at Alex Valander, who has already removed his leather jacket.

    The referee calls for the bell and the opening contest to Peace of Mind is officially underway, Ryder and Alex circle each other before locking up in the middle of the ring. Valander gets the advantage, and drives Parks into the corner, still locked up. The referee begins his count and gets up to four before Alex finally lets go, his hands held high, but not wasting any time as he starts stomping away at Ryder in the corner, bringing him down to a seated position. Alex has a smirk on his face as he steps back slightly, before running at Parks in the corner and delivering a boot straight to the face of "Seattle's Favourite Son". Valander goes for the pin... one... kickout by Parks.

    Alex picks Ryder up by the back, perhaps looking for a German Suplex. He lifts him up and throws him over, but Parks flips out of it onto his feet! Valander shakes his head and goes for a flying knee, but Ryder sidesteps the knee and starts to deliver multiple forearms to the head of Alex Valander. After a few strikes, Parks runs off of the ropes and leaps forward for a Single Leg Dropkick! It connects and Alex is stunned, as he rebounds off of the ropes, Parks spins around and hits a Discus Lariat! Ryder falls into the cover, one... two... no! Alex is able to get the shoulder up.

    Ryder is quick back onto his feet, and picks up Alex, hooking both of his arms, looking for his signature Sit-Out Tiger Bomb. Parks goes to lift Valander up, but the latter won't budge, after a few more attempts, Alex is able to get out of the hold and throw Ryder against the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, which Parker slides under his legs to avoid it, he then goes for another one but the same thing happens, now with a look of pure anger on his face, Alex goes for a Superkick, but Parks manages to catch his foot! Ryder smirks at Valander, who now has a look of worry on his face, and flips him round, hooking both arms in a Full Nelson position. Parks successfully connects a Dragon Suplex, but it doesn't look like he is done, springboarding off of the ropes and hitting a Moonsault! Once again, Ryder goes in for a cover attempt, one.. two.. and again Valander rolls the shoulder up, he's still in this match!

    Parks brings Alex over to the corner and puts him up on the top turnbuckle, he climbs up to the second rope, and then the top rope, he hooks the arm, going for a Superplex, but Alex strikes Parks in the gut multiple times, which forces him to let go. Valander pushes Parks off of the top rope, and Ryder hits the mat hard, Alex positions himself and leaps off of the top rope and both of his feet come down onto the leg of Ryder Parks! Early Retirement! He quickly goes into the cover, one... two... thr- no! Valander has his feet on the ropes and the referee has seen it! Alex slaps the mat three times in frustration and shouts at the ref "That was three!"

    Alex sighs and picks Ryder up by the legs, looking for the finishing Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker. Valander stops for a second and looks around the arena, and shouts again "This is greatness!" but before Alex can pick Ryder up, he manages to slide between Alex's legs and hit a Dropkick to the back of Valander. This grounds him on his back, and Ryder Parks heads up to the top rope, he hesitates for a second before leaping off and hitting his finishing Shooting Star Press to the back of Alex Valander! Ryder goes for the cover.




    Rolling off of Valander with his hands raised, Parks looks ecstatic with his victory. His hand is raised by the referee as the crowd cheers on, before he exits the ring and heads backstage to further celebrate his win. Valander, on the other hand, holds his chest as he rolls out of the ring, a pained and frustrated expression on his face as he heads back to lick his wounds.

    O'Connell: A good win for Ryder Parks tonight, he showed us a lot here tonight.

    Baker: Yeah, but I think Valander got a few good punches in. I'm sure we'll be seeing more from him in the near future.

    O'Connell: Only time will tell, Vincent. We will just have to wait and see.


    The video goes backstage to the amazing set that was last seen at the last event but this time it has The Reagmaster already sitting on top of the glass table, looking directly into the camera, lost in thought as for the second time the camera guy has to alert Reagmaster out of his trance

    Cameraman: Max! Max! Ethan Max! Master! Reagmaster! The Reagmaster!

    Surprisingly none of these work as Ethan is still staring into space so the brave cameraman tries a different tactic

    Cameraman: Dumbass!

    Somehow this gets Max’s attention as he blinks followed by shakes of his head as he wakes up only to suddenly raise his voice

    Reagmaster: Hey! I could get you fired for that!

    Cameraman: But you wouldn’t because of the risk that you get the guy who says no to everything you said

    Reagmaster: That guy creeped me out okay?! Also..I just realised why do we have a baseball image on one of the panels? I don’t even like Baseball!

    Cameraman:....I don’t actually know. Why is that there?

    Reagmaster: I feel like this set was supposed to be for one of those stupid Sport talk shows when they talk about which teams better and stuff. Like Soccer AM or something stupid like that. Anyway we rolling or what?

    Cameraman: We already have been recording…

    Reagmaster: Second. Freaking. Time. Anyway hi. I’m “The Reagmaster” Ethan Max and I’m here with my second master interview right here on Royal Wrestling Kingdom. Or as I like to call it, Reagmaster wrestles Kings. Anyway the man I am interviewing is the same man who later tonight faces Chris Young and Christopher Jordan for the currently vacant EU Championship. This man will face all of the Chris’ that RWK has to offer. That man is “The Pride of Portugal” Mr. Vitor Mata!

    Reagmaster quickly jumps off the glass table and handshakes his guest before sitting into the seat right next to Mata

    Vítor Mata: Hello, Mr. Max, and allow myself to correct you. Later tonight I will be facing Christopher Jordan and Chris Young for my European Championship.

    .Reagmaster: Yea, about that….I’m not sure about it. How did you even win the title if the previous champion and a friend of mine, Michael Kelly was injured?

    Vítor Mata: I had been awarded the title by the previous owner, some months ago before Michael Kelly was even in the company. Unfortunately, I was busy dealing with a pest known as Aaron Harrows, and was unable to defend until now.

    Reagmaster:..but you injured Harrows and put him on the shelf two months ago. You had an entire month to go back to defending your title, hell you even did commentary on the last show if I remember correctly!

    Vítor Mata: Harrows and I put each through hell, and I need time recuperate from my minor injury.

    Reagmaster: Doesn’t that go against the 30 day rule? Hell, do we even have a 30 day rule?! Y’know what? Next question! So now you’re in a triple threat situation with the two chrises. Are you going to….take advantage of the No DQ rule because we have seen you the dangerous things you can do with a chair so will you use any weapons in order to tip the odds into your own favour?

    Vítor Mata: If I need to take advantage of the No DQ rule, I will, as far as I know both my opponents will have someone in their corner as will I of course and she will be instructed only to act if the person in Christopher Jordan’s corner or in Chris Young’s corner makes a move.

    Reagmaster: Talking about Chris Young, I wanna take a short trip down memory lane as just last month, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the finish as he and his wife Lilith jumped over the railings and attacked both of you with steel chairs which Young thought that would make Josh would just give him the title because he was hoping you two would be injured, I’m guessing? Of course that didn’t happen but now I want you to expand more on your feelings on Chris and Lilith because I did see some of it in the promo but I’ll be honest, didn’t watch most of it because a new Jeremy Jahns video came out on youtube so please tell us your reaction to the attack?

    Vítor Mata: I don't know who this Jeremy Jahns is, but I can tell you I was not very pleased with Chris Young’s actions and I have nothing more to say about that coward.

    Reagmaster: Oh, Jeremy’s a movie reviewer, quite funny. I’ll send you a link to his youtube via the twitter dms later. Okay since you don’t want to talk about Young how about the other person that they call Christopher Jordan who was on the offensive of the match when you got attacked and some would say that if the Youngs didn’t interfere, you would have lost! Your response?

    Vítor Mata: Well some, means not the majority. The majority knew I was going to win that match, and I stated in my promo that Christopher Jordan had 3 minutes and 3 seconds at maximum before I was to win. The fact that the Youngs interfered was their own dumb fault. Now Chris Young has to defend against 2 people instead of just me.

    Reagmaster: Okay two things, first question is why so specific with the timing of a match? Do you know stuff beforehand? EH? EH? Second question is didn’t you just say you had nothing else to say about the Chris Young? Then not even a minute later and you go against those claims. Thoughts?

    Vítor Mata: I'm specific about the time because it would've taken me 3 minutes to finish off Christopher Jordan, and it would've taken 3 seconds to pin him. As for that second question, I felt like insulting that idiot one time before our match… You know before we continue this interview I want to address the previous man you interviewed as I heard he said something about me.

    Reagmaster: Alex Valander, you're talking about I’m assuming?

    Vítor Mata: Yeah, that's him, I was told he called me “Cheap”.

    Reagmaster: That’s correct, he did call you very cheap which I also personally disagree with.

    Vítor Mata: I appreciate that, but that guy I do not appreciate. I mean did you watch his promo? He was so generic, all his Seattle crap.

    Reagmaster:....not really. I don’t really keep up with every single video where everyone says they’re the best. Anyway shots fired, ladies and gentleman. So many shots that have been fired that a lot of people are now dead. So there’s that. Any how onto the final question before we go into the fan favourite Word Association because I just want to ask this before we do it. During that fatal 4 way, some creepy stuff happened with Kalmar & Arno. Now the lights went out while you were ringside but when the lights came back on you were suddenly next to the gorilla area! So please explain what happened there? And more importantly because this is what MOST fans are saying online. Were you scared of the hijinks done by Arno Fyre?

    Vítor Mata: I assume you didn't watch my promo before that match...

    Reagmaster: Sorry but have you ever heard of the saying “Actions speak louder than words”? Because it did look from my standpoint that you were a bit intimidated at the least.

    Vítor Mata: Who needs actions when, you've got words, but to answer your question no I wasn't. Arno can do what he wants, but that doesn't change the fact that he and his son lost.

    Reagmaster: I answer your question about who needs actions when you’ve got words? What about deaf people? Come on, man! Think of the elderly before you say stuff like that! But nevertheless onto the fans favourite thing in the world because they’re too busy at home, eating doritos, drinking mountain dew and reading stuff off stupid wrestling forums to do anything meaningful! And that thing, I mean….WORD ASSOCIATION! Pretty much I say a wrestler or a tag team I guess and you have to say one word to describe them. Simple. Let’s begin with the only young that hasn’t bothered you at all recently, Ashley Young.

    Vítor Mata: Coward.

    Reagmaster: Ryan Vendetta.

    Vítor Mata: Respect

    Reagmaster: Extremely Lethal.

    Vítor Mata: Overrated

    Reagmaster: Arno Fyre.

    Vítor Mata: Loser

    Reagmaster: Brien Storm.

    Vítor Mata: Poser

    Reagmaster: Will Neilson.

    Vítor Mata: Who?

    Reagmaster: And finally...Ethan Max otherwise known as The Reagmaster.

    Vítor Mata: I don't say this about many people, but since this was a good interview, I'll go ahead and say Fantastic.

    Reagmaster: From fucking cool to fantastic. Sounds like a good jump. Well thanks Vítor for being on the show and not calling anyone a blimp. Because that was a weird moment. Anyway thanks and that’s all of the time we have for tonight as RWK still have matches to go on tonight including the triple threat where Mata “defends” his title against Chris Young and Christopher Jordan. Where he has….that olympian woman in his corner. I don’t know the name and I’m pretty sure we should have mentioned her sooner considering she’s the first non wrestling celebrity we have here. Eh, I don’t care. Cut the feed, man!

    The feed does in fact cut out as Master says that as they go back to ringside for another match, hopefully it’s a good match and not a Blackfire match.


    Announcer: Introducing first: from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 193lbs… he is The Power Player, Prince X!”

    X walks slowly out of the curtain twenty seconds into his theme and squats down, outstretching his arms to the sides. After several seconds in this position, he flips his hood up and stands proud to bask in the cheers of the crowd, as the cameraman moves to behind him to show the 8-bit “Prince X” text on the back of his matte black trunks.

    O'Connell: Our second debutant here tonight in Prince X, former e-sports star now turned wrestler. He's coming up against Slate Bass tonight and is definitely looking for a win.

    Baker: E-sports? Is that some kind of fancy new thing I don't know about?

    O'Connell: It's playing video games competitively, Vincent.

    Baker: What? That's a sport?

    “The Power Player” then walks down the ramp, smiling and happy, high-fiving fans and dancing to the beat. He stops near the ring, breathes in deeply then lets the breath out before warming up by throwing air punches and popping his knuckles. When he feels ready, he slides into the ring, yelling to the fans to get them hyped up for the match, leaning over the ropes to look out across the hundreds of Glasgow natives in attendance. Refocusing on his goal for the evening, he pauses in one of the corners, wipes his face and waits for his opponent.

    Announcer: And his opponent: from California, USA, weighing in at 250lbs… Slate Bass!”

    With lights dimmed, and the only graphic playing being his entrance video, Slate enters into a spotlight on the stage the second time his name appears on the titantron. In his right hand, he holds a Martini glass filled with a scarlet-coloured Cosmopolitan cocktail, while his left hand lounges in the left pocket of his slacks. He stands for a few seconds, then calmly walks down the ramp.

    O'Connell: Here comes Slate Bass and I must say, he looks ready for a fight tonight.

    Baker: Prince X has nothing on this guy. I'm behind him 100% tonight.

    Once he reaches ringside, Slate downs the Cosmopolitan and places the glass with its bright red residue on the apron for the camera to focus on as he enters the ring. Once through the ropes, he takes his suit jacket, tie and button down shirt off before standing in the corner with his hands in his pocket, staring blankly at the smiling E-Sports star opposite him.

    The referee asks both men whether they’re ready and receives a respectful smile and nod from Prince, while Bass ignores him completely. Assuming that no news is good news, the official calls for the bell. X, boldly, executes an immediate forward roll in the direction of the motionless Slate. He stands up to his feet with a grin, then begins “busting some moves” to the delight of the crowd. Bass responds with a scowl, which “The Power Player” enjoys.

    “C’mon! You used to be the dancing type, didn’t ya buddy?!”

    Suffice to say that the fan favourite appears to hit a nerve with the man formerly known as the “Head Pimp in Charge”, who is spurred into furious action as he drops Prince X with a big boot, sending the cruiserweight, who is almost 60lbs lighter than him, halfway across the ring. Not done, Slate pounces on X and begins raining down clubbing forearms to the jaw, venting his anger at Prince’s disrespect, much to the displeasure of those in attendance. After four or five quick, hard blows the referee begins to show concern for X, asking him to make an effort to protect himself. Once the shock starts to wear off he does start to get his arms up but Bass continues with the forearms regardless. Now blocking most of the impact, Prince has the wherewithal to slip out from underneath his opponent and spring back to his feet. No longer in a dancing mood, he sprints at Bass and drops him with a slingblade.

    Slate begins to stand up again immediately, though, and X is now confronted with the problem of how to keep the big man down. He seems worried but then, suddenly, an idea appears to click in his head and backs up into the corner. He raises his fist to a cheer from the crowd, gesturing for the “Power Punch”. Once Bass stands back up Prince runs at him again then leaps, pulling his right arm back before throwing it down towards the jaw of Slate. The big man sees it coming, though, and catches X out of mid-air under his armpits. The fan favourite and his fans are now very concerned, and they only get more worried when Slate spins X so the smaller man is perpendicular to Bass’ body, then powers him up into a fireman’s carry. Slate isn’t done though, as he then lifts “The Power Player” into a gorilla press, before dropping him quickly onto his shoulder and immediately driving him into the canvas with an Oklahoma Slam! Bass drops into a lateral press and hooks the leg, but Prince lifts his shoulder up on the count of two.

    Slate now feels comfortably in control and gets to his feet in leisurely fashion before stomping his foot hard into his opponent’s chest and holding it there, pushing his heel into Prince’s breastbone to boos from the crowd. X eventually pushes the foot off and Bass then reaches down and pulls the much lighter man to his feet, before grabbing him by an arm and a leg, and tossing him into the nearby set of turnbuckles with an exploder suplex. Slate, once again, gets up slowly and calmly, as Prince flops out of the corner then pulls himself back into it to try and return to a vertical base. Bass gets back on him while X is still seated on the mat with his head against the second turnbuckle, and begins driving repeated knees into the face and chest of the Prince. Since Slate has his hands on the top rope, the referee begins his five count then, in an effort to avoid disqualifying Bass, pulls him off X. Prince pulls himself to his feet with the help of the ropes to encouraging cheers from the audience. This seems to irritate Slate again as he runs at X, but this time his rage doesn’t benefit him as Prince dodges and Bass careens left-shoulder-first into the steel ring-post!

    Slate stumbles backwards away from the corner clutching at the shoulder as X calls for the support of the crowd, before running towards the opposite ropes. He springboards backwards off the second rope and spikes Bass’ face into the canvas with a springboard cutter! Prince hooks both legs with the second pinfall attempt of the match, but Slate powers out at two. X stands and stalks Bass from just within striking distance, then drops Slate with a dropkick to the chin when he gets up. Bass stands up once again but, the crowd rallying around him, Prince leaps up, wraps his legs around the head of Slate, then rolls up the larger man with a hurricanrana, hooking both legs. The referee gets into position quickly, but Bass escapes at two and a half. Determined to stay in the driver’s seat, X throws a spinning heel kick into the jaw of a seated Slate, before climbing to the top rope. He checks Bass’ position, then turns around and leaps into the air with a moonsault! He lands hard, taking a lot of impact on his right knee. He slides himself over to Bass and gets a lateral press, but is unable to hook the leg. One! Two! Thr- no! Bass kicked out at two and a half.

    The Prince has anguish etched across his face as he immediately grabs his knee after the kick-out. He is asked by the referee if he can continue, to which he nods. This appears to give him an idea and so, determined to finish the match quickly, X grabs the injured left arm of Slate and hyperextends it, positioning his legs across Bass’ chest, synching in the armbar that he calls the Button Masher! He wrenches back on the arm and Slate writhes in pain as the crowd cheers, anticipating the end of the match. Bass lifts his right hand off the mat…

    …and grabs the nearby bottom rope! The referee tells X to break the hold and he does so, on the count of three. Prince gets gingerly back to his feet and, still feeling pressure to put the match away due to the condition of his leg, begins climbing back to the top rope. He arrives just as Slate, still feeling the effects of the moonsault and hurting from the armbar, stands back up. X leaps once again as the crowd cheers for the Boomstick, a top rope shotgun dropkick that pushes even the 250lb Slate Bass halfway across the ring. But The Prince almost seems to have taken more damage from the move, putting yet more strain on his newly injured knee. He spends ten seconds persuading the referee that he can continue and pounding the joint with his fist in an effort to regain control and feeling. At this time Slate still appears to be prone on the canvas, so Prince takes the time to turn around and dance for the crowd, trying to bring them back into the match…

    …but this is a huge mistake! Bass was playing possum and stands quickly behind X. The crowd boo as Bass throws X’s arm around his neck, lifts him up as if for a back suplex then turns him upside down, spiking him head-first with the Blank Slate piledriver! Prince seems totally out of it but Bass, once again, seems infuriated by The Power Player’s antics. He reaches down again, locking his hands around X’s stomach, and deadlifts his opponent into a powerbomb position…

    …and slams him hard on his spine with the sit-out powerbomb he calls the Bassline! Slate clutches at his still compromised shoulder and falls into a back press, but after two finishers the result is academic. One! Two! Three!

    Announcer: Here is your winner: Slate Bass!

    While Bass often has a loyal group of fans behind him in his matches, the audience disdain for him compared to Prince X’s popularity is fairly unanimous, and boos rain down on the three count. Slate doesn’t appear to be concerned by this though, smiling calmly as his hand is raised. After basking in the moment for a few seconds, Bass rolls out of the ring and starts walking up the ramp as X comes to. We get a shot of a hurt, defeated Prince X, before cutting back to the commentary table.

    O'Connell: A win here tonight for Slate Bass. No matter what Prince X tried, he couldn't get it done here tonight.

    Baker: Bass looks unstoppable at the minute. I'm loving this new persona of his.

    O'Connell: We're definitely seeing a new side to Bass recently, but will it pay off? We'll see.


    AN EXPLOSION OF HORNS! Joseph Diamond, recently signed with RWK, has arrived! The crowd has a loud, and surprisingly positive reaction, to Diamonds From Sierra Leone coming on the PA as Diamond walks through the curtain after the song’s intro has finished. He is greeted by even more cheers. However, he quickly fixes that by pretending to high five a 5 year old fan and ripping up a sign that, looks to of been made by a 12 year old saying “DIAMONDS R 4EVER” on it. Joseph seems to be making it abundantly clear that he is not a fan of the people in Glasgow.

    Vincent Baker: We’ve heard the rumours for the last few weeks, we’ve heard the speculation, we heard that Joseph Diamond would be here tonight, and as I live and breathe, Joseph Diamond has arrived in RWK!

    James O’Connell: The Precision Intercontinental Champion, Diamond has been a tear over the last six months-

    Vincent Baker: A tear? That's an understatement! NOBODY HAS BEATEN HIM OVER THE LAST SIX MONTHS! Joseph Diamond might be the greatest wrestler in this industry NOT in RWK, the greatest CANADIAN in this industry, PERIOD! And now he’s here! He is here and I can’t wait to see what he has to say.

    Diamond’s wardrobe is nothing less than expected of a man of Joseph’s…..personality, he is wearing black dress pants, black Yeezy's with a rolled up cyan button down shirt. His rose tinted aviators still cover his eyes (even though he’s indoors) and his scarf still drape his shoulders (even though it totally clashes with the rest of the outfit). Diamond walks up the steel steps, makes his way across the apron to the middle rope where he almost picks a fight with a drunk lady in the fifth row before hopping over into the ring, and then requesting a microphone from ringside. He receives the microphone and begins to speak……...slowly.

    Joseph Diamond: No, your eyes do not deceive you. Before you stands a man, powerful enough to make a Diamond appear when he walks into the room. Before you, stands a man cunning enough to run circles around 7 billion humans without breaking a sweat. Before you, stands….me. But who is me? Or rather, who is I, better yet, who am I?

    I am the DIAMOND STANDARD of this industry and RWK is getting a dose of that. Tonight, you, the civilized people of Glasgow, are getting a dose of that….right now. Ever since this organization opened it’s doors, you have been entertained. You’ve witnessed spectacles that before you’ve only dreamed you’d get to see.

    The crowd cheers because RWK has been an exciting promotion.

    Joseph Diamond: But there’s always been something missing, hasn’t there? You watch the show, you enjoy yourself, you laugh, you cry, you dare to dream, you use RWK as an escape from your otherwise miserable lives. But in the back of your mind, you know that there’s something that could turn your experience from magical to miracle, from spectacular to once in a lifetime. I am that missing piece, you here, you are all witness to the beginning of a dynasty. You there, drunken overweight lady in the fifth row, you are a witness to the night that Joseph Diamond himself came down from his high horse and walked amongst the masses, you watched as I strutted down the ring, and sure you yelled profanities at me, but you’re drunk, hell if I lived in Glasgow I’d never be sober. I get it. You are a witness, and in hindsight you’ll wish that you hadn’t of ruined this magical moment for yourself by insulting the first man to walk into your life ever since your father walked out.

    YOU, young man in the third row, you are a witness to the night that Joseph Diamond educated you. There is no number in FOREVER, there’s three letters in “ARE”, you only had to do three words and you somehow got two out of three, that’s two thirds wrong. I know, you’re a victim of your environment, you don’t know any better, but the truth is, if you’re going to be a Joseph Diamond fan, you need to get your education in order. Do they even have schools here?

    The boos reign down on Diamond as he continues to insult audience members, one at a time. Seriously, what a twat.

    Diamond: I’m joking. Of course they have schools here. It’s just the teachers are all drunk and disorderly.

    Diamond gets booed AGAIN, he’s seriously got a knack for getting people pissed at him.

    Diamond: Oh, you’re gonna boo me? You shouldn’t boo me, you should boo your education system. If you were from where I was from, you would all be taking the short buses to school. You would be hanging out in the pits outside the school smoking a dart, disappointing your parents. But at least you’d have the chance to succeed. Here you’re just bound to fail.

    The boos continue to befall Diamond as he somehow gets this crowd to hate him even more

    Diamond: You really think I care about your approval? You think booing me is giving me anything? You think you’re doing anything to affect me? Let me tell you, I don’t need you. I do not need a single one of you because here in RWK, there are people who detest you people even more than I do. Those are the people I associate with. Those are the people who I ride with. Here in RWK, I’ve got friends in high places, and with them, we will make Birnam Wood move to Dunsinane Castle, we’ll overthrow the king and lop off his head for good measure like it’s The Scottish Play and I’m Macduff. Joseph Diamond will sit atop the throne as, no longer The Old Prince of Precision, rather, The New King of RWK and I when I take power, I will reign over this kingdom…..forever. Tell your friends.

    Diamond flips the mic out of his hand, slips through the middle-top rope and walks back up the ramp, yelling “it’s only a matter of time” at the audience, who continue to boo him until he disappears from view and until his theme music has finished playing.

    Vincent Baker: Strong words from Diamond, someone should hold him to it!

    James O’Connell: Why? So Diamond can lop off their head? You heard the man! I don’t think there’s anybody on the RWK Roster who’s ready for The New King.

    Vincent Baker: And what’d he mean “friends in high places”? I never thought Joseph Diamond had friends.

    James O’Connell: Don’t be so coy, Baker! Joseph Diamond is a popular man, he’s a social butterfly, it’s only natural he’s got friends in RWK!

    Vincent Baker: Well it seems Diamond and his friends have big plans for the future.


    As we return from break, we hear the theme of the newcomer, Adrian Atlas, over the PA. He appears on the stage soon after, ready and waiting for his debut. Stretching his arms out wide, pyro shoots down the side of the ramp as he begins to make his way down.

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 111 pounds he is "The Blackbird" Adrian Atlas!

    O'Connell: Yet another man making his debut tonight, it's Adrian Atlas!

    Baker: Let's see if he has what it takes to make it big here tonight!

    Slowly strutting down to the ring, Atlas slides into the ring and takes his place at one of the corners, readying himself for the fight to come.

    As his theme booms out of the PA, the mysterious wrestler known as The Red King makes his way out from the back on all fours. Perched on his hands and knees, escorted by his spokesperson Gaia, he gets ready for action atop the ramp.

    Announcer: Weighing in at 332 pounds and accompanied by Gaia, he is "The Beast" known as The Red King!

    O'Connell: The Red King is unlike anything I have ever seen before.

    Baker: I'll second that. This guy is crazy!

    Rushing down the ramp and into the ring with speed and ferocity, the Red King enters the ring and takes his own place in a corner as Gaia approaches him on the outside.

    The theme of the last entrant in this match, rEvolution's own Brad Adams, echoes through the arena as he makes his way out from the back. Hyping himself up and parading to the crowd, he doesn't mess around as he quickly makes his own way down the ramp.

    Announcer: And their opponent, from Preston, England, weighing in at 206 pounds he is Brad Adams!

    O'Connell: It's just Brad Adams tonight, here to prove to us all why he is as good on his own as he is with his good friend Victor Sokolova.

    Baker: I feel he can do it, but it's gonna be a tall ask.

    Entering the ring with speed, he takes his place in the ring and stares down the other competitors, ready to win this match and prove himself tonight.

    The match starts with all three staring off at each other as the crowd’s support is clearly for the Beast who responds to the cheers by howling like a wolf! Adrian Atlas and Brian Adams look at one another and giving each other a nod to signal that they should get rid of The Red King before going at each other one-on-one. They start throwing punches and kicks at Red King who does his best to fire back but he is overcome by the numbers game in the early going. Atlas delivers a huge Backhand to the jaw of Red King as Adams follows it up with a beautiful Shotgun Dropkick which he calls Devastation Kick which sends Red King flying under the bottom rope and to the outside.

    Both men follow Red King outside as they both continuously kick the torso of the big man who is currently in the same position as a dog who’s just been hit by a car, Brad and Atlas slowly bring the Red King to his feet before both of them throw The Crimson Ape face-first into the ringpost!

    The Crimson Ape rebounds off the ring post as Gaia looks on with worry in her eyes as she watches her brother and lover get beaten down by The Blackbird and the member of rEvolution. Red King is on his knees and the two other men take advantage by both of them going towards the front. They stare down at the fierce animal before nodding to each other and setting up for a double team move….and they hit a DOUBLE DDT ONTO THE CONCRETE! Red King’s out of it!
    Brad Adams and Adrian Atlas highfive to each other before Brad gut kicks Adrian Atlas! Adams ends their alliance. A look of determination is on the face of Brad Adams’ as he grabs Atlas by the head and then whips him hard and fast into the barricades at ringside back first. With The Blackbird stunned, Adams has made the perfect start as he awaits the first attack from his opponent.

    Brad clotheslines The former JPW Wrestler for a second time and this time he goes head over heels again and over the barricades into the RWK Crowd at ringside which begins to cause a whole heap of chaos and excitement. More punches follow as Adams rains them down onto the back of Atlas but the Blackbird suddenly mounts a short comeback as he nails Adams with a few right hands of his own in the sea of excited fans in the crowd.

    A knee to the gut of Brad Adams allows Adrian time for a quick breather before he then grabs the member of rEvolution and throws him back over the barricade to the ringside area before climbing up onto it and delivering a sharp elbow to the forehead of Brad! The Blackbird throws the man who called himself “Michelangelo on a microphone” inside the ring and Atlas follows as Brad gets to his feet and takes advantage as he runs toward Adrian who is still entering the ring and hits a massive floatover Neckbreaker! The rEvolution member quickly goes for the pin but only gets one.

    Atlas surprisingly gets up quickly and tries to catch Adams by surprise but he fails as Brad ducks his attack and hits an inverted ddt! Brad goes for another pin but again, only gets 2. Brad goes for a different tactic as he suddenly grabs the leg of The Blackbird and turns Atlas onto his stomach so he can lock in a single leg boston crab!

    Adams pulls Atlas’ leg back while he sits on his back. Adrian Atlas begins to yell in pain as Brad Adams pulls back looking for a submission but it isn’t coming as The Blackbird fights back against the pain and edges across the ring dragging Brad with him. He wraps his hand around the bottom rope and this forces the referee to break the hold. Brad reluctantly releases The Blackbird just before he is due for a disqualification and he complains to the referee vehemently claiming that Atlas must have tapped out there.

    While that’s happening, Atlas rolls out of the ring, shaking his leg to get some blood back into it when suddenly he gets SPEARED BY THE RED KING! Gaia looks from behind with glee in her eyes as it looks like all Red King needed was some fighting words from his owner. Red King turns his attention to Brad Adams and The Beast pounds his chest before entering the ring as Adams is still arguing with the referee until he turns around to see The Red King on all fours and the destruction he caused outside with Adrian Atlas lying on the ground holding his stomach in pain.

    Red King suddenly pounces and starts to relentlessly uppercut Brad Adams until Brad blocks one of them and pushes King away for a second before hitting Red King with a forearm to the face! Red King is dazed so Brad Adams bounces off the ropes and hits another Forearm! Red King staggers and looks like he’s about to collapse any minute, Brad rebounds off the ropes to hit the forearm one more time to topple the beast but Red King spears Brad Adams out of his boots!

    Red King slowly raises Brad Adams to his feet before wrapping the tag team competitor in a wrist lock. Red King roars before hitting Brad with the short arm clothesline, completing the sequence of The Iron Branch! Red King covers while Adrian Atlas is back to his feet. Adrian goes to run in but Gaia grabs Atlas’ arm! And Adrian swipes it off but the momentary distraction allows Red King to secure the 3 count as the crowd goes wild like animals!

    Howling at his victory, the Red King's arm is raised in victory as he and Gaia celebrate what has just transpired. The Beast soon leaves the ring and continues his celebration, flanked by his spokesperson all the way as she smiles with delight and pleasure.

    O'Connell: What a win for the Red King! He showed us something tonight!

    Baker: I'm shocked! What a surprise and what a win for the Red King!


    After the dust has settled following the triple threat between Red King, Adrian Atlas and Brad Adams, the camera cuts to the stage and the music of Kameron Kalmar, along with the sound of a respectable level of cheers, fills the arena.

    “The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first: from The Sunshine Motors Hotel of Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 205lbs… Kameron Kalmar!”

    Kalmar slowly makes his way through the curtain and onto the stage, his hands firmly tucked in his pockets. Without a single flicker of a doubt in his eyes but with a determined scowl replacing the usual smile on his face, Kalmar makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring. Halfway down, he turns around and stops momentarily, using the titantron to adjust his coat’s collar. Reaching the end of the ramp whilst untying the knot keeping his hoodie around his waist, Kalmar begins walking around the ring, draping his hoodie on the right corner steel ring steps.

    O'Connell: Kameron Kalmar. The man taking the fight to Studio 72. Do you think he can do it, Vincent.

    Baker: The Frye's have the numbers game over him. That's normally a big factor, from what I've seen. He just has to make sure that doesn't come into play tonight.

    Kameron continues walking around the ring, high-fiving fans occasionally, and stops at the steps, walking up them and stopping on the top step to take off his Varsity jacket and drape it over the ring post. Taking a few steps forwards on the ring apron, he moves across and into the ring through the middle rope, raising both hands into the air with the smile beginning to return to his face, posing for and walking towards the crowd on the other side of the ring, then the next to his right, then the next. With that, he takes his position in a corner and leans upon it, waiting for his oft-discussed opponent to appear. Kameron is made to wait for several long seconds before the music of Arno Frye finally hits to vociferous boos.

    The lights of the arena flash red and purple as the sadistic Arno Frye, followed by son Judas and wife Elise, makes his way out through the curtain. The Sociopath of LA kisses Elise on the lips while stood on the stage as gigantic Judas stands there, gazing stony-faced around him at the jeering crowd. The vicious trio make their way down the aisle, Arno meeting Kameron’s stare with a psychotic grin, while the fans continue to boo.

    O'Connell: Here they are, Studio 72.

    Baker: They look focused and ready to go! It's gonna be a long night for Kalmar!

    O'Connell: Kameron looks as focused, in my eyes. This will be a close one.

    Arno is at the end of the aisle and Judas and Elise flank the sides of the ring. Arno slides into the ring and has a sick grin on his face as he maintains eye contact with the man who has stood up to oppose his terrifying antics backstage in RWK. After a few moments, Arno lifts one hand, which seems to tell Judas and Elise to leave, which they do, turning away and walking back up the ramp together. The referee attempts to persuade both men to back into their corners as Frye’s music fades but neither man seems to have any intention of doing so. After a few seconds of trying to interrupt the bizarre staring contest in the ring, the official gives up and calls for the bell to cheers from the crowd.

    As soon as the bell rings, Frye looks down and to his right, as if so intimidated by Kalmar that he can no longer hold his gaze, but swiftly proves that not to be the case as he nails Kameron with a forceful backhand slap to the face, causing winces from the crowd. Kalmar looks as if his famous inner rage could be about to boil over but he stops himself, balling up his fists and shaking his head quickly to try and stay in control of himself. Arno capitalises on this by leaning backwards, then dropping Kameron with a headbutt right to the forehead and proceeding to stomp repeatedly on the larger man’s chest to boos from the crowd. Frye continues with the stomps right to the breastbone before seeming to grow bored and turning his back on Kalmar, laughing maniacally to himself. He ducks between the ropes onto the apron and stares at his opponent with a predatory gleam in his wide eyes, as Kameron begins to get back to his feet, clutching at his chest.

    The 156lb-er springboards off the top rope, looking for a flying knee strike, but Kalmar ducks out of the way. Frye rolls through and sprints back at Kameron, who nails him with a vicious lariat that turns the Studio 72 leader inside out! Refusing to rest on his laurels, the Detroit native stands quickly and pulls Arno up, hooks his arm, kicks out his leg and flings Frye onto his spine with a snap suplex. Arno laughs again and gets back up quickly, but Kalmar is ready and backhand chops Frye hard on his pale chest, then comes back with a forehand slap to the same spot. Kameron continues to drive Arno back towards the nearest corner with alternating backhand and forehand chops to the chest, to the sound of slowly escalating cheers, until Frye is left leaning against the turnbuckles. At this point, still aiming to pay Arno back for screwing him out of the European title match at Kings of the Empire, Kalmar switches, very appropriately, to European uppercuts, repeatedly clocking the jaw of the self-proclaimed artist. The referee begins a five count to ensure Kameron gets Arno out of the corner and Kalmar lifts his hands away at three, with a nod for the official. He then turns, takes five steps backwards, then sprints into Frye with a running cross-body against the turnbuckles that causes Arno to fall forwards, semi-conscious, onto the canvas.

