Ryback is in the doghouse with management

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Nov 19, 2013.

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  1. Ive read news today that Ryback is in the doghouse with management thats why he has heat backstage. WTF has this guy done? I dont think hes that bad
  2. SAY WHAT!?
  3. Good. Send him back to jobberville along with Bray Wyatt.
  4. I and the rest of the world do.
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  5. http://rajah.com/node/37323

    - We've been reporting for several weeks now that WWE Superstar Ryback has fallen out of favor with management. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed that Ryback is in fact in the doghouse.

    Based on what we've heard, company officials are not happy with Ryback's lack of progress in the ring. His brief run with Paul Heyman was considered a flop and he's got a long road back to the main events.
  6. I lose to this shit not even really news to the acilces! my Ashley has full detail of it!
  7. "HIs brief run with Paul Heyman was considered a flop"

    No shit! You booked him like a jobber the whole time! Not to mention he was totally buried by the stupid heel turn and loss to Cena and you've done nothing to rebuild him. If THAT'S the reason you want to bury the guy, it's just stupid. "Lack of improvement in the ring" Since when did you care about that? Guess it's more important now based on all the indy guys getting pushed, but... Come on.

    I guess that goes back to his table spot with Punk when he didn't throw him far enough and said that "Punk needed to take the bump better", and the whole thing with Bryan and the table spot there... If you want to bury him for stuff like that, it's okay I guess. But to blame this doomed-from-the-start Heyman thing is just stupid.

    :lol1: What?
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  8. The Hoff knew that Ryback was in trouble right when he lost to R-Truth. I mean, c'monnnnn. Sucks though for the big guy. The Hoff really did see potential in:happy:Wonder if there's still a possibility to Cryback/Goldberg
  9. Speak for yourself buster!
  10. I thought myself more of an Arthur.
  11. Well, my biggest problem with him isn't even his ring work (sure, it's not the best, but that doesn't stop them from pushing people. Plus, it's not like he's Khali bad or anything), it's his booking. The guy has been booked in such way that I lost interest in him, and if he's dropping people off tables and they want him to get the heat, well, ofc it makes sense. His stuff with Heyman was bad for the reasons Rain pointed out though, he was beaten up all the time, how's that supposed to succeed? I'm fine with him in the dog house. I'm normally annoyed when they put a guy in the ME, it doesn't stick but they just go with it (ie ADR and Ryback himself) so him jobbing for now is fine. His last match with Show was alright though.
  12. The Hoff believes the one moment that really hurt Ryback, is when he pussied out and forfeited against Miz. The Miz of all friggin people. May as well forfeit against Cole. O wait, he's the biggest Miz mark of em all. :cole:
  13. The moment I felt they were going too fast and were going to screw it up was (coincidentally) against the Miz last year. He was IC champ and Ryback squashed him in two minutes. Then him losing again and again vs Punk was the beginning of the end. Backing out from a match vs MIZ is pathetic too though.
  14. Hoff doesn't really think there's much hope for him at this point. When he debuted, he had all the friggin potential, and I thought he'd be a champion in no time. :happy:
  15. Yeah, I was a big fan. I was expecting them to build him up slowly to a big win at WM 29, but it wasn't to be. Now I'm not sure how Ryback's gonna end up.
  16. Good call on him backing out from the match with Miz. Ryback was special before, and the heel turn was a little interesting then, but after this it just cemented a rapid character change and made him just another heel. Plus with the way he was pushed before it felt like total BS.
  17. More news I just read is that Ryback did the spear and jackhammer move without permission from management that also why hes in the doghouse
  18. Bitch, did you go to high school? Quote that shit and put a source at the bottom of your post. No one cares about your post useless someone who is credible is sourced. Stop with your fucking pathetic posting and learn to 8th grade English.
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