Ryback botches his finisher....

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Goodbad_Jester, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. I've seen tons of videos and forums talk about how Ryback sucks and can't wrestle he shouldn't get a push because he botched his finisher on Heyman and Tensai...

    But wait how many times has Cm punk botched his finisher? Going by that logic Punk should have never gotten the WWE or WHC title. He's botched his finisher along with numerous other moves his entire WWE career.

    Remember that Match with Elijah burke on ECW? :dawg:

    Punk has been wrestling for how long 10 years im not sure i don't follow him like that but compared to Ryback who's been wrestling for just under three years professionally. I'd say Punk should be called out for his constant botching.

    So why is it that Punk can botch up a storm and get away with it yet Ryback can't? :dafuq:
  2. Didn't you mention this in some other thread?
  3. I haven't been on here in weeks....and if i did what would be the point of you saying that?
  4. He mentions it on every thread. He's like Cena, can't learn more then 8 topics. Hence his signature.
  5. People punk pulls off moves that Ryback only wishes he could do. I do think we were a little unfair to ryback though. All is good now and hopefully he keeps improving. Let's not take shots at punk though because he is extremely talented.
  6. Still stalking me i see :vince:
  7. Yeah, I came back to this site for a bit just to stalk you.
  8. :obama:
  9. There are going to hate videos and good videos on everybody. Ryback is a fast rising star that most of the IWC didn't want, so it's natural that most people respond negatively. Still, CM Punk is more talented then Ryback though, in ring and mic skills.
  10. Idk. Seems kind of pointless if you've already gotten your point across and already had the same discussion
  11. Although people did hate on Ryback for this, I think most knowledgeable users with common sense knew that he was sandbagged with Tensai, especially when he lifted him on SmackDown fine and then flopped it on RAW. But at least he's shut them up by successfully doing it this week.
  12. This. I marked when he hit it on SD, but since no one watches SD they were saying he was weak etc etc because he botched it on Raw even though he did it successfully earlier, I really liked the fact that they did it again so Ryback could shut them up so to speak. Although Vince probably told Tensai that if he sandbagged again he'd be fired :haha:
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