    Kameron still doesn’t appear to be finished with this onslaught, though, as he wraps his arms around the hips of Frye and lifts him with considerable ease into a belly-to-back position. He then powers him up and over with a German suplex, dropping Arno right on the back of his neck! Kalmar bridges into a pin momentarily but, before the official can begin a count, he sits down out of it, deciding he wants to inflict more payback and try to get Frye out of his way to the European Championship, before going for the win. Kameron once again lifts Arno to his feet, this time by the back of his trousers, which he then uses to pull Frye back-first towards him and lift him up into the Electric Chair position. Kalmar smiles, nods, then attempts to launch Arno upwards for the facebuster that he calls the Ride to Hell...

    …and he connects! Kameron picks Frye’s ankle then rolls him over, using the leg to pull back into a pin. One! Two! Thr- no! Frye rolls his right shoulder up at two and a half! This surprises Kalmar who stares, almost unbelieving at Arno, who slowly pulls himself onto his knees.

    “How tame!”

    Frye’s remark appears to finally earn the true ire of Kameron Kalmar, who pulls him roughly to his feet by his neck and hurls him out of the ring, sending him tumbling over the middle rope and down to the concrete floor. Kameron looks out into the crowd, then nods to himself and follows him out of the ring despite the pleas of the ref, who then begins his count.


    Kalmar takes his time about getting back on top of Frye and pays for it, as Arno uses Kameron’s momentum of walking towards him to toss him into the barricade with a snap exploder suplex!


    Frye stands up and taunts the crowd, who boo him loudly, by holding his arms out to the side and laughing.


    Kalmar is fuelled by this and so only takes a few seconds to get up, then runs at Arno who turns around into a Thesz Press onto the floor, which Kameron follows up with a string of right hands to the jaw.


    Kameron lifts up Arno once more and grabs him between his legs and behind his head, before turning him upside down and lifting him into position for a body slam. But Kalmar sits out and forces Frye back-first into the concrete with a Michinoku Driver!


    The Michigander seems exhausted by all the rage he has taken out on Arno in this match and uses the barricade to pull himself to his feet, before leaning against it to catch a breather. A few seconds later, Frye sits up, clutching at his spine but also laughing. Kalmar is now stunned by Arno’s resilience and can do nothing but stare as Frye gets to his feet, looking back and laughing at Kameron.


    The two face off on the floor for a moment, Arno still guffawing at the punishment Kalmar has dished out…

    …then, suddenly, the lights in the arena go out! The ring, crowd and competitors are bathed in darkness for around ten seconds, hundreds of people trying frantically to see what’s going on by use of the torches in their phones. When the lights return, those people are shocked to see not just Kameron Kalmar but also Arno Frye laid to waste, assaulted in the darkness by individuals now nowhere to be seen. The referee is conflicted but, seeing no evidence of the attack favouring either man, continues his count.





    Neither man stirs in the remaining few seconds of the match and the ref calls for the bell with both competitors still laid out on the concrete.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, due to a double count-out, this match is a draw!”

    The audience boo as they have been robbed of a true finish to this fascinating encounter. EMTs and medics run down the ramp to attend to both of the unconscious foes, as we cut back to the announce team.

    O'Connell: I...shocking scenes here tonight, ladies and gentlemen. We have no idea what's going on, but there are EMTs down here and everything is carnage.

    Baker: But what a match! These two destroyed one another!

    O'Connell: Yes, they did, Vincent. However, I have a feeling that this is far from over.


    Announcer: This next match is scheduled for one fall and it is a “Hair vs Date match.” As agreed by the participants, if Nova would lose this match, she would be forced to go on a date with her opponent, and if Brien Storm is to lose, he must have his head shaved!

    With the unique stipulations announced, the camera zooms in towards the side of the ramp where a small stage is set up where there is a barber’s chair and pole set up, along with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates shaped like a heart, two nods to the things at stake in this match. While it may seem a bit strange to some, to the competitors in this match, this is kind of a big deal.

    Announcer: Introducing the participants first, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, she is the Punk Rock Princess, Nova!​

    As the now recognizable theme song of the beloved girly Punk-Rocker begins to build through the speakers of the arena as the lights turn pink and the fans cheer. The theme song builds and builds until Nova makes her way out, perhaps not quite as cheerful as she normally is and she has her usual ring attire on along with a black jacket and pink and black skirt. She gives a curtsy on the stage and walks over to the barber chair where she picks up a pair of scissors there. She hopes, to get even with her pursuer, to take his beloved hair from him. She puts the scissors down and she starts to head down the ramp.

    Baker: Why? Why won’t Nova confess her love for Brien?​

    O’Connell: Love? Do you realize she has said no several times and Brien hasn’t been able to take it? I get Brien is a bit of a celebrity, but he can’t harass and treat someone like he has. Hell, he even tried to spy on her in private!​

    Baker: It was just a “test,” bud. If you were romantic, you’d understand.

    O’Connell: Well, with Nova, two things may happen, one, she can shave the head of Brien Storm’s head to get a measure of payback, or she will have to go on a date with him.

    Baker: I’ve seen blood feuds with higher stakes, but I think Nova will need to get some mouthwash and enjoy a lovely evening with “The Brien.”

    Nova high fives some of the fans down the ramp and tries to keep herself calm as she has been worked up over the build to this match. She walks around the ringside area before she slides onto the apron, sitting on it cross-legged. Nova breaks out a small smile before she stands up to remove her skirt, and she tosses it aside. Entering the ring under the middle rope, she heads up the turnbuckles in the corner where she does a hair flip. Removing her jacket, she drops it to the official, Ted Kennedy, and he puts it away as her theme music fades away and the lights are back to normal as she looks down at the entranceway.

    Announcer: And her opponent, from High Green, Sheffield, England, weighing in at 220 pounds, Brien Storm!

    Despite him being a rockstar, the Glasgow crowd are quick to boo the self-proclaimed “Captain” as his theme music plays and builds. As soon as his name is said, Brien makes his way out holding a black Gibson Les-Paul guitar with a headset around his head with a microphone. His music cuts rather short and he talks into the microphone.

    Storm: Luv, this song is for you.

    Baker: Yes! Live concert from Brien! This will surely win the heart of Nova!

    O’Connell: Oh...I don’t think this will end up well...

    With Brien starting to play the intro to “I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor” Nova immediately looks to be infuriated as she grabs her hair and swears under her breath. The Rockstar strums the guitar until it is time for him to sing.

    Storm: Stop making the eyes at me…

    He heads further down the ramp, with him winking towards Nova.

    Storm: I'll stop making the eyes at you…

    And what it is that surprises me
    Is that I don't really want you to
    And your shoulders are frozen (cold as the night)

    Oh but you're an explosion (you're dynamite)
    Your name isn't Rio, but I don't care for sand
    Lighting the fuse might result in a bang, with a bang-go!

    Storm is near the end of the ramp and Nova has had more than enough of his failed attempts to woo her. She rushes out of the ring and Brien stops playing, opening his arms wide, expecting for her to leap into his arms, but she instead she jumps and hits a Super Kick directly on the chin, dropping Brien and his guitar’s weight on him!

    The Ted Kennedy rushes over to try to prevent any more of the assault as Nova rips the guitar off his back and, like a true rockstar, walks over to the steps where she smashes the guitar repeatedly, breaking the neck of the guitar! The fans cheer with the smashing display and Nova tosses the guitar away. Storm struggles to his feet as Nova turns around and hits him with a hard kick to the ribs, pushing him against the railing at the end of the ramp. She repeatedly kicks him in the gut before Brien pushes her off him towards the opposite railing. He runs at her, but Nova goes low, drop kicking him in the knee and sending him face first into the metal! Nova is fueled by anger and there seems to be little stopping her as Brien was caught off guard, clearly unable to serenade her with the song like he expected. Nova pulls him to his feet and pulls him the best she can into the ring under the bottom rope and enters the ring herself, finally giving an official beginning to the match.

    Brien sits in the corner in an attempt to reassess the situation and whether or not trying to pursue a relationship with Nova is really worth it. The Punk-Rock Princess, showing she is anything but a damsel needing to be saved herself, walks on the middle turnbuckle above Storm and pushes off, slingshotting herself with a dropkick right to the chest of Storm! Brien rolls, holding his chest which was hit with an almost heart-stopping impact, as Nova is quick to try to pin Brien, hooking the leg as the official gets to one count as Storm wills his shoulder up before two.

    Unphased by the kick out, the fairly new competitor shows a bit of veteran-like instincts in her and keeps the pressure on Brien. As Storm rolls to his back, Nova secures a chin lock while driving her knee into his spine. She tries to keep the Captain of RWK down to the mat, and while she is much smaller, she is able to apply enough pressure to keep him down momentarily. Seeing his foot is close to the ropes, Brien eventually flails it around until his toe can rest on the bottom rope and that is enough for Nova to be told to release the hold. She backs up from Brien as Storm pulls himself up by the ropes. She kicks him again in the chest with a hard kick so that he is leaning against the ropes.

    With the anger flowing through her, combined with her surprise start to the match, Nova is in control as she once again connects with a hard kick to the chest before she backs up and hits a spinning back heel kick under the chin, creating a loud crack heard through all of Glasgow! Brien stumbles forward and Nova tops it off by dragging him closer to the middle of the ring and drops him face first to the mat with a Flatliner!

    Brien is on the mat and Nova looks to be finally calming down a bit, unleashing a bit of her anger, as she goes to the far side of the ring, looking at Brien on his back. She blows a kiss before running off the ropes and hangs springing herself into her “Around the World” Handspring Moonsault, almost knocking the wind out of Storm! She hooks the leg again.



    And Brien gets his shoulder up, continuing the match and now it is perhaps finally dawning on him that Nova isn’t holding back due to “lovey-dovey feelings” and she is taking it to him on all levels. Brien coughs from Nova snapping herself on his abdomen and the Punk-Rock Princess is preparing for Brien’s (not so) Fairy-Tale ending as she slaps her leg. She lifts her leg, but Brien side steps her and picks her up in a fireman’s carry. She brings her closer to the center of the ring and drops her gut first on his knee, a Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster!

    Finally, B-Storm is coming to his senses and has changed tides in the match as he dodges a potentially disastrous move from Nova and now he knows that if he wants a chance to be with her, that he needs to win this match. Nova grabs her gut as Storm gets behind her and steps on her legs before pulling her arms for a surfboard, stretching her ribs. She grunts in pain, but she doesn’t appear to want to give up, especially with what will happen if she loses, but the hold is adding wear and tear to her body. The official, Ted Kennedy, asks her again if she is going to submit and she shakes her head “No” showing zero give in her and zero fucks given to what Brien wants. Eventually, Brien, seeing he has done enough damage and Nova won’t submit in ten thousand years, lets go of the hold. He rolls her onto her back for a pin, but Nova powers out at two.

    Brien grabs Nova in a front facelock and drags her up, popping a European uppercut for good measure just under the chin. He Irish whips her across the ring and as Nova comes back, she is caught for a pendulum backbreaker, dropping her across his knee. Nova rolls on the mat, obviously feeling pain as the midsection now appears to be the target of Storm’s offense. Storm, shaking his head, knowing what he must do to get the date with the girl of his dreams. He pulls her up before picking her by her legs so she is draped over his back and with great force, he slams Nova down to the mat with an Alabama..or Sheffield Slam! He is quick to pin Nova after her back and head slammed on the mat, trying to put her away as quick as he can.



    And Nova gets her shoulder up, keeping her single status alive. She appears to be dazed as Brien goes in for a big move. He holds her up in a front facelock in a DDT position. He lifts her up, but Nova blocks the move and pulls him over on his shoulders with a small package. Kennedy slides in to count the pin and, just by a sliver of a second, Brien gets his shoulder up, nearly losing his hair in the process!

    Brien looks up with a shocked face as Nova tries to get to her feet, attempting to collect herself. Storm stumbles towards the ropes as Nova gets up behind him, coming to her senses. She jumps and locks her legs around his neck, looking for a reverse Frankensteiner, but Brien grabs the ropes. Nova hangs upside down and, feeling panicked, she pulls herself back up, before Storm drops her to the mat with an Electric Chair Drop! Where is her chair? Brien can say “I moved your chair” with that Electric Chair drop and Nova lies on the mat, still holding her back and abdominal region in pain.

    Taking a deep breath, Brien knows that he needs to put Nova away soon if he doesn’t want to hurt her too much. He holds her up in a scoop slam position, aiming for the Eye of the Storm Michinoku Driver. Just before he can have the chance to lay Nova out once and for all, Nova elbows him in the chin and turns it around into a Tilt-a-whirl DDT, spiking him into the mat! Nova escapes and she has a second win as she lies in wait for Brien, before blowing a kiss towards him and jumping with a Single-Knee Facebuster, the Fairy-Tale Ending!

    Brien falls to the mat and is in prime position for Nova to put him away. She holds her ribs in obvious pain, but she climbs the turnbuckle rather slowly, but she makes it to the top. She keeps her balance and the Starlight Splash is ready to go. Nova flips backward, corkscrewing through the air just as Brien Storm is rolling out of the way. Sensing disaster, Nova tries to land on her feet. Just as her feet touch the ground, there is a pop and Nova collapses to the mat, screaming as she holds her ankle.

    Official Ted Kennedy senses something is off right away and goes over to check on the Punk-Rocker. She crawls towards the ropes, still holding her ankle and she mutters something to Ted just as Brien Storm is back to his feet and he is walking over. Kennedy stops him, directing him towards his corner before standing in front of him, hands on his hips, as ringside doctors head over towards Nova. They press on her ankle for a moment as Nova winces in pain and they talk to the official before heading to the time keeper’s area and an announcement is made along with the bell ringing.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the official has ordered a stop to the match and this match is declared a No Contest.

    The commentators and the fans are usually hushed as the medical personal check on Nova. Brien buries his face in his hand and he pulls Ted Kennedy aside for a moment. The medical team asks Nova to sit on the apron and she lets her feet hang over, with the doctor’s helping her so she can keep weight off her ankle. Ted Kennedy walks over to the medical personal and talks to his ear piece for the second before he gestures for Brien to come over. Two doctor’s help Nova move as she heads towards the rampway as Brien unexpectedly leads the way. Despite his attempts to ‘woo her’ getting on her nerves, Nova lets him do this one gesture as the fans clap, knowing she is alright as the commentators finally speak.

    O’Connell: Well, ladies and gentlemen, as we all know our athletes always take risks when they’re in the ring, and circumstances like that are where we forget about what happening and do what is right.

    Baker: Nova took a nasty landing on her ankle and with a pop like that, it is better to prevent any risk. As much as we as wrestlers want to go on, it was better to stop it.

    O’Connell: Hopefully before the show is up or after the show, we’ll give a medical update but the show must go on. We wish Nova a speedy recovery.


    O'Connell: We will now speak with KJ Kidd for the first time since Kings of the Empire, via satellite. Hello, KJ, can you hear me?

    The lights dim, and on the screen appears a glowing, eyeless, animated face of KJ Kidd in front of a black background:


    O'Connell: Oh Jesus! KJ, what the hell?

    The lips of the face are the only part which move, and the voice is KJ Kidd's actual voice, but is multiple words and syllables taken from his past interviews and promos spliced together with a computer. Certain words seem to glitch out, with strange robot-esque or whispering effects added to the voice and sometimes making them last longer than they should.

    "KJ": Yes, it is me, KJ Kidd. Let's get on with this interview. I'm not Kidding around.

    O'Connell: This is just...creepy. I don't even know what to say right now.

    "KJ": Didn't you want to ask me about my condition?

    O'Connell: Well, I...

    "KJ": I am in a world of pain. It hurts to move. I am a mere shell of the man I was before. There is no SOOOOUUULLLL left in me.

    O'Connell: I'm sorry to hear that. Do you or your doctors have any idea on when you may return to the ring?

    "KJ": I will never return to the ring. I am too haunted by DEMONS to ever step foot in a ring again.

    O'Connell: What about your wife and daughter? How will you provide for them?

    "KJ": Rin and Peyton are DEEAAAD. All my friends are DEEAAAD. All I have now is myself, and the DEMONS that torture me every day.

    O'Connell: What? But your fans...will you at least come back to say goodbye?

    "KJ": My fans are DEEAAAD. I am a failure. But my DEMONS demand that I am at Democracy Rules. They wish to see me suffer, and so I must be there next month. All I want is to be able to live again, with no DEMONS. I want to go back to living my dream. But first, at Democracy Rules, I must wake up from this


    The face on the screen flashes bright red, and the face begins to melt away from the top to the bottom as the screaming repetition of "nightmare" slowly fades away.


    Following the terrifying scenes of just before, the audience is winding themselves down when a familiar theme kicks in on the PA for a large pop from the crowd.

    As "His World" plays around the arena, the lights go out, a single white spotlight at the top of the ramp. At 13 seconds, Will emerges from behind the curtains, he enters the spotlight and jogs on the spot, his head looking down at the ground. Will then leaps up as the lights come back on, before beginning to walk down the ramp with a smirk on his face, occasionally hi-fiving fans as well as swinging his arms around to warm up.

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Shropshire, England, weighing in at 240 pounds he is "The British Supernova" Will Neilson!

    O'Connell: Making his long-awaited debut, here comes Will Neilson!

    Baker: He's a little overhyped, don't you think?

    O'Connell: Not at all! The British Supernova is here! Let's see what he can do tonight!

    Neilson gets to the apron and looks up either at the ring, before scaling the steel steps and onto the apron. Will stands on the apron for a few seconds and then climbs into the ring, scaling the turnbuckle, Will holds both arms out to the side before turning around and sitting on the top turnbuckle, waiting for his opponent.

    He doesn't have to wait long, however, as the Black Heart's theme kicks in on the PA. Azrael himself appears soon after, emerging from the back and immersing himself within the smoke pouring out from the stage. Falling in tune with the beat, Azrael performs his freeze frame movements and gets ready for the match ahead, making his way through the smoke and down th ramp to the ring.

