Ryback takes over youtube

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. And the raping and pillaging has begun.
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  2. lmfao, that was pretty funny.
  3. Reading Youtube comments:

    "He should walk around with a speaker blaring his theme song at all times"

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  4. He added this one too:

    I'd love to see him get another push, to be honest. I never wanted to see him de-pushed to begin with, lol.
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  5. Fair play they are pretty cool.
  6. I hope he doesn't delete his youtube videos, like his tweets.
  7. Ryback should take the internet title off of Ryder.
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  8. And then they can remodel the title's main plate after Ryback's face, that would be one sexy belt.:happy:
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  9. Huh, that's my same reaction during Ziggler matches. :pipebomb:
  10. :gtfo:
  11. I pity you pathetic simpletons finding yourselves entertained by such low brow trash
  12. why don't you hurry up and raise my damn hand from the Antonio match already?
  13. I'd find that funny.

    If i was 12.
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  14. Honestly, I liked & laughed at the first video entirely because to me it seems like Ryback just pussies out and doesn't commit to the bit at all. Unless his plan was legitimately just to scream "Feed Me More" and then act like a regular polite customer. But either way, the beginning made it seem to me that he was going to do something akin to Stone Cold ET but then he underperforms as usual. So, for me it was a more of a laughing at him than with him but I laughed so no complaints on my end.
  15. I laughed my ass off watching this before Ryback really is awesome

  16. Him being a badass, unveiling last years WM poster in his spot.
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