Ryback for wwe champion

Discussion in 'RAW' started by vince79, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. Ryback V CM Punk for the wwe title would be a great match to see, CM Punk would be running to the back with hes tail between hes legs,

  2. :no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no::no:

    CM Punk would kick his ass! ryback wouldnt stand a chance!!1
  3. Please don't over kill it with the smilies fella's. Just clicked on the thread and It feels like my eyes are already burning. Also welcome to the forum Vince. Please introduce yourself in "The Ramp" section.

    And I don't think Ryback is ready for a feud against CM Punk. I just think it's something WWE chucked out there to see how everyone would react to it.

  6. But RYBACK is unstoppable.... He will chant FEED Me MoRE!! And bite off pinks Pepsi tattoo to quench his thirst....

  7. How kayfab of you.

  8. more like gayfab amirite
  9. Yes, Vince. Welcome. And I agree with Lacky and Vince McMahon. He has a long way to go.
  10. Doubt it'll happen and even if it, no way Ryback is getting the title.
  11. he can get the chance :-)
  12. You're right. Ryback is too new and newbs never get a big title shot like that. :sad:
  13. Not a fan of Ryback or Punk but i'd give Ryback a try as WWE champion look at Punk he's a shit wrestler and he's main eventing.

  14. I Seriously think other superstars deserve a chance before this ryback guy. I don't really get the hype, well maybe it's his body type and physique but other than that, I haven't seen him wrestle for more than 5 minutes at a time.
  15. :notsure:

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  16. After Goldberg failed to pick up Tensai idk about the idea of the match.
  17. I would like to see some mid card guys get moved up. Given some better matches lnger than 2 minutes. and cut out all the talking they have been doing with crazy AJ and talk forever CM punk
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