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Discussion in 'Royal Wrestling Kingdom' started by Patriot Pants, Aug 13, 2017.

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    This thread is made to showcase some facts about your character that people may not know. Kinda like the Fun Facts/Notes tab on Wikipedia. Feel free to list some things if you'd like to participate. Who knows, you might discover more about your character.

    Aleks Grayson

    - After college Aleks enlisted in the U.S Army, staying in service for two years. What he did while in it is unknown.

    - He graduated with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice from the University of Arkansas.

    - Aleks has gone through 89 Kendo Sticks, all of them were named "Lucy".

    - The tallies seen on his prized weapon are all the matches that the weapon has survived so far. His record is 32.

    - He has two dogs. Dogmeat, a German Shepherd and Sophie, a Pomsky.

    - Aleks has ended four careers.

    - Aleks was an all state WR in High School. He also played Kicker.

    - He once wrestled naked in order to psych out his opponent.

    - The raven tattoo on his side represents his darkness within and his overall desire to do good.

    - His first wrestling match was in a Walmart in Stuttgart, Ar. His ring name was "Butch Valentine". He was 16.

    - He starred in a movie once. It was a Japanese horror movie where wrestlers fought against a psychotic killer ... Guess who played the killer.

    - He is an avid gamer and comic collector

    - He mains Soldier:76 in Overwatch

    - Aleks also likes to play as a Warrior in RPGs

    - He has a total of four vehicles under his name. A 1959 Ford F-150 (Black), a 1965 Ford Mustang Boss 429 (Black), a 2017 Indian Scout (Black), and a 2017 Toyota Rav4 (Blue).

    - Aleks owns a gym in his hometown called "Black Ice Gym", he also offers wrestling training there.

    - He also owns "AK-00 Jeans". Think of those semi-stretchy jeans that athletes wear. It's doing rather well.

    - He currently owns two residences. One in his hometown and one in Manchester.

    - Aleks has kidnapped at least one cameraman at every promotion he has worked for.

    Jane Grayson

    - Jane graduated 4th in her college class

    - She worked in a hospital for three years before she got decided to follow her dream to work in the sports industry.

    - She was hired as Medical Personnel for a wrestling tournament held in Liverpool. This is where she first met Aleks.

    - Jane is a huge fan of Punk Rock music.

    - Jane mains Mercy in Overwatch (funny huh.)

    - Jane has a fear of Opossums.

    - She sings for a cover band named "One on One".

    - She loves animals.

    - She has never lost a Ping Pong game.

    - Jane cannot cook, so her husband does it ... guess that's payment for always patching him up after matches.

    - Jane is a Yellow belt in Judo​
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  2. I'll take a crack at this

    Vítor Mata
    • He is Communist (technically)
    • Despite how he carries himself in the world of wrestling , he's a party animal
    • Is left handed
    • He met his wife when she was married to another man
    • Has a pet eagle named Eusebio
    • Very good at arm wrestling
    • Ended 3 careers, one of them by a botched pilediver
    • Still hasn't apologized to any of them
    • Has a Mixed Martial Arts record of 3-0-1
    Brien Storm
    • Is ambidextrous, but usually does stuff with his left
    • Claims to have slept with over 1000 women, at least 10 in each continent
    • Despite being British, Brien is a big American Football fan, the Miami Dolphins is his favorite team
    • He was once in a cover band of The Stone Roses and then in one of the Smiths for a very short time
    • Loves sport video games
    • His first wrestling match was in 2014, against a blow up doll in Roppongi. If he lost he'd have to go down on a tranny, to this day he hasn't revealed the outcome
    • His favorite city is Roppongi
    • Owns over 100 sky-blue Lacostes
    • His forth album is his favorite
    • His favorite guitar is named The Reagmaster, reason unknown
    • Currently lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but owns houses in Los Angeles and High Green, Sheffield
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. My facts are more geared some kayfabe...and also "behind the scenes."

    Ryan Vendetta:

    -When I came up with him I chose the last name Vendetta because I didn't just want to pick a generic last name, and somehow I tied his backstory to why he had the name. I fully admit it was crap, but I rolled with it.

    -I didn't have a clear gimmick to him at first, but teaming with Bayler, forming Danger Zone, I finally managed to get a general character for him of a jokester in a nod to tag teams like Edge and Christian, DX, New Day, and even Prime Time Players for the brief moment they were funny. I've kept the danger part of the gimmick and nicknames as a little tribute to it.

    -Ryan Vendetta is part-time attending University for a Business degree.

    -Ryan once beat up a midget.

    -Ryan Vendetta has been diagnosed with depression, specifically when NGW closed and he lost his main promotion which gave him exposure in the United States and his best friend and tag team partner.

