Ryback Let's The Haters On Twitter Know Who's Boss

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Ryback hasent tweeted at all on his accont since that tweet about Cena's ex wife well finally hes returned to his account with these tweets

    Wake up you FeedMeMorons! I'm back, so all you low life negative thought producing wastes of space have a hero to tell you how much you suck
    — Ryback (@Ryback22) July 21, 2013

    Pathetic complainers. If I sat around and was miserable I too would just critique everyone else in the world who ruled. #FeedMeMorons
    — Ryback (@Ryback22) July 22, 2013

    Negativity towards me will be blocked. If you cannot handle the truth just get lost. Those who want it come get it. The big guy gets his way
    — Ryback (@Ryback22) July 22, 2013.

    Wow what a come back

    I really want Ryback to get back on top and get that WWE title he deserves it more than anyone. He should already be WWE champion. Fuck Cena
  2. I thought you hated Ryback?
  3. I tried so hard to get blocked by Ryback last night but it just wouldn't happen. But to talk about his Twitter, his Twitter account is already one of the best accounts and it only has 4 tweets. It's pretty freaking funny, I think.
  4. I read this in Ryback's voice [​IMG]
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  5. Master Pink Eye has returned!
  6. I have actually changed my mind on Ryback and like him now
  7. Yawn. He can tweet what he wants but it doesn't change the fact that he's a waste of a roster slot.
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  8. Someone's butthurt :dawg:
  9. You would think Ryback would want to be fed someone with a high intellect.
  10. In like 2 days? When he wasnt even on TV? Makes sense...... Said no one ever.
  11. I see talent in him unlike other people who don't give him a chance
  12. After you bashed him for months?

    And what fucking talent? The talent of being able to ruin any match?
  13. Hmmm... Looks the same guy, Jacob follows Ryback to unfollow him a second later
  14. Ryback is a pussy.
  15. lol fuck Ryback, does he even lift?

  16. Well if that's the way he wants it :gusta:
  17. Ryback is as boring on twitter as he is on tv
  18. Wanna go pick a fight with Ryback? Maybe he'd show unlike Jeff.

  19. can I have a bat or a sword?
  20. You can chose between a bat, a sword or a frozen salmon.
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