    Announcer: And his opponent, from Cape Town, South Africa, weighing in at 214 pounds he is "The Black Heart" Azrael!

    O'Connell: Here comes Azrael, ready to prove why he truly is The Black Heart he has called himself.

    Baker: He lost to El Pecador last month, but I'm sure he can beat this overhyped fool in Neilson.

    O'Connell: We'll see, Vincent.

    Completely focused on the ring, Azrael climbs onto the apron and looks out into the crowd as he prepares himself. He then climbs into the ring and gets ready to fight.

    The beginning of the match is the two feeling one another out. They circle the ring once, and Azrael's quickness allows him to move close and away from "The British Supernova" with ease. Eventually, they circle the ring once more before Neilson evades a grapple and locks in a rear waist lock. Azrael tries prying his hands free but it's no use, and Neilson rolls back with Azrael and keeps the rear waist lock applied. Neilson keeps the hold applied until Azrael backs him against the turnbuckle, and eventually gets loose.

    Azrael kicks Neilson in the gut until Neilson escapes and lands kicks of his own with Azrael holding the top rope and taking the pain. Neilson keeps it going until locking in a wrist lock, and yanking Azrael toward the center of the ring before just pushing him away?

    Azrael is pushed against the ropes but to no rebound as Neilson uses this as an advantage to get inside Azraels mind as Will puts his hands together in the shape of an A before Azrael just runs up before hurricanrana-ing Neilson onto the mat! Neilson comes back up to a knee but Azrael starts to deliver the shots to Neilson’s back before delivering a boxing jab straight to the jaw of Neilson which flattens him.

    Azrael quickly lifts Neilson back to his feet only to keep focusing on those boxing jabs to the perfectionist’s face before setting up and hitting the falcon arrow! Azrael goes for a quick cover but Neilson quickly kicks out. Azrael quickly and violently grabs Will by the neck and tries a bulldog, but Neilson counters by planting his feet and lifting The Black Heart back for a straight jacket german suplex!

    Neilson drops Azrael on his neck and upper spine and the ring shakes on impact! The former member of the Blackheart Brotherhood rolls to the ropes and eventually to the apron, Azrael gets up and Neilson goes after him only Azrael greets him with a shoulder to the gut! Will is rocked back as The Black Heart then readies himself on the apron as the crowd start to boo, He grabs the top rope, slingshots onto it, flies off it to wrap his arm around Neilson’s head and hit a massive springboard ddt! Azrael quickly goes for a cover but Neilson kicks out at two!

    Neilson pops his shoulder up much to Azrael’s annoyance and Azrael responds with a right hand to the face. Neilson turns over on his stomach and The Master of the Final Termination drives his boot into Will’s back with another stomp. He gets him near the corner and grabs the top rope before beginning to stomp on him again! The crowd boos as The Angel of Death is backed away from the British Supernova by the referee.

    Azrael pushes him away to lift Neilson up before irish whipping Neilson into the corner but Neilson stops just before the corner. Azrael runs up from behind but The Perfectionist knows it and quickly trips up Azrael so he lands face first into the second turnbuckle! Azrael grabs his face as Neilson smirks to the audience before grabbing hold of Azrael and irish whipping him into the ropes before going for the end to the match as he aims his target for the Perfected Bullet otherwise known as the running Leg Lariat but Azrael moves out of the way at the last second!

    And it leads into Will Neilson falling onto the mat back-first! Neilson grasps his midsection and back but not for long as Azrael still holding his face, obviously still in pain from the trip into the turnbuckle, walks over and turns around to bow to the booing crowd as the heat against The Blackheart increases before Azrael jumps and delivers a beautiful & deadly moonsault splash to the ribcage! Neilson coughs viciously and repeatedly at the impact of this move!

    Neilson grabs the ropes as he tries his hardest to get up and Azrael helps him up only to to drag him to the middle of the ring to set up for the Pumphandle Half-Nelson Driver and he sets him up perfectly but as he throws him up, Neilson gets out of it and somehow lands on his feet in order to school boy roll up Azrael! It only gets two before Azrael gets out of it to hit Neilson with another hurricanrana before hooking both of the legs but again only gets two!

    Neilson suddenly uses the momentum to push Azrael back into a pin for another two count. Both competitors get out of it before Azrael suddenly captures Neilson in a cradle for the count of 2.9 until Will breaks out of it and jumps onto the back of The Black Heart, before getting him into a gedo clutch pin for an another 2.9 count.

    The clash of pins continues as Azrael then tricks Neilson into a backslide pin for the closest pin yet until Neilson gets out and as two people get back to their feet, Neilson kicks the gut of Azrael before hooking the arm and going for what is called by fans who are new to the debuting youngster as the bloody sunday but to dedicated Neilson fans, they know it as the LAG SPIKE! Neilson drops Azrael on his head before going for the cover and getting the three count that he wanted!

    Neilson rolls off as the referee comes over to check on Neilson’s ribs which was heavily attacked during the match, Neilson stands up and sits on the top turnbuckle while celebrating as the referee checks up on him. Azrael rolls to the outside as the show goes to a commercial which advertises hairspray or something.


    Following the end of Will Neilson vs. Azrael, the crowd are still dying down their reactions to the match. Azrael is gone from ringside, but Neilson is still inside the ring. The cameras focus on him as he rolls out underneath the bottom rope and walks towards the timekeeper’s area, picking up one of the spare microphones.

    O’Connell: If you’re tuning back in with us, folks, it appears that Will Neilson is still here and that he has something to say.

    Baker: What does he want now? He's already won. He's not gloating, is he?

    Neilson then enters the ring once more and stands in the centre, waiting for the audience’s reactions to finally die down.

    Will Neilson: I’ll start off by saying this, that was amazing. It feels awesome to come to a company like RWK, and face someone like Azrael. Now that I know what it feels like to step in this ring, I feel like I can take anyone on. RWK is home to such people as Ryan Vendetta, Christopher Jordan, heck… even Victor Sokolova is doing good for himself at the moment. Everyone knows that my rise to the mountaintop has only just begun, and it won’t be long before I have gold round my waist. If I need to prove myself to the people in the back, then I will have no problem facing more great athletes and win or lose, I will be sure to make an impact in each and every match I am put in….

    Neilson is swiftly cut off mid-sentence by the booming of “It Remembers” by Every Time I Die from the arena’s PA system, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Tyler Keenan himself appears a few moments later, dressed in a mahogany-coloured hoodie with a black and white two-tone baseball t-shirt underneath and a pair of grey denim jeans. He stares at Neilson from the entrance ramp for a second, but for what feels like an eternity, before spinning the microphone in his hand and making his way towards the ring.

    Baker: Oh my god! Tyler Keenan’s finally back! Here he is!

    O’Connell: It seems so! The First-Rate Manipulator is making his way down to the ring as we speak. Whatever he’s here for, we can assume it’s about Will Neilson.

    Entering into the ring, Keenan stands across from Neilson and folds his arms, looking the newly-signed RWK talent up and down with his eyes. After a few seconds, his music dies out and he raises his microphone to his mouth.

    Tyler Keenan: So, here you are. Will Neilson. The British Supernova, as they all seem to call you. I must admit, I’ve had my doubts, doubts about you and whether or not you’re worthy of all of this respect and prestige you have at your back. I’ve heard people call you one of the greatest up-and-coming talents in this business, one of the greatest men to ever step foot in a ring. I mean, your accolades speak for themselves. Two-time Precision World Heavyweight champion, one-time Intercontinental champion and no doubt so much more. But then I thought to myself, if this man’s so good, then how come he’s only coming to RWK now? What else has he left to prove?

    Neilson stares at Keenan for a few moments, the tension between the two building by the second. However, Neilson simply, and slowly, raising the microphone to his mouth once more.

    Will Neilson: I’m surprised that you know all about me in Precision. Over there, I am treated as a big deal, and I have the championships to prove it. However, in RWK, I need to climb to the top from the bottom, just like how it was when I first signed for Precision. I’m fine with that, it means showing the skills off that brought me to the top of the food chain in Precision, and one day, I will be at the top of RWK.

    Neilson pauses for a second, then continues.

    Will Neilson: Keenan… I was front row for your Hell in a Cell match against Ryan Vendetta. I have seen what you can do. It showed me that you are willing to go to hell and back in order to pick up a victory, and that is something that I like. You are exactly the person that I want to face, so I will lay out the challenge right now. Will Neilson vs Tyler Keenan… at Democracy Rules. Only then will I prove that I have what it takes to succeed in this company, to everyone in the back, and especially to you.

    Keenan pauses for a moment, pondering what he wants to say next. He then smirks and glances at Neilson, before raising the microphone once more.

    Tyler Keenan: Listen, you may be some hotshot over in Precision, but over here? Over here you’re nothing more than a rookie, like the last few people who signed contracts. I’m not trying to be a dick to you, Will, but that’s the truth here. You’re a big fish in a small pond over there, but here? You’re the smallest fish around. So, because of that, you don’t have my respect. As far as I’m concerned, until you’ve showed me that you can hang in the big leagues, you’re not worthy.

    Tyler then pauses for a moment, looking down at the mat. He then raises his head and smiles.

    Tyler Keenan: Luckily for you, you just proved that tonight.

    The crowd roars with cheers in response as Tyler smiles to himself.

    Tyler Keenan: So, you wanna give these fans a show? Then we’ll give them a show. Will Neilson vs. Tyler Keenan, Democracy Rules. If you’ve got the courage to step into the ring with me, then we’ll see truly if you’ve earned my respect.

    Keenan then extends his hand out, offering a handshake to Neilson.

    Will Neilson: You got it.

    Neilson shakes Tyler’s hand and then goes to leave the ring. But, before he rolls out of the ring, he turns around to face Keenan again, seemingly sizing him up. Will nods his head, and slides under the bottom rope, as ‘His World’ plays around the arena to signal his leave.


    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring. Accompanied by Maria Stafford and weighing in at 196Lbs. From New York, New York: Frankie Highwood!

    After his announcement, Frankie and Maria walk through the curtain together. The crowd gives them a welcome that is far from warm. The couple walk down to the ring confidently as a few hardcore Quintana fans jeer at the couple from the front row.

    O'Connell: Frankie Highwood, the man that has tormented Tyler Quintana for the past few months. Now, they're given a chance to fight it out.

    Baker: Highwood's got this. 100%

    O'Connell: You're that confident?

    Baker: Yep. Totally.

    Together, they look away from the hecklers and make their way into the ring. Frankie poses on the middle turnbuckle as Maria stands close by him. Sharing a passionate kiss, the couple looks down the ramp, awaiting the arrival of Tyler Quintana.

    Tyler Quintana's theme plays through the arena, but he doesn't enter through the curtain. His theme plays for a good twenty seconds before Tyler Quintana and Lauren Skaff make their presence known. The couple stand on the stage and stare down their rivals.

    Announcer: And his opponent, fighting out of Toronto, Canada. Accompanied to the ring by Lauren Skaff and weighing in at 215Lbs: Tyler Quintana!

    O'Connell: Tyler Quintana, here he comes. I feel he's got as much of a chance in this match as Highwood, Vincent. You're selling him short?

    Baker: Possibly, but unlikely.

    As the announcer calls his name, Tyler switches into another gear and begins high-fiving the crowd members in the front row. One of his diehards calls him over and they take a selfie together, much to the fan's delight. Tyler slides into the ring and instantly approaches Frankie and Maria, who exit the ring before he can get too close. Tyler smirks as he hops onto the second turnbuckle and poses for the crowd. He hops down, and when he lands on the mat, Frankie Highwood is once again in the ring, now without his fedora, and ready for action. Both rivals stand across from one another, ready for battle. The referee checks both men and calls for the bell to be rung.

    The bell sounds as both competitors begin circling around the ring as their respective partners cheer them on from ringside. Maria is much more vocal, however, as Lauren is much more hesitant due to her inexperience. The men lock up in the center of the ring, vying for control over the other. The larger Quintana manages to get Highwood in a headlock. It doesn’t last long, however, as Frankie charges towards the ropes and sends Quintana over to the other set of ropes. He ducks a rebounding Quintana once before leaping over him once. On the final rebound, Highwood leaps and comes crashing down onto Quintana with a high crossbody. He covers him, but Quintana quickly powers out of the count. Acting quickly, Frankie leaps into the air and attempts to come crashing down onto Quintana with an elbow drop, but he only connects with the mat.

    Quintana grabs Frankie’s arm and rolls over the Rude Boy, sending him flying with a monkey flip/armdrag combination. His grip on Highwood's arm isn’t loosened as he follows up the move with another replicant. Going for the trifecta, Quintana flips Highwood, but he puts too much on it as Highwood manages to land on his feet and thrusts his foot backwards into the lower abdomen of Quintana. This sends Quintana stumbling enough to allow Frankie to connect with a dropkick. Once again, Frankie attempts a cover, but it’s a quick kickout for Quintana.

    Not satisfied with the fact that Quintana isn’t going down easily, Frankie grabs him by the hair and whips him onto the apron. Frankie grabs Quintana by the neck and turns him around, attempting to pull him down onto the top rope. Recovering well, Quintana manages to throw an errant elbow into the back of Highwood’s head. Now the “Rude Boy” is stumbling, and the “Last Young Renegade” is in control. Sizing up Highwood, Quintana leaps and springboards from the top rope and connects with a beautiful dropkick to the jaw of Highwood. This sends Maria into a mini panic as she attempts to will Frankie to stay focused, but it falls on to deaf, or in this case, ringing, ears. As Lauren watches on intently, Quintana attempts a cover, but Highwood manages to get his shoulder up before two.

    Upset with the lack of early victory, Frustration begins to show, as Quintana begins to let his emotions get the better of him, but a willing glance from Lauren at ringside seems to calm his nerves.

    Although Tyler’s nerves may be calmed, that doesn’t change the fact that he gave Highwood enough time to recover from the dropkick. As Quintana reaches down to pull Frankie to his feet, he is greeted with a thumb to the eye, which temporarily blinds him. This gives Highwood an opening as he grabs the taller Quintana by the neck and pulls him down for a neckbreaker. Wanting to remain on the attack, Frankie begins laying into Quintana’s left arm with a flurry of stomps. This causes Quintana to duck away for safety in the corner. However, he’s ended up in the wrong corner. As the referee pulls Frankie away to avoid a disqualification, Maria Stafford pops up from behind Tyler and begins digging her nails into his face.

    Not standing for what Frankie and Maria are doing, Lauren runs into the direction of the action and shoves Maria off. Unsurprisingly, Maria doesn’t take this well and the two women begin yelling and trading insults with one another. Despite not being competitors, the women look like they’re about to have their own unsanctioned match. This is the case until the referee shouts at the two from the ring, issuing warnings to both sides. Through gritted teeth, Maria and Lauren both slowly back away from one another, not letting eye contact be broken.

    Amid the female fury, Frankie has continued his attack with a running knee into the face of a seated Quintana in the corner. Grabbing at his face and slowly rolling out of the corner, Quintana lays flat on his back in the center of the ring. Looking to seize the moment, Frankie hops onto the apron and attempts to end the match with his signature legdrop that he’s dubbed “24K Magic” in honor of the great Bruno Mars. However, unlike the rise in Mars’ popularity, Highwood comes crashing down onto his tailbone as Quintana managed to get his body just out of the way.

    The tables have now turned, as it turns out that Quintana had been playing opossum while Highwood was setting up for the legdrop. Like a bat out of Hell, Quintana dashes towards the ropes and comes back with a bicycle knee that crushes the side of Highwood’s face. The Satellite Shock gains signal as it knocks Highwood silly. Quintana covers him, but as he connected with the knee, Maria Stafford had climbed the ring apron and took the referee’s attention away from the match.

    Frustration begins to set in again as Quintana turns his attention towards the “Ratchet Redhead” in the words of Lauren Skaff. Taking his attention away just long enough, Maria steps down from the apron just as Frankie manages to raise his right forearm directly into Tyler’s “personal space.”

    Collapsing with a shriek and a thud, Tyler rolls out of the ring, landing in the vicinity of Lauren, who instantly begins checking on him. Still looking to get under the pair’s skin, Maria approaches the dup and begins throwing insults at them. “Who are you, his fucking mother? Let him take care of himself, like a man!” Not willing to put up with Maria’s pettiness anymore, Lauren leaves Tyler and approaches Maria with a cold stare. “What’re you gonna do, bit-!”

    An echo fills the venue as Lauren’s open hand connects squarely with the face of Maria Stafford. Being knocked silly, Maria doesn’t have a proper response formulated. It doesn’t matter as Lauren proceeds to pounce on Maria, clawing at her face and hair.


    The two women begin rolling around the ringside area, attempting to get the most out of this short brawl. A few strands of hair go flying as the two heroines continue to claw at one another. Eventually, the referee makes his way outside the ring and begins grabbing at the two, attempting to get them to stop. After a long attempt, he manages to get the two women separated. In one swift motion, he points at Maria, then Lauren, and then the top of the ramp, promptly ejecting both women.

    Frankie is outraged by the ejection of his girlfriend and begins yelling at the referee about his decision. This allows Tyler Quintana to act, as he charges the ring and makes a beeline for Highwood. Sensing the danger, Highwood quickly dodges while pulling the referee to take his place. Not having enough time to pull back the attack, Quintana’s knee connects with the side of the head of the referee.

    This sends the referee into another dimension as he lifelessly flops out of the ring. Aware of the situation and lack of rules for the time being, Frankie nails Tyler in his “Quinns” with a second low blow. Dropping down to one knee, Quintana can only take so much punishment to such a delicate area.

    Looking to add all of the insult to Tyler’s injuries. Frankie grabs Quintana in a pumphandle position. He cackles as he attempts to set Quintana up for his own finisher, “Dead Air”.However, the size difference is too great as Quintana manages to power out of the hold with relative ease. He shoves Highwood away towards a turnbuckle. Before hitting the corner, Highwood manages to stop himself and raises his left leg backwards, hoping to score a hat trick with Quintana’s balls. However, the pain he’s experienced gives Quintana the wherewithal to catch Highwood’s leg. The quick thinking Frankie swings his other leg around, connecting with an enzuigiri to the side of his rival’s head. A loud THWAP echos in the venue as Quintana begins reeling backward, This opens up a prime opportunity for Frankie, who charges at Quintana with a burst of speed. Leaping, his power peaks as he dropkicks Quintana in the back of the head. Frankie’s single leg dropkick sends Quintana falling to the mat, lifelessly. A replacement referee slides into the ring as Highwood covers Quintana near the ropes. For good measure, he places his feet on the middle rope, just out of the referee’s perspective. The referee slaps the mat three times, awarding Frankie Highwood victory.

