Ryback Slams Paul Heyman

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lacky, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Admit it, you thought of a different kind of slam. :obama:
  2. Poor Heyman :emoji_slight_frown:.
  3. That certainly wouldn't be PG :eww:
  4. After the bell, Ryback could barely get Heyman up for his Shellshocked finisher




  5. Huh? I'm confused. I was meaning trash-talking him backstage?
  6. ....and I thought he slammed him on twitter or facebook. Dissapointed.
  7. Same. I came into here sceptical though as I highly doubt a rookie would slam a great like Paul.

    Paul is quite large Dolph's, he probably weighs a lot more than some of the wrestlers, and I expect he accidentally sandbagged him too.
  8. Ryback is just a weenie
  9. When you add Paul's weight to the fact that he's not a wrestler (therefore he can't sell well), I don't think that's much of a problem...
  10. Stop making excuses, Lesnar used to manhandle the fuck out of Heyman
  11. Good move he used as backup anyhow.
  12. I think Ryback might have just been trying to be careful, Heyman isn't a wrestler and pretty aged, so it would be bad to hit his full on finisher.
  13. I think it's easier to lift someone into a Fireman's Carry position like that than with a Firsherman Suplex Lift.
  14. Well if he cant execute his finisher properly on certain people than he better get a new one. His finisher is stupid anyway
  15. Makes sense.
  16. I thought the same thing haha

  17. Ryback can't lift up Paul Heyman now? I guess Paul Heyman didn't jump just like Tensai didn't. Right Crayo? :jeritroll:
  18. Heyman is a fat middle aged man. :smug:
  19. What show are you watching? Heyman is a buff, young, stud. If i was gay, I'd tap that :ksi:
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