WrestleMania Ryback or Big Show

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by #HEEL__SRV9010, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. Big Show

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  2. Ryback

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  1. Since WWE are teasing Big Show as well as Ryback to be in the 6 man Tag Match against The Shield at WrestleMania, who do you want to be in the Match:-Big Show or Ryback?
    Vote in the poll!!
  2. Big Show. The Shield will only win the match if Show is involved, and I like the image I have of the three of them piling on top of Show for the three count.
  3. Ryback.

    Show doesn't fit with Sheamus and Orton.
  4. If ryback participates , then , the shield will win .
    If show does , they will lose
    But Orton is turning heel anyway
  5. Surely it's the other way around so Ryback can get his revenge?
  6. Big Show, so Shield can win. He may kill all momentum and stuff, but I'm convinced he'll lie down at Wrestlemania.
  7. I have a horrible feeling he'll be on top of Rollins though.
  8. Big Show, because I don't like watching Ryback wrestle and I'd rather see him lose to Henry.
  9. Henry will job to him :cornette:
  10. The more I think about it, the more I think he'll beat them too. He's turned face (again, must be the 600th time) and obviously needs to bury a few people to gather momentum.
  11. HELL NO! Henry will induct Ryback into the Hall Of Pain. :pity:
  12. Cute but that isn't happening brah.
  13. It will, I believe in the heart of Mark Henry!
  14. Obviously gotta protect these young guns like Show, Rock and Cena bro.
  15. And HHH. Stars of the future.
  16. Where's the "Jericho" option? Lol fuck this.
  17. Ryback, makes sense. Looking back it's funny with him transitioning from one feud to another so quickly but still.
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