    Once the bell sounds, Frankie gingerly makes his way up to his feet. The referee raises the victor’s arm high in the sky as Maria Stafford makes her way back down to the ring after being ejected not long ago. She enters the ring and hugs her boyfriend tightly. Frankie cheers in excitement as he returns the affection. The duo’s eyes meet and they nod at one another. They turn to a struggling Tyler Quintana, who is still dazed after being hit with Excursions.

    Suddenly, the couple begin taking turn stomping on the weakened wrestler. Lauren Skaff attempts to make her way back down to the ring, but Maria turns her attention to her and essentially blocks her from making any impact. Frankie continues the attack, now mounted on top of Quintana and laying into him with punches to the forehead. The repeated strikes cause enough damage to cause a small cut to form on the head of Quintana.

    O'Connell: Oh come on! What is this? This is disgusting!

    Baker: Divide and conquer, James! This is nothing more than asserting dominance!

    Despite his best efforts, the referee cannot do anything to stop this assault. Not satisfied with his work yet, Frankie walks toward the corner and strips the top turnbuckle off, exposing the solid steel. Grabbing Quintana by the hair, he drags his limp body and situates him in the corner, head directly next to the steel. Doing a mini lap to gain speed, Frankie leaps with one leg in the air and crushes the skull of Tyler Quintana against the metal.

    Quintana falls limp as he collapses in the corner. Lauren circles the ring to where her partner is and begins tending to him and calling for medical assistance. The crowd boos Frankie and Maria as they stand triumphantly in the center of the ring. The couple seem unaffected tho, sharing a long and passionate kiss to the ire of the entire audience. As his theme plays in the arena, the duo make their way to the back as medical personnel hurry to the aid of a bloodied Tyler Quintana.


    Announcer: This following match is the Steel Cage Match! In this match there are no disqualifications and the only way to win is by pinfall, submission, or escaping the cage!

    Announcer: Introducing the participants first, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, weighing in at 213 pounds, Ryan Vendetta!

    The recognizable theme music of Ryan Vendetta begins to rip through the air of Glasgow and the fans are ready to cheer and back the competitor as the lights of the arena flash red and orange as the fans look where Vendetta is coming through and the fans spot him at an exit in the crowd to the right of entrance-way. Making his way out in a trench coat, which is decked out in flames on the bottom, he has a slightly updated look as he looks to enter the cage. He looks towards the ring where the steel cage is seen set up around the ring as he appears to be dead-focused on his steel cage showdown. Ryan begins to walk through a sectioned off part of the crowd as the commentators talk about the upcoming match.

    O’Connell: Brewing and building over the past three months, these men who have been twisted and morphed in RWK face off in a structure of steel to finally settle their differences. After getting a look into the mind of Ryan Vendetta, well, now we finally understand how this transformation of his happened.

    Baker: I get it, but in the end, does that really matter? Why he has shredded his identity of old isn’t important, it is the fact he did it. I am all for it, but will that save him at all in this steel cage? He is facing against Victor Sokolova in an environment well suited for him, not to mention that last month, Victor pinned Ryan clean to the mat!

    O’Connell: I mean, Vendetta is no stranger to stipulation matches and to be frank, if Hell in a Cell was any indication, being enclosed in a cage is nothing that scares him.

    Not taking much time to high-five the fans, the Dangerous wrestler walks through the crowd with purpose before jumping over the barricade and being at ringside. He walks around the ringside area, eying up the structure. Vendetta removes his trench coat and sunglasses and does something very interesting, he climbs the structure from the outside. He scales up to the top where he is almost twenty feet off the ground and he spreads his arms out, holding both his hands with “devil horns” as he soaks in the atmosphere. He goes down into the cage with him getting on the top turnbuckle before he lands on the canvas and walks over to the far ropes. Vendetta gets on the middle rope where he grabs the steel tight with his hand, getting used to it as “Vendetta” fades away and the lights of the arena stop flashing. Ryan stands in the middle of the ring, looking out, waiting for Victor.

    Announcer: And his opponent, representing rEvolution, from Bucharest, Romania, weighing in at 266 pounds, he is the Deranged Destroyer, Victor Sokolova!

    The arena is plunged into darkness as a newer theme song for the Deranged wrestler begins to play as his theme music builds for some time. Ryan Vendetta, in the ring, leans against the side closest to the rampway. Eventually, as the lyrics kick in, Victor walks out with a lone spotlight on him. No Brad Adams, nobody else, just him in his usual attire of old jeans, kick pads, and his jacket. He gets down on a single knee, calming himself before the war until he stands up, lights coming back on as he closes his eyes as the lights turn red.

    O’Connell: This Victor Sokolova, I don’t recognize. Despite how ruthless he was when he first went into RWK...Now I think he’s truly become, well, deranged.

    Baker: I think Ryan Vendetta brought out a side of Victor even he may not be prepared for. Something I did agree with Ryan for what he said was that he somehow brings out the best and worst in people, just now it may bite him in the steel cage.

    O’Connell: Well Victor has a pinfall victory over Ryan Vendetta last month and is now ready to repeat his victory as he crushes Vendetta.

    Baker: I have a feeling both men won’t walk out of this match the same.

    Sokolova is heading down the rampway as he ignores the fans who are booing him passionately. Vendetta in the ring almost knees down so he and Victor can look each other dead in the eye with the cage between them. Victor shakes the cage himself as the two enemies look each other dead in the eyes. In the ring is official Rupert Ross who separates the two as Victor heads towards the cage door. He removes his jacket as he goes up the steps and the cage door is opened. Ross stands in the middle of the two competitors as he guides Vendetta to his corner. Victor enters and holds his arms out on his side as his theme music stops playing and he heads towards his corner. Both men are literal caged animals and are ready to be unleashed as Rupert Ross rings the bell and the match officially begins.

    As the bell echoes the start of this brutal war, both men charge at each other, grabbing the back of each other’s head and wailing at each other with punches and forearm shots. Victor appears to be at a power advantage, but Ryan Vendetta is unleashing all he has back at him, blocking one of his punches and coming back at him with a discus elbow on the chin. There is a crack as Sokolova looks to be woozy from the shot as Vendetta runs off the ropes in hopes of dropping Victor with a hard shot but he is taken down from a sudden shoulder block from the near 270-pounder. Ryan is quick to roll back up as the Sokolova is now the one to charge at the Haligonian. Sensing danger, Vendetta drops, tripping the big and using his momentum to fly into the steel cage itself! So early the cage is coming into play. Victor’s face was sent crashing into steel as Ryan keeps the pace quick and hard-hitting with him running off the far ropes and sending Sokolova once again into the metal with a hard running dropkick to the back!

    Ryan looks at Victor with a piercing glare as he sees the Deranged man perhaps shaking the voices in his head as he was knocked silly with those shots to the cage. As soon as Sokolova is to a seated position, Vendetta fires a hard shoot kick to the chest of Sokolova. This doesn’t seem to budge the bigger man, but Ryan fires off another hard kick, turning his chest red. Sokolova starts to get to his feet, so the former NGW wrestler changes approach with him kicking Victor in the side of the head, almost making him crash again into the cage as he finally starts to get taken down a peg. Vendetta holds his head in a snapmare position and eyes the steel. He backs up, before charging full force, sending Sokolova face first into the steel!

    That may be the shot to knock down Victor as Ryan Vendetta appears to have adapted well to the “new” Victor Sokolova and is at home in this environment. He goes on the apron and climbs the top turnbuckle, where he feels comfortable. He perches himself on the top and waits for his rival to get to his feet. Vendetta leaps through the air, aiming for a missile dropkick as Victor catches him on his shoulders in a powerbomb position. Victor turns the back of Vendetta towards the steel and his foe back first into the cage! Ryan falls in between the cage and the ropes as he is left coughing and holding his back in pain.

    Victor shakes his head, coming back to his senses and he focuses back towards the man he wishes to crush. He walks over towards Vendetta and pulls him up by his hair a move which is normally frowned upon, but here is perfectly legal. Vendetta tries to break his grip and he does, relying on a pele kick to break his grip. Ryan slowly gets up, attempting to get back in the ring, but Victor kicks him in the face before pulling him through the ropes so he is draped over the second rope. With a bit of a sick grin on his face, Victor Sokolova grabs Vendetta by his head and spikes him in the mat with a DDT!

    Finally getting back in the ring, Ryan is laid out on the canvas as Victor drags him towards the center. He holds Vendetta by his arm, before wrapping both his legs around the neck of the Prideful wrestler with a figure four Necklock. With both the legs putting pressure on the head of Ryan Vendetta, Victor is looking to literally crush his head as Ryan grunts in pain. Ross keeps a close eye on whether or not Ryan’s body or will break as he raises an arm and Ryan reaches up for someway out. To add a bit of insult, Victor throws various punches at the exposed head of Vendetta, wearing him down slowly. The fans clap in an attempt to get Vendetta back and just as they are clapping, almost in beat with them, Sokolova pounds the head of Vendetta in. “Keep clapping, I beg you!” Victor shouts as this almost shuts up the fans. He basks for his moment in control, spreading his arms out wide, but the seasoned Vendetta takes advantage, rolling Sokolova to his stomach and escaping his clutches. He grabs the leg of Sokolova and wraps it around his head before scissoring the leg for a Stretch Muffler!

    The modified single-leg Boston Crab gives Ryan a moment to recover and a moment to wear down the Great Destroyer of rEvolution. He keeps the leg bend and torques on it, pulling on the tendons that make up the knee as Victor, despite the pain he is in, laughs while being in the submission. Vendetta kicks him in the back in an attempt to shut him up and continues to wrench the leg of him. Sokolova, despite the obvious pressure on his leg, finds a way to shift his weight to his back, relieving some of the pressure on his leg. Seeing this, Ryan quickly lets go of the submission and grabs the leg once again, attempting to wrap around it for a Figure-Four Leglock. As he turns around, Victor kicks him away, breaking any chance of a submission hold. Victor gets to his feet and Ryan runs at him. Vendetta ducks an incoming clothesline and runs off the far ropes before coming back with a spinning wheel kick, connecting right under the chin, Danger Kick!

    Sokolova is finally taken off his feet and Vendetta has shifted momentum in this match once again. Vendetta pulls himself off the canvas, breathing heavy a bit and does a throat-cutting gesture and stalks the fallen Destroyer. The 266-pound monster gets to his feet and Ryan lifts him up from behind in an Electric Chair position, hoping for the Minefield Driver, but Sokolova claws at the eyes of Ryan Vendetta, forcing him to drop the big man. Sokolova turns Vendetta around and hits him with a hard right forearm and then a left. Ryan almost drops to a knee after the second shot and Sokolova backs up before turning around and hitting a hard spinning elbow shot, creating a loud shot through the arena. The force turns Vendetta around and Victor pulls him, hitting him with a lung blowing backstabber! A Catastrophic Combination!

    The crowd can’t help but wince at the impact and Sokolova gets up from it, looking down at Vendetta who is sprawled out on his back. He runs off the ropes and drops his weight onto the once injured ribs of Vendetta with a massive senton! Vendetta flails as he was nearly crushed by the rEvolution member. Victor crouches down and waits for Vendetta to pull himself back up. As soon as the ex-Danger Zone member is on his feet, Victor knees him in the gut and cracks his jaw on his shoulder with his Brimstone Stunner! Finally, a pinfall is attempted in the match as Victor presses the shoulders of Ryan Vendetta to the mat. One...Two…and Vendetta gets his shoulder up, keeping himself alive in the match.

    Victor holds Vendetta up in a reverse facelock and is trying to get his opponent up, aiming for his rolling Hellblade Cutter. Vendetta fights against it, trying to keep himself from getting pulled up. To release his grip, Vendetta kicks upward, connecting to the chin of Sokolova. He does it again and he is out of the powerhouse’s clutches. He lifts the bigger man up in a Fireman’s Carry and drops him abdomen first on his knee! A big gutbuster!

    Sokolova rolls towards the apron as his attempt to put away Vendetta once and for all was stopped. Ryan breathes heavy and looks towards Victor. He wipes some of the sweat off his forehead and looks to be lost in thought...thinking what has happened between them over the coming months, and everything that has to lead him to where he is now. Rage seems to be building inside of him and as Sokolova pulls himself up on the apron, Ryan hits him with a Super Kick!

    Victor bounces off the cage as his brain was rattled by that kick and one is not enough. Vendetta backs up again and connects with a second Super Kick, continuing to brutalize the Destroyer. He mutters under his breath before connecting with a third, once again slamming him against the cage. The fans are almost taken back from Ryan’s burst of anger, but can’t help but feel satisfied seeing Victor get it taken to him. Vendetta now is the one with a smirk on his face as he gives off a middle finger to Victor and caps it off with a fourth Super Kick! Victor’s face is plastered against the cage and Ryan puts one last touch for his flurry of offense as he runs off the far side of the ring and connects with a Yakuza kick to the back of the head!

    Sliding down to the apron, Victor Sokolova appears to be out as Ryan Vendetta, who’s adrenaline rush is over with, bends down on his knees, catching himself after that flurry of anger. He looks over to see that Victor is cut open from those kicks, with a gash forming on his forehead and he is about to walks over until something strange happens. Laughing maniacally, Victor Sokolova slowly rises up, pulling himself to his feet with help from the cage, looking towards Ryan Vendetta. He steps out onto the apron and stands tall, but Ryan Vendetta doesn’t seem intimidated as he throws a punch which rocks the big man, until Victor fires back with a big boot! Ryan is taken down from the kick to the chin and Victor is a man unleashed. He grabs Vendetta’s head and slams it repeatedly against the mat, unleashing all his anger on his opponent. After that, Sokolova pulls Vendetta up and picks him up from behind in a torture rack position and jumps, targeting his ribs a bit. He twirls Ryan around before sending him crashing down to the mat with a Torture-Rack Bomb!

    Vendetta was, to say something overused, planted into the mat and Victor rubs some of the blood off his face and looks at it in his hand. Ryan Vendetta cut him open and he looks to do the same to him. As his opponent is incapacitated, Victor walks to each of the turnbuckles and, one by one starts to remove the padding on them. The cage itself is already unforgiving, and Victor is looking to make the ring an even more deadly place. He removes each of the turnbuckle pads, top, middle and bottom and proceeds to do it in each corner as Ryan Vendetta slowly crawls on the mat, getting his wits about him. As Vendetta begins to stir, Victor takes him down again, kicking him in the head. After all the turnbuckles are removed, Sokolova, the evil mastermind pulls Vendetta up and Irish whips him into a corner, sending his back into the exposed steel!

    Continuing to punish Vendetta, Sokolova is enjoying the torture as he grabs Vendetta once again and Irish whips him to the opposite side of the ring, showing his power. Ryan collapses to his knees as Victor grabs him by his hair and pulls him up to his feet before taking him to another corner and throwing him head first into the top turnbuckle! Forehead first into the exposed steel! Vendetta falls and Sokolova presses his head against the middle turnbuckle, continuing to grind the face of Vendetta into mush. Eventually, he stops and Ryan collapses to the mat. Victor laughs before pulling Ryan up, who is practically on spaghetti legs, and throws him face first into the cage, sending him to the mat with his face cut up and bleeding!

    Both men are busted open and this encounter is living up to the levels of brutality these two men have promised. Victor kneels down and spreads his arms wide laughing “Should have joined me...but now it is too late…” He pulls Vendetta up so his head is between his thighs and lifts him up, slamming him into the mat with a Powerbomb! Ryan is taking a beating as Victor is in complete control. With the blood still pouring down from his face, Victor does something uncharacteristic of himself, he heads towards the apron and climbs the top turnbuckle. This doesn’t seem like an escape attempt as it appears neither man wants to leave the cage, but Victor perches himself on the top and dives, flipping forward for a Swanton Bomb which misses its mark as Ryan rolls out of the way!

    Despite being more monster than human at this point, even Victor can’t help but feel the pain after crashing to the mat. He rolls, holding his back, towards the corner in an attempt to have a moment of peace before Ryan can capitalize. The fans start to clap, backing Ryan Vendetta as the man who was just on the receiving end of a beating for the past while, pushes himself up and looks towards Sokolova with cold eyes. He readies himself and just as Victor is to his feet, he charges, hitting a running dropkick that sandwiches the Destroyer between his feet and the metal turnbuckles! This doesn’t drop Victor yet as Vendetta, starting to feel a rush, backs up to the opposite side of the ring. He gestures for Victor to “bring it” before charging again, hitting a dropkick that knocks down Victor finally. Vendetta looks towards the turnbuckles and quickly climbs them...before going a bit higher, getting closer to the top of the cage. He is inches away from the top before Victor comes to his senses and tries to grab his foot. Vendetta kicks him off him before rushing to the top of the cage. With his back turned, he jumps, flying through the air with a crossbody off the top of the cage! Ryan holds his ribs in pain, but he makes the pin attempt.



    And Sokolova wills himself on! The extra height to the crossbody caused more damage to both men and now Ryan Vendetta believes it is time to put this match away. He goes behind Victor again and tries to pick him up in the Electric Chair position, but he is in too much pain to do so. He immediately drops Victor and the rEvolution member goes to work. He knees Vendetta in the side of the head and runs off the ropes. As he reaches Vendetta, the last NGW Roulette Champion does a hard side-kick to the ribs and holds him in for a front-facelock. He spins Victor around before dropping him on the back of his head with the Hangman’s Horror!

    After the Spinning Reverse DDT, Ryan has an opening. At this point, by whatever means possible, he must escape with a win. Vendetta staggers over towards the side of the ring. With the punishment, he has taken and the cuts on his face, he is getting more and more exhausted. He presses his head against the steel before making the climb up. The fifteen feet of the cage feels like a mountain as Ryan pulls himself higher just as Victor starts to stir. This time, Ryan doesn’t appear to notice as Sokolova gets to his feet and sees Vendetta getting close to the top. In an act of desperation, Victor grabs one of his legs and pulls him off...but he catches him from behind, hooking both his arms in a Double Chicken Wing! He holds Vendetta up before dropping him across his knees for his Double Chicken Wing Gutbuster, Say Your Prayers!

    Ryan is taken out as his injured ribs are once again attacked and he is in a prime position to be put away for good. “Time to crush you…” Victor mutters as he holds Ryan up in a position for a Hellblade once again. Vendetta’s arms flail and just as Victor appears ready to roll, Vendetta finds a way to slip out. He escapes the grip of Sokolova and hits a jumping enzuigiri to the head of Sokolova! The evil Romanian is hit with great force, but he isn’t taken out. He quickly grabs Vendetta from behind again and this time he rolls Vendetta face first into the mat with the Hellblade!

    Through the momentum of the move, Vendetta rolls on the mat, stopping half-way across the ring as Victor is too starting to feel fatigue. His cuts are getting bigger and bigger with more crimson blood dripping from his forehead and he needs to take a moment to breathe. He looks around and sees the door of the cage and, perhaps swallowing his pride a bit, gestures for it to be opened. The door of the cage is now swung open and Victor has his ticket out of the match. He needs a few moments to make sure he is capable of making the crawl. His head was rattled earlier in the match and now he is finally starting to feel the affects of it. He squirms his way forward, getting closer to the exit as Vendetta, who is still feeling the affects of the Hellblade, rolls over to his stomach and sees that Victor is slowly itching his way to victory. He is weak, but just as all hope seems lost, he hears “Vendetta...Vendetta” from the fans with their chant building and building. Sokolova’s hand is on the bottom rope and he is pulling himself outside, but something inside Ryan’s brain clicks and he rushes almost like he was intoxicated, and grabs Sokolova from behind. He hooks him in a Full Nelson and gets him on his feet. He snaps backward, sending Victor crashing backward with a Dragon Suplex! The door is closed and that escape route is cut off.

    Ryan is breathing heavy as he sent Victor overhead. He wipes off some of the blood from his forehead and slowly looks up as Victor, showing that he can perhaps match is resiliency, slowly gets to his knees. Laughing Victor mutters “You’re weak, Ryan…” He slowly spreads his arms out. “You’re nothing. You fear me...I will shoot to kill and I will end it all…” This sets off Vendetta and he does a quick throat cutting gesture before getting up quickly and giving the hardest Roundhouse kick possible, right to the head of Sokolova!

    Vendetta’s snapped, that pushed him over the edge. Victor seems to be taken down from that kick, but Ryan is not done with him. He brings the 266-pound man towards the ropes where he slowly brings him to his feet and ties his arms in the ropes. Now he feels no pain...He has all the energy in the world, he is running on pure anger and hatred for Victor. He backs up from Victor and hits another Roundhouse kick to the head with it bouncing off the cage. The fans are on the edge of their seat, not seeing Vendetta ever reach this extreme before as Vendetta continues with another kick and another, and another...until he has kicked him in the head six times back to back with thunderous roundhouse kicks. Victor falls out of the ropes, lying face first on the mat as Vendetta kneels before him in a similar pose to him, with his arms out with devil horns. All his anger is being let out.

    The stomach of Vendetta is being sucked in and out as his blood is boiling. All of the insults, all the belittling has pushed him over the edge. He does a throat cutting gesture one last time and gets up, although he appears to be very off-balanced himself. His body has also taken a beating and even if he is ignoring it, his body is on its last legs too. Somehow, Victor finds it in him to crawl towards the ropes to get himself up and Ryan is the one who is shooting to kill. He picks Victor up in the Electric chair position and, despite the near 50-pound weight advantage Victor has, Ryan keeps him above his head. He grabs his head and with all his might, slams him down with the Minefield Electric Chair Driver!

    Victor hits the mat hard and, taking a lot out of him, Vendetta collapses to the mat, looking up at the lights. Both men are worn down from this match and Ryan Vendetta doesn’t have it in him to go for the pin. He rolls over to his stomach and looks around at the crowd. These fans have been behind him for this match, but at the same time are taken back by what happened moments ago. Sokolova, feeling the affects of all those kicks and the Minefield Driver dropping him on his head rolls in a daze. He is out of it. Not feeling like he is able to roll Victor on the mat for the pin, Ryan decides to escape once more as it appears the way is paved for him to win. He goes over to the cage wall, crawling on his hands and knees before he pulls himself up again and makes the climb. He is uninterrupted on his way up as the fans are cheering, happy that, after all this time, Vendetta will finally escape the hardship he has faced. He has his hands on the top of the cage and he looks back to see...Victor starting to get up.

    Despite having his head nearly caved in, the Deranged Destroyer is showing just how his brain has been warped and twisted, he is on a knee and appears to be attempting to get up, but Ryan has all the time in the world to get out. Vendetta gets to the top...but he doesn’t go over. He closes his eyes and thinks..thinks about what Victor has promised to do to him..he must put the finishing blow on the rEvoltion member. Ryan stands on top of the cage, facing away from Victor and he jumps! Flying towards him, Vendetta has his arm out, trying for the largest Mystical Space Typhoon of his career, and Victor is up...only to fall down before Ryan is able to hit his move!

    Vendetta, falling fifteen feet from the top of the cage, crashes into the mat and the lift is sucked out of the crowd. Sokolova appears to not even know what had happened as he sees Vendetta sprawled out, face first on the canvas. Sokolova can barely stand, but he pulls Vendetta up and holds him in a reverse facelock. It is rather weak looking, but Victor rolls Vendetta over for a second Hellblade! Vendetta is sent face first into the mat and his momentum sends him on his back as Sokolova drapes the arm over for the pin as Rupert Ross counts.




    Announcer: And here is your winner, Victor Sokolova!

    O’Connell: After sheer brutality, Victor Sokolova finally gets his big solo victory, proving that his victory last month wasn’t a fluke.

    Baker: But he isn’t standing tall...He looks to be out of it, he and Vendetta...Both these men put their bodies on the line for this match and both men need help now, we already saw Nova get injured tonight, we may have two more after this.

    Rupert Ross raises Victor’s hand, but the Deranged Destroyer falls back down to the mat and the cage is being raised as the medical team make their second appearance of the night, this time to check on the competitors after the steel cage match. They brought two stretchers, one for each of the competitors. Ryan starts to come to life, rolling to his stomach as, with the music that is playing in the background, it dawns on him that he lost...He balls his hand into a first and closes his eyes. Victor appears to be contempt on staying put, not really moving much after that match. The EMTs bring a spinal board for Victor and bring the deranged wrestler on it. They carry him over to the stretcher at ringside carefully and place him on it. Ryan rolls to the outside of the ring where he falls on his hands and knees and the doctors try to help him up, which he refuses and gets to his feet by leaning on the apron. He looks towards Victor who is being rolled out as someone steps on the stage.

    Appearing for the first time in front of the RWK crowd is new assistant to the owner, Kristina Oliver who stands on the stage as it appears another RWK wrestler is injured. Victor is rolled up the ramp as Kristina looks at Sokolova. The EMT’s talk to her for a moment as Victor appears to mutter to himself, showing just how twisted his brain is even with the blows to it. He is rolled off as Vendetta makes his way up the ramp, with each attempt the doctors have of helping him being denied.

    He almost collapses to his knees at the top of the ramp, but barely keeps himself up as, for the first time, he stands face to face with Kristina. She yells at him as the camera is close enough to pick up what she is saying.

    Oliver: I hope that you're proud of yourself. Not only have you proved that you don't have the stomach to succeed when it matters most, but that you also don't have the balls to fight a man like he should be fought. You let your anger and your lust for vengeance get in the way and you've cost this company because of it. Sokolova could be injured, permanently, and we've got to deal with that because of your recklessness and irresponsi…

    Tired of hearing her speech, Vendetta barges past her as she turns around, even more infuriated.

    Oliver: You know what, Ryan? I don't know why you're still here! I should fire you for the trouble you've caused us in recent months! Don’t you dare walk away from me!

    She heads towards the back as the audience is left to digest what had happened.

    O’Connell: That..That is Kristina Oliver, what was she on about?

    Baker: Well, she is high up in the company and I guess she didn’t take too kindly to what Vendetta did in that match as another injury occurs...


    As the crowd prepare themselves for the next match, the sound of a thunderstorm crackles over the PA system. It is then followed soon after by a string of notes from an acoustic guitar, before that fades out into the thunder once again. Taking a few more seconds to hype the anticipation, the actual music kicks in on the PA system and has the crowd up from their seats with a chorus of boos.

    “Short Change Hero” by the Heavy fully kicks in as the first participant of the match, the self-proclaimed true European Champion Vitor Mata, makes his way out of from behind the curtain. Flanked by the woman that he said he was bringing to the ring, the one that he promised that he would, the Olympic gold medallist judoka Telma Monteiro, Mata looks ready and willing to go out and win the match tonight.

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Lisbon, Portugal, weighing in at 230 pounds and accompanied to the ring by Olympic gold medallist Telma Monteiro, he is Vitor Mata!

    O'Connell: Here he is, Vitor Mata. He means business tonight.

    Baker: He has what it takes. We're looking at the next European Champion.

    Walking down the ramp with one clear intention on his mind, Mata ignores the jeers and boos of the fans as he reaches the end of the ramp and looks upon the ring. This is his time, his chance to prove that he is worthy and to show everyone on the landscape of RWK that he deserves to be the European Champion. Climbing up the steel steps and entering the ring within moments, Mata knows has prepared himself the best he can for what is to come and that his ‘reinforcement’ has made herself ready at the side of the ring.

    He doesn’t have to wait long for his competition, however, as the theme song playing quickly changes from his own to that of his opponent’s. “The Runaway” by The Word Alive kicks in as Christopher Jordan walks out from behind the curtain, flanked by his best friend and tag partner in Tyler Keenan. Dropping to one knee and pointing to the sky with both index fingers, the fans cheer as they know Christopher Jordan is ready and able to do what he wants to do tonight.

    Announcer: From Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 220 pounds and accompanied by “The Modern-Day Wordsmith” Tyler Keenan, he is “The Runaway” Christopher Jordan!

    O'Connell: Extremely Lethal present themselves tonight, but the focus is on Christopher Jordan tonight.

    Baker: I don't think we've seen Jordan this focused before, it's strangely encouraging!

    Ready for what is to come, Jordan walks down the ramp with focus, very hyped up as he nods his head along to his theme song. He jumps from ringside onto the apron and gets into the ring, proceeding to climb the second turnbuckle and point to the sky one more time, before getting back down to await the arrival of his opponent. He stares down Vitor Mata as Keenan takes his own place at ringside, but any tensions boiling between the two are interrupted by the change of theme.

    “Ignition” by Tobymac kicks in as the titantron of Chris Young flashes up on the screen, quickly followed by the man himself. Dressed in his signature hooded vest and flanked by Lilith Young, as always, Chris Young looks ready to finally claim the RWK European Championship. Standing in the centre of the ring, Young throws his hood back and stretches his arms out to the sides. Then, with focus and a hop in his step, Chris Young begins to make his way to the ring.

    Announcer: And their opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at 218 pounds and accompanied by Lilith Young he is “The King That Rules the Ring” Chris Young!

    Baker: Here's my new favourite! Look at Chris Young! He's ready!

    O'Connell: The King that rules the Ring. Will he prove that tonight? We'll see.

    Entering the ring, Young walks into the center and raises his gloves together, showing off the ‘CY’ logo within the middle of them. When he is finished, Young takes his place in his corner and prepares for the start of the match. The referee walks into the centre of the ring and raises the RWK European Championship into the air, before showing it to each competitor and handing it to a secondary official on the outside of the ring. Checking that all was safe and secure, the referee checked with the secondary official and ring announcer once more, before calling for the bell.

    As all three men walk into the centre of the ring, a staredown begins between all three. However, it only lasts for a few seconds before Chris Young audibly laughs and exits the ring. Staring at him in shock, Christopher Jordan leaves himself open to attack as Vitor Mata hits him from behind with a huge forearm, clubbing him in the back of his head with some force! Jordan drops to one knee as he holds the back of his head in pain, opening himself up once more for Mata to drop him down to the ground fully with a huge boot to the side of the head. Methodically and calculated, Mata stalks Jordan as he hits him again with a boot to the chest, sitting Jordan up just enough to slam his head back down with a knee to the face!

    This beatdown upon Jordan does not last long, however, as Mata is taken by surprise with a quick roll-up from Chris Young! The return of the Amazing One shocks Mata, forcing him to kick out at two. Young does not let up, though, and takes Mata down immediately with a dropkick. Young then moves to deal with Jordan, kicking him in the chest and rolling him out of the ring as Mata becomes the only one to share the ring with the Amazing One.

    However, Young bites off more than he can chew as he tries to grab Mata, who in turn rushes him from the start and takes him down to the mat with a running shoulder block to Young’s knee. Grasping the attacked body part in shock, pain and surprise, Young is barely even able to comprehend what happened before he is dragged to his feet by Mata, who locks him into a headlock and wrenches tightly on it. Trying to cut off the oxygen supply to Young’s brain, Mata continues to hold Young in the hold, trying his best to keep himself in the centre of the ring.

    However, this does not work out as Young is able to slowly use his body weight to push himself against the ropes behind him, before rushing forwards to try and break the headlock. Young succeeds in this and rebounds off the ropes, ducking the clothesline attempt from Mata as he tries to regain a hold of the match. Rebounding off of the other ropes once more, Young tries again to take Mata down. Instead, both men are taken off-guard as Christopher Jordan slides into the ring and takes them both down with a double-armed clothesline, dropping them both down with a thud!

    Mata rolls out of the ring this time, needing time to recuperate, as Jordan prepares to attack Young once more. Both men lock eyes as Young slowly makes his way to his feet, before they lock up into a collar-and-elbow tie-up and wrestle for control. Doing their best to outmuscle one another, it is Chris Young who eventually wins the tie-up and grabs Jordan into a headlock of his own, slowing the match down as he wrenches Jordan’s head like Mata had done to him. However, Young realizes soon enough that Jordan is breaking out of the hold and transitions to an armlock, twisting and wrenching the wrist and fingers of Christopher Jordan.

    This doesn’t last, however, as Jordan is able to drop his shoulder and connect with a huge kick to Young’s face, stunning him just enough for Jordan to release himself. The Runaway doesn’t give up, however, as he grabs Young and irish whips him into the ropes, taking him down on the rebound with a huge powerslam that ripples the canvas with the impact! Feeling he has done enough damage, Jordan hooks the leg for an early pinfall, looking to put Young away!



    Vitor Mata returns to the ring and takes down the pinfall attempt, kneeing Jordan in the head once more with force!

    With Mata now pre-occupied with Jordan, their brawl gives Young a chance for a breather. Rolling out onto the apron, he watches the two men as they trade punches and kicks, trying to take one another down. Young, however, is not interested in a breather as he prepares himself once more. Just as Mata pushes Jordan away with an elbow to the face, Young dives into the air and takes Mata down with a huge forearm strike that drops him right down onto his head!

    Scrambling to his feet, Young tries to recover himself but instead walks right into the path of Christopher Jordan, who picks him up and slams him down with a fisherman’s suplex, sending Young across the ring! Jordan takes a second to breath and recuperate, but in a match like this there are no breathers. Jordan finds this out the hard way as Mata clubs him from behind again, spinning him around and trying to throw him over the top rope. Jordan, however, rides the momentum of the throw and slides underneath the bottom rope, before grabbing Mata’s head and dropping it down onto the top rope for a huge stun gun!

    It doesn’t end there, however, as Mata turns around into a huge running clothesline from Young that sends him over the top rope, almost landing on Jordan. This gives Jordan a chance to respond as he hammers down elbows and boots into the back of Vitor Mata, who is crawling along the mats as he tries to get back to his feet. Young watches this situation unfold for a few seconds, before rebounding off the ropes behind him and throwing himself through the second rope at the pair, spilling all three competitors across the mats with force after a huge suicide dive!

    Keenan, Young and Monteiro both look shocked at the carnage that has just unfolded before their eyes, looking on to see all three men down and out on the floor after that brutal high-flying move. Keenan himself looks distressed, both at the worry for his partner and his anger at convincing himself not to become involved in this match. However, he continues to watch and have his eye on Lilith and Monteiro in case they have any tricks up their sleeves to make this an unfair match.

    All three men scramble around on their hands and knees for a few moments, trying their best to get to their feet the quickest. It is Jordan who gets to his feet first, however, and stumbles up with reckless abandon. This gives Mata a chance for revenge as he sprints at his opponent like a sprinter from the starting blocks, driving Jordan into the steel steps behind them with a running shoulder tackle! The collision sends both men back down to the floor, but looks to have left Jordan relatively lifeless and curled up at the side of the ring.

    Mata tries to get back up to his feet again, but doesn’t make it up from his hands and knees as he is knocked back down by a brutal running punt kick from Young, the force of the blow deadly-looking. An audible gasp emanates from the audience as Mata slumps down once more, the blow from Young’s foot possibly knocking him out. Young sees his chance and grabs Mata, throwing him underneath the bottom rope and rolling in himself. Still delirious and possibly half-unconscious, Mata is unable to defend himself as Young rises him to his feet and pulls him onto his shoulders. Within moments, Young slams Mata down with The Injector!

    Immediately preparing for his finisher, the Amazing Breaker, Chris Young doesn’t spot the third competitor of this match, Christopher Jordan, climbing the top turnbuckle until the very last minute. Running to the ropes, Young springboards off of them as Jordan prepares to jump and catches the Runaway right on his chin! Young’s Amazing Uppercut catches Jordan off-guard, stunning him just enough for him to lose his balance and fall from the turnbuckle, his back landing on the apron harshly on his way down to the outside!

    His attention focused on Christopher Jordan only, Young is taken off-guard by the now-rejuvenated Vitor Mata as he rushes up from behind and grabs Young, spinning him around and cracking him across the face with his elbow with a brutal attack he calls the Pantera Negra! Young takes the blow full-on and slumps down where he was standing a few moments ago, leaving himself open for Mata to prime himself for his finisher manoeuvre, the Vitoria. However, he fails in his preparations as the returning Christopher Jordan runs around the side of the ring and slides underneath the bottom rope, before proceeding to take down Mata with a violent discus clothesline that almost takes off his head!

