Ryback heel turn?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 21, 2013.

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  2. I would rather see Cena lose and take a heel turn, and ryback be the face in the battle. If he goes heel and it doesnt work, he is most certainly :bury: and can call it a day.
  3. Those matches will be a good cure for insomnia.
  4. So Ryback's staying face. Good to know.
  5. What a stupid fucking dirtsheet report. Fuck off
  6. What bothers me is what is the logic behind it? Ryback got over faster than he had any right to, and was relatively fresh. WWE have done their best to ruin that by aligning him with the super friends -- which goes against Ryback's character -- and he still manages to be over. So let's ruin it some more by turning him heel? Ryback shouldn't be a face or a heel. How can someone who thinks it's socially correct to randomly chant feed me more and play on the metaphor of eating his opponents be a heel or a face? Book him as a badass tweener and I guarantee he'll be a huge star.

    It's cases like this where I sort of wish he was pushed more similar to Goldberg.
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  7. The best path for Ryback would have been to become a poor man's Goldberg. Now he's fucked that up, he might as well just gtfo my tv.
  8. This. It's times like this that I wish we were running Creative. Why must WWE always look at people as clear-cut good or bad instead of thinking of every character individually?

    Well, then they couldn't get on their little wipey-board with all the faces and heels in seperate lines, then draw lines between them to set up PPV cards. #WWEBooking101

    I still like the guy, but it's less "epic monster face" and more "not Sheamus"
  10. Heel Ryback wouldn't work at this point. But then again, everything about Ryback that I think "man, they shouldn't do this, it won't be good for his character" they do, so who knows.
  11. Would be ok, it's not his first time as heel in WWE and I preferred him heel
  12. It is likely, but I don't understand why they'd do that. Randy Orton should be turning heel as he's a natural heel, his gimmick is fitting, and he could have feuds with stars such as Ryback, ADR, etc, it'd be beneficial for everyone involved.
  13. Figured they were setting up Cena/Ryback for Summerslam, with Ryback winning the belt as a face, not a heel. I really don't see Ryback as a heel. He seems like a monster who fans could get behind.
  14. I obviously prefer Cena to be the Heel in this feud, but it just looks like Cena will never turn Heel. lol
  15. It just occurred to me that WWF originally had an idea to turn Ultimate Warrior heel on Randy Savage in late 1992. Thought that seemed pretty weird since Warrior was kind of an obvious baby face sort of character, despite his erratic behavior. If they were prepared to do that, then I could see them seriously considering a Ryback heel turn.
  16. I really don't wanna see a Ryback Heel turn

  17. Already said in the past he would be a good heel.
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