Ryback to Face CM Punk at Upcoming Events

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Oct 8, 2012.

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  2. Nice for Ryback it would seem. :otunga:
  3. He's gonna win by DQ I guess and Punk will keep his champion.
  4. This. Or count out.
  5. Holy shit how have I never thought of this occurring. I've always thought if Ryback has a title bout with Punk it'd end with Ryback winning.

    If this does happen though, wouldn't it completely ruin Punks character?
  6. Why would it ruin his character? He's a heel.
  7. Yeah but he isn't the norm. He isn't the "I'm a cowardly guy that will do anything to win", he's a guy that wants respect from everyone by winning his matches cleanly.

    By getting DQ'd on purpose it'd kinda ruin that, but I guess I could see him "accidentally" getting counted out.
  8. This thread pisses me off because it's probably true and that's b.s.
  9. :hmm: Didn't he walk off some tag team match a few weeks ago? I do see your point though. But he's supposed to look hypocritical, I believe.
  10. That seems to be part of the Punk character. He talks big and about how he's different, but he's hypocritical to the extreme.

    I think it's in case he starts getting cheered again (a la Austin), in which case he would just quit with the hypocritical part and back up what he says by kicking ass, thus making for a smooth anti-hero "face" character.

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