Ryback says he will be WWE Champion for Many Years to Come

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. If that happens, someone please shoot me in the head. [​IMG]
  2. I like his confidence and if he improves just a smidge more it would be cool with me.
  3. I like his attitude in all of this. He is a patient man, a positive man, a ambitious man and last a all around tough person. Ryback is getting better in his character and is continuing to improve in the ring. He will be a awesome WWE Champion one day.
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  5. Starting to like Ryback an he is obvs doin the right things back stage to impress WWE officials. Also he has improved a lot in the last few months an his character is starting to develop nicely.
  6. He is the future face of the company whether we like it or not, hope they build him right for that moment though, as he is definitely not ready now...
  7. Re: RE: Ryback says he will be WWE Champion for Many Years to Come

    CM Punk is a rip off Bryan Danielson with his BITW crap.
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  8. Ryback ftw.
  9. Re: RE: Ryback says he will be WWE Champion for Many Years to Come

    Couldn't agree more. Needs a lotta polishing on the stick and in ring but I see some potential, still not sold that he'll ever be the guy though.
  10. I guess I'll have to learn to deal with him :okay:
  11. As much as I like Punk, when you're right, you're right :obama:
  12. Ryback is clearly deluded he wont be champion at all
  13. They are very high on him, he will definitely win the title in the future so he is not deluded....
  14. Indeed. The only one deluded here is possibly the girl posting above you
  15. LOL sometimes I really don't get if BLFFL is serious or trolling....
  16. Dont see the hate on Ryback he's what we kno WWE love an at least he has talent to back up the WWE love on him.
  17. I like Ryback, he is not one of my top favorites but I like him and he clearly has a bright future in the WWE...

    But they rushed his push a lot imo, they put themselves in a lot of lose-lose situations in his feud with Punk although they managed to make him look strong while losing....

    I think he should have feuded for the WH title before...
  18. I agree they rushed his push but credit to the guy for coping with the situation and slowly winning ppl round. He does have a bright future.
  19. Absolutely true...
    He definitely knows how to get the universe to cheer him...
  20. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe:
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