    All three men are in the ring, exhausted from their battle. Mata is stunned from the clothesline, lying on the mat and staring at the lights while Young has still not moved after that brutal Pantera Negra a few moments prior. Resting against the ropes, Jordan takes a deep breath and rises to his feet, picking Mata up once more and pulling him onto his shoulders. Moving to the middle of the ring, Jordan proceeds to connect with Paranoia, watching Mata slump down in the centre of the ring after taking a second brutal kick to his head in his match. Making sure that both of Mata’s shoulders are down, Jordan goes for the pin…



    Thr-NO! Mata’s arm rises like a man possessed! He’s still in this!

    Shaking his head, Jordan can’t believe it. He’d thought he’d won this match. Looking over to see where Chris Young was, Jordan shook his head once more when he realized he could not see him. Walking over to his last known area, Jordan is immediately caught off-guard by Young, who was playing possum the whole time! Grabbing Jordan by his foot, Young is able to climb up onto the apron and hit Jordan with some kind of modified pele kick, sending Jordan stumbling back. Young does not let up, though, and springboards into the ring to hit Jordan with a springboard dropkick which sends the Runaway tumbling across the ring. Jordan, however, uses his ring awareness to roll out to the outside and recuperate next to Keenan, who crouches down beside him to check if he is alright.

    Meanwhile, inside the ring, Mata and Young are trading tired blows back and forth, trying to take control of the match. Mata looks to take control with a boot to the gut, before setting Young up for a powerbomb. However, Young reverses the attempt and throws Mata over his back, before Young runs at the ropes and rebounds off of them. However, this leaves him open to Mata once again, who jumps into the air and lands on Young with a huge lou thesz press, raining down stiff lefts and rights onto Young like a man on a mission. The clapping of Telma Monteiro is heard in the background as Mata continues to hammer down shot after shot on Young, who looks like he has no escape from this beatdown!

    Lilith, on the other hand, does not seem impressed by this whatsoever. Storming over to that area of ringside, Lilith pushes Telma and gets up in her face, shouting and cursing at her to try and get her to stop. However, the Olympic gold medallist refuses to back down, butting heads with the Black Rose as they continue their argument. Soon enough, their bickering attracts the attention of the referee, who moves to stop the commotion. However, since the match is a no disqualification match, there is nothing that he can do to stop them. Their argument soon enough attracts Mata as well, who tries to stop Lilith from getting up in Monteiro’s face.

    This plays right into the hands of Chris Young, who surges forwards and clubs Mata over the head, dragging him into the centre of the ring and setting up for something…Oh! Amazing Breaker! Young just hit the Amazing Breaker! It’s over! It must be!



    NO! Christopher Jordan returns in the nick of time!

    Immediately surging to his feet, Young begins hammering blows down on Jordan like a man with nothing to lose, allowing Mata to join the fray and attack him. All three men are trading blows like unstoppable monsters in the centre of the ring, neither backing down without serious force. That force eventually comes when Mata throws Young into a corner, stomping on his chest a few times before trying to lift him up onto the top turnbuckle. Throwing Young’s arm over his shoulder, Mata hoists himself up onto the second rope and looks for a superplex.

    However, neither man sees Christopher Jordan skulking and leave themselves open for him to sneak in and grab Mata into a powerbomb hold. With the force of three men, Jordan slams Young down into the mat, the momentum dragging Young from the top rope and down to the floor with a huge superplex/powerbomb combination! Jordan looks shocked as he sits back down into the corner, watching as Mata rolls out of the ring, clutching his ribs in what could be serious pain.

    Mata lands on the outside of the ring and looks to be in pain, holding his ribs with a pained expression. Mata, however, does not see the man dressed in a black hoodie that hops the railing and charges straight at him, connecting with a huge boot to the face! Mata is strewn out across the floor by this attack, shocked and awed as the man grabs him once again and throws him into the ring post in front of them, the metal clang echoing around the arena. The camera focuses in on the hooded man as he removes his hood to reveal...AARON HARROWS! What? The Australian superstar gets a huge cheer as he kicks the man who previously injured him in the face and walks up the ramp backstage, leaving the match to continue as if his attack never even happened.

    Jordan watches as Young slowly rises to his feet, stumbling and delirious after that powerful combination of moves. Seeing his chance, Jordan rises from the corner and charges at Young, spinning around to take him down with the most powerful discus clothesline that Jordan has ever thrown in his career! Young’s legs are thrown over his head as Jordan lands down on his chest, looking around in shock. He then immediately jumps on Young and pins him, causing the referee to begin the count.



    Thr-NO! Lilith Young is there! She’s pulled Young’s arm onto the rope!

    Jordan rises from the pin attempt and charges over to Lilith, shouting and screaming at her to get away. Rising onto the apron, Lilith does nothing but slap Jordan across the face and berate him, shouting that Young is the rightful champion and that Jordan is nothing compared to him. Seeing that Chris Young is being given a chance to prepare, Tyler Keenan has seen enough.Removing his hoodie, the fans see this and begin to cheer as Keenan rushes towards the nearby steel steps and leaps off of them, akin to what he did in his Hell in a Cell match with Ryan Vendetta, before taking down Lilith Young with a brutal forearm that slams them both down to the outside with a huge thud, both of them spilling out across the outside mats!

    Staring at this devastating move, Jordan is in awe. However, he does not even think of defending himself as Chris Young rushes to grab him and drag him into the ring, kicking him in the gut before slamming him down with the Amazing Breaker! Seeing his chance, Young hooks the leg!



    Three! NO! Jordan’s up! Jordan’s arm is up!

    Believing that it was three, Young gets up and raises his hand in victory. However, the referee then tells him of the kickout and Young becomes enraged. He begins to shout at the referee, leaving Jordan chance to roll out of the ring and take a breather. However, Young’s rage opens him up to the returning Vitor Mata, he rushes into the ring and pushes Young into a corner, slamming his head into the top turnbuckle and pulling him out into a huge German suplex! Vitoria! He hit it!

    Getting up straight away, Mata does not waste any time as he lays Young out and locks in the Mata Lock! The Mata Lock is synched in on Chris Young! Squirming and wriggling to try and escape it, Chris Young looks to be in the fight of his life as he tries to survive this devastating hold! But Mata will not give in! He wants this, he will not let go until Chris Young has tapped or passed out! This is his moment! It is his time! He’s going to win it all, right here, right now!

    In their madness, both men do not see a dazed and winded Christopher Jordan rise onto the top turnbuckle once more! Seeing the situation, Jordan sees only one option and flies from the top rope, slamming his elbow down into Mata’s gut with a huge flying elbow drop that stuns the audience! Immediately rolling off, Jordan moves to the side as Chris Young gets up first, enraged at being caught in the Mata Lock! He grabs the dazed Mata from behind and hits him with the Abysswalker! The Osaka Street Cutter connects as Mata is stunned even more, allowing him to walk straight into the set-up of the…YES! AMAZING BREAKER! THERE IT IS!

    Turning Mata over for the pin, Young’s eyes widen as he sees Christopher Jordan run at him full force with a huge dropkick, sending him tumbling out of the pin attempt and into the centre of the ring! Jordan does not let up, though, and lifts Young onto his shoulders before dropping him onto his boot! PARANOIA! HE’S HIT IT! Dragging Young away from the ropes, Jordan hooks the leg!





    As his theme hits on the PA system, Christopher Jordan rolls into a seated position and is in a state of shock. On the outside, his own partner can’t believe it also. Rolling into the ring, Tyler stares at Jordan with widened eyes and disbelief. He cannot believe what he is seeing; the first one of them to win a singles title was not Tyler Keenan as many would have thought, but Christopher Jordan. Standing across the ring from his partner, emotion looks to be overflowing on both men.

    They both rise to their feet and stand across from one another, staring intently into one another’s eyes. Neither of them know how to feel at this moment. Keenan takes a moment to think, turning his back on his partner as he tries to walk towards him. Shaking his head, Keenan turns around and looks at Jordan, his face blank.

    Within seconds, Keenan rushes forwards and embraces Jordan into a hug, the two partners embracing and celebrating Jordan’s success. The referee enters into the ring and presents Jordan with his new championship title, before Keenan helps the tired and weary competitor raise it into the sky.

    As soon as he does this, however, an explosion of pyro echoes out from the stage. Within moments, “Warrior Inside” by Leader replaces Jordan’s theme as the former RWK European Champion, Michael Kelly, makes his way out from the back and down to the ring, flanked by Adeline La Roux.

    O'Connell: Here he is! The Chosen One is back!

    Baker: He means business! No man is done here just yet!

    Both enter the ring and stare down the collective force of Extremely Lethal. Kelly’s eyes soon turn to the RWK European Championship within Jordan’s clutches. Jordan sees this and raises the championship into the air, before both he and Keenan exit the ring behind them and make their way to the back, leaving Kelly and La Roux in the centre of the ring.


    After the staredown between a returning Michael Kelly and the new RWK European Champion, Christopher Jordan, the cameras cut to the medical room backstage where hot off his crushing loss in the steel cage match, is Ryan Vendetta. His head is bandaged up to cover the cuts he suffered from the cage and turnbuckles as he sits on the doctor’s table, obviously emotionally hurt as well as physically hurt from the match. He is the only wrestler in the room despite his own cousin and his opponent from tonight also suffering injuries. Vendetta holds his ribs in obvious pain and discomfort as the doctor comes in holding a clipboard.

    Doctor: Hello again, Mr. Vendetta. You know, I think that this might be third time I’ve seen you in over six months?

    The joke doesn’t sit well with Vendetta as he just rolls his eyes.

    Ryan Vendetta: Fourth, but who’s counting?

    Doctor: Well, that’s the thing. I’ve been going over your track record so far in just RWK and we have already diagnosed a concussion, with a possible second suffered tonight, multiple cracked ribs which may be re injured, and potentially more upon further inspection. It’s nothing to laugh off.

    Despite what the doctor says, Ryan doesn’t seem to be taking his advice.

    Ryan Vendetta: I’m not “laughing it off,” I’m pushing through like I always do. I’m sorry, but I don’t take time off. There was only one show I missed competing in when I was wrestling for a company...and it is something I don’t want to repeat, especially because then I was completely able bodied and ready to compete. Since then, I never missed a beat. I’ve wrestled with family issues, I fought through neck pains from someone almost choking me out with a rope, a knee injury, and I’m fine. I’m a little banged up, but I can handle myself.

    The doctor places his clipboard on the table and folds his arms.

    Doctor: We’ve already had to send two people to the hospital tonight, you’re lucky we aren’t sending you right away. I’m afraid this is serious. I get that you’re one to push yourself, but I think you should take a little time off, even just a month or two.

    Vendetta: What? No! I’m not…

    Ryan stands up, looking the doctor in the eyes, although he has to hold on the table to keep balance after his head was rattled in the cage.

    Ryan Vendetta: I’m not taking time off, next month is Democracy Rules in Toronto, it’s my home country! I’m not missing that for the world!

    Kristina Oliver: I’m afraid Mr. Vendetta doesn’t get a choice in the matter.

    Walking into the room, the executive consultant folds her arms and stares at Ryan dead in his eyes. She isn’t unphased by his current situation, nor his mood.

    Kristina Oliver: You see, like the doctor said, we’ve had to send two other people to the hospital tonight, both with possible serious injuries. This is on top of the numerous injuries that have taken place within this promotion within the last few months. We’ve decided to do something about it. Immediately….

    Ryan Vendetta: Wait… hold on a second...who are you?

    Kristina Oliver: Now’s not the time or place to make be making jokes. You’re in no place to make me any more irritated, either.

    Ryan Vendetta: No, I’m not joking. Who are you and what authority do you have? I’ve barely seen you around here.

    Kristina Oliver: Then maybe you should be paying more attention to your surroundings than plotting your dynamic quest of revenge throughout this company. The board of directors thought it was prudent to bring me in to assist Mr. Reed in running this company. I have as much authority within this building as he does and I will have the respect that you seem to have for him.

    Ryan rolls his eyes a bit at that. Seeing this, Kristina chuckles to herself and shakes her head.

    Ryan Vendetta: Yeah, that same guy who declared the match that I and the fans have been waiting two years for a draw…

    Kristina Oliver: About that. The board of directors have decided that, because of your role in Mr. Sokolova’s recent injury and the knee injury sustained by Mr. Keenan a few months ago, that it is within the best interests of all other active roster members within this promotion that you are investigated due to your part in making this an unsafe working environment. Therefore…

    Ryan Vendetta: Whoa...hold up a second…

    Ryan steps forward and stands above his new “boss” and he speaks, doing his best not to lash out at her.

    Ryan Vendetta: You’re calling me unsafe? You’re calling me unsafe when someone stomped my head into steel and got no repercussions? You’re trying to punish me for injuring someone when that person injured my goddamn ribs and has attacked me on multiple occasions, and yet...the board of directors saw it fit to reward a World title match to someone who attacked someone who isn’t even a wrestler, someone who is sixty years old, and like a second father to me...Then we have a literal killer on the roster in El Pecador, Nick our world champion who also injured KJ Kidd last month, and not to mention Tyler Keenan threw me down a flight of stairs!

    Kristina Oliver: Calm down, Mr. Vendetta. You’re only making things worse for yourself.

    Ryan Vendetta: No!

    Making him the more upset, Vendetta is now raising his voice and is getting closer to breaking out in tears.

    Ryan Vendetta: I’m just doing what I’ve been trying to do since I walked into this company, defend myself! It seems like everyone on this roster is after me in one way or another, everyone is out to end my career and now I have some half-wit bitch who hasn’t even stepped foot in a wrestling ring to compete in her life telling me that I am “unsafe” for injuring wrestlers who are trying to end my career out of self-defense. I get it, I’ve been pissed off as of late, my head, oh my mental health is not well right now. But to cast me aside for doing that after I gave this company a chance...after almost quitting this after my best friend, my home, people I cared about, everything I worked for, getting ripped from me, and all I got so far was empty promises and people making my life fucking hell…that is bullshit…

    Taking a second to take it all in, Kristina takes a step back and clasps her hands behind her back.

    Kristina Oliver: All I’m here are empty words and insubordination. If you would have let me finish before you went off on your little tirade about how your life is the most terrible thing that we’ve ever seen and why you’ve been treated worse than anyone else in this company, you would have heard me say that we will be dealing with everyone else that we suspect to be possibly endangering the safety of the workers in this company. However, you have more than proved yourself that you are not mentally or emotionally fit to continue on in this state.

    Turning her back to Vendetta, Kristina smirks and begins to walk out of the door.

    Kristina Oliver: I suggest that you pack your bags and leave the premises before the show is over, otherwise security might be forced to throw them, and you, out onto the street. We will contact you with further details regarding your suspension later.

    Kristina walks out of the room and closes the door behind him as Vendetta is left to soak in what has just happened. Suspended? He’s suspended... Ryan sits on the table for a moment and buries his face in his hands and appears to be literally holding himself from breaking down into tears. With all he’s gone through, now he is at his lowest point. The doctor, who just watched this display, backs up a bit, feeling uncomfortable as Ryan jumps up from the table and goes to the door, opening it, before walking through and shutting it with a loud bang.


    The theme of the challenger, El Pecador, rips through the arena’s PA system as the fans prepare for the main event of the evening. The luchador himself appears not long after his theme begins, accompanied as always by his right-hand man in Deacon MacFarlane, who flanks him and is always just right behind. The camera picks up the boasting and hyping of MacFarlane as he continually points and shouts at El Pecador, jeering at the fans about how great his client truly is.

    El Pecador walks purposefully down the ramp and towards the ring, never stopping or faltering on his way there. Ignoring the pre-offered high-fives and ready-to-go selfies with the fans around the ring, Pecador walks with MacFarlane, still behind him, grinning and looking supremely confident. It is plain to see that El Pecador is ready to go tonight, ready to dethrone Nick and take his empire as his own.

    Announcer: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is our main event for the evening and is for the RWK Imperial Championship! Introducing first, from Puebla, Mexico, weighing in at 195 pounds and accompanied by Deacon MacFarlane, he is “Lucha Libre’s Darkest Child” El Pecador!

    O'Connell: This might be the toughest fight of Nick's championship reign. Presented with this threat, this opponent, this will be tough to call.

    Baker: The champion's reign may end here tonight, we will just have to see.

    Pointing to Pecador periodically and applauding, MacFarlane takes his place at ringside as Pecador jumps onto the apron and steps swiftly up the turnbuckles until he reaches the top one, standing with one foot on the top rope to look out across the gathered audience. Pecador then jumps into the ring, lands and falls into a forward roll, before hopping up again to go and stand in the opposite corner.

    His theme is soon replaced by that of “Junkyousha”, the choir-like theme of the reigning and defending Imperial Champion, Nick. Nearly a minute passes before the hard rock chords echo through the arena and the champion finally emerges, the Imperial championship title around his waist as he walks out from behind the curtain and onto the stage. Completely not bothered by the jeers and shouts of the crowds that look down on him, Nick takes the Imperial title from around his waist and raises it high into the sky for all to see, before making his way down the ramp and towards the ring.

    Announcer: And his opponent, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 225 pounds he is the reigning and defending RWK Imperial Champion, Nick!

    O'Connell: The champion. The emperor. Nick.

    Baker: He's ready for this, he's not letting this luchador end it tonight!

    Completely focused on the match at-hand, Nick looks zoned out from everything else going on around him as he reaches the ring itself. Leaping up onto the apron, Nick stares down El Pecador as he hops over the top rope and into the ring itself, handing the RWK Imperial Championship in his hand to the referee. Taking his place in his own opposite corner, Nick stretches out his arms and prepares for the fight ahead.

    Once the referee, Rupert Ross, is sure that both men are clean and safe, he raises the RWK Imperial Championship high into the sky for both men to see, before handing it off to the secondary official. When that is done, Ross calls for the ringside bell and officially begins the main event of the evening.

    With everything out of the way, both men approach each other from the opposite sides of the ring. Pecador and Nick, two completely different wrestlers with completely different styles, stare down one another as they circle around the ring and look for the advantage they need to take control of the match. Nick is the first person to see an advantage and immediately goes for the leg of El Pecador, lunging forwards and grabbing him by the knee. He follows this up with a leg twist that drops Pecador down to the mat, before the champion begins stomping furiously upon the back of the luchador’s knee, as if he was a pre-orchestrated plan in mind for the entire match before it even started.

