WrestleMania Ryback pipebombs Goldberg!

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. :pipebomb:

  2. Feed me smores!
  3. The part regarding love for the sport is true.
  4. The sad thing is that his love for the sport/business won't help him. Ryback will probably never reach the same levels as Goldberg.
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  5. Setup for a Goldberg return to face Ryback at WM 30
  6. I appreciate Ryback's love for the business, but one's love for the 'sport' has no bearing on anything. Marlon Brando is known as one of the greatest (if not the greatest) actor of all time, and he admittedly did it for the money, too. He even once wrote in his autobiography from 1994 that if someone had paid him as much money to mop the floor as they did to act, he'd have rather just mopped the floor. Not saying anything against Ryback's comment since it was just a comment he made in passing, just against people in general who criticize certain wrestlers for doing it "only for the money."

    Anyway, I have no interest in a Ryback/Goldberg match or a Goldberg return.
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  7. It has bearing with the fans.
  8. It doesn't. People don't care (or shouldn't) if someone does it for the money or not, hence why I brought up Brando as an example from the movie business. It has zero with how well they do their job. And technically, money is always a factor anyway, it is a business.
  9. I'm not talking about enjoyment on television. I'm saying wrestling fans would generally have more time for someone who has the same love for the business as they do, rather than someone who has no care in the world and wants to line their pockets. Again, off-television, I fully understand someone finding Goldberg more entertaining than Ryback regardless of their love for the business. Same applies for Cena I guess.
  10. On this topic I would rather see Jericho return as he does than Brock everytime as its less money motivated or so it seems.
  11. I couldn't give a shit how much someone is dedicated or how much they love the company, all I care about is being entertained when watching the show. Someone could bash wrestling, wrestlers, hell even fans all day but as long as he entertains me, I'll be a fan. This is true when it comes to just about anything, movies, tv, whatever. I probably won't buy said persons Biography or want to meet them in person, but I'll definitely tune in when they're on TV.

    Also, Goldberg > > > > > Ryback. Just putting that out there :jeritroll:
  12. See for me it depends i aint promoting Ryback. But if someone comes back for money then they give less of a shit and are not as entertaining. Ive seen bands do it and its a f**k suck as they just phone it in. If ur doing summat do it for love or a purpose.
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  13. I think it's different with music since a lot of music (at least the type I enjoy) needs an atmosphere, passion and energy for it to sound great. I think Wrestlers/Actors can still perform at a high level without "loving what they do".
  14. Even though he doesn't have the passion for the business.

    Goldberg >>>> Ryback, you bitch ass, whack ass, mo'fucka!
  15. Goldberg was going to show up to Wrestlemania, but he botched his plane ticket and got sent to North Korea.
  16. If you were addressing my point, I specifically said I was talking about outside the ring and not from an entertainment stand point. I obviously much prefer watching a Brock Lesnar who only wants the money, than a Santino who only wants to entertain. Outside of the ring though I would respect Santino a lot more, as a wrestling fan, than I would a Lesnar who simply doesn't care about the business or the fans.
  17. Looks like we are stuck with Snorelax for a while.
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