    -I have never lost a one-on-one singles match as Ryan Vendetta until I faced @Sanic. Before then his only losses were in tag team matches or when it involved another competitor in a Triple Threat.

    -Ryan Vendetta won his first singles title in his first singles match in a major promotion as, prior to that, he only competed in tag matches with Storm Andrews, the most noteworthy of which was part of a main event ten person elimination tag when he and his partner teamed with the World's Kawaii'st tag team, Sloane and Raine, and Guernica, to face bitter old man, Walter Graham, Extremely Lethal, Chris Young, and Carlos Bello.

    -Ryan Vendetta is an avid gamer, and a Pokemon fan, where he even snuck a Pokemon joke in one of his promos during his comedic phase in NGW as he was supposed to face "Evie" Taylor...You see where I went with it...

    -Ryan Vendetta is engaged to Victoria Rogers, the person behind Ivy Hale. A few reasons why I did that was, storyline, it gives him an out of character reason for needing time off (moving, preparing the wedding, whatnot) as I need it now or else I will lose the last bits of my sanity, and also them together leads the way to creating a wrestling family of sorts if I ever decide to in the future.​

    -Ryan Vendetta has never ended a career (although he has caused a fair amount of injuries as of late). The closest he has done to that is his first tag team partner retired from wrestling after they had their blow-off match before Vendetta headed down to the states to wrestle in NGW.

    -Vendetta has recently moved to Hamilton, Ontario along with his soon-to-be wife, with him growing up in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
    And Nova ain't one. :3
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  5. Al Blizzard

    - Al is a former attendee to Tennessee College. This is where he met Ricky Daniels.

    - Al Blizzard won the Silver medal in the Wrestling in the Pro championships but he never followed the career.

    - Al Blizzard created the Wrestling Academy 'The Blizzard & The Best'. He runs the Academy but rarely trains their as he is always training for matches.

    - When he got injured he busted his knee pretty bad and was in rehab for about 4 months and the last 2 months were spent getting back and preparing.

    - When in College he got into a fight, he broke the kids nose and pretty much got away with it.

    - He has one dog, A Husky called Blizzard.

    - He has a home in LA but has another in London.

    - In total Al has slept with a total of 8 women. 3 of which were all at the same place and the same party.

    - As many know Blizzards' first company to wrestle in was NGW but he started training at his home on a ring he made.

  6. Kameron Kalmar
    (WRITER'S NOTE: This list may be short n' sweet. The lack of content, however, won't mean what is here isn't interesting.)

    - Coming from a poor family, Kameron's parents had to work hard to provide for him and his younger brother, working two jobs just to keep the entire family under a roof and decently-fed. In fact, the only job that Kameron himself had worked at before coming to RWK was at a dollar store--a decision I decided to make creatively due to my actual IRL employment at a dollar store.

    - The Ride to Hell signature move was actually considered to be one of Kameron's first finishers, influenced by the Hook and Ladder finisher used by Jon Moxley (now known as Dean Ambrose in WWE) in Combat Zone Wrestling.

    - It took a little while to settle on Corey Graves as a representation for Kalmar. In fact, many names were bounced about while the character was being created; one of the most reoccurring faces in my mind to have represent him before choosing Graves was ECW/WWE/TNA talent, Raven.

    - One character development plotline that was almost acted upon was the fact that Kameron never refers to himself by his surname. This was going to be that Kameron was secretly ashamed of one particular secret--that his father had an affair and that produced another child--where Kameron was going to be very highly upset at his father for his actions, but very protective of his half-brother. The half-brother was going to debut as either an RWK talent or as a manager of sorts for Kameron, and was supposed to be represented by Richie Steamboat, but several Creative members shot the angle down (of which I eventually agreed after some time) when they thought that the angle hadn't been well thought-out enough.

    - Another aspect of Kameron's character that I either abandoned personally or never written into his sign-up that most of Creative didn't know about was the fact that I initially wanted Kameron to emulate talented indie wrestler Matt Riddle, in that he didn't wear any wrestling boots or shoes.

    - Out of the five locations that Kameron Kalmar has lived at for all of his life so far, he's never left the state of Michigan. However, he wasn't born in Michigan--hell, not even in the United States. When Kameron was born, his parents were on a road trip and driving back to Detroit when, on the highway a few miles from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, baby Kameron was born and taken to a local Toronto hospital.​
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  7. This thread is very cool and makes me regret having a mysterious character...
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  8. The Red King:
    ~ Will often sleep half buried in dirt or covered in hay...
    ~ Prone to odd behavior during the full moon...
    ~ Incredibly fond of honey and strawberries...
    ~ Will freely eat ants, termites, crickets & spiders...
    ~ Was an incredibly talented a past life...
    ~ Terrified of Hyenas...
    ~ Knew Harambe personally...

