Ryback to feud with Big E Langston next

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  1. Ryback is to feud with Big E Langston next after the whole CM Punk thing is done this is what ive read online. I think this is gonna be a good feud two big guys battling it out oh yes
  2. Big E should wipe the floor with Cryback
  3. OH HELL NO! Big E is a bowlie who's going to be fed to da big guy! :happy:
  4. No source and No discussion.

    Close this please.
  5. Haha bowlie, had to read that a couple of times to get what you meant. I guess Big E was technically a bully to Kaitlyn recently.
  6. Adam look it up online and you will see I aint lying
  7. If you make a thread on "News" add a source. We shouldn't have to look it up and since most of you sources are facebook I don't believe it anyway.
  8. Oh god, here we go
  9. Sounds like such a Meltzer report but whatever.

    Meh, Langston still needs to improve so im not sure if making him carry Ryback is a good idea.
  10. "Sounds like"

    "According to F4WOnline.com,"


    Also the jokes on you, getting owned by BLFFL. Jesus.
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  11. I'm pretty sure this is where they're going too. Big E and Ryback is money. It's moments like this where I wish JR was on commentary still. He'd inadvertently say a bunch of homoerotic shit during the match.
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  12. Great chance for Big E to go over. Much more deserving than Ryback honestly.
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  13. :mog:
  14. Why are you always so arousing?

    Anyway this feud will blow as neither guy is very good.
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