News Ryback Thanks Fans For Booing Roman Reigns, Quickly Takes It Back

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Feb 1, 2015.

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  1. Ryback is better than Reigns imo.
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  2. Ryback is also probably the ugliest fuck to grace our planet and an unsafe worker. :pipebomb:
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  3. They would have boo'd anyone but DB at that point.

    though I wonder now how long before Ryback finds his current role in the company downgraded.
  4. Who's more unsafe? Kane, Ryback or Jack Swagger?

    also... in response to the OP.... #TWEETTWEETDELETE :happy:
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  5. I thought Kane was supposed to be a safe worker.
  6. What is this, most reckless performers? lol
    I'll say Ryback and Swagger.
    I wouldn't even consider Kane unsafe, I'm actually pretty sure most guys in the back would work with him because they know it's easy.
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  7. Yeah, Kane is known for being one of the safest workers in the biz.

    As for Ryback and Reigns, Reigns > Ryback in the ring, but Ryback > Reigns when it comes to personality and mic work.
  8. Pshh, all this hate for da big guy. Y'all just hate us cause you ain't us. :happy:
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  9. Lmao ryback fucked your bitch scrub
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  10. lol. hold the harsh/flame related comments.
    Ryback is a pussyboy and nothing less. And he's definitely still a virgin.
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  11. I'm not letting you write my promos.
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  12. Ryback didn't really say anything wrong....he prob thought it was funny and, let's face it, he prob wants his top spot. he made comment thinking it was funny and then decided to say that he didn't mean it.
  13. What have you done with my thread?!?! :upset:

    Just kidding, keep it up
  14. Pretty shitty thing to say. Spoiler alert Rysack: They would boo your sorry ass if you were pushed to win the Rumble as well.
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  15. #TeamBigGuy
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  17. Butthurt.
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