    ~ Was once the lead singer & guitarist in a folk band...
    ~ Does not like Soda of any kind...
    ~ Her favorite films are "Gorillas in the Mist" & "Grizzly Man"
    ~ Spent several months in a French psychiatric ward...​
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  9. None of these were fun. you have all been reported
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  10. SPAWN
    - He killed Michael off screen, Michal's soul now lays with the rest of IWT. In hell.
    - Wants to kill Christian Cage still
    - Broke Dat Kids neck when he retired the 2nd time.
    - Had a girlfriend who he beat the shit out off later on in the ring.
    - Is one of four children
    - He is not really from Hell or a demon
    - Had an unmasked run as Triple H
    - Does oddly well with the ladies
    - Has been religious, mean, crazy and a babyface.
    - Has developed an insufferable disdain of women after recent events.
    - He used to do MMA
    - The 'Messenger' has been working with Spawn for his entire life. He is a guardian angel who has followed Spawn to the darkside.
    - Has won 1/4 total title matches
    - Has never been in tag team action

    - Did you know? Spawn is pretty much a rip off of Kane
    - Did you know I do not care as who doesn't want to be Kane. cmon bruh
    - Spawn used to talk in poetry and rhymes before he developed a potty mouth in his 2nd reincarnation
    - Spawn is not a reflection of my views, he is quite the opposite. He is my darkside.

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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Your meme reactions are the same as my 62 year old grandmother
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  13. JUDAS

    - A rip off of a ripoff ripping off an entire factions gimmick because he's a mark.
    - Big fan of New Japan
    - Made his first mask out of paper mache in 4th grade he wore it all the time before it was taken away by his art teacher.
    - Despite satanic gimmick he actually is a nihilist, doesn't believe in angels or demons
    - Was an Engineering major in college
    - Went to high school with Elise
    - Really big fan of death note
    - can lift about 300lbs
    - Favorite food is black beans and rice.


    - Marvel fan
    - A top member of his high schools art club yet never featured in an art show
    - His skin is not actually eggshell white
    - A big Yeezy fan
    - Bought his studio at the age of 16
    - sold his first painting at the age of 14
    - Met his wife Elise in the Goya isle of pathmark
    - Fan of wrestling since 4 years old
    - Likes sushi
    - Enjoys Deathgrips
    - Binge watches Rick and Morty
    - Currently in jail.​
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  14. Nick

    -Has a German Sheperd
    -All-state wrestler in high school
    -Shot in the foot when he was younger
    -Once lived with a family for 3 months in Pennsylvania.
    -Has a very extensive music collection, and is acquainted with each member of The Strokes and Interpol.
    -Is of Italian and German descent
    -Legally has the last name of Wilson, but chooses to not use one at all
    -Diagnosed as a sociopath during his teenage years

    (Secret stuff)
    -I've used this "incarnation" of the character 3 times, but have switched gimmicks in between. After appearing on a reality show, he called himself "Mr Reality", and was once an intellectual who listened to Beethoven exclusively
    -The real reason I didn't add a last name was because IWT was all wacky when I joined and a lot of the members used their forum names (like Aids Johnson, Dat Kid, Senhor, Britanica, etc.). I am also super uncreative and didn't bother thinking of a better character name.
    -Right now the character is basically me in somehow even worse mental health condition. And also a more tragic backstory thanks to my shitty improvisation. Only thing our bios have in common now is being born in Brooklyn
    -In another fed I briefly used my real name, and the character was literally just me. I lost every match.
    -Cody Rhodes was my pic base for about a year until I finally made it Ambrose in 2014.
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  15. More fun facts about The Graysons


    - His favorite sports teams are as follows: New England Patriots, Chicago Cubs, Boston Celtics, and Manchester United (Even though he doesn't follow soccer or basketball)

    - Aleks hates the color yellow.

    - He can play the violin.

    - He had a bad habit of getting into bar fights in college.

    - Aleks rode a bull once. His time was 8.01. It helped that he was drunk.


    - She likes cuddling while watching cartoons.

    - Jane has competed in one wrestling match. She tagged with her husband.

    - She secretly loves popping joints back into place.

    - She won't admit it, but she likes southern music.​
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  16. Remind me to give everyone he faces from now on a Yellow attire.
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  17. It'll only make him more aggressive lol
  18. An angry fighter is a sloppy fighter.
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  19. -Matt Striker, forever
  20. True, but Aleks wields his anger like a sword. A double edged sword, but a sword none the less
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