Ryback Hates the IWC

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Laura, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. The big guy thinks we all suck...:sad:
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  2. Can't really blame the guy. All the general IWC ever do is complain and claim they can do better, even whenever something gets set in the right direction, and even then never give the proper people their due.
  3. Can't blame him at all. I'm part if this IWC and I hate everything about it, 'rasslin fans are gay as fuck (myself included).
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  4. Loving Ryback more and more by the day.
  5. He's right, you're wrong
    He's big, you're small
    And there's nothing you can do about it!
  6. I thought his criticism was pretty mild compared to what others have said about "smarks" or the internet before. Look at Jericho's rant against the IWC in 2002 and 2010, for example.
  7. > No one should have Negative opinions.

    Wow, I just don't think he understands how it works. The fact that he's getting so much hate on Twitter/IWC in general is surely good for him as a heel. Besides he had no reason to even bring up the IWC since the interviewer asked him some easy questions.
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  8. What did that question have to do with the IWC? :dawg:
  9. He'd want to fight the undertaker, because he wants to be the guy to beat the streak. He will prove us wrong if we think he is wrong, and we all suck. Okay
  10. Of course he could end the fucking streak, it's scripted FFS. Dude is a powerhouse, it doesnt mean as a fan of the WWE i enjoy the shit he is thrown into, if anything it says more about what people want out of the WWE (and the people pouring their money are entitled to their opinions, im not throwing $1 at it so i cant bitch about how he feels) as opposed to Ryback himself.

    The first thing i thought of was Matt Morgan saying just about the exact same thing. Funny how it's the power houses saying that shit and i havent heard it from Punk/Ziggler/other people who dont have the same build.
  11. I think the interview was partly in character, at least I hope it was. If not, he's extremely over-confident in himself. Ambition is fine and all, but pipe dreams will get you nowhere.
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  12. :haha: Someone doesn't take negative criticism well.
  13. He called me a negative person.. ;-;

    Seriously though, he didn't even mention why, he was just like 'they're negative people'.
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    I love Ryback and props to him for calling out the IWC and I loved the way he looked right into the camera now that is major ownage Ryback rules!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ryback speaks arabic

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  15. :facepalm1: Thinking Undertaker could lose at mania :pity1: