Ryback the bully

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  1. So Ryback goes from a face that was so over with the fans to a heel but the heel turn failed and he ends up being buried by Cena and now he is this bully WTF is up with this booking? also was it really neccessary for him to attack that guy backstage? and I thought WWE was against bullying by having that be a star campaign its totally hyprocritical
  2. That's because RYBACK RULES!

    We all know Ryback sucks, we've said it so many times...
  3. Because Bully Ryback.
  4. Because RYBACK BULLS!

  5. Ryback is the president of B.A.Star campaign. He's doing this on purpose. He's trying to troll us.
  6. And John Cena is the president of B.A Bully, but he trolls us too saying he loves us.
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  7. This is 100% correct. Good job! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  8. I despised the Ryback change to a bully, but I kinda' dig it now. The backstage segment he had was quite funny.
  9. Lesnar is a bully too, shouldn't he be a star? :yay:
  10. Has been reminding me of Bully Ray quite a lot recently. Liking his new gimmick atm.
  11. Ryback must feel like a big man picking on a guy half his size

    My man Brock isnt a bully
  12. One of the worst gimmicks ive ever seen, the only thing keeping it decent are the people pretending they are scared. He sounds like a lung cancer patient who cant even finish a sentence without breathing. They should just put him in a food eating contest and when he loses, have him freak out on everyone. He can puke, i wont hate.
  13. Really?

    If this isn't enough, what about when he attacked Vince McMahon?
  14. You're right, he's a bitch. :pipebomb:
  15. Not a bitch, don't you remember him from Jersey Whores?
  16. Yes I do
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  17. I'm liking Ryback's gimmick, but it's sort of crossing over with Bully Ray's, however it's a nice gimmick to Ryback and it's fitting.
  18. its an awful gimmick.
  19. Not really, considering in the end he is going to be buried. They are sending a message that bullying = buried.

    If you're going to use your psychobabble then connect your own dots next time, slick.
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