Battleground Ryback HAS to win at Battleground

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  1. Ryback HAS to win at Battleground to be taken seriously he needs to be the new successful Paul Heyman guy. If he doesnt win then they may as well release him
  2. I agree that he can't lose cleanly.

    The feud will no doubt continue on till HIAC.
  3. Ryback doesn't HAVE to win at Battleground based on your reasoning. Why would they release him if he loses? He hasn't even had a match as a Heyman guy.
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  4. I agree he needs the victory more than Punk. Curtis Axel won the Intercontinental Championship in his first PPV showing as a Paul Heyman guy so Ryback needs a similar triumph (even if it comes as the result of a little cheating) to show Heyman why he was the perfect Paul Heyman Guy to propose to, especially since I'd put more stock into Ryback being a future star than Axel.

    I know some might hate Punk losing four PPVs in a row, but they could play into that by having Heyman say that no matter how hard Punk seems to try, he just can't seem to one up Heyman and get a victory over him or his guys (pinning Axel at NOC doesn't count, as Heyman still won the match.) He could say that it should be about now that Punk is starting to hit rock bottom emotionally and realize how worthless he is without Heyman and how futile it is to fight against Heyman as opposed to having him on your corner. He then tells Ryback he wants him to finish Punk off once and for all in a HIAC match at the next PPV of the same name, the same event that the two met for the very first time exactly one year ago. Heyman tells everyone that Punk can't take another loss without either crawling back to him or leaving the world of WWE entirely, and everyone will see that first hand after he loses to Ryback again at HIAC. Punk getting his victory there means he can take another loss at Battleground, though. Ryback need the victory this Sunday more than Punk does.
  5. Unfortunately, I agree. I just do not want to see it.
  6. I do agree. They need Ryback to be good in his debut as a Paul Heyman Guy. I guess Dirty win. Punk wins at Hell In A Cell and then some other stuff will happen.
  7. Maybe I'm alone on this one, but if Ryback wins I'll still be far from taking him seriously. Just advance the feud. Punk isn't losing anything in his losses so his losing streak doesn't matter.
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  8. I hope and pray the right decision is made and Ryback wins
  9. of course he is going to win, and then he will lose at HIAC. Depending on how this all goes.

    But yes, my money is on Ryback needing Axel and Heyman around to win at Battlegrounds.
  10. Noo, Punk losing another PPV just doesn't seem too well as a plan, anyways I'm guessing Ryback will win anyways seeing Ryback isn't alone, Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman on the side, though would love to see Brock Lesnar breaking into this one to save Paul Heyman.
  11. I think Ryback does need this win to at least be taken a little serious in hit new role as a Paul Heyman guy. I say give him the dirty win using Paul Heyman. It's sad to see Punk lose another Pay-Per-View, but if this storyline is going to be interesting, the Heyman Guys have to have some lead still.
  12. Ryback hasent won any PPV's apart from one this guy needs to win
  13. Why do you think he doesn't win any ppv's? It's because he is legitimate enough to give credible wins to the stars. Get used to it, because he won't be doing much else for the foreseeable future. You don't just cut guys because they aren't champion. With that logic Ziggler should be cut, cesaro should be cut, Jericho should never return. Do you think the title makes the superstar? Mankind barely sniffed it and is one of the greatest of all time.
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