News Ryback Scheduled To Feud With Brock Lesnar

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Nov 15, 2013.

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  2. Sounds pretty awesome to me actually. Ryback vs Lesnar or Goldberg would at least be better than Ryback vs Henry.
  3. I don't have a problem with Ryback becoming an "anti-Heyman-guy" and facing Brock Lesnar. I think it's a great idea to get Ryback back into the fold as a face (his heel character has not been at all compelling) and give him something important to do.

  4. Still surprised they had Heyman dump Ryback so soon
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  5. Eh, Ryback has been looking pretty bad as of late, idk. Maybe if they turn him face with a bang he gets over and this works, but I have a hard time seeing that.
  6. I have a hard time getting behind Ryback at all. Never have been, don't think I ever will
  7. Well, I liked him somewhat when he first started. When he was still being booked well, as a monster, that was pretty cool. As soon as he pinned the Miz in two minutes when he was IC champ I knew they were rushing it with the guy, and since HIAC 12 almost every single booking decision has hurt the dude, so yeah, I used to like him but I just don't care for him now. As far as his match vs Brock or Goldberg, well, I particularly would prefer someone else, but if they go with it, even though I disagree, I understand why they'd do it. I wouldn't be mega pumped or anything. Vs Goldberg I guess makes sense, and Goldberg doesn't have that much star power anyway so whatever.
  8. This was the first thing i thought when i saw the backstage segment with Axel and Ryback. He is going to get run through on Lesnars monster return first, from the sounds of it.
  9. OMG my man Brock against my other man Ryback this is gonna be hard for me to watch my two guys fight eachother
  10. Ryback vs Lesnar for after the Rumble, Lesnar shall out wrestle this man and take the guy to school!
  11. The big guy Ryback will probably shock the world and take out Brock Lesnar
  12. I'm not against this at all. I'd rather Lesnar enter the Rumble because that would be awesome and it would also be a good way of jump starting a program with someone for Mania (perhaps even with Undertaker, should he decide to make a surprise appearance in the Rumble, too) but Ryback/Lesnar isn't that bad. This could actually be the start of Ryback becoming relevant again after being booked all to hell. If Heyman has Lesnar return and demolish Ryback, that could awaken the beast within him and make him become more motivated and dominant than ever. Have him sell a massive beat down from Lesnar soon that puts him on the shelf for about a month, then have him return and start wrecking havoc in his desire to get revenge on Heyman. Then book him to put up a hell of a fight against Lesnar at the Rumble so that even when he loses, he will hopefully gain a lot of credibility and some of his aura back. Then you can almost start on a fresh page with him from there.

    Odd they would want to turn Ryback face again before Wrestlemania though if they want him to face Goldberg. There'll be massive Goldberg chants come WM time, and I assumed the booking of the match would pretty much be Ryback challenging Goldberg as a heel and then having Goldberg return to squash him. I'm not sure about that match as it relates to Ryback being a babyface.
  13. Sometimes I worry about the world.....
  14. ?
  15. You'll probably have an erection everytime they're on tv together, huh?
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  16. Ryback vs Lesnar sounds hell of a lot more interesting to me than Ryback vs Goldberg. It's gonna be interesting to see if Ryback and Lesnar can really click, if these rumors prove true and Ryback and Lesnar do indeed square off. My minor problem is the choice of Pay-Per-View. The Royal Rumble? That seems a bit odd, but maybe it is just me.
  17. God if Ryback went over Lesnar I would probably smash my TV.
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  18. I really hope Lesnar doesn't waste his time with Ryback.
  19. My man Brock has better stuff to do than waste his time with Ryback.
  20. So, yay that Lesnar is being planned to put over some young talent, but why waste his time with Ryback? Ryback's done.
    Not to mention that with Lesnar's limited dates, every result is magnified. For him to go over Punk and lose to Ryback? That's asinine.

    Still, this is just dirtsheets begging for clicks. WWE has no idea what they're doing for Survivor Series yet, more less Wrestlemania. #wwelogic
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