Ryback taking time off?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Aug 26, 2014.

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    True or is he just messing with us like he has before? I dunno, but he tweeted that^. What do you guys think?
  2. Could be legit....I hope he leaves.....tired of Goldberg.
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  3. Are you really going to be one of those people who chants Goldberg for no damn reason. If WWE stopped limiting the guy, he could actually be something good. His in-ring skill have improved, and if you've ever seen the guy elsewhere he has charisma, but WWE likes to limit him. He was on fire back in 2012, but was he ready then? No. However, considering he's improved and that he does have the charisma to go farther, it's a shame WWE limits him.
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  4. I wonder if him and the Axe Man are getting split? honestly there is not a whole lot they can do in the tag team division with Uso's vs Golden Star Dust and the Wyatt Family. I just hope he is back soon and gets dem mad pops
  5. They totally had me hooked with the 'Feed Me More' gimmick
  6. GOLD..........BERG!!!!! GOLD...........BERG!!!!!

    limiting? How are they limiting him? I'm not saying he can't do more than what he's currently done....but, Ryback has never been that talented on the mic or in the ring.

    He was on "fire"....I guess you could say that. I mean I call it running out of options and giving Punk someone different....but he had some good matches, sure. You think he's ready now and wasn't then? He's basically the same.

    I think Ryback is good on the roster as a mid car player.....upper card....I just can't stomach him.
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  7. I liked saying it....when I went to events....but I still hated Ryback lol
  8. Have you ever heard him on commentary, seen him on Twitter, or anywhere in public? Probably not. Really. He's improved in the ring but you purposefully undercut him solely because you're too lightheaded and focused on calling him Goldberg rather than giving him a realistic chance.
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  9. yes, ive heard him on commentary....he's okay.

    Please explain, in detail, so my "lightheaded" self can understand, how he's better. It has nothing to do with me calling him Goldberg....it has to do with me thinking he's not that talented....he's just the typical powerhouse. Again, not saying he couldn't be placed in a better role....etc....but, he's still Ryback....he's still Goldberg.
  10. Also, I'd call 2012 a "chance" for him...and when he fought Cena....maybe he's just not cutting it and he's not that talented :emoji_wink:
  11. I enjoyed his bullying gimmick as "The Big Guy." And it's obviously a given that they fucked up with him back in 2012/2013 but enough time has passed since then that he can be salvaged. Wrestling fans tend to have short memories anyway. If he's going away on a break, then perhaps they can split him apart from the black hole of charisma Curtis Axel and push him as a singles wrestler again. The fans will never stop chanting "Goldberg" at him though, so he'll probably be forced to remain heel for the rest of his career (which I'm fine with, they've already got Roman Reigns as their babyface powerhouse wrestler.)
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  12. My friend, not only are you wrong, but you are making me agree with Nero.

    Ryback has the most charisma in the entire locker room. Yes, more than Jericho, more than Bryan, more than HHH and Steph. In fact the one person I believe is better than The Ryback Is Paul Heyman.

    You need to start watching RybAxel's WWE App interviews and such, the guy is oozing charisma and is very funny and easy to get behind, but he is still beingpushed as the big machine monster, when he needs to develop more into the talker he can be.

    In other news, I hope this is what the break will do for him, after the big Vegas pops he was getting, I hope WWE have given him some time off to polish off and try to grab more people, but that seems a bit counter intuitive to me.
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  13. I agree. Once again, I'm not saying he can't be in a different role and excel there....but I just don't see him as a prime player.
  14. In two years, he's definitely improved from what he was. Was he overpushed in 2012 too soon? Yes. Does that mean he had the time to improve? Yes. Has he improved? Yes. As I've already said, put him in a better gimmick/role that suits him and he could work with it. You're not giving him credit where it's due, and by undercutting it and calling him a generic powerhouse (which could be much better exhibited in modern day Big Show), it proves that you're A. Not keeping up with him consistently enough to know what improvement is and B. Not even giving him the chance. Also, in regards to the Cena remark, Cena was going to win that obviously. Ryback's heel turn made no sense and was done solely to give Cena a new opponent. Then Ryback would fall down the later from there because the company wished to go in a direction with Cena instead of Ryback.
  15. Well, I guess we'll agree to disagree. lol.

    I mean we're all simply giving our opinions and I feel that Ryback is just too stale. To say he has more "charisma" than the whole locker room is a little deep, but we're entitled to feel how we want.

    I can watch more of his stuff, sure, but I'm positive it won't change my mind on this guy.

    If they give him the mic and he's able to sustain and audience and have them feeding out of his hands....on that day, I'll say he's more talented.
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  16. you still didn't explain in detail how he's improved, sir. But thank you. Agree to disagree. I am giving him credit. He's had some good matches and he's fun to watch now and then...but he shouldn't put at the upper level. I don't see that talent in him.

    Comparing Big Show to Ryback is silly. I was more comparing him to maybe a Batista.

    Regardless of how the Cena feud was handled, he had that opportunity...anyone who faces Cena for the title that many times, had some chances to shine.

    Again again again, not saying he can't do better with something new and different....but I feel, personally, he's not that great.
  17. You didn't give him any credit and now you got back on it and do. Okay then. And i've already explained that in 2 years a guy can do much better than what he did 2 years prior. How hard is that to understand? As far as the powerhouse term goes, you act like any old powerhouse out there can do all the damn moves in the business. They can't. Each person is tailored to their own type of wrestling. Sometimes they can do more, but that's not how bigger guys work. There is lucha, highflying, puroesu, technical, amateur, and "professional" wrestling. Each person has their style that they're tailored to. Anyone who faces Cena for the title or not has a chance to shine? Really. That could happen during the build, but if said person loses, where do they go? It nearly put Bray in a hole earlier this year, and if you're going to try to refute that, then entertain me.
  18. I get you man. I don't really like Lesnar and it's more a personal opinion than based on his in ring ability (which is obv of a high caliber - 16 suplexes lol)
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  19. Aww, I really enjoyed Ryback. Granted, I disliked the overpush he got in 2012 but if WWE didn't push him as hard and gave him a slower build, Ryback would probably be in the main event scene today. I love the bully gimmick, he's pretty fun as The Big Guy and it's a shame that they didn't use him correctly. As limited as he was in the ring, he improved and really, deserves at least one more shot at the title.
  20. I said, "yes, ive heard him on commentary....he's okay."

    I also said, "but he had some good matches, sure."

    I've said he's good throughout my posts. Pay attention sir. I am mainly bashing him, however, sure.

    There's no details proving that he's "better".....how so? does he have like totally diff move set? Better at selling? he's the same to me.

    When I made the Cena comment, I meant it in the sense that win or lose, you have a chance to become bigger. Essentially, most people don't face Cena in numerous title matches unless you're being given a shot. I know Cena beat Bray in the end and I hated that....but I did like that Bray still fought Cena and it made him a bigger heel, regardless of winning or losing.

    Case and point, agree to disagree dude. I think Ryback isn't that good....you think he is.
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