    Pecador looks shocked by the onslaught from Nick, taking the slamming boots and sharp toe kicks with gritted teeth as he tries to manoeuvre himself onto his back. When he finally does so, Pecador fakes Nick into grabbing his knee once more, allowing him to kick Nick off with his other foot and take him down with a huge back dropkick, sending Nick into the ropes. The champion’s head slams down on the top rope and stuns him momentarily, but that is long enough for Pecador to grab him and figure out his next move of attack. Spinning him around, Pecador wastes no time as he grabs Nick and slams him down with a jumping DDT, spiking the champion’s head into the ground with brute force!

    The champion looks both shocked and dazed as he rolls onto his back, staring up at the blinking white lights above as his opponent plans his next move. Stalking Nick with authority, Pecador looks to have cemented firm control on the match from the very beginning, preparing for his next orchestrated attack before Nick even knows that it is coming. However, Pecador himself is caught unawares as the champion rises from the mat and charges at him, sending his shoulder straight into the luchador’s knee cap as he works on Pecador’s leg once more. Dropping Pecador to the mat, Nick crawls towards him like an animal and locks in a headlock, wrenching the hold tight as Nick moves into a lying position on his stomach.

    Pecador rolls and wriggles the best he can, trying to work his way out of the hold and get back into the match that he had control of not five seconds earlier. They roll and tustle, Nick keeping a firm grip on the headlock with no look of letting go whatsoever as he tries to make Pecador pass out from oxygen loss. Seeing no other option available to him, Pecador jams his thumb into Nick’s eye and rolls away as fast he can, rebounding off the ropes to take down the now-kneeling champion with a huge shining wizard that lays him out across the canvas!

    Seeing a chance to make an advantage in this match, Pecador moves towards one of the corners and climbs up to the top turnbuckle, surveying Nick’s every move as the champion crawls to his feet. Rubbing his hands together, Pecador waits for Nick to stand up, before eventually diving from the top to take the champion down with a huge tornado DDT that sends both men flying across the ring, albeit in different directions from one another. As both crawl across the canvas, trying to get to their feet, it is obvious that neither man can fully control the match. They both have advantages that counteract the other’s, which neither of the two seem to believe.

    Pecador rises first, walking towards Nick with murderous intent once more. However, Nick rises at the last second and takes Pecador down with an impromptu jumping clothesline, taking the luchador off his feet and down to the mat once more. Returning to working on the legs of his opponent, Nick locks in a kneebar on Pecador and wrenches it tight, looking to wear down the right leg of the luchador more and more as the match moves on. Unexpectant of this style of fighting, Pecador begins to claw and scratch at the canvas as he moves to try and get to the ropes in front of him, moving forwards with whatever body parts he can muster to move, be it hands or elbows.

    Eventually, after much turmoil, Pecador frees his leg from Nick’s kneebar and kick the champion away, stumbling up onto his feet just enough to be able to dodge Nick’s next incoming attack, dropping him down to the mat with a huge basement dropkick that takes out Nick’s own knee from under him. The champion nearly faceplants the canvas, stunning him just long enough for Pecador to move forwards and grab Nick from behind, slamming him down on his head with a German suplex!

    Testing out his knee, Pecador looks bemused at the fact that the body part was being worked on. It was obvious that Nick wanted to keep Pecador grounded upon the mat, so that he could not use the ropes or corners to his advantage. With a shake of his head, Pecador waits for Nick to stumble to his feet once more and rushes to the ropes beside him once more, springboarding off to give himself enough force to push Nick across the ring yet again with a huge missile dropkick!

    Looking up at his opponent, the cameras catch the disgruntled and irritated face of Nick as he gets up onto his knees. The champion looks disturbed by the match, like he finds Pecador is a much harder opponent than he first realized. However, this does not extinguish the pride burning inside Nick, who moves forwards once again and tries to grab Pecador, only for the luchador to fend him off long enough for them to tie-up and wrestle for control.

    Nick is the one that overpowers Pecador, however, and the champion is able to firmly take control of the match for the time being. Using his technical skill, Nick throws Pecador over him with a hip toss, before taking him back down with an arm drag upon return. He then ducks a clothesline attempt from the challenger and takes him back down once again with a reverse DDT, slamming the back of El Pecador’s head into the canvas with some force to compete the combination he had been working towards. However, as Nick prepares for yet another power move to try and wear El Pecador down, the luchador catches the champion by surprise with a jawbreaker and rolls out of the ring, onto the apron.

    The challenger wastes no time, however, as he rises to the top once again to use his advantage. He waits for the perfect opportunity, just as the champion rises to his feet, and dives off with a huge cannonball senton that sends both men down to the canvas. However, the luchador is able to carry through his momentum and roll to his feet, rebounding off of the ropes to follow-up his aerial assault with a running senton to the champion’s chest!

    Slamming down a boot on the champion’s chest, Pecador continues his barrage of attacks, never letting up for a moment. Pecador knows that he needs to continually wear down Nick if he had any chance of defeating the champion at his own game. Stalking and skulking him once more, Pecador stands before the champion once more and waits for the correct moment, before attacking with his signature backslide into his superkick combination! A gasp echoes through the crowd as Pecador’s boot connects with the side of Nick’s head, watching as the champion slumps down limp in the centre of the ring, possibly knocked out from the blow.

    Hooking the leg of the champion immediately, Pecador looks to put the match away quickly and win the championship…


    Nick kicks out with force! He’s not going down this easy!

    Shaking his head, El Pecador rises to his feet and prepares for Nick once again. However, he is caught off-guard as the champion slams his shoulder into the challenger’s gut and drives him into the corner before them, before repeatedly slamming his shoulder into the luchador. The unrelenting assault from the champion forces Pecador into a seated position, allowing Nick to rebound off of the ropes behind him and return with more momentum, burying his foot in Pecador’s face with a huge running boot. However, Pecador only slumps down more into the corner, allowing Nick to rebound once again, this time flying forwards and connecting with a brutal running knee smash that seems to leave Pecador limp.

    Throwing the challenger out into the centre of the ring, Nick himself exits out onto the apron and climbs the top rope, scouring for a chance to fly. When he finds it, Nick leaps off and performs a frog splash, landing upon Pecador with force. Clutching his chest in pain, Nick does not wait long to continue his assault as he mounts El Pecador and rains down blow after blow of punches and kicks, doing his best to cave in the skull of his challenger, no matter the cost.

    Seeing that he has left his opponent with what looks to be little consciousness, Nick jumps up to his feet and prepares for the end, calling El Pecador to his feet. When he does, Nick grabs hold of his head and…NO! Pecador still has life left in him! Driving an elbow into the gut of the champion, Pecador uses what struggle he has lft within him to fall back and connect with a pele kick directly into Nick’s face, sending the champion stumbling back towards the ropes. Not letting up, Pecador stumbles to his feet and rushes towards Nick with ferocity, throwing the champion over the top rope with a huge rushing clothesline! Crashing and burning down on the outside, Nick looks shocked as he crawls onto his hands and knees.

    However, El Pecador is not done. Watching and waiting for the perfect moment to strike, Pecador rebounds off of the ropes behind him and dives over the top rope with a huge tope con hilo, throwing his body on the line to try and take down the champion as both men spill out across the outside mats. Pulling himself back up to a standing position, Pecador grabs Nick by the hair on his head and throws him back into the ring, rolling him onto his back in the centre of the ring. Seeing that it has gone well so far, Pecador runs to the top turnbuckle once more and moves to attack from the air once more.

    Setting up for the way to end this match, namely “The Sinstomp” as Pecador has named it, Pecador doesn’t expect Nick to rise from the mat and dive towards the ropes, pushing down on the top rope to unbalance the luchador. Within seconds, Nick moves forwards again and climbs up the turnbuckle himself, before slamming both palms into Pecador’s chest and sending him crashing down to the mats below, before Nick falls back down onto his back in exhaustion and shock about what he has done, but delight that he has potentially ended this match.

    The cameras focus in on the virtually lifeless body of El Pecador on the outside of the ring, akin to what happened to him last month against Azrael. The aerial game used against him by the champion, his leg worn done and targeted time and time again, all of it heightened the rage and anger of the challenger. As the referee reluctantly begins the count, Pecador begins to stir and crawl towards the ring apron, using the cloth on the bottom of the rope as an aid to crawl up to his feet. At the count of six, Pecador slides himself onto the ring apron and onto his feet, just in time to see Nick rushing at him once more.

    With little option left, Pecador slams his head into Nick’s with a furious roar and pushes him back towards the centre of the ring, before jumping onto the top rope and diving towards the champion, taking him down with a huge springboard front-flip clothesline that leaves the crowd in awe. Slamming his boot down in a frenzy, Pecador looks consumed by his rage as he continually beats down the champion with knees, punches, boots and axe handles, like a rabid animal with a bone. This was Pecador’s chance, his one chance to prove that he was the alpha dog of the RWK and that he wasn’t just the European Champion that once could, and he would prove that here tonight, by defeating this would-be Emperor.

    Pulling himself away from the champion for a second, Pecador returns to his onslaught as Nick rises to his feet. Attacking with a fast flurry of kicks, slamming his leg into all of Nick’s available body parts, the audience begins to hype up to what is to come. Nick looks completely dazed and unsure about what is happening around him, giving Pecador just enough time to springboard against the ropes and return with a 450 splash that takes down both men and leaves them sore and hurting.

    Powered by what looks to be adrenaline and adrenaline alone, Pecador rises to his feet once more and continues his barrage, going to the top rope once more. Flying off within a moment’s notice, Pecador connects with a beautiful corkscrew shooting star press that lands him directly onto the chest of Nick, who takes the impact fully and looks to be in pain afterwards. However, El Pecador still isn’t done. Hooking Nick into a backslide once again, he rolls through and connects with the no-look superkick for the second time in this match, before rushing forwards and grabbing Nick from behind.

    Looking for the Sinner’s Whirlwind, Pecador tries to spin and take down the champion as he has done to so many more before him, but somehow, someway a part of Nick clings on. It fights the twist and keeps the champion up where he was, using whatever last gasp of strength that the man has to make sure he can hold on. The test of strength between the two uses all of their focus and all of their might, but is stopped when Nick slams his boot into the knee of El Pecador and drops him down once again.

    The adrenaline gone and the tiredness setting in, Pecador looks up at Nick as the champion helps him to his feet before slamming him down with a huge Michinoku driver that sends the canvas rippling. Both men look like they have been through hell incarnate and back, but neither one of them wants to let go and award the other the victory. Crawling and fighting against it, Pecador gets up on his hands and knees and stares at Deacon MacFarlane across the ring, who looks back in shock. For the first time in a while, he does not know what to do. His client has given absolutely everything to win this match and has still not come away with it, it looks like he has to pull out something absolutely amazing to win it.

    Nick, exhausted from his ordeals as well, grabs Pecador by the back of his mask and rises him up into the air, before grasping him by the head and planting him down with the snapmare driver that has taken down so many others. With a breath of relief and one final look at the broken body of El Pecador, Nick smiles and hooks the leg, confident for his victory.



    NO! Pecador! El Pecador is still alive!

    Shocked and confused, Nick turns around to try and lay one more punch down onto Pecador, but is even more shocked when he sees the luchador grab his fist. Twisting it to cause extra pain, Pecador cracks Nick in the back of the head with a huge boot that stuns him and sends him stumbling to his feet, before getting to his feet himself and throwing the champion across the ring with a huge monkey flip that almost sees Nick do a somersault in mid-air.

    Collapsing down to one knee, Pecador looks to take a deep breath as he looks across the ring and sees his opponent, beaten and battered himself, roll onto his stomach and lock eyes with him. In a moment of clarity, both men know what they have to do. Rising to their feet at almost the same time, they rush at one another and slam fist after fist down at one another with as much force as they can, screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs as they try and outmuscle the other.

    Then, the rage of El Pecador becomes realized. Slamming fist after fist into Nick’s face, the luchador overwhelms the champion and starts slamming headbutt after headbutt into Nick’s head until he has actually broken the skin on the champion’s forehead and caused him to start gushing with blood. But this does not stop El Pecador. Grabbing the champion by his hair, he spins him around and immediately slams him down with the Sinner’s Whirlwind without stopping, growling and shaking with pure aggression and rage. He looks at the lifeless body of the champion and shakes his head, before hooking the leg.



    Three-NO! Nick is still alive! Somehow, the champion is alive!

    Knowing that he still has not won, Pecador flies into a rage. He begins to slam his hands down upon the canvas in a ferocity unlike anything we have seen from him before as he tries to viciously comprehend what is going on around him. Why can he not put this champion away? Why can’t he simply win the match? What was going wrong with him? Was he weaker? All these thoughts echo around in his mind as he turns around to face Nick once more…and takes a huge knee to the face!

    The knee stuns Pecador and rolls him onto his stomach, allowing Nick to surge forwards and hook his arms, rolling over him until he has the Brooklyn Bridge locked in as tight as he possibly could have. Yelling in victory, Nick wrenches and wrenches the hold tighter and tighter, doing his best to cause as much pain and agony on the challenger as he possibly could in this short space of time. Lifting Pecador’s arms higher than they should humanly go, Nick nods his head as he gives Pecador an ultimatum. Tap, pass out or suffer injury.

    But El Pecador does not give up. Shaking his head, he continues to fight the submission hold that the champion has locked in, slamming his feet on the mat with ferocity as he tries to free himself from this brutal hold. Pecador watches as Deacon MacFarlane runs to his side and starts slamming his hands on the apron, beckoning him to fight through the excruciating pain and to just keep going. However, the pain becomes all too much.

    After being in the hold for about three minutes, one of Pecador’s arms gives way. Lifting more than what a human arm should, the shoulder looks to dislocate quickly badly with an audible crack, causing Rupert Ross to immediately rush to Pecador’s side. Seeing the look of the injury, he immediately looks at Pecador’s face and watches as the challenger sinks into unconsciousness from the pain that the champion has left him in, before rushing to the front of the hold and ordering Nick to release it. Once the champion does, Ross calls for the bell and stops the match.

    “Junkyousha” starts up once more as Nick rolls out of the hold and stumbles to his feet, raising his hands in victory as Rupert Ross, once again, hands him his RWK Imperial Championship. The ringside doctor, the secondary official and Deacon MacFarlane, on the other hand, work to pull El Pecador underneath the bottom rope and down to the floor so that they can look at him better. But none of this matters to Nick, the champion retaining once again. Emphatically, and with his theme cheering him on, Nick exits the ring and heads up the ramp with his title on his shoulder, another win notched onto his streak as we fade to black.

    Aaron Harrows @Green Power Ranger
    Adrian Atlas @Serpent
    Alex Valander @Omega Maniax
    Archangel @Black Iron PJ
    Arno & Judas Frye @Botchie
    Azrael @El Curry
    Brad Adams @BradAdams
    Christopher Jordan @Electro
    Chris Young/Lilith Young/Ashley Young @impactking
    El Pecador @Geek773
    Joseph Diamond @CiV
    Kameron Kalmar @Psycho Rangers
    KJ Kidd @Gino Bambino
    Michael Kelly/Adeline La Roux @M Kells
    Nick @Nickelodeon
    Prince X/Aleks Grayson @Finniis
    Red King @Grievous
    Ryan Vendetta/Nova @Beavporeon
    Ryder Parks @TheShadowSoulja
    Slate Bass @Project Jonny
    Spawn @SIN
    Tyler Keenan @Zap Kenobi
    Tyler Quintana @Reborn
    Victor Sokolova/Will Neilson @TheKingSonic
    Vítor Mata/Brien Storm @CBK_15

    Thanks to everyone who wrote segments and matches this show, god it was heavy. But there we go, another show down and we're still going strong!

    Card for Democracy Rules will be out ASAP, make sure you let us know if you're up for the show.
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  2. Good job

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  3. o


    lovely stuff
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  4. Same to man, congrats on the win.
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  5. DAMN IT.

    GG to Nick, who proves his quality again. I'd love to know how close that vote was. Show was class all round, big props as usual to Beav, Zap and definitely not Reag. Hope that Hoov, @Botchie @Project Jonny @Finniis enjoy the matches I wrote. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  6. No love for Reag:brock4:
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  7. Thanks for the match, definitely was one of my tougher ones
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  8. oi
  9. Key word, "One" of my tougher ones. Haven't forgotten the battles with KJ either
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  10. @Sanic Damn you improved a lot...Well earned win, even though you're writing Victor off. *evil laugh*

    Also...with Nova hurt...and Ryan injured, depressed and suspended...what is going to happen with my characters? Are they going to be around? Will a new member of my character family step up? An old one take their place? Or am I being a tease for the sake of a tease?

    TUNE IN NEXT TIME ON RWK-Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  11. Double count out? Thanks Vince...

    jk, great stuff man.
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  12. Oh don't worry, if I'd picked the finish then Arno would be in a hospital. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  13. The second time a match you have been involved in was a draw. Two months in a row :emoji_wink:
  14. Well he is going to court so that would've been an inconvenience

    Better a draw than a clean loss I say.
  15. It made sense, I liked it. Showed Slate is an unforgiving monster, but didn't bury Prince X and made him look like a fierce competitor that won't give up. Both characters benefit.

    Also, @Zap Kenobi me wants a match at next show.
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  16. No worries. Your wish is my command, good sir. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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    Okay...a few thoughts...
    ~ The theme song seemed a little...mellow...for a wrestling event...
    ~ I really enjoyed the X/Bass match...
    ~ The triple threat match felt like a classic WCW Goldberg match...and seemed
    a little short...but I'm not complaining...the Red King won.
    ~ No but seriously...the Red King hit a spear, a couple of uppercuts, another spear
    and his finisher and won. Sounds like Goldberg to me.
    ~ In my opinion count outs are matter what wrestling promotion they take place in.
    ~ Wow...another no contest with Nova getting injured...:emoji_cry:
    ~ Congratulations to Christopher Jordan...the new European Champion.
    ~ The ending of the main event was great...I hope El Pecador isn't going to be
    out for too long.